Season 34

#7815, aired 2018-07-27 Rick Terpstra vs. Karla Nickels vs. Jerry Tsai Last game of Season 34.
#7814, aired 2018-07-26 Burt Westermeier vs. Ian Flynn vs. Rick Terpstra
#7813, aired 2018-07-25 Dave Mattingly vs. Burt Westermeier vs. Ron Freshour
#7812, aired 2018-07-24 Dave Mattingly vs. Beth Schoenbach vs. Tara O'Byrne
#7811, aired 2018-07-23 Dave Mattingly vs. Hollie Schmidt vs. Neel Kotra
#7810, aired 2018-07-20 Ryan Fenster vs. Emily Moore vs. Dave Mattingly Ryan Fenster game 8.
#7809, aired 2018-07-19 Ryan Fenster vs. Justin Moody vs. Michelle Mueckler Ryan Fenster game 7.
#7808, aired 2018-07-18 Ryan Fenster vs. Kyle Adams vs. Caitlion O'Neill Ryan Fenster game 6.
#7807, aired 2018-07-17 Michelle Cabral vs. Bunny Miller vs. Ryan Fenster Ryan Fenster game 5-B.
#7806, aired 2018-07-16 Michelle Cabral vs. Niraj Dhami vs. Rebecca Smith
#7805, aired 2018-07-13 Michelle Cabral vs. Vincent Valenzuela vs. Bryan Rucker The Final Jeopardy! screen displays the clue incorrectly in the...
#7804, aired 2018-07-12 Wes Hazard vs. Michelle Cabral vs. Johanna Schaufeld
#7803, aired 2018-07-11 Wes Hazard vs. George Holcomb vs. Stel Plakas
#7802, aired 2018-07-10 Wes Hazard vs. Becky Wilson vs. Doug Dworkin
#7801, aired 2018-07-09 Lauren Kiehna vs. Wes Hazard vs. Ray Coshow
#7800, aired 2018-07-06 Marilyn Maher vs. Beth Feest vs. Lauren Kiehna
#7799, aired 2018-07-05 Suzanne Koppelman vs. Marilyn Maher vs. Steve Spriensma
#7798, aired 2018-07-04 Suzanne Koppelman vs. Liz Howard vs. Kate Brandt
#7797, aired 2018-07-03 Suzanne Koppelman vs. Jim McGinnis vs. Dave Baltmanis
#7796, aired 2018-07-02 Scott McFadden vs. Adam Scholze vs. Suzanne Koppelman
#7795, aired 2018-06-29 Scott McFadden vs. Ruth Payne vs. Nick Hurwitz
#7794, aired 2018-06-28 Scott McFadden vs. Frank Young vs. Kat Long
#7793, aired 2018-06-27 Andrew King vs. Amy Goodchild vs. Scott McFadden
#7792, aired 2018-06-26 Kelly Griffin vs. Jeff Witte vs. Andrew King
#7791, aired 2018-06-25 Jordan Nussbaum vs. Ben Henry-Moreland vs. Kelly Griffin
#7790, aired 2018-06-22 Ali Hasan vs. Jordan Nussbaum vs. Amanda Graver Clip of this game shown in the 2019-04-04 episode of...
#7789, aired 2018-06-21 Ali Hasan vs. Justin Cosgrove vs. Deb Seltzer
#7788, aired 2018-06-20 Ali Hasan vs. Lindsay Garces vs. Tyler Dilts
#7787, aired 2018-06-19 Deirdre Thomas vs. Jessica Rea vs. Ali Hasan
#7786, aired 2018-06-18 Deirdre Thomas vs. Sara Nies vs. Erik Johnson
#7785, aired 2018-06-15 Diana Hsu vs. Deirdre Thomas vs. Jon Brown
#7784, aired 2018-06-14 Diana Hsu vs. Adam Manning vs. Katherine Pisarro-Grant
#7783, aired 2018-06-13 Catherine Ono vs. Diana Hsu vs. Nick Anspach
#7782, aired 2018-06-12 Catherine Ono vs. Rebecca Heide vs. Jason Downer
#7781, aired 2018-06-11 David Kleinman vs. Tracey Lazareth vs. Catherine Ono
#7780, aired 2018-06-08 Mirza Gluhic vs. David Kleinman vs. John Fassola
#7779, aired 2018-06-07 Michelle Rosen vs. Mirza Gluhic vs. Andy Mills
#7778, aired 2018-06-06 Joe Castro vs. Michelle Rosen vs. Sharron Jenkins
#7777, aired 2018-06-05 Leslie Manion vs. Joe Castro vs. Megan Beesley
#7776, aired 2018-06-04 Ian Booth vs. Leslie Manion vs. Tommy Fagin
#7775, aired 2018-06-01 Jeffrey Schwarz vs. Ian Booth vs. Dan Hess
#7774, aired 2018-05-31 Jeffrey Schwarz vs. Maryanne Theyerl vs. Skyler Kelemen
#7773, aired 2018-05-30 Jeffrey Schwarz vs. Amanda McClendon vs. Amy Cuzzolino
#7772, aired 2018-05-29 Virginia Cummings vs. Jeffrey Schwarz vs. Tim Young
#7771, aired 2018-05-28 Virginia Cummings vs. Andrea Schuelke vs. Dev Thakur
#7770, aired 2018-05-25 Josh Hill vs. Virginia Cummings vs. Ross Belsome Josh Hill game 8.
#7769, aired 2018-05-24 Josh Hill vs. Kristen Krikorian vs. Tom Campo Josh Hill game 7.
#7768, aired 2018-05-23 Josh Hill vs. Luke Devlin vs. Tara Yack Josh Hill game 6.
#7767, aired 2018-05-22 Josh Hill vs. Hermine Vermeij vs. Andrew Lai Josh Hill game 5.
#7766, aired 2018-05-21 Josh Hill vs. Kate Fink vs. Gary Waters Josh Hill game 4.
#7765, aired 2018-05-18 Claire Bishop vs. Larry Martin vs. Steve Mond 2018 Teachers Tournament final game 2.
#7764, aired 2018-05-17 Claire Bishop vs. Larry Martin vs. Steve Mond 2018 Teachers Tournament final game 1.
#7763, aired 2018-05-16 Larry Martin vs. Jake Allen vs. Katherine Saxby 2018 Teachers Tournament semifinal game 3.
#7762, aired 2018-05-15 Judy Tymkiw vs. Rachel Niegelberg vs. Claire Bishop 2018 Teachers Tournament semifinal game 2.
#7761, aired 2018-05-14 Steve Mond vs. Scott Montanaro vs. Erika Eason 2018 Teachers Tournament semifinal game 1.
#7760, aired 2018-05-11 Jake Allen vs. Steve Mond vs. Ranjani Sheshadri 2018 Teachers Tournament quarterfinal game 5.
#7759, aired 2018-05-10 Beth Binder vs. Indi Ekanayake vs. Katherine Saxby 2018 Teachers Tournament quarterfinal game 4.
#7758, aired 2018-05-09 Mary Alice Korth vs. Scott Montanaro vs. Judy Tymkiw 2018 Teachers Tournament quarterfinal game 3.
#7757, aired 2018-05-08 Erika Eason vs. Bob Julian vs. Rachel Niegelberg 2018 Teachers Tournament quarterfinal game 2.
#7756, aired 2018-05-07 Claire Bishop vs. Lee DiGeorge vs. Larry Martin 2018 Teachers Tournament quarterfinal game 1.
#7755, aired 2018-05-04 Josh Hill vs. Jessica Fox vs. Julie Sesnovich Josh Hill game 3.
#7754, aired 2018-05-03 Josh Hill vs. Melissa Anthony vs. Kurt Buhring Josh Hill game 2.
#7753, aired 2018-05-02 Geoff Brousseau vs. Josh Hill vs. Laura Buermann Josh Hill game 1.
#7752, aired 2018-05-01 Osman Syed vs. Jan Brown vs. Geoff Brousseau
#7751, aired 2018-04-30 Alexandra Henkoff vs. Osman Syed vs. Leslye Laderman
#7750, aired 2018-04-27 Carolyn Walsh vs. Tom McGinnis vs. Alexandra Henkoff
#7749, aired 2018-04-26 Jen Regan vs. Robert Marx vs. Carolyn Walsh
#7748, aired 2018-04-25 Randy Mathews vs. Jen Regan vs. Krishna Veeraraghavan
#7747, aired 2018-04-24 Kate Jovin vs. Randy Mathews vs. Alyssa Abel
#7746, aired 2018-04-23 Kristin Robbins vs. Kate Jovin vs. Rex Moroux WE ASKED: RuPaul.
#7745, aired 2018-04-20 William Scott vs. Hannah Sage vs. Dhruv Gaur 2018 College Championship final game 2. During Final Jeopardy!, the...
#7744, aired 2018-04-19 William Scott vs. Hannah Sage vs. Dhruv Gaur 2018 College Championship final game 1.
#7743, aired 2018-04-18 Dhruv Gaur vs. Rishab Jain vs. Alli Ross 2018 College Championship semifinal game 3.
#7742, aired 2018-04-17 Thatcher Chonka vs. Hannah Sage vs. Eric Thorpe 2018 College Championship semifinal game 2.
#7741, aired 2018-04-16 Rebecca Rosenthal vs. William Scott vs. Jordan Goodson 2018 College Championship semifinal game 1.
#7740, aired 2018-04-13 Patricia Jia vs. Alli Ross vs. Eric Thorpe 2018 College Championship quarterfinal game 5.
#7739, aired 2018-04-12 Harry Kioko vs. Rebecca Rosenthal vs. Carsen Smith 2018 College Championship quarterfinal game 4.
#7738, aired 2018-04-11 Rishab Jain vs. William Scott vs. Caroline Trammell 2018 College Championship quarterfinal game 3.
#7737, aired 2018-04-10 Thatcher Chonka vs. Dhruv Gaur vs. Jordan Goodson 2018 College Championship quarterfinal game 2.
#7736, aired 2018-04-09 Josie Bianchi vs. Sheldon Lewis II vs. Hannah Sage 2018 College Championship quarterfinal game 1.
#7735, aired 2018-04-06 Kristin Robbins vs. Andrews Landsman vs. Dominick Fiorentino
#7734, aired 2018-04-05 Jack Dickey vs. Kristin Robbins vs. Arielle Lipshaw
#7733, aired 2018-04-04 Jack Dickey vs. Lydia DiSabatino vs. Michael Boss
#7732, aired 2018-04-03 Daniel Carden vs. Ashley Chapman vs. Jack Dickey
#7731, aired 2018-04-02 Emily Milan vs. Elizabeth Johnson vs. Daniel Carden
#7730, aired 2018-03-30 Emily Milan vs. Jen Simons vs. Tyler Morrison
#7729, aired 2018-03-29 Emily Milan vs. Shannan Younger vs. Alex Lopinto
#7728, aired 2018-03-28 Robert Dimitri vs. Joey DiNardi vs. Emily Milan
#7727, aired 2018-03-27 Johnny Trutor vs. Katy Rosati vs. Robert Dimitri
#7726, aired 2018-03-26 Tristan Mohabir vs. Vicki Cole vs. Johnny Trutor Alex returns to taping after taking a month off to...
#7725, aired 2018-03-23 Lynn Klyde-Allaman vs. Tristan Mohabir vs. Daniel Ludlam
#7724, aired 2018-03-22 Rebecca Zoshak vs. Natasha Go vs. Lynn Klyde-Allaman
#7723, aired 2018-03-21 Lisa Mueller vs. Rebecca Zoshak vs. Chris Frantz
#7722, aired 2018-03-20 Lisa Mueller vs. AJ Freeman vs. John Bizal
#7721, aired 2018-03-19 Rahul Gupta vs. Lisa Mueller vs. Regis Michelena
#7720, aired 2018-03-16 Peter Karamitsos vs. Dan Lee vs. Rahul Gupta
#7719, aired 2018-03-15 Peter Karamitsos vs. Tracey Hollabaugh vs. Amy Yacorzynski
#7718, aired 2018-03-14 Zach Dark vs. Allison Berke vs. Peter Karamitsos
#7717, aired 2018-03-13 Zach Dark vs. Paris Themmen vs. McKayle Bruce
#7716, aired 2018-03-12 Mark Ashton vs. Ashley O'Mara vs. Zach Dark
#7715, aired 2018-03-09 Lane Flynn vs. Megan Durazo vs. Mark Ashton
#7714, aired 2018-03-08 Lane Flynn vs. Hannah Ewing vs. Liz McCarthy
#7713, aired 2018-03-07 Jack Rice vs. Emily Perez vs. Lane Flynn
#7712, aired 2018-03-06 Matt Lisiecki vs. Jack Rice vs. Rob Wivchar
#7711, aired 2018-03-05 Matt Lisiecki vs. Shari Post vs. Jesse Darland
#7710, aired 2018-03-02 Laura McLean vs. Matt Lisiecki vs. Suzie Newman
#7709, aired 2018-03-01 Laura McLean vs. Scott Krzywonos vs. Sarah Norris First regular-play game to end in a Tiebreaker Round.
#7708, aired 2018-02-28 Maryann Penzvalto vs. Garan Geist vs. Laura McLean
#7707, aired 2018-02-27 Maryann Penzvalto vs. Amy Finkelstein vs. Paul Mitchell Kelleher
#7706, aired 2018-02-26 Alan Harrison vs. Maryann Penzvalto vs. Jonah Platt
#7705, aired 2018-02-23 Alan Harrison vs. Kate Tucci vs. Mary Kalemkerian
#7704, aired 2018-02-22 Rob Worman vs. Catherine Biba vs. Alan Harrison Rob Worman game 7.
#7703, aired 2018-02-21 Rob Worman vs. Kristy Calman vs. Bryan Brzycki Rob Worman game 6.
#7702, aired 2018-02-20 Rob Worman vs. John Carlson vs. Damien Marzocchi Rob Worman game 5.
#7701, aired 2018-02-19 Rob Worman vs. Kate Logan vs. Florence Garbini Rob Worman game 4.
#7700, aired 2018-02-16 Rob Worman vs. Gianna Durso-Finley vs. Vinay Kadiyala Rob Worman game 3.
#7699, aired 2018-02-15 Rob Worman vs. Matt Stikker vs. Shawn Ralston Rob Worman game 2.
#7698, aired 2018-02-14 Frank Lang vs. Rob Worman vs. Erin Matherne Rob Worman game 1.
#7697, aired 2018-02-13 Marty Cunningham vs. Frank Lang vs. Emily Deckenback WE ASKED: Jay Leno.
#7696, aired 2018-02-12 Marty Cunningham vs. Dom Granello vs. Lindsey Piesz
#7695, aired 2018-02-09 Marty Cunningham vs. Carlos Garcia vs. Alison Sahner
#7694, aired 2018-02-08 John Giambrone vs. Marty Cunningham vs. Alex Hotovy
#7693, aired 2018-02-07 Sean Udicious vs. Marcy Lehman vs. John Giambrone
#7692, aired 2018-02-06 Sean Udicious vs. Nabila Yusaf vs. Quin Lewellen
#7691, aired 2018-02-05 Jenny Rhodes vs. Lorie Gasior vs. Sean Udicious
#7690, aired 2018-02-02 Ryan Fenster vs. Caitlin Silberman vs. Jenny Rhodes Ryan Fenster game 5-A.
#7689, aired 2018-02-01 Ryan Fenster vs. Sara Helmers vs. Justin Earnshaw Ryan Fenster game 4.
#7688, aired 2018-01-31 Ryan Fenster vs. Nate Pochomis vs. Elizabeth Connor Ryan Fenster game 3.
#7687, aired 2018-01-30 Ryan Fenster vs. Emily Lewis vs. Brandey Chandler Ryan Fenster game 2.
#7686, aired 2018-01-29 Jennifer Tomassi vs. Ryan Fenster vs. Maria Pecoraro Ryan Fenster game 1.
#7685, aired 2018-01-26 Rachel Lindgren vs. Jennifer Tomassi vs. Melissa Stewart Rachel Lindgren game 6.
#7684, aired 2018-01-25 Rachel Lindgren vs. Rosie Jonker vs. Jeff Machusko Rachel Lindgren game 5.
#7683, aired 2018-01-24 Rachel Lindgren vs. Del Scott vs. Eric Raygor Rachel Lindgren game 4.
#7682, aired 2018-01-23 Rachel Lindgren vs. Alex Schindele vs. Katie Champagne Rachel Lindgren game 3.
#7681, aired 2018-01-22 Rachel Lindgren vs. Gerard Simonette vs. Adrianne Woodward Rachel Lindgren game 2.
#7680, aired 2018-01-19 Lee Quinn vs. Rachel Lindgren vs. Sarah Daly Rachel Lindgren game 1.
#7679, aired 2018-01-18 Lee Quinn vs. Ryan Graham vs. Marilyn Rose
#7678, aired 2018-01-17 Gilbert Collins vs. Amanda Griggs vs. Lee Quinn Gilbert Collins game 6.
#7677, aired 2018-01-16 Gilbert Collins vs. Olivia Ochoa vs. David Rosen Gilbert Collins game 5.
#7676, aired 2018-01-15 Gilbert Collins vs. Steve Garbacz vs. Tyler Miksanek Gilbert Collins game 4. WE ASKED: Iain Armitage.
#7675, aired 2018-01-12 Gilbert Collins vs. Alex Cook vs. Alisha Mathalikunnel Gilbert Collins game 3.
#7674, aired 2018-01-11 Gilbert Collins vs. Julie Zauzmer vs. Rebecca Zoshak Gilbert Collins game 2. A poorly-worded Final Jeopardy! clue disadvantages...
#7673, aired 2018-01-10 Lindsay Resnick vs. Gilbert Collins vs. Flora Leen Gilbert Collins game 1.
#7672, aired 2018-01-09 Brandon Brooks vs. Lindsay Resnick vs. Matt Brannagan
#7671, aired 2018-01-08 Brandon Brooks vs. Jamie Rosler vs. Dave Daniel
#7670, aired 2018-01-05 Sean Sullivan vs. Brandon Brooks vs. Claudia Hochstein
#7669, aired 2018-01-04 Steph Bundy vs. Sean Sullivan vs. Meghan Whalen
#7668, aired 2018-01-03 Saralee Etter vs. Steph Bundy vs. Michael Shockley
#7667, aired 2018-01-02 Nick Spicher vs. Saralee Etter vs. Olev Jaakson
#7666, aired 2018-01-01 Henry Ayoola vs. Lisa McAndrews vs. Nick Spicher
#7665, aired 2017-12-29 Travis Rojakovick vs. Henry Ayoola vs. Gwynedd Stuart WE ASKED: Stan Lee.
#7664, aired 2017-12-28 Kevin Foley vs. Vaishali Shetty vs. Travis Rojakovick
#7663, aired 2017-12-27 Ami Li vs. Kevin Foley vs. Sarah Walsh
#7662, aired 2017-12-26 Natalie Ballas vs. Cary Bonnell vs. Ami Li
#7661, aired 2017-12-25 Donna Brown vs. Natalie Ballas vs. Charlie Harless
#7660, aired 2017-12-22 Johnny Leon vs. Donna Brown vs. Zach Heinen
#7659, aired 2017-12-21 Kate O'Connor vs. Eileen Palmer vs. Johnny Leon
#7658, aired 2017-12-20 Kate O'Connor vs. Remy Timbrook vs. Justin Bourassa
#7657, aired 2017-12-19 Kate O'Connor vs. Lisa Beth Davis vs. Jordan Garroway WE ASKED: Leonard Maltin.
#7656, aired 2017-12-18 Denise Littlejohn vs. Ben Cosman vs. Kate O'Connor
#7655, aired 2017-12-15 Craig Tollin vs. Kiersten Brown vs. Denise Littlejohn
#7654, aired 2017-12-14 Bryce Johnson vs. Craig Tollin vs. Brennan Summers
#7653, aired 2017-12-13 LaKedra Pam vs. Rachel Schemmel vs. Bryce Johnson
#7652, aired 2017-12-12 LaKedra Pam vs. Ian Shin vs. Sarah Woodring
#7651, aired 2017-12-11 Ben Raphel vs. Charlie Santiuste vs. LaKedra Pam
#7650, aired 2017-12-08 Kyle Becker vs. Laura Miller vs. Ben Raphel
#7649, aired 2017-12-07 Kyle Becker vs. Katia Noll vs. Joe Gaspard
#7648, aired 2017-12-06 Kyle Becker vs. Lindsay Norsworthy vs. Eric Dravland
#7647, aired 2017-12-05 Kyle Becker vs. Matthias Clark vs. Kimberly Kist
#7646, aired 2017-12-04 Lisa Kristina vs. Alice Pelletier vs. Kyle Becker
#7645, aired 2017-12-01 Lisa Kristina vs. Tal Kedem vs. Melissa Fall
#7644, aired 2017-11-30 Matt Preston vs. Lily Gebrenegus vs. Lisa Kristina
#7643, aired 2017-11-29 Matt Preston vs. Missy Meyer vs. Shawn Adler
#7642, aired 2017-11-28 Marcus Gresham vs. Amanda Barlau vs. Matt Preston
#7641, aired 2017-11-27 Marcus Gresham vs. Hilary Fried vs. Caity Willox
#7640, aired 2017-11-24 Jesse Parks vs. Marcus Gresham vs. Jennifer Chang
#7639, aired 2017-11-23 Kiana Nakamura vs. Liz Schultz vs. Jesse Parks
#7638, aired 2017-11-22 Kiana Nakamura vs. Jim Eckess vs. Kelsey Van Bokkem
#7637, aired 2017-11-21 Eric Maher vs. Kiana Nakamura vs. Wilbur Farley WE ASKED: Elizabeth Vargas.
#7636, aired 2017-11-20 Kara Chandler vs. Eric Maher vs. Alex Jumper
#7635, aired 2017-11-17 Buzzy Cohen vs. Alan Lin vs. Austin Rogers 2017 Tournament of Champions final game 2.
#7634, aired 2017-11-16 Buzzy Cohen vs. Alan Lin vs. Austin Rogers 2017 Tournament of Champions final game 1.
#7633, aired 2017-11-15 Alan Lin vs. Pranjal Vachaspati vs. Tim Aten 2017 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 3.
#7632, aired 2017-11-14 Buzzy Cohen vs. Jason Sterlacci vs. Lisa Schlitt 2017 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 2.
#7631, aired 2017-11-13 Andrew Pau vs. Austin Rogers vs. Lilly Chin 2017 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 1.
#7630, aired 2017-11-10 Andrew Pau vs. Justin Vossler vs. Jon Eisenman 2017 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 5.
#7629, aired 2017-11-09 Seth Wilson vs. Lisa Schlitt vs. Sam Deutsch 2017 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 4.
#7628, aired 2017-11-08 Austin Rogers vs. Alan Lin vs. David Clemmons 2017 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 3.
#7627, aired 2017-11-07 Tim Aten vs. Lilly Chin vs. Jason Sterlacci 2017 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 2.
#7626, aired 2017-11-06 Buzzy Cohen vs. Hunter Appler vs. Pranjal Vachaspati 2017 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 1.
#7625, aired 2017-11-03 Monica Ashar vs. Kara Chandler vs. Nicole Jarvis
#7624, aired 2017-11-02 Jenny Wrigley vs. Monica Ashar vs. Kelvin Smith
#7623, aired 2017-11-01 Anand Kandaswamy vs. Rahul Jain vs. Jenny Wrigley
#7622, aired 2017-10-31 Anand Kandaswamy vs. Patrick Theobald vs. Byron Merrill
#7621, aired 2017-10-30 Anand Kandaswamy vs. Charles Yu vs. Morgan Hanson
#7620, aired 2017-10-27 Erica Irving vs. Ashley Phillips vs. Anand Kandaswamy
#7619, aired 2017-10-26 Nan Bauer vs. Erica Irving vs. Phil Kohn
#7618, aired 2017-10-25 Nan Bauer vs. Edgar Castillo vs. Mary Grace Buckley
#7617, aired 2017-10-24 Nan Bauer vs. Kristina Witzling vs. Rod Swain
#7616, aired 2017-10-23 Kathleen Kosman vs. Marcus Leung vs. Nan Bauer
#7615, aired 2017-10-20 Tom Blake vs. Tim Suba vs. Kathleen Kosman
#7614, aired 2017-10-19 Joanna Kimmitt vs. Justin Broughman vs. Tom Blake
#7613, aired 2017-10-18 Manny Abell vs. Joanna Kimmitt vs. Chelsea Feltman
#7612, aired 2017-10-17 Manny Abell vs. Carlos Nobleza Posas vs. Fran Fried Manny Abell wins with $1.
#7611, aired 2017-10-16 Manny Abell vs. Emily Wilson vs. Jayanthi Martins
#7610, aired 2017-10-13 Scarlett Sims vs. Manny Abell vs. Michelle Kritselis
#7609, aired 2017-10-12 Austin Rogers vs. Scarlett Sims vs. Sean Chong Austin Rogers game 13.
#7608, aired 2017-10-11 Austin Rogers vs. Lisa Rhae Burgess vs. Brian Kato Austin Rogers game 12.
#7607, aired 2017-10-10 Austin Rogers vs. Chris Cardinal vs. Sarah Favorite Austin Rogers game 11.
#7606, aired 2017-10-09 Austin Rogers vs. Rich Coble vs. Rain Dunaway Austin Rogers game 10. The dividers between the players used...
#7605, aired 2017-10-06 Austin Rogers vs. Rebekah Smith vs. Diana McInnis Austin Rogers game 9.
#7604, aired 2017-10-05 Austin Rogers vs. Todd McCafferty vs. Cathy Subick Austin Rogers game 8.
#7603, aired 2017-10-04 Austin Rogers vs. Marguerite Moran vs. Jay Hancock Austin Rogers game 7.
#7602, aired 2017-10-03 Austin Rogers vs. Amy Servat vs. Ryan Hughey Austin Rogers game 6.
#7601, aired 2017-10-02 Austin Rogers vs. Veryl Gambino vs. Bonnie Leih Austin Rogers game 5.
#7600, aired 2017-09-29 Austin Rogers vs. Colin O’Bannon vs. Jim Bickford Austin Rogers game 4.
#7599, aired 2017-09-28 Austin Rogers vs. Emily Dumas vs. Robert Barron Austin Rogers game 3. Guinness World Records Adjudicator Alex Angert...
#7598, aired 2017-09-27 Austin Rogers vs. Pasha Paterson vs. Jennie Floyd Austin Rogers game 2.
#7597, aired 2017-09-26 Dennis Fawcett vs. Tina Doppler vs. Austin Rogers Austin Rogers game 1.
#7596, aired 2017-09-25 Ivan Plis vs. Anupama Srirangan vs. Dennis Fawcett
#7595, aired 2017-09-22 Betsy Knudson vs. Lauren Cusitello vs. Ivan Plis
#7594, aired 2017-09-21 Betsy Knudson vs. Thom Page vs. Diane Esemplare
#7593, aired 2017-09-20 Betsy Knudson vs. Justin Torello vs. Julie Roth
#7592, aired 2017-09-19 Angela Ward vs. Betsy Knudson vs. Farhad Mahmoudi
#7591, aired 2017-09-18 Ellen Wernecke vs. Andy Hyland vs. Angela Ward
#7590, aired 2017-09-15 Ellen Wernecke vs. Sarah Reisert vs. Julien Corven
#7589, aired 2017-09-14 Jen Sosnowski vs. Ellen Wernecke vs. Larry Coben
#7588, aired 2017-09-13 Laura Kelsay vs. Jen Sosnowski vs. Jay Olman
#7587, aired 2017-09-12 Laura Kelsay vs. Linda Shaver-Gleason vs. Chris Fennell Clip of this game shown on the 2019-04-04 episode of...
#7586, aired 2017-09-11 Shadi Peterman vs. Laura Kelsay vs. Andrew Clyne First game of Season 34. New title graphics.

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