Show #7073 - Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Andrew Haringer game 5.
"7000th Jeopardy! program".


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Ben Hom, a defense consultant and Navy Reserve officer from Arlington, Virginia

Becky Schiavo, a college administrator from Warwick, New York

Andrew Haringer, a college instructor from Squamish, British Columbia, Canada (whose 4-day cash winnings total $72,399)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: That's when we started.)
    $200 7
Nothing runs like this company's 7000 series tractors, up to 19 mph when loaded up
    $200 1
The left shark at the Super Bowl danced a few steps behind this singer born on Oct. 25, 1984
    $200 14
...the dismissive phrase "talk to" this body part
    $200 11
In 1938 a final bid to avert war saw British PM Neville Chamberlain head to this city to meet Hitler
    $200 4
In 2005 a collector paid $60,000 for a 115-year-old pair of this company's 501 jeans; I guess they never do go out of style
    $200 20
In more than 500 clues about this Shakespeare play, it's never come up that one of its sources was "Gesta Danorum"
    $400 2
"V" is for victory & this skier is no stranger to that, with her record 63rd Women's World Cup win in 2015
    $400 25
Most women can look smart, regardless of size, in one of these narrow skirts named for a writing implement
    $400 21
250+ clues on this German-American physicist, but none mentioned that he didn't wear socks (the big toe always makes a hole)
    $600 22
55 is where I set my 7000 model of this customizable bed
    $600 3
One possible thing Bill Murray whispered to her at the end of "Lost in Translation" was "You were born on Nov. 22, 1984"
    $600 18
...this word for a certain men's hairstyle; an early use was in a 1994 Beastie Boys tune
    $600 17
In the tumultuous vote in this year, John Adams lost his bid for reelection
    $600 19
A man can feel quite at home in a tropical setting by wearing one of these, also called a toquilla straw hat
    $800 8
This tech company that sounds like a reservoir of sweetness makes the Lynx Touch 7000 security system
    $800 5
This '84-born little sister, singer & actress had a baby named Bronx Mowgli with rock star Pete Wentz
    $800 13
...that this is a roll of flesh that hangs over a waistband, not just part of a baked good
    $800 10
The first Oscars ceremony was held at the end of this decade
    $800 24
This formal accessory was once a sash worn by British military personnel at dinner in India
    $800 26
The first mention of him: Season 16; some 170 clues later, we'll tell you Prof. Binns taught him the history of magic
    $1000 9
This company that pioneered mini-rotary tools offers the cordless 7000-N/5 for the handyman
    $1000 6
Justin Bieber was born in 1994; this "SNL" woman who plays Justin Bieber better than Justin Bieber was born in '84
    $1000 15
...the term "peace" this, the expected savings in military spending due to the end of the Cold War
    $1000 16
Centered in Italy 1909-1916, this art movement emphasized the dynamism of modern life & technology
    $1000 23
Steve Madden's toppazz is a stylish example of this versatile low-cut slip-on shoe with a heel
    DD: $1,400 12
Nearly 500 clues about this English king, & yet none said that one of his favorite horses was named Canicida

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Andrew Becky Ben
$3,000 $800 $1,200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Andrew Becky Ben
$3,600 $1,400 $3,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

"EBB" & "FLO"
    $400 7
Pauly Shore actually wants to get sequestered & gets himself assigned to this, the title of a 1995 comedy
    $400 22
Bracken Cave in Texas is home to the world's largest colony of Mexican free-tailed these
    $400 4
When he was born in Dublin in 1882, this writer got a double dose of alliteration--his middle names are Augustine Aloysius
    $400 21
A Flintstone family member
    $400 15
U.S. Coast Guard units based in Cleveland, Ohio are known as the "Guardians of" these bodies of water
    $400 1
One theory says our sun came from a dwarf galaxy in this constellation of the archer, not the Milky Way
    $800 8
Ashley Judd learns the meaning of a 5th Amendment protection in this thriller whose title is near & dear to me
    $800 25
In Lebanon's Jeita Grotto, one of these hangs 27 feet from a cave ceiling
    $800 6
He went bankrupt insuring British ships in 1692; in 1719 he made a bundle writing about a shipwrecked sailor
    $800 29
It's the diagram seen here
    $800 16
4-letter term for a person, usually a minor, legally placed in the charge of a guardian
    $800 30
The farthest galaxy from Earth ever detected is about 77 sextillion miles away, or a mere 13.1 billion of these
    $1200 9
Rather than take a settlement, attorney Paul Newman goes to trial in this legal drama
    $1200 26
To be legally called this blue cheese, it has to be aged in the Combalou Caves of southern France
    $1200 12
She scandalized Atlanta with a flapper dance at a 1921 debutante ball; 15 years later, she really burned the town up
    $1200 28
To step hard on the gas
    $1200 19
"Keeping it safe" is the motto of this red-bereted group founded by Curtis Sliwa
    $1200 5
Seen here is the Sunflower Galaxy, a perfect example of this major type, named for its shape
    DD: $3,600 10
Harrison Ford played Jack Ryan in this film whose title comes from a legal test devised by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes
    $1600 27
The 5-mile perimeter of this sandstone rock in Australia is dotted with numerous shallow caves
    $1600 13
Let's play "The Glass Bead Game" & see if you can name this German 1946 Nobelist
    $1600 24
It's from the Yiddish for a luckless sap
    $1600 18
The scarlet & gold dress uniforms of these guardians of the Tower of London date back to 1552
    DD: $3,800 2
Galaxies are organized into hierarchical structures called these, containing 100s to 1,000s of galaxies each
    $2000 11
Marlene Dietrich is called as this, the title of a film based on a play by Agatha Christie
    $2000 23
The waves in Fingal's Cave in these inner Scottish islands inspired Felix Mendelssohn to write an overture
    $2000 14
Name this 1985 winner of the National Book Award for fiction--& speak up so I can hear you over the "White Noise"
    $2000 20
These awards honor "excellence on the Internet"
    $2000 17
In Arthurian legend this wounded monarch is the guardian of the Holy Grail
    $2000 3
The Milky Way is surrounded by a cloud of hot gas known by this angelic term

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Andrew Becky Ben
$21,200 $9,000 $4,800
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

The "N" in the I.N.R.I. written on the Christian cross refers to this place

Final scores:

Andrew Becky Ben
$24,200 $8,399 $9,600
5-day champion: $96,599 3rd place: $1,000 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Andrew Becky Ben
$19,200 $9,000 $10,000
21 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
10 R,
0 W
15 R,
3 W
(including 2 DDs)

Combined Coryat: $38,200

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Game tape date: 2015-03-03
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