Season 30 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (230 clues archived)

#6895, aired 2014-08-01AWARDS & HONORS: There were no winners for this award from 1939 through 1943; in 1944, it was won by the International Committee of the Red Cross the Nobel Peace Prize
#6894, aired 2014-07-31BESTSELLING BOOKS: This novel is dedicated to Esther Earl, who died of thyroid cancer at 16 & never got to read it The Fault in Our Stars
#6893, aired 2014-07-30GREAT MOMENTS IN 19th CENTURY SCIENCE: Matthias Schleiden found plants are made up of these; at dinner he told Theodor Schwann who said, hey, so are animals cells
#6892, aired 2014-07-29DAYS OF THE WEEK: In Spanish & French, the word for Friday comes from Latin for "day of" this goddess Venus
#6891, aired 2014-07-28HISTORIC TRANSPORTS: Its principal mast is at Arlington, its foremast is at the Naval Academy & a monument to it, restored in 2013, is located in Havana the U.S.S. Maine
#6890, aired 2014-07-25WEBSITES: A slang term for Harvard's freshman register gave this website its name Facebook
#6889, aired 2014-07-24NOVEL WORDS: This word for a person without certain abilities has made it from the realm of fantasy to the OED a muggle
#6888, aired 2014-07-23LITERARY HEROINES: Fittingly, this character is named for a plant also known as arrowhead that belongs to the genus Sagittaria Katniss Everdeen
#6887, aired 2014-07-22WORLD LANDMARKS: Built for a World's Fair in 1889, its visitors that year included the Prince of Wales & Buffalo Bill; it still gets 7 million a year the Eiffel Tower
#6886, aired 2014-07-21RELIGIOUS HISTORY: This term comes from a 1529 event in which a group of Lutherans formally disagreed with a decision by a Catholic council Protestantism
#6885, aired 2014-07-18FAMOUS HOMES: Purchased in 1957 & called "the second most famous home in America", it was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2006 Graceland
#6884, aired 2014-07-1716th CENTURY SCIENTISTS: It is often said of this man that he "stopped the Sun and moved the Earth" Copernicus
#6883, aired 2014-07-1620 YEARS AGO IN ENTERTAINMENT: In 1994 this comedian starred in a No. 1 sitcom, the No. 1 Christmas movie & had a No. 1 non-fiction bestseller Tim Allen
#6882, aired 2014-07-15U.S. GOVERNMENT PEOPLE: A committee chaired by the official in this job released the influential 1964 report "Smoking and Health" the Surgeon General
#6881, aired 2014-07-14LITERARY TITLE WORDS: It was Giovanni Boccaccio who added this adjective to another Italian author's work divine
#6880, aired 2014-07-11AMERICAN LITERATURE: Published in 1925, it still sells 500,000 copies a year & was on the bestseller lists in 2013 The Great Gatsby
#6879, aired 2014-07-10IN THE DICTIONARY: This adjective can mean "delicate", "heavenly" or, in chemistry, "related to C4H10O" ethereal
#6878, aired 2014-07-09CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHIES: The constitution of this country allows the monarch to abdicate, which has happened in 1948, 1980 & 2013 the Netherlands
#6877, aired 2014-07-08SCIENCE WORDS: Appropriately, this word from Latin for "unfold" isn't in the first edition of "Origin of Species", but does appear in later editions evolution
#6876, aired 2014-07-07GOVERNMENT: "Features" at the website of this agency include "Protection", "Investigations" & "Know Your Money" the Secret Service
#6875, aired 2014-07-04FICTIONAL LOCALES: Featured in a 1933 novel, it may have been inspired by the 1920s Tibetan travel writings of explorer Joseph Rock Shangri-La
#6874, aired 2014-07-03FAMOUS OBJECTS: In 1950 the England-Scotland border was closed for the first time in 400 years to try to recover this stolen item the Stone of Scone
#6873, aired 2014-07-02U.S. GEOGRAPHY: 2 places called Point Udall, referred to as the USA's easternmost & westernmost points, are in these 2 territories Guam & the Virgin Islands
#6872, aired 2014-07-01THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: The first official use of this 4-word term is at The Declaration's beginning, immediately after "The thirteen" "United States of America"
#6871, aired 2014-06-301970s FILMS: In 2013 Mario Cuomo said he finally saw this film, which he had boycotted for personal reasons, & called it "maybe... a masterpiece" The Godfather
#6870, aired 2014-06-27BRITISH AUTHORS: The Pharmaceutical Journal praised her 1920 first novel, saying it dealt "with poisons in a knowledgeable way" Agatha Christie
#6869, aired 2014-06-26SCIENCE & INDUSTRY: In 1891 this European said, "Perhaps my factories will put an end to war sooner than your congresses" Alfred Nobel
#6868, aired 2014-06-25WORLD LEADERS: Since 1953 5 consecutive siblings have been this country's head of state Saudi Arabia
#6867, aired 2014-06-242004: Watching the Super Bowl halftime show, the head of this government agency kept saying, "My day is going to" be lousy "tomorrow" the FCC
#6866, aired 2014-06-23BROADWAY: In 2013 this musical based on a movie became the first show to gross $1 billion on Broadway The Lion King
#6865, aired 2014-06-20DOGS & GEOGRAPHY: In 2001 the names of these 2 breeds came together in the new official name of a Canadian province Newfoundland & Labrador
#6864, aired 2014-06-19BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Founded in 1908, this big company was removed from the S&P 500 in 2009 after filing for bankruptcy but returned in 2013 General Motors
#6863, aired 2014-06-18MUSIC IN AMERICA: Established by Congress in 1798, it's the oldest continuously active U.S. professional music ensemble the Marine Corps Band
#6862, aired 2014-06-1719th CENTURY NOVEL CHARACTERS: His "spinal column was curved"... the "head was between the shoulder-blades and... one leg was shorter than the other" Quasimodo (the Hunchback of Notre Dame)
#6861, aired 2014-06-16WORD ORIGINS: This noun meaning a secret plan comes from the Latin for "to breathe together" conspiracy
#6860, aired 2014-06-13FOREIGN AFFAIRS: William Sullivan retired from the Foreign Service in 1979; he was the last U.S. Ambassador to this country Iran
#6859, aired 2014-06-12CURRENT TELEVISION: George Romero declined to direct a few episodes of this series, calling it "basically... just a soap opera" The Walking Dead
#6858, aired 2014-06-11CAPITAL CITY WORDPLAY: Ending in the same 2 letters, these 2 are capitals of a nation that covers a continent & of a nation reaching onto 2 continents Canberra & Ankara
#6857, aired 2014-06-10SCIENTISTS: As a humorous tribute, an astronomical term equivalent to at least 4 billion has been named for him Carl Sagan
#6856, aired 2014-06-09THE MEDITERRANEAN: It's the only U.N. member country in the Mediterranean where English is an official national language Malta
#6855, aired 2014-06-0620th CENTURY AMERICANS: In 1911 Glenn Curtiss received this document Number 1 a pilot's license
#6854, aired 2014-06-0519th CENTURY U.S. HISTORY: A dignitary at the dedication of this said it was "keeping watch and ward before the open gates of America" The Statue of Liberty
#6853, aired 2014-06-04THE BEATLES: Of The Beatles' 20 U.S. No. 1 hits, this song has the shortest title "Help!"
#6852, aired 2014-06-03COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: Team nicknames of the 8 Ivy League schools include 4 animals, 3 colors & this Christian denomination the Quakers (of the University of Pennsylvania)
#6851, aired 2014-06-02OSCAR-WINNING WRITERS: Winning for 1999, this New England writer is the last person to win an Oscar for adapting his own novel John Irving
#6850, aired 2014-05-3019th CENTURY POLITICS: A Senate seat from this Southern state sat vacant for 4 years; when it was filled, its ex-occupant had become U.S. president Tennessee
#6849, aired 2014-05-29FRUIT: It's the only commercially important edible fruit of the Bromeliad family pineapple
#6848, aired 2014-05-28OPERA: In a bit of foreshadowing, the title character's dad has committed suicide before the action of this 1904 opera Madame Butterfly
#6847, aired 2014-05-2720th CENTURY PLAY TITLES: This play's title comes from the name of a Greek king said to have carved a statue of a woman & fallen in love with it Pygmalion
#6846, aired 2014-05-26TITLE MOVIE ROLES: In 1984, in the first of the films featuring this character, he only has 21 lines, for a total of 133 words the Terminator
#6845, aired 2014-05-23THE 1960s: In his last speech, he mentioned local newsmakers of the day, including his friend Cesar Chavez & Don Drysdale Robert F. Kennedy
#6844, aired 2014-05-22TECHNOLOGY: When Apple sued for iPad patent infringement, Samsung cited this 1968 movie as the originator of the design 2001: A Space Odyssey
#6843, aired 2014-05-21ORGANIZATIONS: The full name of this scholarly group founded after a lecture in 1660 includes "of London for Improving Natural Knowledge" the Royal Society
#6842, aired 2014-05-20BRITISH NOVELS: Stephen King borrowed the name of his fictional town Castle Rock from this 1950s novel that greatly influenced him Lord of the Flies
#6841, aired 2014-05-19BOARD GAMES: In the classic version of Monopoly, the only 2 improvable properties without Avenue or Place in their names Boardwalk & Marvin Gardens
#6840, aired 2014-05-16SECRETARIES OF STATE: Serving 160 years apart, these 2 Secretaries of State are the only ones who never married Condoleezza Rice & James Buchanan
#6839, aired 2014-05-15THE ACADEMY AWARDS: 1 of the 2 movies in the last 30 years, one a drama & one a comedy, to win Oscars for Best Actor & Best Actress The Silence of the Lambs or As Good as It Gets
#6838, aired 2014-05-14NAMES ON THE MAP: Visited by Jacques Cartier in 1534, it was later renamed for Queen Victoria's father, the Duke of Kent Prince Edward Island
#6837, aired 2014-05-13MONARCHS: 2 teen Hashemite cousins officially took the thrones of their respective countries May 2, 1953: Faisal of Iraq & him King Hussein of Jordan (the Hashemite Kingdom)
#6836, aired 2014-05-1219th CENTURY POEMS: Written about the U.S. occupation of the Philippines, a Kipling poem said, "Take up" this now-controversial phrase the White Man's burden
#6835, aired 2014-05-09FAMOUS BOOKS: It was published March 26, 1830; a very popular work with the same name premiered March 24, 2011 The Book of Mormon
#6834, aired 2014-05-08BRITISH THINKERS: His works include "The Economic Consequences of the Peace" in 1919 & "The End of Laissez-Faire" from 1926 John Maynard Keynes
#6833, aired 2014-05-07SUPREME COURT DECISIONS: On December 20, 1956 the Court's ruling on Browder v. Gayle went into effect, bringing an end to this 381-day event the Montgomery bus boycott
#6832, aired 2014-05-06U.S. STATES: Between 2006 & 2013 it went from 39th to 6th in per capita income & its unemployment rate dropped to the nation's lowest North Dakota
#6831, aired 2014-05-05WORD ORIGINS: This word for a timid person comes from the last name of a character in a 1920s newspaper comic called "The Timid Soul" milquetoast
#6830, aired 2014-05-02BUSINESS HISTORY: In 1945 this product added a plaid design to its "snail" dispenser Scotch Tape
#6829, aired 2014-05-01U.S. STATES: Other than Q, these 2 letters appear the least in the names of states, each appearing only once J & Z
#6828, aired 2014-04-30ALBUM COVERS: This band used a picture of the Hindenburg disaster on the cover of its eponymous debut album Led Zeppelin
#6827, aired 2014-04-29U.S. HISTORY: Messrs. Gusenberg, Gusenberg, May, Weinshank, Clark, Heyer & Schwimmer famously died on this day in 1929 February 14 (or Valentine's Day)
#6826, aired 2014-04-28NOBEL PRIZE-WINNING AUTHORS: Due to injuries suffered in 2 plane crashes in Africa, he was unable to accept his 1954 Nobel Prize in person Ernest Hemingway
#6825, aired 2014-04-25COMPUTERS: The creator of this computer command called it "a 5-minute job"; in 2013 Bill Gates called it "a mistake" Ctrl-Alt-Delete
#6824, aired 2014-04-24DIARIES & JOURNALS: This archaeologist's diary for November 26, 1922 mentions 2 "ebony-black effigies of a king, gold sandalled" Howard Carter
#6823, aired 2014-04-23HOLIDAYS IN OTHER COUNTRIES: William Tubman's nearly 3 decades of leadership is celebrated on his birthday, November 29, in this country Liberia
#6822, aired 2014-04-22BASEBALL: Vine Line is the official magazine of this Major League Baseball team the Chicago Cubs
#6821, aired 2014-04-21HISTORIC GROUPS: With fewer than 10 member cities in attendance, this association based in Lubeck held its last assembly in 1669 the Hanseatic League
#6820, aired 2014-04-18CHARACTERS IN NOVELS: One of this man's "most priceless memories" is of "a delicately nurtured Southern belle with her Irish up" Rhett Butler
#6819, aired 2014-04-1719th CENTURY PRESIDENTS: Good looks weren't enough as he became the only full-term president rejected in a bid for his party's 2nd term nomination Franklin Pierce
#6818, aired 2014-04-16TV MUSIC: "Crystal Blue Persuasion" by Tommy James & the Shondells was heard in this drama's "Gliding Over All" episode Breaking Bad
#6817, aired 2014-04-15THE ANCIENT WONDERS: Far apart alphabetically, they're the 2 deities in the names of the 7 ancient wonders Artemis & Zeus
#6816, aired 2014-04-14SIGNS & SYMBOLS: Meant to evoke a person with arms outstretched & pointed downward, it was designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom the peace symbol (or sign)
#6815, aired 2014-04-11HISTORIC IRONY: Theodor Herzl was inspired to begin the work that's the foundation for modern Zionism by an opera by this composer Richard Wagner
#6814, aired 2014-04-10FOREIGN LEADERS: In 1964 he was convicted of sabotage & conspiracy & served over 20 years in prison Nelson Mandela
#6813, aired 2014-04-09AROUND THE USA: The Mayo Clinic Mile is a walking path that features 1 mile, 5K & 10K routes within this structure the Mall of America
#6812, aired 2014-04-08MUSIC MAKERS: Salisbury Cathedral's dean said this man, via his 2013 album, "is creating a huge awareness of" an historic document Jay-Z
#6811, aired 2014-04-07FOOD & DRINK: The corporate website for this product says it leaves its container at .028 miles per hour Heinz ketchup
#6810, aired 2014-04-0420th CENTURY NOVEL QUOTES: "It was one of those pictures... so contrived that the eyes follow you... beneath" the picture was this 5-word quote Big Brother is watching you
#6809, aired 2014-04-0319th CENTURY POLITICS: In 1884 George Pillsbury became mayor of this city Minneapolis
#6808, aired 2014-04-02MONARCHS: In 2005 the Kul Sharif Mosque of Tatarstan was reopened 453 years after it was destroyed by this man Ivan the Terrible
#6807, aired 2014-04-01FAMOUS WOMEN: This crusader, in 1906: "More than 60 years of hard struggle for a little liberty, & then to die without it seems so cruel" Susan B. Anthony
#6806, aired 2014-03-31LITERATURE & OPERA: An aria in this Shakespeare-based opera says, "Di scozia a te promettono le profetesse il trono... Che tardi?" Macbeth
#6805, aired 2014-03-28OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Prior to "Silver Linings Playbook", the last film to get Oscar nominations in all 4 acting categories was this film partly set in Russia Reds
#6804, aired 2014-03-27ADAPTED FROM ANTIQUITY: It begins with a vow to an ancient god & ends with "if I transgress it & swear falsely, may the opposite of all this be my lot" the Hippocratic Oath
#6803, aired 2014-03-26AGRICULTURE: Prunus dulcis, this snack high in calcium & vitamin E, is native to the Mideast, but 80% of the world crop comes from California almonds
#6802, aired 2014-03-25MEDICAL ETYMOLOGY: Because of where in the body it is produced, this hormone's name comes from the Latin for "island" insulin
#6801, aired 2014-03-24HISTORICAL NICKNAMES: Nickname shared by George Armstrong Custer, Native American chief Crazy Horse & a member of a 1930s comedy act Curly
#6800, aired 2014-03-21CURRENT REALITY TV: On learning what his series would be called, the star of this reality show said, "That sounds like a Chinese food place!" Duck Dynasty
#6799, aired 2014-03-20OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES: In 1908 this animal appropriately became the mascot of the Prohibition Party the camel
#6798, aired 2014-03-19THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: She beat out newcomers like Bieber & Gaga to top Forbes' list of the highest-paid people in music for 2013 Madonna
#6797, aired 2014-03-18BRITISH AUTHORS: The author of more than 50 books, he won 6 Hugo awards & was nominated for a 1968 Oscar Arthur C. Clarke
#6796, aired 2014-03-17BODIES OF WATER: More than 1/5 of all the world's people live in countries bordering this, the world's biggest bay the Bay of Bengal
#6795, aired 2014-03-14ACTORS & OSCARS: He was nominated for Oscars in 5 consecutive decades; the last nod was for his 1978 role as a Nazi hunter Sir Laurence Olivier
#6794, aired 2014-03-13WORLD CAPITALS: At 4,000 miles, the farthest-apart capitals of bordering countries are these 2 cities, one on a peninsula Moscow & Pyongyang
#6793, aired 2014-03-12BRITISH ROYALTY: He was the last male monarch who had not previously been Prince of Wales George VI
#6792, aired 2014-03-11NOVEL TITLES: The title of this 1951 novel comes from the hero's fantasy of rescuing children falling from a cliff The Catcher in the Rye
#6791, aired 2014-03-10AMERICAN COMPOSERS: A protege of Oscar Hammerstein, he's won Grammys, an Oscar, a Pulitzer Prize & the most Tony Awards by a composer Stephen Sondheim
#6790, aired 2014-03-07BIBLICAL NAMES: In Genesis 4 this name is chosen because God "hath appointed me another seed" Seth
#6789, aired 2014-03-06PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING AUTHORS: He's the most recent winner of 2 Pulitzer Prizes for Fiction, winning in 1982 & 1991 for books in the same series John Updike
#6788, aired 2014-03-054-LETTER WORDS: New research says this word that has become ubiquitous dates back to young men also called "macaronis" dude
#6787, aired 2014-03-04BORDERS: Twice as long as Hadrian's Wall, Offa's Dyke was the traditional border between these 2 lands England & Wales
#6786, aired 2014-03-03PRESIDENTS: He is the only 19th century president to serve 2 complete terms with the same vice president James Monroe
#6785, aired 2014-02-28MODERN DAY SUFFIXES: Dating from 1973, this 4-letter suffix indicates a person or thing that has become associated with public scandal -gate
#6784, aired 2014-02-27LANDMARKS: From 1936 to 1987, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power helped operate this facility in another state Hoover Dam
#6783, aired 2014-02-26SINGERS: The only solo artist to have 5 Billboard No. 1 albums before the age of 19 Justin Bieber
#6782, aired 2014-02-25BUSINESS: "The Everything Store" is a book about this company that in 2012 was home to 1% of all North American Internet traffic
#6781, aired 2014-02-2419th CENTURY PEOPLE: Frederick Douglass said this man's "zeal in the cause of my race was far greater than mine" John Brown
#6780, aired 2014-02-21THE BRITISH EMPIRE: 1713's Treaty of Utrecht concluding the War of the Spanish Succession granted this small 2.3-square-mile area to Great Britain Gibraltar
#6779, aired 2014-02-20AUTHORS: On his death in 1862 a Massachusetts paper said, "No man ever lived closer to nature, and reported her secrets more eloquently" Thoreau
#6778, aired 2014-02-19SHAKESPEARE CHARACTERS: He has the most speeches of any character with 471 in 3 plays, of which 2 are histories & 1 is a comedy Falstaff
#6777, aired 2014-02-18PHYSICS: The name of this theory is from viewing sub-atomic particles as 1-dimensional objects, not as 0-dimensional points string theory
#6776, aired 2014-02-1719th CENTURY NAMES: In preparation for a work he published in 1828 that was over 20 years in the making, he learned 26 languages Noah Webster
#6775, aired 2014-02-14GETTING A "D" IN COLLEGE: The USA's oldest endowed chair is a Harvard chair of this subject, given in 1721 when that was largely what Harvard taught divinity
#6774, aired 2014-02-13HISTORIC PLACES: Administered by the Army, its first graves were dug by former slave James Parks, the only one buried there who was born on the site Arlington National Cemetery
#6773, aired 2014-02-12BIBLE CHARACTERS: "Take care of him", says the man called this in Luke 10 after giving money to an innkeeper the Good Samaritan
#6772, aired 2014-02-11SOCIAL MEDIA: The most retweeted tweet of all time happened on November 6, 2012 & started with "four" & ended with these 2 words more years
#6771, aired 2014-02-10ISLANDS: In a satellite photo, volcanic activity can be seen on this 10,000-square-mile island Sicily
#6770, aired 2014-02-07WORLD POLITICS: When these 2 men swapped jobs in 2012, their country's media described the move as "castling" Putin & Medvedev
#6769, aired 2014-02-06COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: Once a poor British protectorate, in 2012 this peninsular country ranked as the world's richest per capita Qatar
#6768, aired 2014-02-05THE PERIODIC TABLE: Of the element symbols that don't match the element's English name, this element's symbol is alphabetically 1st silver
#6767, aired 2014-02-0420th CENTURY WOMEN AUTHORS: Readers' letters to this author about her 1948 short story asked where the title event was held & if they could go & watch Shirley Jackson
#6766, aired 2014-02-03PRESIDENTS & FIRST LADIES: The only foreign-born First Lady was the wife of this man who served in the diplomatic corps from age 14 John Quincy Adams
#6765, aired 2014-01-31INVENTORS: In an 1854 demonstration, he said, "Cut the rope"; his invention kicked in, then he said, "All safe, gentlemen" Elisha Otis
#6764, aired 2014-01-30COMEDIC ACTRESSES: She's won Emmys for 3 different TV shows & in 2013 she broke Lucille Ball's record for most nominations by a comedic actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus
#6763, aired 2014-01-29CAPITAL CITIES: One of the 2 world capitals that end in the letter "Z"; one is in Europe & one in the Americas (1 of) La Paz & Vaduz
#6762, aired 2014-01-28LITERARY QUOTES: A maxim of Ayn Rand was "Man's ego is" this "of human progress" the fountainhead
#6761, aired 2014-01-27THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT: This office is named for a tablecloth imprinted with squares that was once used as an abacus the Chancellor of the Exchequer
#6760, aired 2014-01-24GROUNDBREAKING NONFICTION: Chapters in this 1962 classic include "Earth's Green Mantle", "Needless Havoc", "Rivers of Death" & "And No Birds Sing" Silent Spring
#6759, aired 2014-01-23NOTABLE NAMES: During a jubilee celebration in 2003, he became the first foreigner to be made an honorary citizen of Nepal (Edmund) Hillary
#6758, aired 2014-01-22LITERARY TITLE CHARACTERS: Lord Henry tells him, "What an exquisite life you have had!... It has not marred you. You are still the same" Dorian Gray
#6757, aired 2014-01-21INTERNATIONAL SPORTS: Twice the host country, this nation of 4 1/2 million leads the world in total winter Olympic medals Norway
#6756, aired 2014-01-20GOVERNMENT SITES: Begun as part of a 1930s project to reclaim Maryland mountain land, it's officially "Naval Support Facility Thurmont" Camp David
#6755, aired 2014-01-17AMERICAN THEATER: This 1949 drama that ends with a requiem asks, "Why did you do it? I search & search & I search, & I can't understand it" Death of a Salesman
#6754, aired 2014-01-16SHAKESPEARE: This 5-letter name appears 7 times in Shakespeare titles, more than any other name Henry
#6753, aired 2014-01-1516th CENTURY PEOPLE: This non-Brit said in 1532, "I advised (Henry VIII) that it would be better for him to take a concubine than to ruin his people" Martin Luther
#6752, aired 2014-01-14OCCUPATIONAL FIRST NAMES: It's once again in demand repairing old stone infrastructure, & is 1 of the 5 most popular U.S. boys' names today Mason
#6751, aired 2014-01-13ASIAN NATIONS: Since 1991, it's the only former Communist nation to restore its monarchy, which it still has Cambodia
#6750, aired 2014-01-10COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: It's the largest country in area completely south of the equator that has a female president Argentina
#6749, aired 2014-01-09MAGAZINES: This title, launched in early 1930, seemed at odds with the Great Depression in subject & $1 cover price Fortune
#6748, aired 2014-01-082013 OBITUARIES: She was called a "savior", a "heartless tyrant", a "trailblazer", "intimidating" & a "real toughie" Margaret Thatcher
#6747, aired 2014-01-07THE TITANIC: A member of Parliament said, "Those who have been saved have been saved through one man", this Italian Marconi
#6746, aired 2014-01-06BROADWAY ACTRESSES: She originated 2 famous Broadway roles: one later played on film by Marilyn Monroe, another by Barbra Streisand Carol Channing
#6745, aired 2014-01-0320th CENTURY QUOTATIONS: In 1947 Churchill called it "the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried" democracy
#6744, aired 2014-01-02ACTORS: In the '50s he won a Tony for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical & a Best Actor Oscar for playing the same role, a monarch Yul Brynner
#6743, aired 2014-01-01NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS: This intellectual forum started in 1984, bringing together people from 3 different industries, hence its 3-letter name TED
#6742, aired 2013-12-3119th CENTURY VICE PRESIDENTS: Woodrow Wilson said this man had enough genius to be immortal & "unschooled passion enough to have made him infamous" (Aaron) Burr
#6741, aired 2013-12-30WORD ORIGINS: When evidence was lacking, juries of yore would reply with this Latin word meaning "we do not know"; now it means a dunce ignoramus
#6740, aired 2013-12-2718th CENTURY AMERICA: There were just 13 of these, the title of an historic document; one offered admission to Canada the Articles of Confederation
#6739, aired 2013-12-26TECH TERMS: In a July 1990 post Yisrael Radai called this 7-letter term "a word I just coined for Trojans, viruses, worms etc." malware
#6738, aired 2013-12-25AUTHORS: "The American Tolkien" was what Time magazine called this author with the same 2 middle initials as Tolkien George R.R. Martin
#6737, aired 2013-12-24GEOPOLITICAL HOT SPOTS: On the Grand Trunk Road, the Wagah border separating these 2 countries since 1947 is called the "Berlin Wall of Asia" India & Pakistan
#6736, aired 2013-12-23PRESIDENTS & FILM: Jimmy Carter held 480 screenings at the White House; his first was this film set in 1970s Washington, D.C. All the President's Men
#6735, aired 2013-12-2020th CENTURY LITERARY TERMS: The writer who named this U.S. movement said the term referred to supreme blessedness, not exhaustion the Beat movement
#6734, aired 2013-12-19TV CHARACTERS: Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban & Mayor Mike Rawlings were 3 of the real folks at the 2013 memorial for this TV character J. R. Ewing
#6733, aired 2013-12-18CHILDREN'S LITERATURE: Joy, Nellie & Aranea are 3 of the many children of this title character Charlotte
#6732, aired 2013-12-17CLASSICAL MUSIC: "Royal March of the Lion", "The Aquarium" & "The Aviary" are thematically related 1886 works from this man Camille Saint-Saens
#6731, aired 2013-12-16COUNTRIES FOR SHORT: North Korea is the DPRK; this country is the LPDR Laos
#6730, aired 2013-12-13HEALTH & MEDICINE 2013: There's news of the first lab test for this 10-letter condition the NIH calls the leading cause of disability for Americans 15 to 44 depression
#6729, aired 2013-12-1221st CENTURY NOVELS: In a letter to the author, President Obama called this "a lovely book--an elegant proof of God, and the power of storytelling" Life of Pi (by Yann Martel)
#6728, aired 2013-12-11SPORTS TERM HISTORY: After throwing a long, last-second touchdown in 1975, Roger Staubach said, "I closed my eyes & said" this Hail Mary
#6727, aired 2013-12-10STATE CAPITALS: It's the Southern city in which the building seen here is located; counting the panels may help Austin
#6726, aired 2013-12-09U.S. PRESIDENTS: Although born in the United States, he was the only president who spoke English as a second language Martin Van Buren
#6725, aired 2013-12-06HISTORIC LETTERS: In April 1865 she wrote to Mary Lincoln, "I cannot remain silent... brokenhearted by the loss of my own beloved husband" Queen Victoria
#6724, aired 2013-12-0520th CENTURY ARTS: Pretending to be a tree is an exercise in a key textbook of this system that spread from Russia to Broadway & then to Hollywood method acting (the Stanislavski system)
#6723, aired 2013-12-04ASIA: Consisting of a peninsula & 2 islands, it was the longest-lasting European colony in Asia: 442 years, ending in 1999 Macau
#6722, aired 2013-12-03THE INTERNET: The inventor of this image format said the OED wrongly has 2 pronunciations of it--the right one is with a soft "G" gif
#6721, aired 2013-12-02POP GROUPS: In 2012, 22 years after their first album, they released a new one that includes "Good Vibrations" & "Monday Monday" Wilson Phillips
#6720, aired 2013-11-29COLLEGE SPORTS MASCOTS: In 1947 Walt Disney made a handshake deal to let this university use one of his major characters as its mascot, still in use today the University of Oregon
#6719, aired 2013-11-2820th CENTURY NAMES: In 1942 Winston Churchill said, "I can handle this peasant"; historians aren't sure things turned out that way Joseph Stalin
#6718, aired 2013-11-27GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS: Over 8,000 people have been saved from harm by this program authorized in a 1970 law, but we're not allowed to name any the Witness Protection Program
#6717, aired 2013-11-26AUTHORS: An international airport in Jamaica is named for this author who set many of his stories of the 1950s & 1960s there Ian Fleming
#6716, aired 2013-11-25NOBEL LAUREATES: The 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner from this country was under arrest at the time of the award Myanmar
#6715, aired 2013-11-22COUNTRY NAMES: In England in 1933, Choudhry Rahmat Ali coined this name, a country that wouldn't be formed until 14 years later Pakistan
#6714, aired 2013-11-21U.S. PRESIDENTS: The second man to become president who was never elected to the job, he twice ran for the position unsuccessfully Millard Fillmore
#6713, aired 2013-11-20NOVEL TITLES: These are not found in the Koran, & the angel Gabriel told Muhammad that they were not revealed by God the Satanic Verses
#6712, aired 2013-11-19THE 2012 OLYMPICS: NBC reported that in the first days of Olympic coverage, this sport seen in recent books & on film was the most watched on cable archery
#6711, aired 2013-11-18BUILDINGS: Charles Evans Hughes laid the cornerstone for this building on October 13, 1932 & got to work in it for about 6 years the U.S. Supreme Court Building
#6710, aired 2013-11-15PLAY CHARACTERS: In Peter Roach's phonetics glossary, this alliterative guy is "the best-known fictional phonetician" Henry Higgins
#6709, aired 2013-11-14SYMBOLS: One legend says Clovis, king of the Franks, adopted this symbol after flowers revealed a safe river crossing for his army the fleur-de-lis
#6708, aired 2013-11-13MYTHOLOGY: Rich with electrum, the Turkish river Pactolus is where this legendary man was said to have washed off his curse King Midas
#6707, aired 2013-11-12HISTORIC OBJECTS: In 1802, 3 years after it was discovered, it was moved to London under the terms of the surrender of Alexandria the Rosetta Stone
#6706, aired 2013-11-112013 NEWSMAKERS: The name of this woman who achieved a long-held goal in 2013 is a homophone of a word for a water nymph Diana Nyad
#6705, aired 2013-11-08OLYMPIC HISTORY: In London in 2012, judo & the 800m run included the first female Olympians ever from this Mideastern country Saudi Arabia
#6704, aired 2013-11-07LITERARY INFLUENCES: The "Gossip Girl" series of books was inspired by this Pulitzer Prize-winning novel also set in New York City but 120 years earlier The Age of Innocence
#6703, aired 2013-11-06ON THE GLOBE: Of the 5 named circles of latitude on a standard Earth globe, it's the one with the longest name the Tropic of Capricorn
#6702, aired 2013-11-05FIRST FAMILIES: Sasha & Malia Obama are the first presidential children who were not old enough to vote for Dad since this one Chelsea Clinton
#6701, aired 2013-11-04FOOD & DRINK: This soft drink was named for a digestive enzyme & a native African plant Pepsi-Cola
#6700, aired 2013-11-01NATIONS OF THE WORLD: The only 2 countries in the Americas that border each other & begin with the same letter Brazil & Bolivia
#6699, aired 2013-10-31THE TUDORS: "Alone in prison strong / I wail my destiny" & "let pass my weary, guiltless ghost" are lines from a poem attributed to her Anne Boleyn
#6698, aired 2013-10-30INTERNET FIRSTS: A broken laser pointer for $14.83 in 1995 holds this distinction the first item sold on eBay
#6697, aired 2013-10-29MOVIE COMEDIES: The hero of this 1993 comedy says he's "been stabbed, shot, poisoned, frozen, hung, electrocuted & burned" Groundhog Day
#6696, aired 2013-10-28LITERARY CHARACTERS: This 19th century character talks about his own writings about tattoo marks & on the tracing of footsteps Sherlock Holmes
#6695, aired 2013-10-25EUROPEAN LITERATURE: This 1922 novel's first chapter is titled "The Son of the Brahman" Siddhartha
#6694, aired 2013-10-24ART IN THE U.S. CAPITOL: Members of the Hungarian, Swedish & Israeli parliaments spoke when a bust of this foreign diplomat was unveiled Raoul Wallenberg
#6693, aired 2013-10-23FOREIGN CURRENCY: Iran's 50,000 rial note includes an international symbol for one of these, featuring 3 well-defined orbits an atom
#6692, aired 2013-10-22THE CARIBBEAN: Pico Duarte & Lago Enriquillo in this country 650 miles from Florida are the highest & lowest points in the Caribbean the Dominican Republic
#6691, aired 2013-10-21AFI's 100 FUNNIEST FILMS: These 2 films were No. 1 & No. 2 on the AFI's list of funniest American films; both involve cross-dressing Tootsie & Some Like it Hot
#6690, aired 2013-10-18CARS: Introduced as a 2-seater & later celebrated in song, it was Motor Trend's Car of the Year for 1958, 1987, 1989 & 2002 the T-Bird
#6689, aired 2013-10-17TRADEMARKS: Facebook & TiVo have both claimed trademarks for an icon representing this gesture thumbs-up
#6688, aired 2013-10-16FEMALE SINGERS: In 2013 she became only the third female singer after Aretha Franklin & Madonna to chart over 40 Top 40 hits Taylor Swift
#6687, aired 2013-10-15NOVELS: Chapter 1 of this 1952 book ends, "This is about the way the Salinas valley was when my grandfather... settled in the foothills" East of Eden
#6686, aired 2013-10-14BIG COUNTRIES: In area, it's the largest former Soviet republic after Russia & the largest nation that doesn't border an ocean Kazakhstan
#6685, aired 2013-10-11WORLD CAPITALS: It's the capital city of the only country that borders both the Mediterranean Sea & the Black Sea Ankara
#6684, aired 2013-10-10LITERARY ILLUSTRATIONS: Emile Bayard's illustration of this character seen here first appeared in the 1860s Cosette
#6683, aired 2013-10-09LITERARY LOCALES: The creator of this title place said its name came from the letters labeling the last drawer of his file cabinet Oz
#6682, aired 2013-10-08PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION HISTORY: In 1948 he won South Carolina with 72% of the vote & 3 other states but finished a distant third overall Strom Thurmond
#6681, aired 2013-10-07TOYS: A caveman-themed game in which "rocks" were thrown at other players led to the creation of this product in 1969 NERF Ball
#6680, aired 2013-10-04COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: By population, it's the largest country in the world without nuclear weapons Indonesia
#6679, aired 2013-10-03CHILDREN'S BOOK SERIES: The impetus for these books came from a vision the author had "of a faun carrying an umbrella & parcels in a snowy wood" (The Chronicles of) Narnia
#6678, aired 2013-10-02INVENTORS: Last name of the man whose 1934 patent application for a tool is seen here Phillips
#6677, aired 2013-10-01THE ACADEMY AWARDS: With 3 each, "On the Waterfront" is tied with this film & its sequel for most Best Supporting Actor nominations The Godfather
#6676, aired 2013-09-30MOUNT RUSHMORE: 2 of the 4 men on Mount Rushmore were born in Virginia; these 2 states were the birthplaces of the other 2 men New York & Kentucky
#6675, aired 2013-09-27EUROPEAN CAPITALS: Since a national split in 1993, it's the only world capital that borders 2 other countries--Austria & Hungary Bratislava
#6674, aired 2013-09-26THE INTERNET: The animal for which this computer program is named is actually a red panda Firefox
#6673, aired 2013-09-2520th CENTURY NAMES: Since his 1988 death, he's been inducted into the U.S. Hockey, World Figure Skating & National Inventors Halls of Fame Zamboni
#6672, aired 2013-09-24NEWSPAPERS: On July 23, 2013 this bestselling British tabloid re-spelled its name on its masthead to honor big British news The Sun
#6671, aired 2013-09-23CLASSIC FILMS: The first scene of this movie was shot on the first day of filming, Oct. 2, 1960 at 5 A.M. at 727 5th Ave. at 57th St. in New York City Breakfast at Tiffany's
#6670, aired 2013-09-20FRENCH GEOGRAPHY: 8 countries border mainland France; its smallest border, at 2.7 miles, is with this country Monaco
#6669, aired 2013-09-19CLASSIC ALBUMS: This 1960s album ends with the line "I'd love to turn you on" Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
#6668, aired 2013-09-18WORLD WAR II: Because time was short, only this ship's starboard side, used for boarding, was repainted September 1, 1945 the USS Missouri
#6667, aired 2013-09-17U.S. PLACES: A logo on this town's website includes its incorporation date, 1981, as well as the historic date December 17, 1903 Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
#6666, aired 2013-09-16POETS: Funds provided by his widow were used to set up a literary charity called Old Possum's Practical Trust T.S. Eliot
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