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    $300 8
They're found below the fetlocks

Show #2683 - Wednesday, April 10, 1996

Michael Dupée game 2.


Ann Taliaferro Curtaz, an executive secretary from San Carlos, California

Michael Dupee, an attorney from Cleveland, Ohio (1-day co-champion whose cash winnings total $15,800)

Ron Jin, a school librarian from San Francisco, California (1-day co-champion whose cash winnings total $15,800)

Jeopardy! Round

    $100 1
It's the more common name for sodium chloride
    $100 21
Michael Corleone of "The Godfather" also appears in this author's novel "The Sicilian"
    $100 14
Registry number NCC-1701, this ship was launched in 2245
    $100 11
Roger Sperry's studies of how this organ's halves split up processes won him a 1981 Nobel Prize
    $100 6
Cheer "for Hollywood"
    $100 26
On Dec. 8, 1992 a U.S. federal judge in Miami ruled this Panamanian a prisoner of war
    $200 2
Foxglove is an example of this type of plant that completes its life cycle in 2 years
    $200 22
Norman Mailer's novel "Ancient Evenings" is set in this ancient country
    $200 15
He's appeared on 5 of TV Guide's 14 Star Trek covers
    $200 12
In 1858 he published the first edition of his "Anatomy" book; it's still a medical standard
    $200 7
Any Indianan
    $200 27
His father, John, like his creation Mr. Pickwick, served time in debtor's prison
    $300 3
After the sun & moon, this planet is the brightest object in the sky
    $300 23
A diamond hunt turns deadly when the expedition meets killer gorillas in this Michael Crichton novel
    $300 18
Tim Russ' character of Tuvok on "Voyager" is a full-blooded one of these pointy-eared aliens
    $300 13
We wonder if Polish physician Ludwik Zamenhof wrote prescriptions in this language he invented in 1887
    $300 8
They're found below the fetlocks
    $300 28
In 1519 this leader of the Aztecs was taken prisoner without resistance
    $400 4
The pH in pH scale stands for the "potential of " this element
    $400 24
In an 1891 novel Basil Hallward is the painter of this man's mysterious portrait
    $400 19
Star Fleet is the exploratory branch of this organization of planets
    $400 16
The University of Minnesota's graduate school of medicine is named for this family
    $400 9
Popular in the 1860s, crinolines were a type of this womens' fashion
    DD: $600 29
Ahmed Ben Bella, first president of this country, was imprisoned in France from 1956-1962
    $500 5
In geometry it's a quadrilateral with 2 parallel sides; in anatomy, it's the smallest wrist bone
    $500 25
In 1995 this author of "The Prince of Tides" published the bestseller "Beach Music"
    $500 20
This "Next Generation" Klingon joined the "Deep Space Nine" crew in 1995
    $500 17
In 1943 Dr. Willem Kolff was the first to use an artificial one of these organs on humans
    $500 10
Southern U.S. magic
    $500 30
He wrote what would become "Soul on Ice" while incarcerated in Folsom Prison

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Ron Michael Ann
$600 $1,800 -$500

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Ron Michael Ann
$1,700 $3,700 -$200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 21
This Civil War general admired for his side-whiskers served as governor of Rhode Island from 1866-69
    $200 1
The "marriage" of this character to Susanna takes place in Count Almaviva's chateau
    $200 6
This Arizona capital lies in the Salt River Valley & is bordered by mountains & the Sonoran desert
    $200 26
An estimated record crowd of 800,000 attended a 1986 classical music concert in this NYC park
    $200 13
In 447 he & his band of Huns devastated the area between the Mediterranean & Black Seas
    $200 11
Shakespeare lived for awhile with the Mountjoys, a Huguenot family, in this capital city
    $400 22
Robert Gray discovered this river that forms much of the border between Washington & Oregon
    $400 2
This opera's best-known aria is Cio-Cio-San's "Un Bel Di Vedremo"
    $400 7
This state's largest desert basins are Jornada del Muerto & Tularosa, where White Sands is
    $400 27
The lowest settlement in the world is Israel's Ein Bokek on the shore of this sea
    $400 14
In 1971 this country's constitution set up 3 cultural regions: Flanders, Wallonia, & Brussels
    $400 12
In the last scene of a tragedy, Malcolm speaks of "This dead butcher and his fiend-like queen"
    $600 23
He painted the first 5 men to succeed Washington as president but is more famous for his 3 of George
    $600 3
Act I of this 1875 opera takes place in a Seville square near a cigarette factory
    $600 8
Chappaquiddick Island & this larger island are separated by Katama Bay
    $600 28
This French leader was the target of a record 31 unsuccessful assassination plots
    $600 15
In 1910 this British scholar & army officer explored Syria on foot
    $600 18
"Diana", a story in Spanish by Jorge de Montemayer, is a source for this comedy about a Veronese duo
    $800 24
The play "LIttle Johnny Jones" introduced his "Give My Regards to Broadway"
    $800 4
The title character in this Verdi opera is a hunchbacked jester
    $800 9
The easternmost point of this state's Outer Banks is on Cape Hatteras National Seashore
    DD: $1,000 29
The world's largest known invertebrate is the giant species of this cephalopod
    $800 16
From 1849 to 1861, he ruled the kingdom of Sardinia
    $800 19
It's believed Shakespeare wrote part of a 1595 play about this "Utopia" author
    $1000 25
Leonard Woodcock, who succeeded Walter Reuther as head of this union, was born in Providence
    $1000 5
Beethoven wrote 4 overtures for this opera
    $1000 10
Rising 33,480 feet from its underwater base makes this Hawaiian volcano the world's tallest peak
    $1000 30
The shortest-reigning king was Dom Luis III, king of this country for about 20 minutes in 1908
    $1000 17
Mungo Park disappeared in 1806 while exploring this west African river
    DD: $1,000 20
Shakespeare's theatrical company became known as The King's Men in honor of this king's patronage

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Ron Michael Ann
$6,700 $7,300 $200

Final Jeopardy! Round

He wrote, "Praise to thee, my Lord, for all thy creatures, above all brother sun"

Final scores:

Ron Michael Ann
$13,400 $13,401 $0
2nd place: Compact Disc Player & Speakers 2-day champion: $29,201 3rd place: RCA DSS Satellite System

Game dynamics:

Coryat scores:

Ron Michael Ann
$6,500 $8,300 $1,200
18 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
28 R,
5 W
(including 1 DD)
7 R,
4 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $16,000

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