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#8442, aired 2021-07-13TUNE A FISH $200: This song by the B-52's says, "There goes a dogfish, chased by a catfish" "Rock Lobster"
#8440, aired 2021-07-09BEACH-Y KEEN $600: Didn't use sunscreen? You could be described this way, a phrase using a color & a crustacean red as a lobster
#8439, aired 2021-07-08STATE LICENSE PLATES $400: A speciality lobster plate lets drivers in this state show support for its signature product Maine
#8429, aired 2021-06-24BRAND NAMES IN MUSIC $1200: Sales at this seafood restaurant chain spiked when it was mentioned in Beyoncé's song "Formation" Red Lobster
#8425, aired 2021-06-18SCAVENGERS ASSEMBLE! $600: Animals that eat from the sea floor, like lobsters, are known as this hyphenated term, also an amoral opportunist a bottom-feeder
#8408, aired 2021-05-26YOUNG PEOPLE'S LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): Chapters in this work include "The Mock Turtle's Story" & "The Lobster Quadrille" Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
#8384, aired 2021-04-22WHAT'S FOR LUNCH? $200: Bisque de homard, creamy French bisque made with these crustaceans of the spiny variety a lobster
#8289, aired 2020-11-26IT'S LIKE MAINE $400: In 2012 one of these critters caught off Rockland was 27 pounds with "all the weight... in the claws"...mmmm a lobster
#8276, aired 2020-11-09KEN JENNINGS--MARINE BIOLOGIST $1200: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) This cartilaginous fish with a barbed tail & its mouth on its underside lives on the ocean bottom; its relative, the manta ray, is found in open waters, so I wonder how the classic marine biology text, "Rock Lobster" by the B-52s, can possibly have them swimming together a stingray
#8251, aired 2020-10-05RESTAURANTS $400: In addition to its endless shrimp & crabfest, this chain is also known for its Cheddar Bay biscuits Red Lobster
#8197, aired 2020-04-07DON'T BLANK ON THE MENU $400: Red Lobster: Hand-Battered ___ & ___ Fish & Chips
#8195, aired 2020-04-03YOU'RE QUITE THE PAIR! $400: When you can't decide between a lobster & steak, you can go for this rhyming menu option surf & turf
#8186, aired 2020-03-23HEY, THAT'S FANCY! $200: A 6-course meal with this thermidor--tails with the meat removed, chopped & combined with a bechamel--yeah, that'll work! lobster
#8107, aired 2019-12-03STATE OF THE LOTTO SCRATCHER $600: Granite Getaway, Lobster Luck New Hampshire
#8089, aired 2019-11-07LET'S EAT $800: Considered a delicacy, the soft, green tomalley is this internal organ of a lobster the liver
#8066, aired 2019-10-07ESSAYS $1600: This "Infinite Jest" author used the Maine lobster festival to discuss the morality of killing lobsters for eating pleasure David Foster Wallace
#8037, aired 2019-07-16FANCY RESTAURANTS $600: Naturally, NYC's La Grenouille serves cuisses de grenouilles, this exotic dish in butter & garlic frogs' legs
#8029, aired 2019-07-04RED, DELICIOUS $200: The shells of the Maine type of this crustacean turn bright red only after cooking lobster
#8018, aired 2019-06-19ANIMALS $1600: Lobsters & tarantulas both have these hard outer bodies that must be periodically molted exoskeletons
#7923, aired 2019-02-06MOVIE QUOTES $200: "I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate lobster, drank pina coladas...why couldn't I get that day over & over?" Groundhog Day
#7905, aired 2019-01-11SHARK TANK 10 $400: (Hi, I'm Barbara Corcoran.) One of my favorite deals was investing $55,000 with 2 cousins from Maine who ran food trucks specializing in this shellfish; their passion & my guidance have made us all millions lobster
#7885, aired 2018-12-14SHORE LINES $400: In this song by the B-52s, "we were at the beach, everybody had matching towels" "Rock Lobster"
#7835, aired 2018-10-05UNDER THE SEA $400: These shellfish, all bottom-dwellers, are trapped in cages called pots lobsters
#7654, aired 2017-12-14IT WAS SO COLD... $600: In Maine these critters, Homarus americanus, were throwing themselves into pots lobsters
#7623, aired 2017-11-01IT'S A "LOCK" $1000: In the U.S. most imitation crab & lobster are made from this fish of the cod family pollock
#7620, aired 2017-10-27MUSEUMS $800: The St. Petersburg, Florida museum devoted to this Spanish artist features one of his lobster telephones (Salvador) Dali
#7585, aired 2017-07-28& OTHER ODD FILMS $1200: In a recent movie Colin Farrell is given 45 days to find love or he's going to be turned into this title animal a lobster
#7570, aired 2017-07-07STAR TALK $1600: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows an image of stars on the monitor.) The European Southern Observatory released one of its largest images--a 2 billion pixel beauty showing the lobster nebula and this other one named for a feline feature a cat's paw
#7563, aired 2017-06-285 OF 7 DEADLY SINS, IN SOME FORM $800: Let's see...I'll have 10 lobsters, 22 bottles of wine, 13 funnel cakes & a huge bill on my card because of this deadly sin gluttony
#7450, aired 2017-01-20PARTS OF SPEECH $800: The lobster was indeed delicious, yet I still thought about tap-dancing: yet a conjunction
#7448, aired 2017-01-18SHELLFISH $800: In 2004 the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy passed a law banning the killing of this shellfish by dropping it in boiling water lobster
#7442, aired 2017-01-10ENTERTAINMENT UNDER THE SEA $600: The song "Rock Lobster" rhymes, "He was in a jam, 's in a giant" this clam
#7414, aired 2016-12-01"ROCK" IT TO ME $1200: In this song the B-52's suggest, "Put on your noseguard, put on the lifeguard" "Rock Lobster"
#7400, aired 2016-11-11ENTERTAINING ANIMALS $1000: On film a Maine harbormaster & his family have their hands full with "Andre", one of these aquatic mammals a seal
#7267, aired 2016-03-29INVERTEBRATES $1,200 (Daily Double): In 1983 Louisiana made this lobster relative its state crustacean the crawfish (or crayfish)
#7225, aired 2016-01-29ALPHABET SOUP $800: B is for this thick 6-letter soup, perhaps lobster or mushroom bisque
#7216, aired 2016-01-18LONG-LIVED CREATURES $2000: This crustacean can survive for 100 years; the Norway type often doesn't get close to that, as it's delicious a lobster
#7079, aired 2015-05-28ARACHNIDS $1200: Like lobsters & millipedes, arachnids belong to this "joint-legged" phylum of the animal kingdom arthropods
#7061, aired 2015-05-04GAMBLING WORDS $1600: This container can be found after "lobster" or "chamber" pot
#7027, aired 2015-03-17"QUAD"-RUPLE JEOPARDY! $1600: A French square dance for 4 couples, with or without lobsters a quadrille
#7021, aired 2015-03-09THE ELITE ATE $600: This dish of lobster tails with Bechamel shares its name with a French Revolutionary Calendar month Thermidor
#7016, aired 2015-03-02MAY THE FORK BE WITH YOU $1000: The length of this fork hits those hard to reach spots within the namesake crustacean a lobster
#7004, aired 2015-02-12REMEMBER MAINE! $400: Remember that Maine's chief products include this critter, Homarus americanus--yum! a lobster
#6970, aired 2014-12-263-LETTER WORDS $800: A crustacean's eggs, as the coral of the lobster roe
#6948, aired 2014-11-26DINNER & A BROADWAY SHOW $200: I want seafood! I'll have the spiny this--no claws to speak of, but good tail meat lobster
#6936, aired 2014-11-10WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $2000: You get closure with this type of clasp, seen here a lobster claw
#6930, aired 2014-10-31WORDS ABOUT WORDS $1200: Confusion of words that sound alike, as in "the world is your lobster" a malaprop
#6923, aired 2014-10-22CRABBY! $400: Like a lobster or a shrimp, a crab has one of these; unlike them, it keeps it curled under its midsection a tail
#6920, aired 2014-10-17STATE LICENSE PLATES $600: In Maine this "specialty plate" isn't on your table but on your car, aiding research on Maine's signature product lobsters
#6913, aired 2014-10-08SONG LYRICS $600: The B-52's: "There goes a dogfish chased by a catfish" "Rock Lobster"
#6879, aired 2014-07-10ON THE "ROCK"S $600: Down, down! This spiny crustacean does not have claws, but those tails are goooood rock lobster
#6856, aired 2014-06-09CARIBBEAN CUISINE $800: Basically a freshwater lobster, it's not only big in Louisiana but is said to be on every menu in St. Vincent a crawfish
#6846, aired 2014-05-26WHAT'S COOKING? $1000: This Spanish dish of saffron-flavored rice with shellfish such as shrimp, lobster & clams as well as chorizo paella
#6827, aired 2014-04-29THE NEW YORK TIMES YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST $400: (I'm Mark Bittman.) Today locally grown food is the rage, but in 1991 my first Times article was about how overnight mail brings fresh food from far off, like these crustaceans sent from Maine lobsters
#6755, aired 2014-01-173-LETTER WORDS $400: Palindromic protection when eating lobster a bib
#6745, aired 2014-01-03NAME THAT FOOD! $2000: Benjamin Wenberg had a lobster dish named for him; Ben got in a fight at Delmonico's, so that was changed to Lobster this Newberg
#6733, aired 2013-12-18"M" STATE $200: More than 100 million pounds of lobster were harvested there in 2011 Maine
#6721, aired 2013-12-02ANIMAL IMPOSTORS $100 (Daily Double): Crayfish aren't fish but these, like their relative the lobster crustaceans
#6622, aired 2013-06-04JANE AUSTEN IN POP CULTURE $1600: Giant lobsters & rampaging octopi threaten the Dashwood sisters in the book "Sense and Sensibility and" these Sea Monsters
#6594, aired 2013-04-25PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS $400: At Norma's in NYC, the "zillion dollar" frittata with caviar & this crustacean is a bargain at a mere $1,000 lobster
#6585, aired 2013-04-12THE POOR MAN'S $400: This 3-letter North Atlantic fish has been called "the poor man's lobster" cod
#6529, aired 2013-01-24"L" CAN EAT $600: To prepare this Thermidor style, mix the meat with a Béchamel sauce & spoon it back into the shells lobster
#6505, aired 2012-12-21SIGNATURE SONGS $2000: "Rock Lobster" The B-52's
#6487, aired 2012-11-27CITY NICKNAMES $600: Rockland, Maine: This aquatic creature "Capital of the World" lobster
#6478, aired 2012-11-14FUN WITH SCIENCE $1200: If challenged to "guess my phylum", you're best off with this one of lobsters & ticks; 85% of animal species are in it arthropods
#6364, aired 2012-04-26"PACE" YOURSELF $800: It's the shell you have to remove to enjoy a tasty lobster a carapace
#6312, aired 2012-02-14LEARN SOME GERMAN $1000: How about some seafood: Hummer lobster
#6294, aired 2012-01-19THE LIVING PLANET $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a bunch of jar-preserved specimens.) Butterflies, centipedes, scorpions, spiders, crabs, lobsters--these & millions of other creepy crawlers belong to this phylum that makes up more than 80% of all animal species, from the Greek for "joint foot" arthropod
#6201, aired 2011-07-25ARE YOU EATING? $800: Intertidal zones are a good place to find dulse, a reddish purple type of this popular in the North Atlantic seaweed
#6164, aired 2011-06-02MARINE BIOLOGY $800: The spiny lobster is also named for this object; the redback salamander lives under one a rock
#6077, aired 2011-02-01EAT $800: Use 3 of these to prepare them Newburg style; the first step in the "Joy of Cooking" recipe: "Kill with a knife" a lobster
#6044, aired 2010-12-16OFF-LIMITS $800: You won't find the Orthodox Union trademark on lobsters or clams, as they're a no-go if you want to "keep" this diet kosher
#5961, aired 2010-07-12I PITY DA FOOD! $200: Maine & spiny are types of this; its shell turns vivid red only affer it's been cooked lobster
#5831, aired 2010-01-11SAME FIRST & LAST LETTER $200: Neckwear for eating lobster bib
#5799, aired 2009-11-26GEOGRAPHY "B" $1200: The few people who live on this island partner of Antigua keep busy lobster fishing Barbuda
#5772, aired 2009-10-20ROCK STARS ENCYCLOPEDIA ENTRIES $600: May 24, 1980: "'Rock Lobster' peaks at U.S. No. 56" The B-52s
#5734, aired 2009-07-09SHELLFISH $800: Some McDonald's restaurants in Maine & eastern Canada sell a tasty shellfish roll called this a McLobster
#5625, aired 2009-02-06ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $1200: Langosta (with butter, yum!) lobster
#5538, aired 2008-10-08ON THE MENU $400: At Red Lobster: Parrot Bay Jumbo Coconut this Shrimp
#5525, aired 2008-09-19BOOKS & AUTHORS $400: "The Lobster Chronicles" is Linda Greenlaw's book about life on a small island off the coast of this state Maine
#5511, aired 2008-07-21ON "Q" $1000: In Chapter X of "Alice in Wonderland", this French square dance gets top billing along with a lobster a quadrille
#5508, aired 2008-07-16POTPOURRI $1000: Chitin is the main component in this supportive outer covering of lobsters & insects the exoskeleton
#5471, aired 2008-05-26ART-PODGE $800: "Lobster Trap and Fish Tail" is one of this artist's best-known mobiles (Alexander) Calder
#5436, aired 2008-04-07ISLANDS $2000: The few people who live on this island partner of Antigua keep busy lobster fishing Barbuda
#5405, aired 2008-02-22"B" SHARP $800: A type of unglazed china, or a thick cream soup often made with lobster bisque
#5361, aired 2007-12-24STATE YOUR CASE $800: One of this state's nicknames is "Lobsterland" Maine
#5357, aired 2007-12-18IS THIS HEAVEN? $200: Mmm... a big plate featuring this sea-dweller, prepared Newburg or Thermidor... pass me the bib lobster
#5333, aired 2007-11-14FRENCH MENU $400: I want something rich: perhaps homard a la creme, this shellfish in a creamy sauce lobster
#5301, aired 2007-10-01GETTING SAUCY $800: Excellent on lobster, this rich cream sauce with sherry was originally named for a Delmonico's patron Newburg
#5301, aired 2007-10-01SEA LIFE $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the USC Wrigley Institute.) This type of lobster thrives in Catalina's waters, even though it's missing its more popular cousin's claws a spiny lobster
#5246, aired 2007-06-04THE WOK OF LIFE $200: After it's shelled & deveined, it's popularly served in lobster sauce shrimp
#5174, aired 2007-02-22THAT'S NOT KOSHER! $800: A Food Network recipe for this Maine specialty says to remove the meat from the claws & calls for hot dog buns a lobster roll
#5138, aired 2007-01-03LIVIN' LA VIDA LOBSTER $200: Lovable "Larry the Lobster" is the official mascot of this seafood restaurant chain Red Lobster
#5138, aired 2007-01-03LIVIN' LA VIDA LOBSTER $400: A variety lacking enlarged pincers, this 5-letter "prickly" type of lobster is also known as a sea crayfish a spiny lobster
#5138, aired 2007-01-03LIVIN' LA VIDA LOBSTER $600: One of a lobstering crew is called this man, not because he's grim but for standing in the back of the boat a stern man
#5138, aired 2007-01-03LIVIN' LA VIDA LOBSTER $800: Water fleas, shrimp & lobsters are all members of this arthropod class crustaceans
#5138, aired 2007-01-03LIVIN' LA VIDA LOBSTER $1000: The outer supporting shell of a lobster is known as one of these protective coverings an exoskeleton
#5133, aired 2006-12-27ARTISTS $800: The play "Lobster Alice" imagines this surrealist showing up at Disney to work on an animated film (Salvador) Dali
#5037, aired 2006-07-04LET'S GRAB SOME SEAFOOD $200: The rock type of this is easily distinguishable from the Maine; all 10 of its legs are about the same size a lobster
#4974, aired 2006-04-06ON THE MENU $200: The meaty-clawed Maine type of this crustacean is also called the American type a lobster
#4952, aired 2006-03-07MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS $1200: It's the packaged meat product that comes with the following "...or lobster thermidor aux crevettes with a mornay sauce garnished with truffle pâté, brandy, and a fried egg on top and--" Spam
#4881, aired 2005-11-28SET UP THE "PIN"S $400: The large claws of a lobster or crab pincers
#4865, aired 2005-11-04UNUSUAL PETS $400: Proto-surrealist poet Gerard de Nerval reportedly walked one of these crustaceans on a leash through Paris a lobster
#4767, aired 2005-05-03TERRE HAUTE CUISINE $400: Lots of good eating on U.S. 41--there's a seafood restaurant in this "colorful" chain launched in Florida in 1968 Red Lobster
#4763, aired 2005-04-27BEASTLY BUSINESS $800: Some female lobsters do it only once a year, male lobsters more often, & its name is from the Latin for "change" molt
#4737, aired 2005-03-22YANKEE MAGAZINE $2000: The May 2004 issue visited the lobstermen of Stonington on this Maine bay Penobscot Bay
#4699, aired 2005-01-27FINE DINING $1600: A company at Union Wharf in Portland ships all kinds of seafood, but is called "Maine" this creature "Direct" Lobster
#4587, aired 2004-07-13FOREIGN ANIMALS $600: In Dijon a homard is a lobster & a canard is one of these (if someone throws a homard at you, canard) a duck
#4578, aired 2004-06-30CHICKEN OR FISH? $2000: On today's menu: lobster thermidor or this classic French-named fricassee that once made use of old roosters coq au vin
#4494, aired 2004-03-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $800: The Mock Turtle sings a song about the Lobster Quadrille in this classic children's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
#4492, aired 2004-03-02LET'S TALK INTERNAL ORGANS $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew in Portland, Maine) Real lobster lovers will look right in here to find the tamale, this green organ the liver
#4487, aired 2004-02-24THE PRODUCERS $800: This state produces more lobsters than any other Maine
#4482, aired 2004-02-17ANIMALS $800: (Sofia of the Clue Crew presents the clue from a fishing boat in Portland, Maine.) Lobsters are called bugs, or spiders, because they belong to this phylum along with insects and arachnids arthropods
#4436, aired 2003-12-15SHELLFISH $600: To keep these stalk-eyed beasts from harming each other, rubber bands are put around their claws lobsters
#4419, aired 2003-11-20THE REAL CANCUN $2000: Public beaches include Playa Tortuga, or Turtle Beach, & Playa Langosta, this beach Lobster
#4407, aired 2003-11-04DELICACIES $1600: This lobster dish may get its name from the Revolutionary month in which Napoleon first ate it lobster thermidor
#4381, aired 2003-09-29LET'S GO LOBSTERING $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from a boat in Portland, Maine.) To determine this on a lobster, check whether the first pair of swimmerets are hard or feathery the sex
#4381, aired 2003-09-29LET'S GO LOBSTERING $800: The American lobster is basically differentiated from Pacific ones by having these big enough to eat claws
#4381, aired 2003-09-29LET'S GO LOBSTERING $1200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from a boat in Portland, Maine.) In a standard trap, a lobster finds the bait in this aptly named room, moves on to the parlor, and can't leave the kitchen
#4381, aired 2003-09-29LET'S GO LOBSTERING $1600: Term for a tidal area used to store live lobsters, or where a stray dog might end up the pound
#4381, aired 2003-09-29LET'S GO LOBSTERING $2000: (Sofia of the Clue Crew presents from a boat in Portland, Maine.) A legal Maine lobster must measure at least 3-1/4 inches along this, the bony back shell the carapace
#4365, aired 2003-07-18PALINDROMIC WORDS $200: A simpler way of saying "more lobster-colored" redder
#4324, aired 2003-05-22STATE LAKES $800: Lobster Lake Maine
#4268, aired 2003-03-05SUPER BOWL BETS $1600: For Super Bowl XXXI, a Massachusetts mayor bet lobsters against the bratwurst of this state Wisconsin
#4245, aired 2003-01-31FROM THE FRENCH $1600: In "Alice in Wonderland", Lewis Carroll adapted this 4-couple French dance for lobsters quadrille
#4208, aired 2002-12-11WILDLIFE $2000: This deadliest fish in the sea sits like a "rock" at the bottom of the ocean & stings prey via its poisonous spines stonefish
#4204, aired 2002-12-05MUSIC'S MISSING LINKS $400: I Am a ____ Lobster Rock
#4197, aired 2002-11-26SOMETHING "OLD", SOMETHING "NEW" $600: It's the rich dish of shellfish (often lobster) in a cream sauce with sherry, usually served on toast points Lobster Newburgh
#4179, aired 2002-10-31JAPANESE FOOD $200: Surimi, meaning "formed fish", turns up in packages labeled this type of "crabmeat" & "lobster" imitation
#4177, aired 2002-10-29THE ANIMALS $200: Resembling a small lobster, it's Louisiana's state crustacean crawfish/crayfish
#4053, aired 2002-03-27YOU LITTLE MINKS! $2000: A favorite mink food is this crustacean that resembles a smaller lobster a crayfish
#3995, aired 2002-01-04MUSIC FOR YOUR FISH $800: This B-52's song says, "There goes a dogfish chased by a catfish... watch out for that piranha!" "Rock Lobster"
#3946, aired 2001-10-29ART-PODGE $300: "Lobster Trap and Fish Tail" is one of this artist's best-known mobiles Alexander Calder
#3944, aired 2001-10-25BIOLOGY $1000: Chitin is the main component in this supportive outside covering of lobsters & insects the exoskeleton
#3933, aired 2001-10-10DO YOU LIKE ME.? $100: The Great Kennebec Whatever Festival begins in June & the festival for this crustacean is held in August lobster
#3882, aired 2001-06-19EARTH SCIENCES $300: The name of this phylum that includes lobsters & spiders means "jointed foot" Arthropods
#3838, aired 2001-04-18MISC. $100: Long before it was newburged or thermidored, it was so plentiful it was a food for the poor lobster
#3835, aired 2001-04-13SLIPPERY "ROCK" $400: It's the aquatic crustacean found in the title of a 1978 song by the B-52's rock lobster
#3796, aired 2001-02-19"B" SURE $400: A type of unglazed china, or a thick cream soup often made with lobster Bisque
#3762, aired 2001-01-02CARIBBEAN CUISINE $600: La Habichuela in Cancun features cocobichuela: lobster & shrimp served in one of these shells Coconut shell
#3756, aired 2000-12-25CLAWS $400: [video clue] lobster
#3455, aired 1999-09-17SEASHORE LIFE $300: The American species of this crustacean has a 6-segmented tail Lobster
#3374, aired 1999-04-15SCIENCE $200: The daphnia, a water flea, is related to this million times larger member of the surf & turf combo Lobster
#3264, aired 1998-11-12ANIMAL ANAGRAMS $800: If I bolster my courage, I can eat a 5-pound one of these Lobster (bolster)
#3190, aired 1998-06-12CRUSTACEANS $600: Crustacean that's the title of the 1979 song heard here: "Everybody had..." "Rock Lobster"
#3154, aired 1998-04-23SEAFOOD DIET $500: Some connoisseurs prefer the flesh of the female spider one of these crustaceans Crabs
#3101, aired 1998-02-09IN FASHION $500: A men's stiff, formal white shirt is said to be this, like an egg or a lobster boiled
#2988, aired 1997-09-03FILE UNDER "L" $400: This crustacean turns bright red when boiled, not when embarrassed Lobster
#2948, aired 1997-05-28THE FRENCH REVOLUTION $800: Running from July 19 to August 17, this month was so hot... you could cook a lobster on the sidewalk Thermidor
#2946, aired 1997-05-26SEA CREATURES $800: The American species of this crustacean is classified as Homarus Americanus lobster
#2883, aired 1997-02-26U.S. FESTIVALS $100: On the first weekend in August, a festival in Rockland, Maine honors this crustacean Lobster
#2814, aired 1996-11-21"C" CREATURES $300: These tasty freshwater crustaceans resemble small lobsters crawfish (or crayfish)
#2766, aired 1996-09-16ETIQUETTE $200: As soon as diners finish their lobster, waiters should put these at the side of each place finger bowls (moist napkins or towels)
#2761, aired 1996-09-09ART $800: "Lobster Trap and Fish Tail", one of his most famous mobiles, is in the Museum of Modern Art Alexander Calder
#2760, aired 1996-09-06BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $500: This chain holds 29% of the seafood restaurant market Red Lobster
#2710, aired 1996-05-17ETIQUETTE $300: If you see an adult wearing a bib in a restaurant, he's probably eating this large crustacean a lobster
#2687, aired 1996-04-16"P"s $300: It's a tool used for grasping, or the grasping claw of a crab or lobster a pincer
#2624, aired 1996-01-18DINING OUT $500: Rhyming name given to a lobster & steak combo surf and turf
#2612, aired 1996-01-02BOTTOM DWELLERS $400: The American species of this bottom-dwelling crustacean is usually caught in a "pot" lobster
#2562, aired 1995-10-24INTERNATIONAL CUISINE $1000: French dishes described as a la diplomate contain truffles & this shellfish lobster
#2545, aired 1995-09-29SEAFOOD $100: This expensive "Maine" crustacean was once so plentiful it was used as bait lobster
#2533, aired 1995-09-13VENOMOUS ANIMALS $300: This arachnid has lobsterlike claws in front & a stinger on the end its tail a scorpion
#2372, aired 1994-12-20FILE UNDER "N" $300: It's a rich, creamy sauce for lobster made with butter, egg yolks & sherry Newberg
#2302, aired 1994-09-13FOOD $600: It's the type of crustacean found in sauce aux crevettes shrimp
#2292, aired 1994-07-19SEA CREATURES $100: Unlike true ones of these crustaceans, the spiny or rock types don't have large claws lobsters
#2245, aired 1994-05-13STATE ANIMALS $300: Resembling a small lobster, it's Louisiana's state crustacean a crayfish
#2243, aired 1994-05-11ANIMAL PARTS $100: Lobsters & lions have parts called these; on one it's a pincer, on the other a nail a claw
#2150, aired 1993-12-31BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $400: This second-largest U.S. breakfast cereal maker owns the Red Lobster & Olive Garden restaurant chains General Mills
#1719, aired 1992-02-06COOKING $500: A tamale is a Mexican dish, but a tomalley is the liver of this crustacean lobster
#1698, aired 1992-01-08MARINE BIOLOGY $400: Barnacles, crabs & lobsters are members of this arthropod class Crustacea
#1657, aired 1991-11-12SHELLFISH $300: There's an old saying that this shellfish should be eaten only in months that have "R" in their names oyster
#1657, aired 1991-11-12SHELLFISH $400: While some consider its meaty pincers to be the best part, others prefer the tail lobster
#1481, aired 1991-01-28LOBSTERS $200: You'll find these organs on the end of a lobster's stalks eyes
#1481, aired 1991-01-28LOBSTERS $400: Heat causes the pigments in the lobster's shell to break down, so after cooking only this color remains red
#1481, aired 1991-01-28LOBSTERS $600: Adult female lobsters do it no more than once a year, males about twice as often shed their skin (shell)
#1481, aired 1991-01-28LOBSTERS $800: Called tomalley, this greenish organ is considered a delicacy the liver
#1481, aired 1991-01-28LOBSTERS $1000: In France the spiny lobster is called this langouste
#1338, aired 1990-05-30COOKING $400: They are a main ingredient in lobster a l'Americaine; some people use the small Italian ones tomatoes
#1287, aired 1990-03-20CRUSTACEANS $200: A blue lobster turns up once in 4 million, but still turns this color when cooked red
#1266, aired 1990-02-19FOOD $500: In the 1989 Farmer's Almanac, Edmund Muskie tells how to hypnotize one of these before cooking it a lobster
#1207, aired 1989-11-28BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $100: Larry the Lobster is the mascot of this seafood restaurant chain, the world's largest Red Lobster
#1101, aired 1989-05-22"P"s & "Q"s $400: A nasty little lobster might grab you with one of these pincers
#1044, aired 1989-03-02FRENCH FOOD TERMS $1000: This type of cream soup was formerly made from pigeons, but now may contain shrimp or lobster bisque
#1026, aired 1989-02-06EDIBLE ANAGRAMS $300: You could eat this crustacean to bolster your courage -- but it probably wouldn't help lobster (from bolster)
#973, aired 1988-11-23FOOD $1000: "Coral", an edible greenish substance that turns pink when cooked, is found in the ovaries of this animal lobster
#971, aired 1988-11-21ANIMALS $800: Usually nocturnal, these freshwater crustaceans resemble small lobsters crawdads (crayfish)
#882, aired 1988-06-07CRUSTACEANS $300: Popular in the South, over 100 mil. lbs. of these freshwater cousins of lobsters are raised in the U.S. crayfish
#867, aired 1988-05-17BIOLOGY $200: They're the respiratory organs of a lobster gills
#763, aired 1987-12-23CRUSTACEANS $100: An 8 oz. portion of lobster meat has about 210 calories & is high in protein & this bone-building mineral calcium
#693, aired 1987-09-16COLORS $800: Shades of this color include goya, Japanese, & lobster red
#651, aired 1987-06-08FOOD $500: Cooked lobster meat mixed with a cream sauce, put in its shell, topped with cheese & browned lobster Thermidor
#310, aired 1985-11-15ALICE IN WONDERLAND $400: To have room to do the lobster quadrille, you have to clear these spineless creatures off the shore jellyfish

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#6290, aired 2012-01-13PRESIDENTIAL RUNNING MATES: The traditional inaugural lunch for this president & V.P. featured boiled stuffed lobster & prime ribs of beef au jus JFK & LBJ

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