Show #8616 - Monday, April 11, 2022

Mattea Roach game 5.
Ken Jennings hosts.


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Michael Wolman, a marketing manager from Austin, Texas

Vanessa McCombs, a college instructor from Manassas, Virginia

Mattea Roach, a tutor from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (whose 4-day cash winnings total $104,600)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Ken: Each correct response beginning with the letter E.)
    $200 1
Let's Czech in with this capital where Smetana & Dvorak both lived
    $200 21
You love this big purple dinosaur of public TV (& he loves you)
    $200 30
Parade reported that taking this type of picture now causes "more deaths than shark attacks"
    $200 9
Susan Casey, one of the 1st politicians to call herself this kind of "mom", wasn't kidding--her son Conor became a star MLS striker
    $200 7
An easy target, or what we have here
    $200 6
Haydn's No. 38 is also known as this symphony, from the way muted violins repeat the sound of non-muted ones
    $400 2
Originally, this city founded by King Harald was east of the Aker River but after a 1624 fire, ended up moving further west
    $400 22
Commonly dried, black Corinth is a purple & often seedless variety of this fruit
    $400 25
Competing against 19-year-olds, this Jamaican was 16 when he set a junior world record in the 200 meters at 20.13 seconds
    $400 17
Detroit mom Evelyn Overton started making this dessert & turned it into a "Factory"
    $400 10
We won't string you along; it's this game
    $400 11
Inspired by his uprooted family, Alan Hovhaness' 1st symphony is titled this, a period of forced absence from one's homeland
    $600 3
Completed in the 1490s, Nydegg Church is a landmark in this city, capital of both its nation & its same-named Canton
    $600 23
This team went to the Super Bowl 4 times in the 1970s; purple never reigned & they haven't been back
    $600 27
The name for this part of your nose comes from the Latin for "fence"
    $600 18
Tired of little heads going thunk, a daycare staff wanted something to prop kids up; Susan Henderson created this pillow
    $600 16
It means stocks are on the rise & investors are rushing to buy
    $600 8
London's orchestra of the Age of this plays Bach & Mozart on vintage 18th century instruments
    $800 4
Not Moscow but this capital 300 miles north of the Black Sea is the "mother of Rus cities"
    $800 26
1980s moviegoers were moved by this film that was "introducing Whoopi Goldberg as Celie"
    $800 28
The Roman equivalent of this Greek goddess is Minerva
    $800 19
The mother of this 4-time Oscar-winning actress was a birth control activist & is seen here with Margaret Sanger
    $800 14
It's a fishy phrase for something that is deliberately misleading or distracts attention
    $800 12
Works by this eminent Sir Edward include 2 symphonies as well as the "Enigma Variations"
    DD: $400 5
Something to sink your teeth into... a signed document by Vlad the Impaler in 1459 is the first written appearance of this capital
    $1000 24
New Hampshire's state flower is the purple lilac & its state bird is the purple this
    $1000 29
This yellow gastropod named for its resemblance to a fruit can move about 6 inches per minute
    $1000 20
In 2016 Wisconsin mom Kristin Garvey made the first yard sign with these 5 words preceding various affirmations
    $1000 15
It's a possession that's too expensive to maintain, or a rummage sale, often for a worthy cause
    $1000 13
Disillusioned with Napoleon, Beethoven changed the title of his landmark 3rd symphony from "Bonaparte" to this

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Mattea Vanessa Michael
$3,200 $800 $3,600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Mattea Vanessa Michael
$7,000 $600 $5,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Ken: You'll respond with a celebrity who has the first name of one president and the last name of another.)
    $400 12
These dogs were originally trained as water dogs & their name is related to the small pools of water they splashed in
    $400 14
The balloons in one Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade use about 400,000 cubic feet of this gas
    $400 1
You may find yourself on an emotional one of these, such as Maverick at Cedar Point
    $400 6
Michel Tournier's "Friday, or the Other Island" is a modern retelling of this 18th century novel
    $400 11
17 & 20:
This British-raised actor who played Peter Parker again in a 2021 surprise
    $800 25
In 1921 New Orleans became the first city in the U.S. to declare a historic district, this one
    $800 13
In the 1790s, Old East, still a residence hall was the entire campus of the University of North Carolina in this city
    $800 21
As a gas, oxygen is colorless, but in liquid form it's this color
    $800 2
Everyday metaphors include the instruction not to tackle problems prematurely, let's do this "when we come to it"
    DD: $2,000 7
With works like "Redgauntlet" & "Kenilworth", this U.K. author created the historical novel in the 19th century
    $800 16
43 & 35:
This actor, an Oscar winner for "Cool Hand Luke" & a sidekick in "The Naked Gun"
    $1200 19
Full of tricks & treats, All Hallows' Eve has its origins in this Celtic festival
    $1200 22
Electric vehicles have brought cash to Chile, a land with large reserves of this lightest metal element, used in batteries
    $1200 3
British Jew Israel Zangwill used this term for the U.S. as a vessel where all peoples mix; his son moved to El Paso & became part of it
    $1200 8
"Dead Until Dark" by Charlaine Harris introduced this female telepath & a community of Louisiana vampires
    $1200 15
37 &18 & borrowing Jimmy Carter's middle initial, this actor
    $1600 20
Legend says this, outside Tokyo, was created in the year 286 B.C. by an earthquake
    $1600 23
The element actinium & its symbol are both first alphabetically; this element & its symbol are last
    $1600 4
Based on a 1955 speech by a Fed head, slowing the economy is known as taking this away just as the party is getting started
    $1600 9
Mr. Scratch is bested by a New Hampshire orator in this story by Stephen Vincent Benet
    $1600 18
22 & 1:
This superstar saxophonist, Jr.
    DD: $5,000 24
Atomic number 100, this radioactive element is named for the scientist who directed the first controlled fission chain reaction
    $2000 5
To blame bad news on the one who told you; the last name of Chicago policeman William meant it was literally done to him in 1901
    $2000 10
At the end of this first F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, Amory Blaine is lonely, broke & traveling back to Princeton on foot
    $2000 17
42 & 5:
This pioneer of bluegrass music

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Mattea Vanessa Michael
$10,200 $2,600 $12,600

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Oxford's word of the year for 2021 was this 3-letter one, short for a word that goes back to the Latin for "cow"

Final scores:

Mattea Vanessa Michael
$12,600 $0 $4,600
5-day champion: $117,200 3rd place: $1,000 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Mattea Vanessa Michael
$10,200 $4,600 $10,200
20 R,
3 W
9 R,
4 W
(including 1 DD)
15 R
(including 2 DDs),
3 W

Combined Coryat: $25,000

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Game tape date: 2022-02-08
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