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    $800 25
Johannes Gutenberg didn't write it, but his Bible... huge

Show #7937 - Tuesday, February 26, 2019

2019 All-Star Games match 2, continuation of game 1.


Team Julia

Playing the Jeopardy! Round: Ben Ingram, a business technology integration consultant from Lake Wylie, South Carolina

Playing the Double Jeopardy! Round: Seth Wilson, a private events manager from Chicago, Illinois

Playing the Final Jeopardy! Round: Julia Collins, an administrator of a female-centric website from Wilmette, Illinois

Team Austin

Playing the Jeopardy! Round: Austin Rogers, a bartender from New York, New York

Playing the Double Jeopardy! Round: Roger Craig, a machine learning consultant from Newark, Delaware

Playing the Final Jeopardy! Round: Leonard Cooper, a graduate student at Brown University from Little Rock, Arkansas

Team Ken

Playing the Jeopardy! Round: Ken Jennings, a writer from Seattle, Washington

Playing the Double Jeopardy! Round: Matt Jackson, a digital fundraising professional from Washington, D.C.

Playing the Final Jeopardy! Round: Monica Thieu, a Ph.D. student in psychology from New York, New York

Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: The correct response will be naming the century.)
    $200 17
It's what the now-departed 4,000 Fotomats promised to do in just 1 day
    $200 11
This president was "The Great Emancipator"
    $200 22
Be careful, that person could be one of these "in sheep's clothing"
    $200 9
It's the first rule of Fight Club
    $200 12
This high-up military rank comes from Arabic for "emir of", as in "emir of the seas"
    $200 23
"Jude the Obscure"; remember to let it into your heart
    $400 18
Colin Hanks' documentary "All Things Must Pass" tells about the "Rise and Fall" of this iconic record store chain
    $400 10
This appellation bestowed on Gandhi means "great soul"
    $400 29
This plumbing tool is a type of auger
    $400 4
Crime film that features Gene Hackman as Buck Barrow
    $400 13
In 2006 the Chicago Symphony Orchestra gave Pierre Boulez the title conductor this Latin word meaning "retired"
    $400 24
Saddle up for "Don Quixote"
    $600 19
Thom McAn lived on as a brand name on these sold at Sears & Kmart
    $600 5
This golfer is "The Great White Shark" & his website is
    $600 30
It's slang for an indoor antenna that typically sat on top of the TV
    $600 1
This Dario Argento horror classic about a dance studio that's really a coven was remade in 2018
    $600 14
This adjective is used in the British House of Commons during debate, as in "the ____ minister for Pudsey"
    $600 7
"The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling", not a Welsh singer
    $800 20
In 2015 this beloved 3-level toy store on Fifth Avenue closed its doors; in 2018 a new location opened
    $800 6
Alliteration alert! The first pope of this name, from 590 to 604, was "the Great"
    $800 28
Maybe you're a canvasback if you start a new activity & "take to it like" this
    $800 2
Here's this silent film comedy star in "Safety Last!"
    $800 15
This can be the title of a Hindu priest or the job description for a political commentator
    $800 25
Johannes Gutenberg didn't write it, but his Bible... huge
    $1000 21
Though its stores closed in 2008, you can still purchase its high-tech products, gadgets & air purifiers online
    DD: $4,000 8
In his heyday this author was "The Great Unknown", having published his "Waverley" novels anonymously
    $1000 27
Weighing several tons, it's obvious to everyone present, but no one has the courage to talk about it
    $1000 3
In it, reporter Rosalind Russell tells Cary Grant, "I wouldn't cover the burning of Rome for you if they were just lighting it up"
    $1000 16
In 1853 the shogun of Japan called himself "taikun" when meeting this American; it eventually became our word tycoon
    $1000 26
"The Canterbury Tales" start to get told

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Team Ken Team Austin Team Julia
$8,600 -$200 $2,600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Team Ken Team Austin Team Julia
$9,800 $2,800 $5,600

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 26
This robust New World crop descended from teosinte, which only had about a dozen kernels per ear
    $400 27
The House of Representatives convened in 2019 with Kevin McCarthy in this post
    $400 28
Lake Wakatipu in this country was used as a backdrop in the "Lord of the Rings" movies
    $400 29
Time for follow the leader:
19. Hayes
20. Garfield &
21. him
    $400 30
A group action to get a substance abuser to seek help
    $400 25
Taking over "The Tonight Show" gig in 2014, this comedian quipped, "I'll be your host...for now"
    $800 14
Used to break up the soil, it evolved from the prehistoric digging stick & was improved in the 18th century with a moldboard
    $800 8
The 2 Asian apes are the orangutan & this arboreal one
    DD: $8,500 13
During monsoon season, this river in Cambodia reverses its flow, flooding the Tonle Sap River & Tonle Sap Lake
    $800 2
Walter Reuther ran this union's GM department from 1939 & the whole union from 1946 to 1970
    $800 24
Safety Paul Krause holds the NFL record with 81 of these
    $800 5
The Festrunk brothers were the "Two Wild & Crazy Guys" played by this pair on "Saturday Night Live"
    DD: $4,000 18
The Romans made sure to plant legumes, which increase yield by returning this element to the soil
    $1200 7
the height
in feet
of Mount Everest
    $1200 19
Boundary Lake is shared by North Dakota & this Canadian province
    $1200 4
Comic songs & sounds were his forte as 1940 bandleader of the City Slickers
    $1200 23
Around 1950 these devices became common to talk to NYC apartment dwellers
    $1200 6
"Sexy French Depression" is one of her musical numbers as Rebecca on "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"
    $1600 17
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows an irrigation model on the diagram.) To irrigate farmland, the Persian empire built qanats, tunnels that tap into this underground source, from the Latin for "water-bearing"
    $1600 9
Shakespeare's shortest play is this twisted yarn with twins both named Antipholus
    $1600 20
The Amazon River begins not in Brazil but with headwaters in this western South American country
    $1600 1
Viktor Orban is the anti-immigrant leader of this European country
    $1600 22
Some think that the electric car will abolish ICE, short for this traditional type of engine
    $1600 10
Manuel, Polly & of course, Basil were denizens of this wacky British TV establishment
    $2000 15
Deuteronomy 8:8 promises a land not of milk & honey but of this salad dressing "and honey"
    $2000 12
Maynard Jackson's 1973 election as the first black mayor of this state capital was seen as a sign of "The New South"
    $2000 21
The Iberian peninsula's second-longest river, it flows into the Mediterranean southwest of Barcelona
    $2000 3
In 2003 Liberians were happy that life was blah as this brutal leader turned over power to Moses Blah
    $2000 16
From the Latin for "fought to the death", this adjective is used of fighting with a group
    $2000 11
On "The Carol Burnett Show", he was Eunice's husband Ed & often got the giggles in sketches with Tim Conway

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Team Ken Team Austin Team Julia
$37,500 $6,800 $11,200

Final Jeopardy! Round

His seldom-used last name reflects his birth near the mouth of a river that flows from the Alps to the North Sea

Final scores:

Team Ken Team Austin Team Julia
$40,003 $8,000 $0

Game dynamics:

Coryat scores:

Team Ken Team Austin Team Julia
$24,000 $6,800 $11,200
27 R
(including 3 DDs),
2 W
14 R,
6 W
16 R,
0 W

Combined Coryat: $42,000

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