Show #5567 - Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2008-B Teen Tournament semifinal game 2.

Ask Alex #4: Funniest thing.


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Jay Schrader, a junior from Lexington, Kentucky

Shelby Malone, a senior from Grayson, Kentucky

Bradley Silverman, a junior from Alpharetta, Georgia

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: These are metropolitan statistical areas as defined by the U.S. Census.)
    $200 16
A Texas MSA is Arlington, Dallas & this partner of Dallas
    $200 26
Pollution in Lake Springfield dooms the town in this film
    $200 1
The Magna Carta was approved near London at Runnymede; a small meadow on this river
    $200 6
The whine of this dental excavator is frightening as well as noisy
    $200 7
The special edition of this Guitar Hero competitor comes with guitar, mic & drum kit peripherals
    $200 21
Barbara Boxer,
Chuck Hagel,
George Voinovich
    $400 17
This state's MSAs include Harrisburg-Carlisle & Scranton-Wilkes-Barre
    $400 27
In this Jerry Seinfeld film, eating honey brings on a class action lawsuit
    $400 2
The introductory section of the Magna Carta is known as this, just like the intro to the U.S. Constitution
    $400 8
It seems like somebody turned the lowing of these animals on high
    $400 12
Accessories for this Nintendo game system include boxing gloves, a dancing mat & a balance board
    $400 22
    $600 18
You'll be Racine to your buzzers with the MSA Racine, in this state
    $600 28
Seen here is this movie about penguins who don't sing or dance
    $600 3
Fearing its limits on the clergy, this man officially annulled the document after a few months
    $600 9
A New Jersey motorcycle rally is rhymingly called this "to the Shore"
    $600 13
Use a device that creates doors in the unlikeliest of places in this futuristic game from Valve
    $600 23
Thyme, crime, dime, grime, lime, mime, slime
    $800 19
Ogden & this city grew almost 25% between 1990 & 2000
    $800 29
The sequel to this 2002 animated movie was subtitled "The Meltdown"
    $800 4
This English king was forced to agree to the Magna Carta after a group of Barons captured London
    $800 10
It's the "seismic" name of the stereo company that makes the Supernova subwoofer
    $800 14
The year is 1720 in the Sony Online Entertainment game named these swarthy types "of the Burning Sea"
    $800 24
The hay,
the road,
the nail right on the head
    DD: $1,000 20
These same-named Midwest cities in 2 neighboring states combine into one metro area with nearly 2 million people
    $1000 30
An evil stepmother is out to ruin not just Cinderella's storybook existence, but all fairy tales in this 2006 film
    $1000 5
In 1957 the ABA, this group, acknowledge the debt U.S. law owed the Magna Carta & erected a U.K. monument
    $1000 11
I called 703-417-8020 about noise at this facility named for Ronald Reagan, but couldn't hear the person talk
    $1000 15
MMORPGers rejoice & play the "Hyborian Adventures" of this swordsman created by Robert E. Howard
    $1000 25
Feathers from a chicken,
a violin (sometimes),

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Bradley Shelby Jay
$5,600 $400 -$400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Bradley Shelby Jay
$6,000 $3,800 $1,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: VOWELLESS FRUIT. We will give you the fruit without the vowels in it. You have to identify the fruit.)
    $400 2
Around 1325 B.C. this boy king was buried in a gold mask inside 4 coffins, one of which was made of gold
    $400 1
The Canadian version of this sport has 12 men on a side, & the field is 110 yards long
    $400 8
After a female ant mates & loses her wings, she becomes one of these
    $400 16
Wearing costumes on this day goes back to a medieval practice of dressing as angels & demons
    $400 17
His son Wolfgang Jr. was a pupil of Salieri
    $400 26
    $800 3
In 1542 this 50ish SWK (single white king) was looking for lucky wife No. 6
    $800 7
Dating back to Ancient Egypt, this sport, also called kegling, can keep you in the gutter
    $800 9
The "med" in the name medfly refers to this region where it can damage olive trees
    $800 22
Every spring Washington Square Park in NYC holds a fiesta for these "wiener dogs" & their owners
    $800 18
This Russian collaborated on "Swan Lake" with choreographer Marius Petipa
    $800 27
    $1200 4
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Mount Vernon.) This is where Washington planned for this 1781 battle, one of the most skillful military operations in history
    $1200 14
Taking its name from the French for "sled", this sport held its first international race in 1883
    $1200 12
This luxurious fabric of Asia is produced by the larva of the insect Bombyx mori
    $1200 23
This Christian holy day can occur as early as March 22 or as late as April 25
    $1200 19
After his "Rhapsody In Blue", this American composer gave us a "Second Rhapsody"
    $1200 28
    DD: $2,000 5
At age 70, this Athenian was put on trial for "not believing in the gods the state believes in"
    DD: $1,000 11
Originating in Persia, this sport gained popularity with British officers in India who liked horsing around
    $1600 13
One of Japan's most complex kites is the mukade-dako, formed of jointed sections to look like this insect
    $1600 24
Look for the Ancient Order of Hibernians in this parade that has marched up 5th Ave. every year since 1762
    $1600 20
Born in 1810, this pianist studied harmony at the Warsaw Conservatory
    $1600 29
    $2000 6
The only monarch representing a state in the National Statuary Hall represents this state
    $2000 10
In 1843 Norway held the first competition in the Nordic type of this winter sport
    $2000 15
Seen here on cotton, it can be a threat to crops in the southern United States
    $2000 25
Limerick Day, May 12, coincides with the birthday of this "Owl and the Pussy-cat" poet who popularized limericks
    $2000 21
First performed in Cairo, this Verdi opera was commissioned by the Khedive of Egypt
    $2000 30

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Bradley Shelby Jay
$13,200 $10,000 $11,400

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In a 1914 novel, as a boy he could "drop twenty feet at a stretch from limb to limb in rapid descent to the ground"

Final scores:

Bradley Shelby Jay
$22,801 $19,998 $22,800
Finalist 3rd place: $10,000 2nd place: $10,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Bradley Shelby Jay
$15,200 $10,600 $12,400
21 R,
3 W
(including 1 DD)
12 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
18 R,
6 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $38,200

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Game tape date: 2008-10-07
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