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Brennan Summers, a food truck owner from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Craig Tollin, a professor from Roanoke, Virginia

Bryce Johnson, an analytics manager from Evanston, Illinois (whose 1-day cash winnings total $32,401)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 21
Here's this future president with his grandson David, for whom the retreat would be renamed
    $200 3
Wayne Gretzky had 894 of these; No. 2 had 801
    $200 12
The Grand Canyon is a gorge in Arizona; Grand Cayman is an island in this sea
    $200 2
Bocconcini are little balls of this fresh white Italian cheese
    $200 26
Jim Casy, an ex-preacher, & Tom Joad, an ex-con
    $200 1
Hitchhikers were holding up photos of this digit
    $400 22
On or off the course, these vehicles are the main mode of transportation at Camp David
    $400 4
Before he retired & retired & retired, this Packers QB tied the record for longest pass completion with a 99-yarder
    $400 13
Letzeburgisch is the national language of this European country
    $400 8
"M"mm good flavors of Dreyer's ice cream include mint chocolate chip & this almond fudge
    $400 27
George, a farm laborer & Curley, son of a ranch owner
    $400 17
I was happy to get the proverbial lump of this in my stocking
    $600 23
In 1978, Jimmy Carter welcomed the leaders of these two countries to Camp David for historic peace talks
    $600 5
Eddie Arcaro & Jim McLaughlin are tied at 6 in jockey wins of this, the third leg of horse racing's Triple Crown
    $600 14
Hey, it's easy to kick back, relax & float on this body of water, 9 times saltier than the ocean & extremely dense
    $600 9
This sweet yeast bread is made by arranging small clumps of dough in a pan
    $600 28
Twin brothers Aron & Caleb Trask
    $600 18
In Maine these critters, Homarus americanus, were throwing themselves into pots
    $800 24
Among many movies this pres. & his wife viewed at Camp David were "The Princess Bride" & "Knute Rockne, All American"
    $800 6
Ray Allen was big from way downtown in his 1,300 games, hitting 2,973 of these; bang!
    DD: $1,000 15
This 4-letter African country has a short coastline along the Bight of Benin
    $800 10
This sandwich of turkey, ham & Swiss cheese is dipped in egg & fried--what could be more delicious?
    $800 29
Jody Tiflin, a young boy, & Gabilan, a young colt
    $800 19
One of these pointed hat-wearing ceramic dwarves knocked on my door & asked to come in
    $1000 25
In 2012 President Obama hosted a giant sleepover for this octet of world leaders
    $1000 7
Don Baylor took 267 for the team to set the A.L. mark for HBP, this
    $1000 16
Approximately 78% of Cypriots are of this religion
    $1000 11
The weird-looking cap tells you it's this kind of mushroom
    $1000 30
Doc, owner of a biological lab, & Dora, madam of a brothel
    $1000 20
A member of this 5-letter "Old Order" religious group purchased an electric blanket

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Bryce Craig Brennan
$3,200 $3,000 $2,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Bryce Craig Brennan
$6,800 $1,800 $5,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Each response will begin with the letters "C-A-P."...)
    $400 16
We presume you know this man was born in Blantyre, Scotland in 1813 & died in Chitambo, Africa in 1873
    $400 26
(Kelly shows a guitar and a sitar.) On a guitar, these metal ridges used to produce notes are fixed to the fingerboard; on a sitar, they can be moved to adjust the tuning
    $400 6
A beetle with middle femurs that look like bulging biceps was named for this Austrian-born actor
    $400 17
After being exiled from this city in 1302, Dante wrote, "Bitter is the taste of another man's bread"
    $400 1
This 2009 comedy about a Vegas bachelor party was not the sequel to the Tom Cruise film "Cocktail"
    $400 11
Zodiacal he-goat
    $800 19
In 2017 fans of his "Late Show" were saddened to learn of his mom Dorothy's passing at age 95
    $800 27
"Isn't it good" that this 1965 Beatles song brought the sitar to the attention of rock audiences?
    DD: $4,600 7
John Cleese is "absurdly fond" of these Madagascar animals, works to conserve them & got one named for him
    $800 18
The man holding this title has said that the 15th & next to hold it could be discovered in exile
    $800 2
In "Up", 78-year-old Carl flies away in his house; in this non-sequel George Clooney flies all over firing people
    $800 12
To yield
    $1200 20
At over 1,000 pages his "Infinite Jest" may seem like an infinite read
    $1200 28
This sitar master got four Grammys, influenced John Coltrane & Philip Glass & still had time to father Norah Jones
    $1200 8
In 2014 scientists discovered a new species of dinosaur & named it Zuul after a demon in this 1984 movie
    DD: $5,000 23
While in exile in Paris, Thomas Hobbes completed this work named for a Biblical sea monster
    $1200 3
2005's "Crash" did not result in this with drummer Miles Teller learning from the formidable J.K. Simmons
    $1200 13
Adjective meaning involving the loss of the head
    $1600 21
In 1866 this officer who damned the torpedoes was named the first full admiral of the U.S. Navy
    $1600 29
Most sitars have 5 melody strings & one or 2 of this type that produces low sustained tones
    $1600 9
A fossilized one of these reptiles was named for Terry Pratchett--his "Discworld" rides on the back of one
    $1600 24
Jean-Bertrand Aristide, president of this country, was ousted after a 2004 rebellion & spent years in South Africa
    $1600 4
"Green Card" was not a sequel to this film in which Eddie Murphy's Prince Akeem looks for a wife in Queens, New York
    $1600 14
Italian name for the pasta seen here
    $2000 22
In "A Treatise of Human Nature", he wrote, "The errors in religion are dangerous; those in philosophy only ridiculous"
    $2000 30
The "sympathetic" strings beneath a sitar's neck are tuned to the notes of this 4-letter melodic pattern of Indian music
    $2000 10
A recently discovered dog-like carnivore from prehistoric Egypt was named for this canine-headed god
    $2000 25
The Diaspora refers to the movement of Jews among Gentiles after the exile named for this Mideast empire
    $2000 5
2016 had "Arrival"; this 2017 film about an interracial couple was written & directed by Jordan Peele
    $2000 15
Impulsive or unpredictable

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Bryce Craig Brennan
$22,200 $16,800 $11,000

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In 2016 the Wingfoot Two, one of these, was christened near Akron

Final scores:

Bryce Craig Brennan
$10,799 $22,001 $11,000
3rd place: $1,000 New champion: $22,001 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Bryce Craig Brennan
$18,400 $12,800 $11,000
23 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
16 R
(including 2 DDs),
3 W
14 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $42,200

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Game tape date: 2017-08-30
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