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    $1600 15
"Frogs" & "Wealth" are one-word titles from this one-name master of ancient Greek comedy

Show #8446 - Monday, July 19, 2021

First game with Robin Roberts as guest host.
Champion's winnings & consolation amounts matched to Be The Match.


Meg O'Hare, a product manager from Somerville, Massachusetts

Allison Pistorius, an actress and college professor from Dallas, Texas

Josh Saak, a traffic engineer from Boise, Idaho (1-day champion whose cash winnings total $18,395)

Jeopardy! Round

(Robin: Each response will include a place or a nationality in that category.)
    $200 2
At the end of their 2020 Archewell Holiday podcast, they got little Archie to wish royal fans a "Happy New Year"
    $200 7
I can lead the invasion of Normandy & become president under this nickname
    $200 24
Austria has the largest cave named for this substance that forms on its walls--dress warm, it's freezing in there
    $200 3
An act of admitting a point, especially on election night; Newsweek detailed "50 Years of Presidential" these "Speeches"
    $200 15
Eggs & milk are whisked up, bread is dipped & fried until golden brown et voila! Enjoy this dish
    $200 30
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
    $400 1
Barack Obama & Bruce Springsteen teamed up for this podcast whose name means "rebels" & starts with the same 2 letters
    $400 10
I can massacre the citizens of Novgorod in 1570! Grr!
    $400 6
A cave system in the Philippines has a 5-mile-long underground one of these flowing into the South China Sea
    $400 16
Harmonious agreement, or a model of Honda
    $400 4
Emmentaler, my dear Watson! Wheels of this 2-word product roll in between 165 & 265 pounds
    $400 5
Occupational Safety & Health Administration
    $600 8
Guests reveal discoveries they've made about their families' past on Dani Shapiro's podcast called "Family" these
    $600 9
I can host "Morning Edition" on NPR, & now you can see what I look like after listening to my voice for all these years
    $600 18
It wasn't just mammoths--these fur-covered rhinos are depicted in 30,000-year-old art in France's Chauvet Cave
    $600 25
No people surveyed, top 1 answer on the board... this 4-letter word is a bitter rivalry between factions; pass or play?
    $600 21
Taken from the loin, this "international" breakfast meat traditionally comes in cylindrical form
    $600 17
Office of the U.S. Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues
    $800 13
"The Empty Chair" & "Turkey in a Face Mask" are recent episodes of this show hosted by Ira Glass
    $800 11
As CEO of Chrysler, I can turn the floundering company around in the early 1980s
    $800 19
In 1991 a Vietnamese forager discovered a cave so big that these form within it; he saw them billowing out
    $800 27
You "bury" this proverbial item if you agree to cease hostilities
    $800 22
If you're pro-antioxidant, this South American foodstuff, seen here, is rich in selenium
    $800 28
Food Safety & Inspection Service
    $1000 14
This podcast company is behind such shows as "Dr. Death", "Dirty John" & "American Scandal"
    DD: $1,000 12
I can be sent away by my father Abraham in Genesis but become known as the father of the Arabs
    $1000 20
Calcite honeycombing, called boxwork, is a feature almost unique to Wind Cave National Park in this state
    $1000 26
When the Supreme Court became more conservative in the 1980s, Thurgood Marshall was called the "Great" this type of disagree-er
    $1000 23
A "Chicago style" hot dog uses beef named for this world capital
    $1000 29
U.S. Census Bureau

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Josh Allison Meg
$3,000 $1,200 $600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Josh Allison Meg
$6,200 $3,400 $2,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Robin: For excellence on the London stage.)
    $400 16
Herodotus wrote that the long run associated with this battle was actually from Athens to Sparta to ask for aid
    $400 22
A young male horse, or a gunmaker
    $400 8
In the 18th century he wrote numerous novellas including "Zadig" & "Candide"
    $400 5
U Fleku in Prague is this type of pub, having been making suds on the premises since 1499
    $400 1
In a 2008 superhero film, this character naturally asks, "Why so serious?"
    $400 4
Known to moviegoers as Gandalf the Grey, he's won several Olivier Awards, including one as Richard III
    DD: $4,400 14
The DMZ conflict of the late 1960s is sometimes referred to as the "Second" this
    $800 19
It follows witch & precedes nut
    $800 2
German poet Novalis pioneered this passionate literary movement & died young of TB in 1801
    $800 12
A "Good King" in Christmas song, this martyred prince was interred in 932 A.D. in what's now part of Prague Castle
    $800 7
More serious than a correction, in print journalism this 10-letter word is the act of "taking back" a story
    $800 6
This actress, seen here, has received the most individual Olivier Awards--8 awards over 40 years
    $1200 17
The Battle of Adwa in 1896 was fought between Italy & this Horn of Africa country
    $1200 21
An old song says "A pretty girl is like" this, a pleasing tune
    $1200 13
Captain Haddock is the companion & Snowy is the dog of this teenage journalist created by the Belgian cartoonist Hergé
    $1200 3
One of many statues on Charles Bridge is of this prophet, a contemporary of Jesus who urged repentance
    $1200 26
In the 1700s, opera was dominated by 2 major forms: the more prestigious opera seria & opera this, Italian for comic opera
    $1200 9
In 2010 Rachel Weisz & Ruth Wilson won for playing these 2 sisters in "A Streetcar Named Desire"
    $1600 18
The Natchez people were nearly wiped out by the French garrison at Fort Rosalie, now the site of Natchez in this state
    DD: $1,800 24
A translucent yellowish fossil resin
    $1600 15
"Frogs" & "Wealth" are one-word titles from this one-name master of ancient Greek comedy
    $1600 20
In 1348 Charles IV of this "sacred" empire founded Charles University--go Chuck U.!--in Prague, his capital
    $1600 27
Hepatitis C can lead to this other serious "C" disease, permanent scarring & hardening of the liver
    $1600 10
Dolores Umbridge in the "Harry Potter" films, Imelda Staunton has won several Oliviers, including as Mama Rose in this musical
    $2000 23
After capturing Germans during the WWI campaign of Cambrai, several Canadians got this U.K. military honor created in 1856
    $2000 30
A female donkey, or an early spinning machine
    $2000 29
In "The Red & the Black" by this French author, a young man must choose between life in the army & life in the church
    $2000 25
The final resting place of this writer who died in 1924 is in Prague's New Jewish Cemetery
    $2000 28
This playwright said the lonely, secluded life of Norway forces everyone there to become serious & introspective
    $2000 11
In 1979 Barry Humphries won for playing his alter ego, this saucy dame

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Josh Allison Meg
$26,000 $14,200 $3,200

Final Jeopardy! Round

Both in the Pacific, they are the 50 states' 2 biggest islands in area; one is about 40 degrees colder in winter than the other

Final scores:

Josh Allison Meg
$28,405 $4,800 $1
2-day champion: $46,800 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Coryat scores:

Josh Allison Meg
$22,200 $15,200 $3,200
25 R
(including 2 DDs),
1 W
19 R,
2 W
(including 1 DD)
9 R,
3 W

Combined Coryat: $40,600

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