Show #509 - Thursday, November 20, 1986

1986 Tournament of Champions final game 1.


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Marvin Shinkman, a stamp dealer from Sherman Oaks, California

Chuck Forrest, a law student from Grand Blanc, Michigan

Paul Rouffa, an actor from Forest Park, Illinois

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 4
Someone saying "God bless" after you do this is said to keep your soul from wandering
    $100 16
The basilic, cephalic, & jugular are types of these
    $100 11
According to the nursery rhyme, he was born on a Monday & buried on Sunday
    $100 1
Most authorities say a chord has at least this many notes
    $100 20
Flavor shared by tia maria & gallweys
    $100 3
This Arlington, Va. office building covers over twice the area as the Great Pyramid of Cheops
    $200 9
The Duchess of Bedford brought this afternoon custom to England about 1840
    $200 18
The lowest 4 ribs, attached only to the backbone, are called by this buoyant name
    $200 15
At this man's inaugural, Mathew Brady took the first photo of a president being sworn in
    $200 2
Traditionally an orchestra's concertmaster sits on this side of a conductor
    $200 21
The French term for a wine waiter
    $200 7
It's said this cleric, French prime minister under Louis XIII, exercised by jumping over furniture
    $300 10
For frogs it's singing the night away; for boobies, dancing, whistling & pointing at sky
    $300 24
Of the larynx, pharynx, or trachea, the one that serves as a passageway for both food & air
    DD: $300 22
When the following song went gold, so did the chains across this composer's chest:
    $300 5
On a musical staff pitch is indicated by this symbol
    $300 25
Italian for "sparkling", its use is applied to genuine sparkling wines
    $300 8
In Marriott hotels, this religious book is found in drawers along with the Gideon Bible
    $400 12
The Yokozuna ring-entering ritual is performed by participants in this sport
    $400 29
Bile, secreted by the liver, is stored in this organ until needed for digestion
    $400 23
In 1818, she "gave birth" to the world's most famous monster
    $400 6
Of lento, adagio, or andante, the slowest tempo
    $400 26
Traditionally, in England, 2 jiggers equal 1 jack, & 2 jacks equal this
    $400 17
Instrument for measuring walked distances that works by responding to body motion
    $500 14
To aid a patient, a Navajo medicine man would "paint" a ritual design in this medium
    $500 27
Pro basketball's MVP in 1979, '82, + '83
    $500 13
Using "the circle of fifths", this key signature follows C major
    $500 28
This grain is the main ingredient of both Irish & Scotch whiskey
    $500 19
Of the female elk, moose or reindeer, the one which has antlers

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Paul Chuck Marvin
$1,100 $1,300 $700

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Paul Chuck Marvin
-$200 $2,000 $2,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 2
Perhaps his name inspired him to be the 1st to fly over the North Pole
    $200 4
In his poetry "cat"alogue are "Gus: The Theatre Cat!" & "Bustopher Jones: The Cat About Town"
    $200 3
Mass. for Massachusetts for example
    $200 1
As the constellation Ursa Minor is the Little Bear, Leo Minor is this
    $200 21
In 1951, this Cuban bandleader began playing the character of a Cuban bandleader
    $200 6
A confirmed hypochondriac, he was in constant pain because of false teeth
    $400 10
In 1960, Don Walsh & Jacques Piccard surfaced as famous explorers of this
    $400 12
He said of Chicago, "I have seen your painted women... luring the farm boys"
    $400 5
From Greek "a-" (not) & "methy" (wine), this gem was once thought of as a remedy for intoxication
    $400 13
Of elliptical, spiral, or irregular, shape of the Milky Way Galaxy
    $400 26
"Broadway Open House" accordionist, he led The Gong Show's "Band With A Thug"
    $400 11
He hated & feared doctors so much, this tall redhead endured a permanent wrist deformity
    $600 14
Before cannibals ate him in the Indies, this Italian sighted the N.Y. Bay where today a bridge bears his name
    DD: $800 15
Completes, "As your bright & tiny spark lights the traveler in the dark, tho I know not what you are..."
    $600 7
The white of an egg
    $600 17
An area in space where the pull of gravity is so strong nothing can escape, not even light
    $600 27
From the beginning in 1948 to the last show in 1971, he was Ed Sullivan's bandleader
    $600 16
Weak eye muscles & crossed eyes caused this bachelor pres. to walk with a habitual tilt of the head
    $800 22
9 years after B. Dias rounded Africa's tip, this explorer sailed on to open sea route to India
    $800 24
According to Robert Louis Stevenson, it's when "a child should... speak"
    $800 8
This plant got its name from the Indians using it to draw poison from certain types of wounds
    $800 19
Brightest star in constellation Centaurus, its planetary system was the destination in "Lost In Space"
    $800 28
He's been the leader of TV bands for Pat Boone, Judy Garland, & Merv Griffin
    $800 18
Our shortest president, his fear of crowds made him almost hysterical when asked to speak in public
    $1000 23
This French explorer called the bleak coast of Labrador "the land God gave to Cain"
    $1000 30
Poem which concludes, "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul"
    $1000 9
Term for any medicine, such as aspirin, that reduces or eliminates pain
    $1000 20
A supernova explosion observed by the Chinese in 1054 left this hazy cloud in Taurus
    $1000 29
When the Jackie Gleason show moved to Miami Beach, he provided a little traveling music
    DD: $1,000 25
His operation for cancer of the jaw was kept secret until long after he left office in 1897

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Paul Chuck Marvin
$4,000 $7,600 $2,800

Final Jeopardy! Round

Of the world's 4 largest countries in area, it has smallest percentage of farmland

Final scores:

Paul Chuck Marvin
$4,000 $6,600 $1,600

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Paul Chuck Marvin
$4,000 $7,400 $2,800
15 R
(including 1 DD),
6 W
18 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
16 R
(including 1 DD),
5 W

Combined Coryat: $14,200

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Game tape date: 1986-10-29
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