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Jason Zuffranieri game 11.


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Tabitha Walker, a gallery assistant from New York, New York

Jack Gutshall, a college student from Hoover, Alabama

Jason Zuffranieri, a math teacher from Albuquerque, New Mexico (whose 10-day cash winnings total $273,843)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 27
Peter Pan can bring visitors to this island, home to the Lost Boys
    $200 28
This full Latin motto of the U.S. Marine Corps symbolizes its members' lifelong commitment
    $200 26
A group of street performers in Quebec became this circus troupe that puts on shows like Mystère
    $200 29
In Cuba
    $200 25
Also a poker hand, in hunting this word means to cause game birds to break cover or take flight
    $200 30
This verb, the opposite of "succeed" , has made a comeback as a noun, especially following "epic"
    $400 19
This title character travels to the islands of Laputa & Lilliput
    $400 21
When asked "For what?" with regard to this motto of the Boy Scouts, Robert Baden-Powell said, "Why, for any old thing"
    $400 20
The Bruise Brothers are a Chicago-based men's team in this contact sport on wheels
    $400 23
In Egypt
    $400 22
Make sure all flesh is removed from the hide before you begin this process of turning it to leather or things will get smelly
    $400 24
PC Magazine's online encyclopedia uses these 2 antonyms for hard-to-figure-out & easy-to-figure-out passwords
    $600 18
This titular tank engine & his friends inhabit the island of Sodor
    $600 17
Like Truman, Carter had a sign with this motto in the Oval Office
    $600 16
Want to see this PBS music series live? Head to Texas' Moody Theater
    $600 9
In Benin
    $600 15
In Florida, the bag limit for the largemouth type of this is 5 a day, so don't get greedy
    $600 14
Katy Perry's opposites primer "Hot n Cold" rhymes, "we fight, we break up, we kiss, we" do this
    $800 2
The temple of Poseidon was on this legendary island that was said to lie west of the Strait of Gibraltar
    $800 4
"God, Home and Country" is the motto of this patriotic group, DAR for short
    $800 7
Woody Harrelson & Jamie Foxx were in the casts of these 2 Norman Lear shows performed live on ABC in 2019
    $800 8
On Cyprus, these 2 languages
    $800 11
This style of fishing means to tow a baited line, not a net, behind a slow-moving boat
    $800 13
This adjective is the opposite of "attentive"; legally, it refers to one who fails to use "due care" & "ordinary prudence"
    $1000 1
In one version of the legend, King Arthur was offered Excalibur when Merlin brought him to this island
    DD: $1,800 3
The New York Times has used this 7-word motto on its front page since 1897
    $1000 6
The UCB is this "Brigade" that does improv shows 7 nights a week
    $1000 5
In Brunei, this language of a nearby peninsula
    $1000 10
In Maryland, there are 3 seasons for deer: regular firearms, muzzle-loaded firearms & this non-firearm activity
    $1000 12
Leptodermous means having a thin skin--elephants know this similar word means the opposite

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Jason Jack Tabitha
$10,000 -$1,000 $1,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Jason Jack Tabitha
$12,800 $400 $2,600

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 30
Railing against these machines, philosopher C.E.M. Joad said, "The only way to see the country is to walk in it"
    $400 27
A person in their 80s (12)
    $400 29
It's the occupational surname shared by Plymouth Colony governor John & scientist George Washington
    $400 26
The novel titled this "Patient" is set in Italy & was written by Sri Lankan-Canadian Michael Ondaatje
    $400 22
Not opening with "Good even-ing", this thriller director took the Thalberg in 1968 with "Thank you...very much indeed"
    $400 28
The 60 or so works bearing the name of this "Father of Medicine" likely weren't written by him, nor was his oath
    $800 25
His "Das Kapital" says that a machine " immediately becomes a competitor of the workman"
    $800 10
To swing back & forth (9)
    $800 24
Reasonably enough, this last name of Canadian author Margaret refers to one who lives in or near a forest
    $800 21
Born off Queensland, Kath Walker, aka Oodgeroo Noonuccal, wrote "We Are Going", the 1st book of poems by a person of this ethnicity
    $800 14
Music Score winner Dimitri Tiomkin, for this Cooper-Kelly western: "Thank you very much. Thank you"; now give us the time of day!
    $800 23
After Ptolemy I wished for an easier way to study it, Euclid said, "there is no royal road to" this branch of math
    $1200 9
Some cybersecurity experts warn about Russian-developed FaceApp, best known for virtually doing this to people's faces
    $1200 4
A musical composition (4)
    $1200 15
In the names Kirkman & Kirkland, Kirk refers to one of these
    $1200 6
Gabriel Sundukian wrote this language's greatest dramas in what's now the country of Georgia
    $1200 13
"Thank you. Thank you very much. Appreciate it.”said Delbert Mann who directed this actor as 1955's "Marty"
    $1200 20
He said, "The unexamined life is not worth living", so let's examine it--he wed Xanthippe & was an Athenian Hoplite soldier
    $1600 17
This author's 1952 novel "Player Piano" deals with a man rebelling against a machine-filled dystopia
    $1600 3
Spanish stew pot (4)
    DD: $6,000 8
In Vietnam, an estimated 40% of the population answer to this last name, the country's most popular
    $1600 1
This poet told the Nobel Banquet, "Our Irish theatre could (never) have come into existence but for" Henrik Ibsen
    $1600 12
This Viennese-Amer. Best Director for "The Apartment": "Thank you so much, you lovely discerning people. Thank you"
    $1600 19
Aeschylus penned the tale of this title Titan, visited by Oceanus & Io... c'mon, you're bound to remember him!
    DD: $8,000 16
In 1816 Lord Byron penned a "Song for" these loom-smashing rioters who were being displaced by new technology
    $2000 2
Hatred (5)
    $2000 7
Horvat & Knezevic are common surnames in this country; Horvat comes from the country's name for itself in its own language
    $2000 5
Son of a Polish patriot, he was born in what's now Berdychiv, Ukraine & wrote works like "Typhoon" in English
    $2000 11
Best actor William Holden, for this "numeric" 1953 film set in a German P.O.W. camp: "Thank you. Thank you"
    $2000 18
We can give you at least 300 reasons you should know this king of Sparta who headed the Persians off at the pass in 480 B.C.

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Jason Jack Tabitha
$44,400 $5,600 $1,400
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

This is the most recent presidential election year when both major presidential candidates were residents of the same state

Final scores:

Jason Jack Tabitha
$58,400 $3,600 $2,799
11-day champion: $332,243 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Jason Jack Tabitha
$33,200 $5,600 $1,400
38 R
(including 3 DDs),
1 W
10 R,
1 W
8 R,
4 W

Combined Coryat: $40,200

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Game tape date: 2019-07-22
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