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Rima Rozen, a professor from Montreal, Canada

Leslee Suttie, a bookkeeper from Arlington, Texas

Marion Nowak, an editor from St. Louis, Missouri

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 16
2 months before his own death, Robert Kennedy attended the funeral of this slain civil rights leader
    $100 1
The oldest Beatle, this drummer was the last to join the group
    $100 21
Fire-engine is a bright shade of this color
    $100 11
In 1995 Bruce Willis returned to the screen "With a Vengeance" in the 2nd sequel to this film
    $100 6
Most of this Mediterranean country's population lives along the Nile Valley
    $100 26
As the old saying goes, "What's sauce for the goose" is this
    $200 17
In December 1994 he announced his retirement & the closing of his institute founded with Virginia Johnson
    $200 2
After seeing his son Julian's drawing of a school friend named Lucy, John wrote this song
    $200 22
It's a light yellowish brown, or the shade you turn after bathing in the sun
    $200 12
In this 1967 drama, Sidney Poitier preferred to be called Mr. Tibbs
    $200 7
The northern third of this grand duchy is an extension of the Belgian Ardennes
    $200 27
This first lady broke a champagne bottle across the bow of the Nautilus submarine January 21, 1954
    $300 18
This fashion designer named his company "Polo" because it suggested class & elegance
    $300 3
Brian Epstein's former assistant Wendy Hanson needed releases from all living people on this 1967 album cover
    $300 23
Named for the Irish town, Killarney is a shade of this color
    $300 13
Completes the title of the Hugh Grant film "The Englishman who Went Up a Hill but..."
    $300 8
The Kathmandu Valley is a flat basin in the center of this country,
    $300 28
This aircraft company built the Bulldog, Pup & Snipe as well as the Camel
    $400 19
He taught chemistry for several years at Notre Dame before becoming head football coach in 1918
    DD: $200 4
It "leads to your door"
    $400 24
It's used to describe the highest degree "of perfection"
    $400 14
Don Ameche & Wilford Brimley were among the senior citizens rejuvenated in this 1985 film
    $400 9
Argos is believed to be the oldest city in this country
    $400 29
175 papers carry the advice column of this woman who earned her Ph.D. in psychology at Columbia
    $500 20
The first major Bolshoi Ballet member to defect to the U.S., this dancer turned actor died in 1995 at age 45
    $500 5
The girl of his dreams "called herself Lil, but everyone knew her as Nancy"
    $500 25
Nevada's state colors are blue & this; it helps if you know the state nickname
    $500 15
Jon Voight won an Oscar for his role as a paraplegic war vet in this 1978 film
    $500 10
Odadahraun, the largest lava bed on Earth, lies on this North Atlantic island nation
    $500 30
He was born August 31, 1908 in Fresno, had "The Time of his Life" & died there May 18, 1981

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Marion Leslee Rima
-$500 $3,100 $1,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Marion Leslee Rima
-$400 $3,800 $1,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
Nicolas Appert, who invented canning, got a 12,000-franc reward from this emperor in 1810
    $200 12
W.S. Gilbert wrote, "In for a penny, in for" this, "It's love that makes the world go round!"
    $200 17
The Maryland Historical Society houses the original manuscript of his "Star-Spangled Banner"
    $200 26
Due to charges of indecency, the 6th edition of this Walt Whitman collection was withdrawn from publication
    $200 2
This 1979 play was based on the real-life story of John Merrick, who was exploited for his deformity
    $200 7
The Siberian or woolly is by far the best-known form of this extinct elephant
    $400 8
It's said a dream Elias Howe had about men threatening him with spears led to the needle for this invention
    $400 13
This comedian's signature line is "I don't get no respect"
    $400 18
A museum in Des Plaines, Illinois traces the history of this fast food chain
    $400 27
This telegraph company bought up several competitors to consolidate its monopoly
    $400 3
Kenneth Branaghs "Public Enemy" tells of a young man obsessed with this legendary actor
    $400 22
These New Zealand natives might say, "Please, sir, I want some moa" since they liked to hunt them
    $600 9
James Dewar, inventor of the Thermos bottle, was also the first to liquefy this lightest gas
    $600 14
In 1995 her son, Texas' governor, told her, "Don't brag"
    $600 19
In 1923 this state adopted the nickname "The Wonder State"; in 1953 it became the "Land of Opportunity"
    $600 28
This yachting trophy was won by Mischief, which took 2 races from a Canadian yacht
    $600 4
Matthew Broderick rises to the top of the corporate world in the 1995 revival of this musical
    $600 23
The last of these pigeons died in the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914
    $800 10
Thomas Newcomen's version of this device was a precursor of James Watt's
    $800 15
Meyer Lansky supposedly said of the syndicate, "We're bigger than" this metals company
    DD: $500 20
Named for an explorer, its the oldest continuously inhabited city in Washington State
    $800 29
This American expatriate exhibited her paintings in France for the third year in a row
    $800 5
This Arthur Miller play is based on the Salem witch trials of 1692
    $800 24
The giant, plant-eating Apatosaurus is better known by this name
    $1000 11
This founder of the frozen food industry also invented a technique to speed up food dehydration
    $1000 16
This first Indian prime minister said, "A life is ordered by values"
    $1000 21
An archive in Plymouth, Vermont has photos, family films & voice recordings of this U.S. president
    DD: $1,100 30
On March 4 he was inaugurated as vice president; on September 20, he was sworn in as president
    $1000 6
In February 1995 the Off-Broadway "Wedding" & reception of this pair celebrated its 7th year on stage
    $1000 25
This Danish explorer's expedition found Steller's sea cow in 1741; by 1768 it had been exterminated

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Marion Leslee Rima
$3,700 $7,600 $7,700

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In 1995 he cast his 14,000th vote in the Senate, a record for any party

Final scores:

Marion Leslee Rima
$3,600 $7,249 $7,650
3rd place: Michael C. Fina Barrymore pattern dinnerware + Jeopardy! home game & GameTek Jeopardy 2nd place: General Instrument satellite system & Samsung 27" TV + Jeopardy! home game & GameTek Jeopardy New champion: $7,650

Game dynamics:

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Coryat scores:

Marion Leslee Rima
$4,200 $7,800 $7,600
14 R,
6 W
(including 1 DD)
22 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
18 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W

Combined Coryat: $19,600

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