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Kim Taylor, a professor and scientist from Falls Church, Virginia

Noam Osband, a Ph.D. student in anthropology from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nirav Shah, an attorney from Brooklyn, New York (whose 1-day cash winnings total $20,500)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 14
Atomic weight is one stat for each of these, a substance that can't be decomposed to a simpler substance
    $200 2
This longtime Green Bay Packer is the only QB to throw more than 300 career interceptions
    $200 11
In one ad, 3 frogs with a possible drinking problem croaked out the name of this beer as they stole a case of the stuff
    $200 17
In the event of a car crash, the rapid expansion of nitrogen gas is used to inflate these emergency devices
    $200 25
Appropriately, Cincinnati is found on this river
    $200 1
Head to Moscow's Red Square to see this man on display in his mausoleum
    $400 18
Heavier objects have more this, the tendency of an object to resist a change in its state of motion
    $400 3
The 2009 French Open women's final ended with a whimper, Dinara Safina's seventh of these serving mistakes
    $400 12
A dog of this breed became famous for saying, "Yo quiero Taco Bell"
    $400 19
In an angioplasty, a balloon is inflated to clear a blocked one of these
    $400 27
In 1837 William Procter formed a business partnership in Cincinnati with this man, his brother-in-law
    $400 7
Despite being red, coats worn in this controversial English sport are called pinks after a tailor who invented them
    $600 20
Rhyming term for the response by animals when they encounter a threat
    $600 4
In 1968 Roberto de Vicenzo's signing of an incorrect scorecard knocked him from a playoff at this Augusta event
    $600 13
It's the 2-word catchphrase said to an apparently suicidal animated tuna who wanted to be put in a StarKist can
    DD: $1,000 23
Usually attached to an inflatable cuff, a sphygmomanometer measures this
    $600 28
What's now Cincinnati was part of this territory, the first possession of the United States
    $600 8
Colorful 1960s song heard here
    $800 21
Alkalis are strong these, which turn litmus paper from red to blue
    $800 5
Honus Wagner made 825 of these in his career, including 60 in 1905; good thing he hit .363 that year
    $800 15
In 2001 Tom Hanks' brother Jim began voicing Geoffrey, spokes-giraffe for this children's play store
    $800 24
This term for a small, inflatable boat dragged behind a yacht comes from the Hindi for "small boat"
    $800 29
Dr. Albert Sabin developed this vaccine at the University of Cincinnati medical school
    $800 9
It's the fort over which Francis Scott Key witnessed "the rockets' red glare"
    $1000 22
If it's not transparent, or even translucent, but quite impenetrable to light, it's this
    $1000 6
On "Reading to Succeed" night, this NBA home team's fans got a poster of a player in a "Woves" (not a "Wolves") jersey
    $1000 16
Boy, ah say, boy, this big Warner Bros. bird hawked for the Colonel & KFC; now go away, boy, ya bothah me!
    $1000 26
Also called puffers, these fish are known for their ability to inflate themselves for defensive purposes
    $1000 30
In 1990 a Cincinnati museum faced obscenity charges after exhibiting the work of this photographer
    $1000 10
The Red Sea was formed about 20 million years ago when this peninsula broke away from Africa

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Nirav Noam Kim
$4,200 $2,800 $600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Nirav Noam Kim
$7,800 $5,400 $3,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: We want you to name the character in common.)
    $400 1
The plight of the poor was shown in works like "Horrible" this city & "The Bitter Cry of Outcast" this city
    $400 10
Willem Dafoe in 1988,
Jim Caviezel in 2004
    $400 26
This "Pilgrim's Progress" author wrote his autobiography, "Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners", while in prison
    $400 16
Types of this shape include right, oblique & isosceles
    $400 21
The first Temple of Solomon was built from this wood of Lebanon
    $400 6
A tenant with a rental contract
    $800 2
Prominent feature of women in pre-Raphaelite paintings; model Lizzie Siddal's was said to have filled her coffin
    $800 11
Cate Blanchett in 1998,
Judi Dench in 1998
    $800 27
He departed from legal thrillers with "Bleachers", about the impending death of a high school football coach
    $800 17
A honeycomb is an example of a tessellation; these shapes fit together perfectly to cover a frame in the beehive
    $800 22
Socrates could warn you about turning "the fruit of righteousness" into this poisonous herb
    $800 7
Last name of the folk figure depicted here
    $1200 3
The Broadwood co. led the world in making these instruments & no, they didn't prudishly cover the legs
    $1200 12
Henry Fonda in 1939,
Raymond Massey in 1940
    DD: $7,000 28
In 2008 he tinkered & tailored with "A Most Wanted Man", his latest thriller
    DD: $1,500 18
Each side of this Virginia structure is 921 feet long; it's almost a mile in circumference
    $1200 23
Jacob took idols & hid them under this mighty tree where, we assume, little idols don't grow
    $1200 8
Style of chicken or other meat stewed in gravy with vegetables
    $1600 4
The year Her Majesty came to the throne, Birmingham & Manchester were first linked by this
    $1600 13
Robert Downey Jr. in 1992,
Eddie Izzard in 2001
    $1600 29
His "Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions" says, "Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee"
    $1600 19
Start counting sides: it's the shape seen here
    $1600 24
In Exodus, the Lord told Moses, not the 3 kings, to bring this gum resin that was used in embalming
    $1600 9
One who directs the work of laborers
    $2000 5
"The Great White Hand or the Tiger of Cawnpore" was one of many novels written about this 1857-58 uprising
    $2000 15
Philip Seymour Hoffman in 2005, Toby Jones in 2006
    $2000 30
He followed up "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" with "Children Are from Heaven"
    $2000 20
(Sarah of the Clue Crew shows an animation of conic sections on the monitor.) A cut parallel to the base of a cone gives us a circle; an angular cut above the base creates an ellipse; & an angular cut through the base makes this shape
    $2000 25
Absinthe lovers are forewarned in Amos about "Ye who turn judgment to" this bitter, aromatic plant
    $2000 14
In ancient times the Sanhedrin was made up of mostly people from this Jewish group

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Nirav Noam Kim
$16,000 $12,900 $24,800

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Final Jeopardy! Round

He was the only member of the Warren Commission who would later face would-be assassins himself

Final scores:

Nirav Noam Kim
$6,000 $25,799 $20,800
3rd place: $1,000 New champion: $25,799 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

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Coryat scores:

Nirav Noam Kim
$9,800 $12,600 $24,800
18 R
(including 2 DDs),
3 W
16 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
24 R,
2 W

Combined Coryat: $47,200

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Game tape date: 2009-08-11
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