Show #3955 - Friday, November 9, 2001

2001 College Championship quarterfinal game 3.
From the campus at UCLA.


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Sam Weaver, a sophomore at Bradley University from Pleasanton, California

Susan Haarman, a sophomore at Marquette University from Louisville, Kentucky

Sara Dean, a junior at Syracuse University from Olney, Maryland

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: We want you to name the country in this category...)
    $100 1
He concludes Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" by saying, "God bless us, every one"
    $100 6
To compete with the Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft has the Xbox & this company has the GameCube
    $100 11
    $100 26
This stimulant is considered the most commonly consumed drug in the U.S.
    $100 16
Museum-hopping? You'll find the Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture on this Seattle school's campus
    $100 21
This 2-letter word is one of only 4 in the English language in which an F is pronounced like a V
    $200 2
The object of Quasimodo's affections, she was later executed for witchcraft
    $200 7
The game for this 2001 Disney under-the-sea animated feature has a multiplayer online mode
    $200 12
Quezon City
    $200 27
Because it acts as a bronchodilator, theophylline is used to treat emphysema, bronchitis & this chronic disease
    $200 17
In 1997 Jodie Foster received an honorary doctorate from this Connecticut university, her alma mater
    $200 22
Meaning "having imagined while asleep", it's one of the few English words that end with "MT"
    $300 3
This old charismatic vampire initiates Louis in "Interview with the Vampire"
    $300 8
"Exile", seen here, is the third installment in this top-selling series
    $300 13
    $300 28
In the mid-1990s the diet drug with this homophonic name dangerously paired an appetite suppressant & a stimulant
    $300 18
This Nashville school named for a commodore is famed for its Intelligent Robotics Lab
    $300 23
This day of the week is the only day with an anagram that's a real English word (it's "dynamo")
    DD: $500 4
It's the nickname of John Updike's Harry Angstrom
    $400 9
You like action? Hunt for this author's Red Storm games like "Rainbow Six" & "Ghost Recon"
    $400 14
    $400 29
Often used as rodent poison, this alkaloid has been used medicinally as a tonic & a stimulant
    $400 19
If you're walking around this Durham, North Carolina university, watch out for gargoyles like the one seen here
    $400 24
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew pans for gold along the banks of the river at Marshall Gold Discovery Park.) From the Latin for "outlook", he's often depicted as a grizzled man who searches for gold
    $500 5
(Sofia of the Clue Crew reports from Central Park.) From up here on Alice's mushroom, I can read lines from this poem that begins, "Twas brillig, and the slithy toves..."
    $500 10
Dr. Aki Ross, seen here, is from the 2001 film inspired by this game series
    $500 15
    $500 30
Also called adrenaline, this hormone is used to restore heart rhythm in cardiac arrest
    $500 20
To find out more about this East Coast university, check out the online version of its Encyclopedia Brunoniana
    $500 25
The shortest name of a scientific "-ology" is this one that means the study of eggs

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Sara Susan Sam
$1,200 $800 $300

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Sara Susan Sam
$2,600 $900 $200

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Each response is two words--each one being the other spelled backwards.)
    $200 9
The first stone for this Roman basilica was laid in 1506, following the plan of Italian architect Donato Bramante
    $200 21
Like the breathing organs of fish, some fungi have openings called these
    $200 26
Drew a chalk outline near the Roman Senate for this man in 44 B.C.; perps used knives
    $200 1
Of Kix, Trix & Crispix, this cereal maker makes 2
    $200 4
I'm crazy about dancing dinnerware, so "be my guest" at a performance of this Disney musical
    $200 14
A woodwind mouth part & a hoofed, ruminant mammal
    $400 10
The Louvre's sculpture of this Greek goddess of Samothrace is also called "Winged Victory"
    $400 22
This name is used to identify plants that consist of both algae & fungi
    $400 27
A real Greek tragedy: this future king of Thebes offed his old man & shacked up with his mom
    $400 2
Solids & stripes & dots, oh my! Willie Mosconi only sank 2 of the 3 in this game
    $400 5
Thou shalt not miss "Thou Shalt Not" because it features songs by this singer & pianist seen here
    $400 15
A heavenly body & long-tailed rodents
    DD: $1,000 11
The influence of Cubism on this artist is apparent in the work seen here
    $600 23
Buy them a beer! These fungi cause the fermentation that produces alcoholic beverages
    $600 28
This advisor to Czar Nicholas II was poisoned, shot & drowned in 1916; guess we can rule out suicide
    $600 3
Of 1001, 2001 & 3001, only 2 were odyssey years for this author's space tales
    $600 6
You might find "Me And Bobby McGee" at "Love, Janis", the Off-Broadway show about this '60s singer
    $600 16
A starchy, tuberous root & the month it can be planted
    $800 12
This painter married Diego Rivera in 1929, divorced him in 1939 & married him again in 1940
    $800 24
Tinea pedis is the technical name for this fungal sports malady
    $800 29
This mobster who developed Vegas was rubbed out in his girlfriend's mansion in 1947; forget it, Jake, it's Beverly Hills
    $800 19
Of Oscar, Tony & Grammy, Yul Brynner picked up 2 of the 3 in the 1950s for his role in this
    $800 7
"Let's Do The Time Warp" at this musical that does not--repeat, does not--have the word "Picture" in its title
    DD: $800 17
To arrange the video & audio of a film & the rise & fall of the ocean
    $1000 13
This society painter's "Portrait of Madame X" seen here caused such a scandal that he left Paris for London
    $1000 25
Fungi are distinguished from other plants by a lack of this green pigment
    $1000 30
Found this revolutionary in a bloody bathtub in 1793 France; had to get a painter to recreate the crime scene
    $1000 20
Of furniture, handicrafts & babies, this Quaker offshoot led by Ann Lee makes only 2 of the 3
    $1000 8
I could see this long-running musical over & over because I'm nuts about the song "Seasons Of Love"
    $1000 18
The Greek god of love & having aches & pains

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Sara Susan Sam
$10,600 $3,700 $400
(lock game)

Final Jeopardy! Round

Of the 4 state capitals named for U.S. presidents, it's the one that's farthest south

Final scores:

Sara Susan Sam
$8,100 $0 $800
Automatic semifinalist 3rd place: $2,500 if eliminated 2nd place: $2,500 if eliminated

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Sara Susan Sam
$10,500 $4,700 $400
23 R
(including 2 DDs),
1 W
17 R,
6 W
(including 1 DD)
7 R,
4 W

Combined Coryat: $15,600

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Game tape date: 2001-10-06
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