Season 37

#8345, aired 2021-02-26 Michael Colton vs. Syed Ahamed vs. Ollie Savage
#8344, aired 2021-02-25 Aaron Craig vs. Marisa Blackburn vs. Michael Colton
#8343, aired 2021-02-24 Aaron Craig vs. Andrew Vaughn vs. Ken Shen
#8342, aired 2021-02-23 Sam Stapleton vs. Aaron Craig vs. Frances Kriegh
#8341, aired 2021-02-22 Sam Stapleton vs. Natalie Tyson vs. David Maybury First game with Jeopardy! executive producer Mike Richards as guest...
#8340, aired 2021-02-19 Alan Johnson vs. Sam Stapleton vs. Lauren Menke Last game with Ken Jennings as guest host.
#8339, aired 2021-02-18 Andy West vs. Alan Johnson vs. Leah Friedman
#8338, aired 2021-02-17 Phil Hoffman vs. Andy West vs. Natalie Walsh
#8337, aired 2021-02-16 Phil Hoffman vs. Joe Satran vs. Pam Sung
#8336, aired 2021-02-15 Lance St. Laurent vs. Karen Ellestad vs. Phil Hoffman
#8335, aired 2021-02-12 John Focht vs. Alejandra Oliva vs. Lance St. Laurent
#8334, aired 2021-02-11 John Focht vs. Kate Willcox vs. Stan Park
#8333, aired 2021-02-10 John Focht vs. Tiffany Seitler vs. Jared Wilke
#8332, aired 2021-02-09 John Focht vs. Morgan Halvorsen vs. Myles Nye
#8331, aired 2021-02-08 Leah Wiegand vs. John Focht vs. Michael White
#8330, aired 2021-02-05 Stuart Crane vs. Rob Kim vs. Leah Wiegand
#8329, aired 2021-02-04 Nicole Kozdron vs. Stuart Crane vs. Gina Damico
#8328, aired 2021-02-03 Steve Crupi vs. Nicole Kozdron vs. Paul Acosta
#8327, aired 2021-02-02 Steve Crupi vs. Myrlin Hermes vs. Henry Michaels
#8326, aired 2021-02-01 Zach Newkirk vs. Allie Sibole vs. Steve Crupi Zach Newkirk game 7.
#8325, aired 2021-01-29 Zach Newkirk vs. Kristen Seigel vs. Bo Mendez Zach Newkirk game 6.
#8324, aired 2021-01-28 Brian Chang vs. Zach Newkirk vs. Jill Tucker Brian Chang game 8. Zach Newkirk game 5.
#8323, aired 2021-01-27 Brian Chang vs. Alex Cohn vs. Erica Holencik Brian Chang game 7.
#8322, aired 2021-01-26 Brian Chang vs. Stephen Newman vs. Gabriela Kaufman Brian Chang game 6.
#8321, aired 2021-01-25 Brian Chang vs. Madeline Johnson vs. Elliott Kalan Brian Chang game 5.
#8320, aired 2021-01-22 Brian Chang vs. Maggie Houska vs. Jack Weller Brian Chang game 4.
#8319, aired 2021-01-21 Brian Chang vs. Robert Ortega, Jr. vs. Stephanie Thompson Brian Chang game 3.
#8318, aired 2021-01-20 Brian Chang vs. Hannah Pritchett vs. Sarah Cascone Brian Chang game 2.
#8317, aired 2021-01-19 Donesh Olyaie vs. Brian Chang vs. Lisa Garner Brian Chang game 1.
#8316, aired 2021-01-18 Jennifer Linde vs. Donesh Olyaie vs. Helen Belcastro First game with CBS Media Ventures banner.
#8315, aired 2021-01-15 Lucy Ricketts vs. Jennifer Linde vs. Gautham Nagesh Last game with CBS Television Distribution banner.
#8314, aired 2021-01-14 Lucy Ricketts vs. Brett Moore vs. Liz Fitting
#8313, aired 2021-01-13 Lucy Ricketts vs. Josiah Jenkins vs. Cameron Whiteside
#8312, aired 2021-01-12 Tanay Kothari vs. Dusty Smith vs. Lucy Ricketts
#8311, aired 2021-01-11 Jim Gilligan vs. Tanay Kothari vs. Julia Shear Kushner First game with Ken Jennings as guest host. Opening graphics...
#8310, aired 2021-01-08 Yoshie Hill vs. Cliff Chang vs. Jim Gilligan Last game with Alex Trebek as host. Originally slated to...
#8309, aired 2021-01-07 Yoshie Hill vs. Natalie Craig vs. Tracy Lee Originally slated to air 2020-12-24.
#8308, aired 2021-01-06 Manisha Munshi vs. Jared Blum vs. Yoshie Hill Originally slated to air 2020-12-23.
#8307, aired 2021-01-05 Brayden Smith vs. Molly Fisher vs. Manisha Munshi Brayden Smith game 6. Originally slated to air 2020-12-22.
#8306, aired 2021-01-04 Brayden Smith vs. David Kaye vs. Teal Patterson Brayden Smith game 5. Originally slated to air 2020-12-21. Preceded...
#8305, aired 2020-12-18 Brayden Smith vs. Amanda Barkley-Levenson vs. Devon Cromwell Brayden Smith game 4.
#8304, aired 2020-12-17 Brayden Smith vs. Pamela Lee vs. Teja Chemudupati Brayden Smith game 3.
#8303, aired 2020-12-16 Brayden Smith vs. Rhonda Byer vs. Spencer Robins Brayden Smith game 2.
#8302, aired 2020-12-15 Valerie Castelo vs. Margaret de Larios vs. Brayden Smith Brayden Smith game 1.
#8301, aired 2020-12-14 Kate Freeman vs. Valerie Castelo vs. Jeffrey Williams
#8300, aired 2020-12-11 Kendra Blanchette vs. Nizar Abdalla vs. Kate Freeman
#8299, aired 2020-12-10 Kendra Blanchette vs. Gabriel DeRoche vs. Becca Jones
#8298, aired 2020-12-09 Kristen Thomas-McGill vs. Jason Grote vs. Kendra Blanchette
#8297, aired 2020-12-08 John Vigna vs. Kristen Thomas-McGill vs. Cody Lawrence
#8296, aired 2020-12-07 Katherine Ryan vs. Amy Kimmel vs. John Vigna
#8295, aired 2020-12-04 Fred Nelson vs. Josh Atkins vs. Katherine Ryan
#8294, aired 2020-12-03 Leslie Minot vs. Morgan Steele vs. Fred Nelson
#8293, aired 2020-12-02 T.J. Tallie vs. Leslie Minot vs. Michael Liu
#8292, aired 2020-12-01 Ryan Hemmel vs. T.J. Tallie vs. Denise Pool Ryan Hemmel game 5.
#8291, aired 2020-11-30 Ryan Hemmel vs. Tracy Arwari vs. Ben Ring Ryan Hemmel game 4.
#8290, aired 2020-11-27 Ryan Hemmel vs. Gabriel Ostler vs. Chandy McCarty Ryan Hemmel game 3.
#8289, aired 2020-11-26 Ryan Hemmel vs. Zack Jones vs. Aaron Fernandez Ryan Hemmel game 2.
#8288, aired 2020-11-25 Henry Baer vs. Ryan Hemmel vs. Antonette Hrycyk Ryan Hemmel game 1.
#8287, aired 2020-11-24 Henry Baer vs. Matt McDaniel vs. Jennifer Rosenberg
#8286, aired 2020-11-23 Charlie Fonville vs. Amanda Minafo vs. Henry Baer
#8285, aired 2020-11-20 Andy Wood vs. Charlie Fonville vs. Rhonda Craft Andy Wood game 5.
#8284, aired 2020-11-19 Andy Wood vs. Emily Brogren vs. Tuan Nguyen Andy Wood game 4.
#8283, aired 2020-11-18 Andy Wood vs. Kevin Karp vs. Deanna Bolio Andy Wood game 3.
#8282, aired 2020-11-17 Andy Wood vs. Dan Burg vs. Holly Bishop Andy Wood game 2.
#8281, aired 2020-11-16 John Bussard vs. Kelly Hogan vs. Andy Wood Andy Wood game 1.
#8280, aired 2020-11-13 Kate Lazo vs. John Bussard vs. Mary Dang
#8279, aired 2020-11-12 Greg Marrero vs. Nalin Kashyap vs. Kate Lazo
#8278, aired 2020-11-11 Greg Marrero vs. Daniella Regencia vs. Doug Grimshaw
#8277, aired 2020-11-10 Ben Lewis vs. Melissa Givens vs. Greg Marrero
#8276, aired 2020-11-09 Andrew Chaikin vs. Monisha Crisell vs. Ben Lewis Episode begins with a tribute to Alex Trebek by executive...
#8275, aired 2020-11-06 Burt Thakur vs. Andrew Chaikin vs. Steven Jones Last show aired before Alex Trebek's death at age 80...
#8274, aired 2020-11-05 Devin Rossiter vs. Christina Tang-Bernas vs. Burt Thakur
#8273, aired 2020-11-04 Devin Rossiter vs. Keoni Rodriguez vs. Paloma Thombley
#8272, aired 2020-11-03 Carmela Chan vs. Fernanda Trupiano vs. Devin Rossiter
#8271, aired 2020-11-02 Carmela Chan vs. Garrett Kuramoto vs. Regan Read
#8270, aired 2020-10-30 Carmela Chan vs. Chris Shim vs. Jon Posen
#8269, aired 2020-10-29 Scott Shrum vs. Lisa Gerlach vs. Carmela Chan
#8268, aired 2020-10-28 Brian Adams vs. Scott Shrum vs. Jennifer Spinos
#8267, aired 2020-10-27 Brian Adams vs. Christa Gush vs. Casey terHorst
#8266, aired 2020-10-26 Brian Adams vs. Ariel Saland vs. Jonathan Lee
#8265, aired 2020-10-23 Colin Davy vs. Brian Adams vs. Jamelle Shannon
#8264, aired 2020-10-22 Aimee Lim vs. Lindsey Packer vs. Colin Davy
#8263, aired 2020-10-21 Carlos Chaidez vs. Aimee Lim vs. Cole Bolton
#8262, aired 2020-10-20 Kristin Hucek vs. Carlos Chaidez vs. Maddie Kahan
#8261, aired 2020-10-19 Kristin Hucek vs. Nancy Bosecker vs. Joe Aquino
#8260, aired 2020-10-16 Kristin Hucek vs. Aaron Ballett vs. Aanchal Ramani
#8259, aired 2020-10-15 Kevin Walsh vs. Daniel Lee vs. Kristin Hucek Kevin Walsh game 6.
#8258, aired 2020-10-14 Kevin Walsh vs. Elaine Zatarain vs. Jack Mooney Kevin Walsh game 5.
#8257, aired 2020-10-13 Kevin Walsh vs. Alex Switzky vs. Natt Supab Kevin Walsh game 4. Single-player Final Jeopardy!
#8256, aired 2020-10-12 Kevin Walsh vs. Michael Zannettis vs. Barbara Giesser Kevin Walsh game 3.
#8255, aired 2020-10-09 Kevin Walsh vs. Brian Semel vs. Sabreena Merchant Kevin Walsh game 2.
#8254, aired 2020-10-08 Garrett Marcotte vs. Kevin Walsh vs. Amy Judd Lieberman Kevin Walsh game 1.
#8253, aired 2020-10-07 Garrett Marcotte vs. Sheldon Beverly vs. Holly McQuillan
#8252, aired 2020-10-06 Garrett Marcotte vs. Claire-Marie Murphy vs. Mandy Friel
#8251, aired 2020-10-05 Phillip Howard vs. Garrett Marcotte vs. Melissa Smight
#8250, aired 2020-10-02 Phillip Howard vs. Thembi Ford vs. Jason Lyon
#8249, aired 2020-10-01 Mason Maggio vs. Preston Wilson vs. Phillip Howard
#8248, aired 2020-09-30 Mason Maggio vs. Katrina Post vs. Kamal Moo
#8247, aired 2020-09-29 Eric Aiese vs. Molly Lower vs. Mason Maggio
#8246, aired 2020-09-28 Sameer Gandhi vs. Paula Spence vs. Eric Aiese
#8245, aired 2020-09-25 Sameer Gandhi vs. Julissa Castillo vs. Alyssa Weinberger
#8244, aired 2020-09-24 Robert Kaine vs. Sara Tayyar vs. Sameer Gandhi
#8243, aired 2020-09-23 Dana Hill vs. Lisa Grove vs. Robert Kaine
#8242, aired 2020-09-22 Dana Hill vs. Tyler Brill vs. Reshima Wilkinson
#8241, aired 2020-09-21 Sarah Twilley vs. Brian Ross vs. Dana Hill
#8240, aired 2020-09-18 Joe Velasco vs. Sarah Twilley vs. Herman Wilkins
#8239, aired 2020-09-17 David Ferrara vs. Joe Velasco vs. Beth Gunter
#8238, aired 2020-09-16 Cory Barger vs. Kelly Decker vs. David Ferrara
#8237, aired 2020-09-15 Cory Barger vs. Ted Fruchtman vs. Betsy Reisz
#8236, aired 2020-09-14 Cory Barger vs. Jeff Rich vs. Franki Butler First game of Season 37. New opening graphics. Third game...

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