Show #4940 - Friday, February 17, 2006

2006 Teen Tournament final game 2.


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Matt Klein, a senior from Pittsford, New York (subtotal of $11,800)

Papa Chakravarthy, a sophomore from Lexington, Kentucky (subtotal of $4,000)

Andrew Kreitz, a senior from Huntington Beach, California (subtotal of $6,500)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 30
In the N. American species of this mammal, there are hundreds of microscopic barbs at the end of each quill
    $200 29
Adam trained with ex-NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury to prepare for this 2005 comedy
    $200 15
3 teens were on the Team USA that won gold in August 2005 at the 26th World Championships of Twirling these
    $200 27
Small cities in this state include Kinbrae (pop. 21) & Boy River (pop. 38); Minneapolis is much bigger
    $200 2
Of Flash, Google or AltaVista, the one that's not a popular Internet search engine
    $200 1
It can be a blood vessel, or being excessively proud of oneself
    $400 12
Known as a whooper, it's the tallest North American bird, reaching a height of nearly 5 feet
    $400 7
There must be 50 ways to name this 2004 comedy with Adam & Drew Barrymore, said to be "Memento-meets-Groundhog Day"
    $400 17
In New Hampshire (& many other states), you must be at least this age to marry without parental consent
    $400 28
This Wyoming town, pop. 15, was named for a wish-making boy in "The Arabian Nights"
    $400 3
This 2-letter Windows computer operating system was introduced in October 2001
    $400 26
An aroma, or transmitted
    $600 13
When rainbow species of this migrate to the sea, their color changes to silver; they're then called steelheads
    $600 16
Adam crooned his way into Drew Barrymore's heart in this "matrimonial" 1998 film
    $600 18
She turned 13 on Feb. 27, 1993--one month after her father became president
    $600 21
The name of this city in Texas (pop. 1631) is found in Texas' traditional nickname
    $600 4
Abbreviated BB, it's a popular data-transmission method capable of sending multiple channels at once
    $600 25
Select, or masticates
    $800 10
The golden species of this small rodent is often sold as a pet because it's clean & easy to care for
    $800 9
The price was very, very wrong when Bob Barker pummeled Adam on a golf course in this 1996 film
    $800 19
This national org. is now divided into 4 different age groups; Studio 2B is for females between 11 & 17
    $800 22
A Tennessee town, pop. 85, or a British sport similar to soccer & football
    $800 5
In computerese, it's what the P stands for in the abbreviation HTTP
    $800 11
Writing paper, or standing still
    $1000 14
The Yapok, a species of this native to Central & South America, is the only marsupial adapted to living in water
    $1000 8
Adam was kickin' it old school--elementary school--as this 1995 title character
    $1000 20
This national literary magazine written for teens by teens has a writing fluid in its name
    $1000 24
Eden (pop. 1152) in this state was chartered to a group of Green Mountain Boys
    $1000 6
The forerunner to the Internet known as the ARPANET was a 1960s network by this U.S. government dept.
    DD: $1,500 23
Part of a horse's harness, or pertaining to a woman on her wedding day

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 16):

Andrew Papa Matt
-$1,000 $3,800 $3,800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Andrew Papa Matt
-$600 $6,900 $6,800

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 1
This author once wrote, "Let us suppose that there were a land like Narnia... and then imagine what would happen"
    $400 11
John Milton,
John Grisham,
John Steinbeck
    $400 10
It's no fairy tale: Elvis Costello wrote & starred in a 2005 opera about this Danish fairy tale author
    $400 25
Banquet and Swanson's Hungry-Man are varieties of these meals that today you can nuke as well as bake
    $400 18
This nebula named for a crustacean is the remnant of a supernova from the year 1054
    $400 24
Math teacher Señor Nuñez taught us that una linea is made up of puntos, these
    $800 6
Chapter 8 of this popular L. Frank Baum work is entitled "The Deadly Poppy Field"
    $800 12
Charles Darwin,
Max Planck
    $800 5
The poetry of this English lord inspired a number of operas, including "Lara" & "The Bride of Abydos"
    $800 30
Nautical name for a sandwich made from a long roll cut horizontally
    $800 17
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew draws a familiar constellation on a chalkboard.) The constellation outlined here is known by this name in the U.S.
    $800 14
Chemistry teacher Señor Avalos taught us element names in Spanish: potasio, helio & this, for symbol Na
    $1200 7
L. Sprague de Camp & Robert Howard are 2 men who've novelized this swordsman played on film by Arnold Schwarzenegger
    $1200 26
Percy Shelley,
Robert Frost,
Pablo Neruda
    $1200 3
Though this kind of soprano means "half-soprano", never tell one that she's only half as good as a coloratura
    $1200 29
Celebrating 75 years in 2005, these treats from Hostess originally had a banana filling
    $1200 15
Many stars in the Milky Way are these kind of paired stars, from the Latin for "two together"
    $1200 23
All semester, Señor Ortiz in phys ed had us playing baloncesto, this game
    $1600 8
In 1984 Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman began this "serpentine" series featuring the magician Raistlin
    $1600 20
Igor Stravinsky,
Claude Debussy,
Wolfgang Mozart
    $1600 2
Red Whiskers & Squeak serve aboard ship with this title character, Herman Melville's sailorboy
    $1600 27
"Untidy" name for sandwiches made with ground beef cooked in tomato sauce & served on hamburger buns
    DD: $3,500 13
In 1862 Alvan Clark discovered the first White Dwarf, a companion of this star also called Alpha Canis Majoris
    DD: $2,200 21
Señor Garcia's geography test included Cabo de Buena Esperanza, which is on this continent
    $2000 9
Roger Zelazny is known for the series of novels based on this land that shares its name with fossilized resin
    $2000 19
English kings:
James I,
Alfred the Great,
George III
    $2000 4
One of the most popular Christmas operas is Menotti's classic about this boy "and the Night Visitors"
    $2000 28
The popular snack known as "ants on a log" is made with raisins, peanut butter & this long green vegetable
    $2000 16
In 1838 Friedrich Bessel first measured a star's distance by using parallax--using observations this many months apart
    $2000 22
In U.S. government with Señor Molina, we learned that this person, el Portavoz, presides over La Camara de Representantes

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Andrew Papa Matt
$4,600 $23,000 $8,400

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In 1998 Czar Nicholas II & his wife Alexandra were laid to rest in this city

Final scores:

Andrew Papa Matt
$9,199 $24,601 $0

Cumulative scores:

Andrew Papa Matt
$15,699 $28,601 $11,800
1st runner-up: $25,000 Tournament champion: $75,000 2nd runner-up: $15,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Andrew Papa Matt
$4,600 $22,800 $8,400
7 R,
1 W
24 R
(including 2 DDs),
5 W
(including 1 DD)
19 R,
4 W

Combined Coryat: $35,800

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Game tape date: Unknown
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