Show #4768 - Wednesday, May 4, 2005

2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 2, game 16.

(Jimmy: We'll bring you great moments in sports history--ESPN style--today on Jeopardy!)
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Paul Gutowski, an alcohol and drug counselor from Rockford, Illinois

Bev Schwartzberg, an adult literacy program coordinator from Santa Barbara, California

Frank Spangenberg, a police lieutenant from Douglaston, New York

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Popular kinda guy.)
    $200 1
The Latins called Attila Flagellum Dei, which means this
    $200 2
Jeff Probst knows this group hit the top spot in 1982 with "Eye Of The Tiger"
    $200 3
Official population 1.3 billion
    $200 5
Evolution has given the giant panda this many digits on each hand, 2 more than most Disney characters
    $200 7
Nurses Week begins on May 6th & ends May 12th--appropriately, this woman's birthday
    $200 9
It occupies almost all of the British Isles except for the Republic of Ireland
    $400 10
In 451 Attila conquered, then abandoned, this town in Gaul where 961 years later a certain "maid" was born
    $400 17
They had 3 No. 1s, including "Blame It On The Rain"; too bad they never actually sang on any of them
    $400 4
Official population 921
    $400 26
Markings on teeth from a Ukraine site led anthropologists to believe humans first rode these 6,000 years ago
    $400 6
On Friendship Day, buy your bud a stuffed animal of this honey lover, the U.N.'s Friendship Ambassador
    $400 14
From the Latin for "the womb", it's where the embryo is nourished
    $600 11
In 441 Attila's forces razed Singidunum, on whose site this capital of Serbia & Montenegro was built
    $600 23
"Might As Well Face It", the video for this 1986 Robert Palmer hit was famed for its zombie-liked backup band of models
    $600 18
The biggest importer of oil
    $600 25
In a prophecy, Isaiah says a cow's calf will lie down with this animal's cub
    $600 21
This month was chosen for Grandparents Day to signify the autumn of life
    $600 8
In 1851 the National Era began publishing installments of this Stowe work
    DD: $800 12
At its peak, Attila the Hun's empire ranged from the Rhine River eastward to the Ural River & this sea
    $800 24
Christopher Cross hit No. 1 in 1981 with a song from this movie; it was the best that he could do
    $800 19
Produces more theatrical feature films every year than any other country
    $800 27
Unlike the common ones of these insects found in your kitchen, the Madagascan one may hiss when disturbed
    $800 22
Kiss-up alert: National Boss Day falls in this same month that clocks are set back an hour
    $800 15
He was Major League Baseball Commissioner from 1984 to 1989
    $1000 13
Attila appears under the name Etzel in this 13th c. German epic poem later adapted into a Wagner work
    $1000 30
Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler sang "The Ballad Of" these men in 1966 but a follow-up single, "The A-Team", fizzled
    $1000 20
Despite its larger resources, Brazil lost an 1820s war with Argentina that resulted in this new country between them
    $1000 28
The largest animal ever to fly, the quetzalcoatlus was one of these whose 9-letter name means "wing lizard"
    $1000 29
In 1939 this publisher, editor & politician gave Citizenship Day prominence through his newspapers
    $1000 16
Soldiers awarded the medal of honor are said to have exhibited this kind of "valor"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Frank Bev Paul
$600 $1,400 $1,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Frank Bev Paul
$4,600 $2,600 $2,600

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 1
The venture aims to preseve our literary heritage; No. 1 in the series contains this author's "Omoo", "Typee" & "Mardi"
    $400 23
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports.) December 31st, 1967:
On the frozen tundra of Lambeau field, Bart Starr sneaks the winning touchdown to lead this team over Dallas, 21-17
    $400 25
In 1610, while serving as court mathematician for the Grand Duke of Tuscany, he first observed the rings of Saturn
    $400 12
Peter Coyote was in "E.T.", this deputy defense secretary was nominated to head the World Bank
    $400 7
Henry Fuseli's painting of this Shakespeare character might give the Louvre-goer a fright
    $400 17
Hollywood's superficial glamour gave it this nickname
    $800 2
David Halberstam & Stanley Karnow are represented in a collection of reportage of this event
    $800 22
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports.) March 2, 1962, the NBA:
It's slamtastic as his dipper dunk brings him to 100 points on the night
    DD: $3,000 26
He developed the 3rd of his laws of planetary motion while serving as provincial mathematician in Linz, Austria
    $800 13
Of people named this, it wasn't Dean or Bessie but Ian who led Rhodesia
    $800 8
He painted the work known around the Louvre as "La Joconde"
    $800 18
Medical condition of persistent noise in the ear
    $1200 3
He gets 7 volumes, including "The Gilded Age and Later Novels"
    $1200 4
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports.) June 19, 1946:
This heavyweight had warned Billy Conn "He can run but he can't hide"; eighth round, ooh!ouch! thhh--the running ceases
    $1200 27
In his 1573 work "De Nova Stella", this Dane wrote down his observation of his newly discovered star
    $1200 14
Pat Robertson's a minister; this man chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee
    $1200 9
Title of the Watteau work seen here, it's the French version of the Commedia dell'arte's Pedrolino
    $1200 19
A positive photograph made on a plate of sensitized metal
    $1600 5
"The Royal Family" & "You Can't Take It WIth You" are in a volume of plays credited to this man
"& Co."
    $1600 24
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports.) February 22, 1959:
So you say you can't go 135 mph in an Oldsmobile? Lee Petty did, winning the first running of this in Florida
    $1600 28
As assistant to her planet discoverer brother, she herself discovered 8 comets
    $1600 15
In 2003 Ernie Eves was premier of Ontario; in 1915 this Illinois native chaired the Intl. Congress of Women
    $1600 10
This man transferred 5,000 civil servants out of the Louvre & inaugurated the resulting new art wing in 1993
    $1600 20
This man's work, "Christ at the Sea of Galilee", is seen here
    $2000 6
Most of the series is collections, but this 1925 Dreiser novel has its own 972-page volume
    $2000 30
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports.) 1912:
Gustav V says, "Sir, you are the greatest athlete in the world"; His reply--"Thanks, King"
    $2000 29
In the 1850s this American stargazer visited the Vatican Observatory, which would only admit her by day
    $2000 16
One was a bandleader who worked with Gershwin; one joined the Supreme Court in 1970
    $2000 11
Since the 1600s the Louvre has owned the work seen here by Claude Gellée, also known as this, for his region of birth
    DD: $2,000 21
Coastal Cornish village said to be the birthplace of King Arthur

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Frank Bev Paul
$18,800 $5,800 $4,600
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Its original meaning was a resident of a certain wealthy city; now it means one who indulges in luxury

Final scores:

Frank Bev Paul
$25,800 $4,700 $9,197
Winner: $25,800 + $15,000 as a member of the Nifty Nine + an advance to UToC Round 3 3rd place: $10,000 2nd place: $10,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Frank Bev Paul
$16,600 $6,600 $6,600
18 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
17 R,
5 W
(including 1 DD)
15 R,
5 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $29,800

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Game tape date: 2005-03-30
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