An attorney for the UN IFAD from Marino, Italy...

Chuck Forrest

My name's Chuck Forrest. I was on, uh, the second Tournament of Champions in 1985, and uh, now, uh, many years later, I'm living in Rome, where I work for the, uh, United Nations.

What was it like when you first went on the show?
I came out here to--to, uh, California, and, uh, um, the first day I wasn't on, so it was a little bit stressful, and the second day I won five--five games in a row and I set the record at the time for the, uh, highest amount of money ever.

What has winning on Jeopardy! made possible for you?
The money that I won allowed me to pay off my college and law school debts, and it meant that I was able to--you know, I think it--it set me on a career path which is totally different than, uh, that I would have otherwise done. I mean, I didn't work for a law firm. Uh, I've, uh, been able to travel a lot and work in--in development, and work for the United Nations, other things, that, uh, I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to do. So it's--it's had a huge impact on my life.

What was the most surprising thing about being on the show?
I guess the most surprising thing is just, you know, you--you realize how many people actually watch the show, and how popular it is, and, uh, you run into people everywhere who've, uh, who've seen you on TV, and, uh, uh--you know, how much respect people have for the show--because it really is a show that, uh--I mean, obviously, it wouldn't be on for--30 years later if, uh, if it wasn't as popular and as, uh, uh, and just as consistent as it is.

Were you surprised that you won?
I--I mean, it was overwhelming because it all happened so quickly, you know? I mean, I was on five games in a row, and--and in the same day, and--and I had no expectation of winning that much money.

What motivates you to be on Jeopardy! again?
The challenge of competition, I think, is what really motivates most people, uh, who--who really want to, uh, be on this--this program because it's--it's such an intense level of competition. And--and I think people watching at home have no idea how--how difficult it really is, you know, to have come up with these answers under this incredible pressure up there, on the, uh, up there on the stage with, you know, uh, people who--to your right and your left who are just as good as you and--and have the same, uh, you know, uh, intense desire to compete. So, uh, I mean, it--it's something that, uh, uh, to have the opportunity to do it again, uh, is--is really, uh, extremely, uh, uh, challenging and exciting.

"In 1986, he was a law student living in Grand Blanc, Michigan. He won the Tournament of Champions. Today, he's based in Rome, where he works for the International Fund for Agricultural Development. Please welcome..."

2024 Jeopardy! Invitational Tournament quarterfinalist: $5,000.
2014 Battle of the Decades semifinalist: $25,000.
2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Nifty Nine (players with byes into Round 2) member: $25,000.
2002 Million Dollar Masters tournament semifinalist: $25,000.
1990 Super Jeopardy! quarterfinalist: $5,000.
1986 Tournament of Champions winner: $100,000.
Season 2 5-time champion: $72,800.

A contestant early in Season 2, Chuck would remain the regular play winnings record holder with $72,800 until Season 6, when Bob Blake earned a cumulative total of $82,501 in his fifth game, #1152, aired 1989-09-12.
Chuck's style of play was typified by the Forrest Bounce, a clue selection strategy he employed to potentially confuse opponents.

Co-author with Mark Lowenthal of the 1992 book Secrets of the Jeopardy Champions.

Chuck appeared in the following 3 archived games:
#6836, aired 2014-05-12 Ken Jennings vs. Russ Schumacher vs. Chuck Forrest Battle of the Decades semifinal game 1.
#6835, aired 2014-05-09 Chuck Forrest vs. Mark Dawson vs. Colby Burnett Battle of the Decades quarterfinal game 5.
#6766, aired 2014-02-03 India Cooper vs. Chuck Forrest vs. Jim Scott Battle of the Decades: The 1980s game 1.
Chuck previously appeared on Jeopardy! as Chuck Forrest in the following archived game:
#4769, aired 2005-05-05 Chuck Forrest vs. Phil Yellman vs. Lara Robillard 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 2, game 17.
Chuck would later appear on Jeopardy! as Chuck Forrest in the following archived game:
#9069, aired 2024-03-28 Sam Kavanaugh vs. Chuck Forrest vs. Monica Thieu 2024 Jeopardy! Invitational Tournament quarterfinal game 7.

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