Show #2193 - Wednesday, March 2, 1994


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Steve Traynor, a bartender from Montreal, Canada

Fiona Power, a registered nurse from South Boston, Massachusetts

Bob Parks, a security supervisor originally from Buffalo, New York (whose 1-day cash winnings total $16,801)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 16
It means to breathe quickly; a dog does it to cool down
    $100 1
The name of electronics giant Hitachi means "rising Sun" in this language
    $100 3
Originally, this noun referred to an evil spirit said to oppress sleepers; now it's any terrifying dream
    $100 25
Genesis traces the origin of linguistic diversity back to an incident in this city
    $100 11
A forger might be thrown into the pen, which is short for this
    $100 17
Zorro is Spanish for this animal, part of the name of the studio that released 1940's "The Mark of Zorro"
    $200 22
It puts the black in black lung disease
    $200 2
Trammell Crow Co. helped develop San Francisco's Embarcadero Center & this city's Peachtree Center
    $200 4
These feathered friends that can fly backwards are named for the noise their wings make
    $200 26
After the walls of this city north of the Dead Sea tumbled, it remained unoccupied for centuries
    $200 12
Change 1 letter in jail & you get this form of release
    $200 18
As Bunny Wigglesworth, he donned the mask in "Zorro, the Gay Blade"
    $300 23
It means to breathe with difficulty & with a whistling sound
    $300 8
Among video stores, this chain generates more revenue than its next 300 competitors combined
    $300 5
As Cher could tell you, this "lunar" adjective means dazed with romantic sentiment
    $300 27
You could see a "Lot", Abraham's nephew, in this sinful city
    $300 13
It's a group of convicts linked together to perform manual labor outside the prison
    $300 19
The 1949 Republic Serial "Ghost of Zorro" starred this man who later played the Lone Ranger
    $400 24
Name given in 1943 to the piece of scuba equipment invented by Jacques Cousteau & Emile Gagnan
    $400 9
This New Jersey-based retail chain has about a quarter of the U.S. toy market
    $400 6
This word for an intellectual could also refer to someone obsessed with omelets
    DD: $1,000 28
According to Luke 1:26, it was the hometown of Jesus' mother
    $400 14
When you're confined to your own living quarters, you're "under" this
    $400 20
This 1957 TV Zorro used a real sword in the fight scenes
    $500 30
Along with hiccups, it's usually relieved by breathing into a paper bag
    $500 10
This Camden, New Jersey-based company acquired Mrs. Paul's in 1982
    $500 7
This "organ-splitting" feeling might be caused by psoriasis
    $500 29
The 2 leading cities of ancient Phoenicia were Sidon & this
    $500 15
This slang term for jail is also a bottled wine & juice drink
    $500 21
This silent film star, the first movie Zorro, originated the signature "Z" slash

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Bob Fiona Steve
$1,400 -$100 $700

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Bob Fiona Steve
$1,100 $1,400 $800

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 21
This city became capital of Communist China when Mao set up headquarters there in 1949
    $200 16
He also painted laundresses, but he's better known for his ballerinas
    $200 6
The Outland Trophy is awarded yearly to the outstanding interior lineman in this college sport
    $200 1
This country's 2 least populous states are Colima & Baja California Sur
    $200 26
In tragedies these face coverings had elongated foreheads that made the actors look taller
    $200 11
Missouri leads the U.S. in the production of this heavy metal used in storage batteries
    $400 22
With Benghazi & Tripoli as co-capitals, this country became independent in December 1951
    $400 17
Vermeer's famous painting "Woman in Blue Reading a Letter" is in this Amsterdam museum
    $400 7
Olympic champs in this track & field event include Valery Brumel, Charles Dumas & Dick Fosbury
    $400 2
The Bimini Islands form the northwest portion of this island country
    $400 27
Deus ex machina, a popular theatrical device, means this "from the machine"
    $400 12
In the 1950s this company introduced 2 of its most popular board games: Risk & Careers
    $600 23
91 died in 1946 when the King David Hotel in this Middle Eastern city was bombed by terrorists
    $600 18
In 1897 this artist published "Noa Noa", a report of his travels in Tahiti
    $600 8
In 1973 this horse became the first in 25 years to win the Triple Crown
    DD: $1,000 3
Serpent's Mouth is the passage between Trinidad & this South American country
    $600 28
The opening song performed by this group was called the parodos
    $600 13
Many adult Africans, Asians & American Indians lack the enzyme used to digest this milk sugar
    $800 24
Emperor Charles I resigned from Austrian affairs of state on Nov. 11, 1918 & this country's Nov. 13
    $800 19
This 19th century artist painted many seascapes near his home at Prouts Neck on the Maine coast
    $800 9
This current baseball manager is the only man to lead 2 teams to more than 800 wins: Detroit & Cincinnati
    $800 4
The Isthmus of Kra lies in Thailand, across the narrowest part of this peninsula
    $800 29
This was the term for a leading actor; a secondary actor was called a deuteragonist
    $800 14
The first name of the author of "Brideshead Revisited", it's the middle name of explorer Richard E. Byrd
    $1000 25
In 1500, Louis XII annexed this Italian city throwing Ludovico Sforza in jail
    DD: $1,800 20
This 18th century Englishman was known for such satirical engravings as "Beer Street" & "Gin Lane"
    $1000 10
This Top Fuel drag racer is the only woman in history to win the world title 3 times
    $1000 5
Just as its ancient Middle Eastern namesake lay between 2 rivers, so does this subregion of north Argentina
    $1000 30
You might call this comic playwright's "The Knights" a "wasp"ish attack on Cleon
    $1000 15
Also called Paraguay tea, it's made from the dried leaves & shoots of a holly tree

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Bob Fiona Steve
$2,500 $3,600 $4,200

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Final Jeopardy! Round

He wrote newspaper essays under pseudonyms such as Pacificus, Camillus & Publius

Final scores:

Bob Fiona Steve
$0 $2,198 $1,199
3rd place: Sanyo fax machine + Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy! games for the Super Nintendo & Sega Genesis New champion: $2,198 2nd place: Zeos notebook computer + Samsonite laptop cases

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Bob Fiona Steve
$3,500 $5,400 $5,200
15 R,
2 W
(including 1 DD)
13 R,
4 W
(including 1 DD)
22 R,
6 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $14,100

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Game tape date: 1993-12-01
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