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Kevin Walsh game 3.


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Barbara Giesser, a neurologist originally from the Bronx, New York

Michael Zannettis, a medical writer originally from Astoria, New York

Kevin Walsh, a story analyst originally from Williamstown, New Jersey (whose 2-day cash winnings total $42,900)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 21
Brooklyn's Kingsway Jewish Center is where this future politician & Vermonter was bar mitzvahed in 1954
    $200 6
This should be familiar--the French tricolor flag, flown since 1830, features these 3 colors
    $200 10
Before he was on "This is Us", actor Chris Sullivan said, "Guess what day it is?" as this animal on GEICO commercials
    $200 1
Once it meant a young knight; today it means an unmarried man
    $200 29
This low upholstered seat was introduced to Europe from an empire; now it's used to mean a footstool
    $200 16
"Anne of ____ Gables"
    $400 22
At his 1954 bar mitzvah he sang for 4 hours; Paul Simon was there & must have been impressed
    DD: $854 7
Officially celebrated since 1880, festivities for it include a parade from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde
    $400 11
Charles Martinet says, "It's-a me!", the catchphrase of this video game character
    $400 2
It can mean reactions to an idea, or distortion caused by a loop in a sound system
    $400 26
Get it right: a podium is something you stand on; I sit at this, a 7-letter word for a reading desk
    $400 17
Marks the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes: "A Study in ____"
    $600 23
Long Island's Congregation Sons of Israel is where this future gay activist & San Franciscan was bar mitzvahed in 1943
    $600 8
Don't miss the tiny railway in France's national park named for these mountains that border Spain
    $600 12
Pitchwoman Joyce Gordon also informed millions of telephone callers, "The number you have reached is" these 4 words
    $600 3
Verb meaning to raise a body in the air & keep it afloat, as if by magic
    $600 27
A song said this timepiece was "too large for the shelf, so it stood 90 years on the floor"
    $600 18
By Erik Larson, about "Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair": "The Devil in the ____ City"
    $800 24
On Dec. 3, 2019 she celebrated her 40th birthday, her bat mitzvah & her new Netflix comedy special "Black Mitzvah"
    $800 9
Your year in this region in the south of France might include passing through its lavender fields
    $800 13
Frank Simms tried to sound like a mix of Barry White & David Lee Roth when saying "Oh yeah!" in ads for this drink brand
    $800 4
A large army unit made up of brigades & regiments
    $800 28
The popular Boston style of this chair originated around 1830
    $800 19
A children's classic: "Harold and the ____ Crayon"
    $1000 25
This future Facebook executive had a symbolic bat mitzvah "twin", a girl in the Soviet Union, where Jews were oppressed
    $1000 15
During the French Revolution, the royalists were the supporters of King Louis XVI & this dynasty
    $1000 14
Actress & singer Marni Nixon is known for dubbing this other actress' singing in "West Side Story"
    $1000 5
An orthodontist may fit you with this external component of braces that sometimes comes with a chin strap
    $1000 30
Now synonymous with wardrobe, this type of cupboard was once used to store weapons
    $1000 20
"Forever in ____: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Kevin Michael Barbara
$4,200 -$1,054 -$400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Kevin Michael Barbara
$7,000 $946 $200

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Two words in each correct response.)
    $400 6
The lights seen here are part of the celebration of this holiday in Tel Aviv
    $400 10
From the Latin for "sword" comes this word for arena fighters of ancient Rome
    $400 3
An organ of sense & a long, distinct period of history
    $400 1
Meowth is a feline one of these "Pocket Monsters" in games from Nintendo
    $400 23
The wheel is being turned to open this space
    $400 18
This communication method is the "R" in FRBs, bursts of energy from billions of light years away now found to repeat in patterns
    $800 7
This city comes alive at night during its yearly Vivid Light Festival
    $800 11
In 279 B.C. the Celts attacked this sacred site in Greece on the slope of Mount Parnassus; should have seen that coming
    $800 4
A small, flat portable computer & a fight between 2 armies
    $800 2
GSN's "Meow Mix Think Like a Cat Game Show" had challenges like "The Fast and the" this pun
    $800 24
A novel by David Leavitt is a real this; that's its title, about a job assisting a classical pianist
    $800 19
One of the smallest of these space peewees is van Maanen's Star at roughly 10,000 miles in diameter
    $1200 15
Thumbs up for this Chinese city's light festival featuring spectacular drone formations above the casinos
    $1200 12
Ranging from about 2600 to 1000 B.C., its 3 major kingdoms are termed the Old, the Middle & the New
    $1200 5
A person reaching you by phone & a place in a house to store wine
    $1200 17
Mike Myers' feline outfit for this film was partly made from yak hair
    $1200 25
Before the steering wheel caught on, American cars of the 1890s were steered by turning this device, like on a boat
    DD: $5,000 20
To find this zodiac constellation, look for Spica, its brightest star; it marks the sheaf of wheat the maiden holds
    $1600 16
At Frankfurt's Luminale Festival, a bridge over this river becomes a light show canvas
    $1600 13
Darius III was the last king of the Achaemenid Dynasty of this mighty empire
    DD: $2,800 8
To hit the books & the condition of old books left unread for years
    $1600 28
This girl-powered supergroup gave us the album "Doll Domination" in 2008
    $1600 26
Back in 1903 "The Great Train Robbery" had this basic movie move, turning the camera from side to side
    $1600 21
Amounting to 5 times the mass of regular, visible matter, it was long theorized but first directly detected in 2006
    $2000 14
It's the name for the pyramidal stepped temples of Babylon that may have inspired the story of the Tower of Babel
    $2000 9
A performance by a single musician & a single newspaper piece
    $2000 27
If your last name is Turner, chances are your ancestors shaped wood on this 5-letter device
    $2000 22
A "Dyson" hypothetical this 6-letter structure is built around a star by an alien species & named for a late physicist

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Kevin Michael Barbara
$22,600 $4,746 $3,000
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Around 2010 the state license plate for Michoacan, Mexico featured these insects

Final scores:

Kevin Michael Barbara
$20,000 $3,035 $1,500
3-day champion: $62,900 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Kevin Michael Barbara
$21,400 $10,600 $3,000
27 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
16 R,
3 W
(including 2 DDs)
7 R,
4 W

Combined Coryat: $35,000

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Game tape date: 2020-08-17
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