Show #2194 - Thursday, March 3, 1994

Fred Frank game 1.


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Richard Cleary, an attorney from Los Angeles, California

Fred Frank, a painter from San Francisco, California

Fiona Power, a registered nurse from South Boston, Massachusetts (whose 1-day cash winnings total $2,198)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 1
Tiny nodules called papillae give this organ of speech its rough texture
    $100 5
He stopped hosting "Death Valley Days" in 1966 because he'd been elected governor of California
    $100 10
It's the rank between freshman & junior
    $100 2
The 1851 discovery of this precious metal in Victoria caused its population to more than quadruple by 1855
    $100 14
If Rowland Hill hadn't come up with the idea for these, philatelists would have nothing to collect
    $100 26
An adhesive in a "royal" or "navy" color
    $200 3
It weighs about 3 pounds & together with the spinal cord makes up the central nervous system
    $200 19
When this sitcom celebrated the 215th anniversary of the Marine Corps Dan Quayle made a "major" guest appearance
    $200 12
Type of test on which you'd find the phrase "All of the above"
    $200 4
In the 1790s this liquor made from sugarcane was the currency of Australia
    $200 15
Roy J. Plunkett was stuck into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for this non-stick pan stuff
    $200 27
A 5-cent gherkin
    $300 7
The body's smallest bone, less than half an inch long, is located in this organ
    $300 20
He played a gang member on the 1983 series "The Renegades" 4 years before "Dirty Dancing" made him a star
    $300 23
Your grade point average if you get straight As
    $300 6
This city was chosen as capital in 1909 but the Parliament House didn't open until 1927
    $300 16
A man in Vienna, Cyril Demian, not a lady of Spain, patented this instrument in 1829
    $300 28
A messy reproduction
    $400 8
The renal arteries supply blood to these organs
    $400 21
Kyle MacLachlan was nominated for a Grammy for the Agent Cooper tapes inspired by this offbeat series
    $400 24
Do it to school & you're in trouble; do it to a grade & you're a genius
    $400 11
In 1965 Australia sent troops to fight in this Southeast Asian country
    $400 17
Frederick Abel & James Dewar invented cordite, a type of this
    $400 29
A haughty British policeman
    $500 9
This insulin-producing organ develops during an embryo's fifth week from the primitive duodenum
    $500 22
It was Bob Mackie's idea for her to wear curtain rods on her shoulders in her TV show's "GWTW" spoof
    $500 25
This verb means to attend a class as an observer for no credit
    DD: $700 13
In 1770 Captain Cook reached the east coast of Australia & gave it this name
    $500 18
The first successful one of these to give printed results was invented by William S. Burroughs
    $500 30
A ghastly pair

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Fiona Fred Richard
$1,700 $600 $0

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Fiona Fred Richard
$3,200 $2,800 $1,300

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
This city's Ueno Park has outstanding displays of cherry blossoms
    $200 7
Tchaikovsky conducted several of his own works at the 1891 opening of this New York concert hall
    $200 23
This South American fish has been known to shock its prey with 600 volts
    $200 14
By the 1559 Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis, England ceded Calais to this country
    $200 17
Shakespeare is a character in this "Fear of Flying" author's "Serenissima: A Novel of Venice"
    $200 6
The 3 natural gaits of horses are the canter, the trot & this, the slowest
    $400 5
Among this city's piazzas are Spagna, Colonna & Campidoglio
    $400 8
Famous for his marching band music, he also wrote operas like "The Smugglers" & "Desiree"
    $400 26
Included among the sunfish are the largemouth & smallmouth species of this
    $400 13
The 1814 Treaty of Ghent that ended this war gave the U.S. British-held territory in the Northwest
    $400 18
She was a school bus driver in the Australian Outback before she wrote "The Thorn Birds"
    $400 21
He's probably the most sagacious human ruler in the Bible
    $600 2
The Sonja Henie-Niels Onstad Art Center is in this capital
    $600 9
Both Liszt & Schubert were students of this composer & reputed rival of Mozart
    $600 12
The Treaty of Tordesillas enabled this country to claim the coast of Brazil
    $600 19
His 1910 novel "Howards End" became a play in 1967 & a film in 1992
    $600 25
In the round "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", the 3rd person begins when the 1st person sings this word
    $800 3
This Paraguayan capital's original name means "Our Lady of the Assumption"
    $800 10
This composer of "Petrushka" was pictured on a U.S. stamp issued in 1982
    $800 15
About 500 chiefs of these New Zealand natives signed the Treaty of Waitangi with Britain in 1840
    $800 20
This "I, Claudius" novelist was the son of an Irish poet
    DD: $2,400 4
This South American capital was founded in 1781 & named for the reigning British monarch
    $1000 11
Hugo von Hofmannsthal wrote the librettos for this German's "Elektra" & "Der Rosenkavalier"
    DD: $2,800 16
This European country approved the Maastricht Treaty in 1993; it had rejected it in 1992
    $1000 22
In 1974 Professor Irwin Corey accepted this recluse's Nat'l Book Award for "Gravity's Rainbow"
    $1000 24
1 of the 2 Russian emperors for whom Peter Carl Faberge made his jeweled Easter eggs

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Fiona Fred Richard
$3,400 $11,000 $1,700
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Today this historic region of China is simply referred to as the Northeast

Final scores:

Fiona Fred Richard
$3,400 $11,800 $1
2nd place: trip on Delta to Acapulco & stay at the Villa Vera Hotel + Racquet Club + computerized version or Jeopardy! home game New champion: $11,800 3rd place: Michael C. Fina china set for 8 + computerized version or Jeopardy! home game

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Fiona Fred Richard
$3,400 $11,600 $2,400
15 R,
2 W
27 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
(including 1 DD)
11 R,
4 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $17,400

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Game tape date: 1993-12-01
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