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Sarah Boulding, a market research and intelligence senior coordinator from Rockledge, Florida

Brad Nehring, a copywriter from Federal Way, Washington

Will Anderson, a senior legislative aide originally from Atlanta, Georgia (whose 2-day cash winnings total $23,199)

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Jeopardy! Round

3 "E"s
    $200 6
This Russian word for "grandmother" has come to mean a headscarf
    $200 1
He monitors behavior of released felons in Oklahoma or Florida
    $200 5
Here's the church, here's this tall pointed tower on top
    $200 20
The tomb of Saladin is in this Syrian capital
    $200 4
In 2001 Shakira won a Grammy for an album from this acoustic MTV show
    $200 2
In Portsmouth you can see the Mary Rose, a favorite of this king until it sank in 1545; it was raised in 1982
    $400 7
The name of this piece of headwear comes from the French for "tuft of hair"
    $400 10
She estimates market value of homes in Milwaukee so as to set taxes
    $400 14
Your accountant would be quite familiar with one of these
    $400 28
Afghanistan's capital since 1776, of all years, is this city whose sights include Babur's Gardens
    $400 15
A 2009 Shakira album was titled this, also a term for the creature that suckled Romulus & Remus
    $400 3
Go to & you can see a 17th century warship from this country
    $600 8
Oleg Cassini dressed Jackie for JFK's inauguration while Halston put this style of hat on her head
    $600 11
CM for short; runs daily operations in Dallas
    $600 19
The American Kennel Club offers certified ones listing a dog's ancestry for 4 or 5 generations
    $600 26
One night in this Asian city, go to Wat Traimit, a temple with a 5 1/2-ton solid gold Buddha statue
    $600 16
Shakira's hit "Hips Don't Lie" featured this musician who in 2010 announced that he wanted to be Haiti's president
    $600 27
A portion of the CSS Georgia, one of these "metallic" Civil War ships, was recovered in 2013 from a Georgia river
    $800 9
Boniface VIII is seen wearing this papal headgear, also a term for a princess's crown
    $800 12
Oversees the executive office of the president to help the big man make decisions
    $800 22
Considered a delicacy, it's the more pleasant-sounding name for the thymus or pancreas of an animal
    DD: $2,000 24
Enjoy the Van Gogh Museum & the Stock Exchange, founded in 1602 in this city... but don't stop for any red lights
    $800 17
This Latin dance & fitness craze ran a 2014 contest for best moves to Shakira's "Dare (La La La)", a favorite in its classes
    $800 30
In 1968 this rich eccentric teamed with the CIA to build the Glomar Explorer, which retrieved parts of a Soviet sub
    $1000 25
Philip Treacy made the hats with this name that tells you that they capture & hold your attention
    $1000 13
Chief lawman for the U.S. House; says, "Mr. Speaker, the President of the United States"
    $1000 23
14-letter word for someone from Florida, Georgia or South Carolina
    $1000 21
If you're heading to A.A.-- this world capital, of course!-- take pictures of the Jubilee Palace
    $1000 18
"Can't Remember To Forget You" was a 2014 hit for Shakira & this other single-named foreign-born star
    $1000 29
In 2000 the Russian sub Kursk was raised from the bottom of this Arctic sea bounded by Russia & Norway

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Will Brad Sarah
$4,200 $0 $1,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Will Brad Sarah
$5,600 $5,000 $3,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 9
"Don't send me back to the wretched place I came from. Have mercy", begs this title orphan to Mr. Brownlow
    $400 7
175 pounds is the maximum for professional boxers in this class
    $400 1
Niklas Hed, Kim Dikert & Jarno Vakevainen founded Rovio, best known for this game series
    $800 11
This 7-year-old orphan is kidnapped from the Swiss Alps & taken to Frankfurt
    $800 27
In December 1776 John Glover & his fishermen ferried Washington's forces across this river to victory
    $800 8
This oxymoronic dress code for the office can include neatly pressed tailored pieces but never gym clothes or bare midriffs
    $800 15
The arrectores pilorum muscles cause the quills to stand up on these creatures also called quill pigs
    $800 2
Linus Torvalds completed the earliest version of this computer operating system at age 21 at the Univ. of Helsinki
    $800 16
"A Guerra dos Tronos"
    $1200 10
"The Complete Wreck" is the collection of books 1-13 about the oft-in-distress Baudelaire kids by this author
    $1200 24
A slave, Quamino Dolly, led the British through swamps to attack the Colonists at the 1778 battle of this Ga. port
    $1200 20
Go to the Vital Records office of the county in which you were born to get an original one of these of your birth certificate
    $1200 4
The Cape fox is also called the this-eared fox after the flying creature it resembles
    $1200 3
Playing with Wayne Gretzky, "The Great One", on this '80s team, pesky Esa Tikkanen was "The Grate One"
    $1200 14
"Sterren op de Dansvloer"
    $1600 12
"Perhaps there aren't any grownups anywhere", says Ralph at the start of this 1954 novel
    $1600 25
This "Green Mountain Boy" was captured by the British in September 1775 & held prisoner for 2 years
    $1600 21
This literary genre matter-of-factly includes mythical elements in the narrative, as seen in the work of Isabel Allende
    DD: $1,500 5
This creature of the genus Hippocampus has a prehensile tail & a brood pouch
    $1600 23
He studied law in Helsinki before completing his first large-scale orchestral work, 1892's "Kullervo Symphony"
    $1600 17
"Raymonda imajo vsi radi"
    DD: $2,000 13
"Veruca Salt, the little brute, has just gone down the garbage chute", wrote this author
    $2000 26
(Kelly of the Clue Crew reads the clue from Valley Forge Nat'l Historical Park in Pennsylvania.) Soon after leaving Valley Forge, our troops proved themselves in this New Jersey battle, the last major northern battle of the war
    $2000 22
Henry Fox Talbot invented this oxymoronic photo-developing process in 1835
    $2000 6
Here's this lizard species, showing off its blue tongue
    $2000 19
A critic said this conductor made the L.A. Phil "the most intellectually lively orchestra in America"
    $2000 18
"Sangre Fresca"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Will Brad Sarah
$8,000 $15,900 $7,000

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Final Jeopardy! Round

This North American river first sailed by Europeans in 1534 is named for a man who was martyred in Rome in the 3rd century

Final scores:

Will Brad Sarah
$99 $16,001 $14,000
3rd place: $1,000 New champion: $16,001 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Will Brad Sarah
$8,000 $16,200 $7,000
18 R,
6 W
19 R
(including 2 DDs),
3 W
(including 1 DD)
11 R,
3 W

Combined Coryat: $31,200

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Game tape date: 2014-12-02
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