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#8488, aired 2021-10-13THE SABBATH $400: Exodus 35:3 bans doing this on the Sabbath, hence the Jewish dish cholent which can go on the stove Friday & cook until Saturday lunch lighting a fire
#8485, aired 2021-10-08PARDON MY FRENCHMAN $400: President Émile Loubet pardoned this wrongly accused Jewish military officer in September 1899 (Alfred) Dreyfus
#8483, aired 2021-10-061800s U.S. HISTORY $600: In 1852 9 representatives of Jewish charities founded this New York City hospital with a biblical name Mount Sinai
#8467, aired 2021-09-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Bob Hope famously quipped, "The Academy Awards, or as it's known at my house," this Jewish holiday Passover
#8446, aired 2021-07-19A VISIT TO PRAGUE $2000: The final resting place of this writer who died in 1924 is in Prague's New Jewish Cemetery Kafka
#8437, aired 2021-07-06ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME NICKNAMES $1600: This "Solitary Man" who's rocked many a jumpsuit is also known as "The Jewish Elvis" Neil Diamond
#8417, aired 2021-06-08KEEP THE FAITH $1200: In 2021 this Jewish holiday begins at sunset on November 28 & ends at nightfall on December 6 Hanukkah (Chanukkah)
#8416, aired 2021-06-07-ISMs $4,000 (Daily Double): (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from outside the Great Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary.) The Jewish Museum in Budapest, which is part of the Great Synagogue Complex, is built on the site of the house where Theodore Herzl, father of this movement, was born in 1860 Zionism
#8415, aired 2021-06-04WORKING WITH CLAY $1600: In Jewish folklore, a rabbi marks emet, Hebrew for "truth", on the forehead of this creature made of clay the Golem
#8414, aired 2021-06-03STARTS & ENDS WITH "H" $1600: A "commitment to the land, the people, and the future of Israel" is the mission of this organization of Jewish women Hadassah
#8358, aired 2021-03-17EUROPE $3,000 (Daily Double): A red shield on the door of an ancestral home in Europe gave this Jewish banking family its name the Rothschilds
#8335, aired 2021-02-12IN CONCERT $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg, Germany.) The field where the Nazis once rallied became a sports & music venue; when this Jewish-American performer played here in 1978, he was told, "80,000 Germans turned their back to Hitler & their faces to you" Bob Dylan
#8333, aired 2021-02-103-NAMED AUTHORS $2000: This Yentl creator's "Shadows on the Hudson" is about Jewish refugees in the aftermath of World War II Isaac Bashevis Singer
#8328, aired 2021-02-03"UN"-TERTAINMENT $1600: A young Jewish woman flees her ultra-conservative religious group in this Netflix miniseries Unorthodox
#8328, aired 2021-02-03THERE'S A WORD FOR THAT $1,500 (Daily Double): Someone who takes blame for others, from an ancient Jewish ceremony a scapegoat
#8327, aired 2021-02-02THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE $4,000 (Daily Double): This "C" in the ABC Islands of the Caribbean has the oldest continuously inhabited Jewish community in the Americas Curaçao
#8297, aired 2020-12-08GEOGRAPHIC FOURS $200: Jewish, Muslim, Christian & Armenian are the 4 quarters of the "Old" part of this city Jerusalem
#8283, aired 2020-11-18WORRY LINES $2000: In this compilation of teachings, the Jewish sage Hillel said, "The more possessions, the more worry" the Talmud
#8280, aired 2020-11-13BREAD $200: The perfect foil for corned beef or pastrami at a Jewish deli is this bread traditionally made with caraway seeds rye bread
#8271, aired 2020-11-02FAILURE TO LUNCH $800: I told you lunch wasn't happening because it's this Jewish day of atonement & I'm fasting Yom Kippur
#8271, aired 2020-11-02ONCE-POPULAR FIRST NAMES $400: Jewish immigrant parents favored names that sounded more American like this one of Kubrick & Kramer Stanley
#8258, aired 2020-10-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Exodus 12 tells the story of this Jewish holiday Passover
#8256, aired 2020-10-12THEIR BAR OR BAT MITZVAH $200: Brooklyn's Kingsway Jewish Center is where this future politician & Vermonter was bar mitzvahed in 1954 Bernie Sanders
#8249, aired 2020-10-01NEW TO THE OED $1000: This 5-letter type of kosher, for food prepared strictly in accordance with Jewish dietary law glatt
#8245, aired 2020-09-25PLAYS $1600: This Wendy Wasserstein play focuses on 3 Jewish siblings: Sara, Gorgeous & Pfeni The Sisters Rosensweig
#8241, aired 2020-09-21THE NATIONAL JEWISH BOOK AWARD FOR FICTION $400: 2017 winner David Grossman's "A Horse Walks Into a Bar" follows one of these funny folks losing it onstage a comedian
#8241, aired 2020-09-21THE NATIONAL JEWISH BOOK AWARD FOR FICTION $800: An immigrant is the hero of the title tale of a Mark Helprin collection, this "Island" in New York Bay Ellis Island
#8241, aired 2020-09-21THE NATIONAL JEWISH BOOK AWARD FOR FICTION $1200: 1995 winner "Mazel" takes its title from the word for luck in this language written in Hebrew letters Yiddish
#8241, aired 2020-09-21THE NATIONAL JEWISH BOOK AWARD FOR FICTION $1600: A towering story of biblical proportions, this author's "Exodus" won for 1959 (Leon) Uris
#8241, aired 2020-09-21THE NATIONAL JEWISH BOOK AWARD FOR FICTION $2000: 1950 winner "The Wall" by John Hersey is about an escape from the ghetto of 400,000 Jews set up by the Nazis in this capital Warsaw
#8237, aired 2020-09-15TV SHOWS BY EPISODES $1200: "A Jewish Girl Walks into the Apollo...", "It's Comedy or Cabbage" The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
#8236, aired 2020-09-14GOOD "P.R." $2000: This author who explored Jewish life in books like "Portnoy's Complaint" died in 2018 at age 85 Philip Roth
#8229, aired 2020-06-04SUMMER READING $400: During WWII, a Jewish girl protects an escaped P.O.W. in Bette Greene's Y.A. novel "Summer of My" this nationality "Soldier" German
#8219, aired 2020-05-21"YE" OLD $1000: This word for a type of Jewish school entered English in the 1600s a yeshiva
#8213, aired 2020-04-291917 $2000: Named for a British foreign minister, this declaration said the British government supported a Jewish homeland in Palestine the Balfour Declaration
#8203, aired 2020-04-15SCHOLARSHIP $1200: John Dominic Crossan wrote the controversial book "The Historical" him: "The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant" Jesus
#8200, aired 2020-04-10OLD DEUTERONOMY $800: Deuteronomy is the last book in this important Jewish tome the Torah
#8200, aired 2020-04-10OLD DEUTERONOMY $1000: In a Jewish tradition, a scroll called a mezuzah is inscribed with Deuteronomy verses & fixed to this part of the home the doorway
#8198, aired 2020-04-08TO THE POWER OF 10 $2000: Fasting on the tenth of Tevet, the tenth month of the Jewish calendar, is done in memory of the siege of this city by Nebuchadnezzar Jerusalem
#8195, aired 2020-04-03SHOOTING THE GODFATHER MOVIES $2000: As Jewish mobster Hyman Roth, this pioneer of method acting is shot at an airport in "The Godfather Part II" Lee Strasberg
#8180, aired 2020-03-131940s LITERATURE $1600: Her 1948 novel "Peony" told the story of a Jewish family living in China in the 1800s Pearl Buck
#8170, aired 2020-02-28MONSTERS INK $1600: "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay" mentions one of these Jewish automatons made of clay a golem
#8164, aired 2020-02-20HISTORY TIMELINE $2000: In 73 A.D., during a siege of this fortress, Jewish Zealots took their own lives rather than be captured by the Romans Masada
#8161, aired 2020-02-17ENTERTAINMENT $1600: A resort area in the Catskills where many Jewish entertainers got their start had this alliterative nickname the Borscht Belt
#8157, aired 2020-02-11I WRITE A SYMPHONY $1200: Leonard Bernstein's Symphony No. 3 is named for this Jewish prayer for the dead & uses its words Kaddish
#8147, aired 2020-01-28RUSSIAN ART & CULTURE $1200: Before leaving Russia in 1922, he designed some decorative panels for the Jewish Chamber Theatre in Moscow Chagall
#1, aired 2020-01-07BEFORE, DURING & AFTER $1600: Tootie, Blair, Jo & Natalie show up in the third "Hitchhiker's Guide" book with boiled & baked Jewish rolls with all the fixins The Facts of Life, the Universe and Everything bagel
#8130, aired 2020-01-03CALENDARS $800: I'm confused! This calendar had Adar Sheni, its leap month, in 2019, not 2020 Hebrew (Jewish)
#8118, aired 2019-12-18THE SPORTING LIFE $200: Putting faith above all else, Sandy Koufax didn't pitch game 1 of the 1965 World Series, as it fell on this Jewish day of atonement Yom Kippur
#8077, aired 2019-10-22BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS $1000: A giant of 19th century politics as well as a novelist, he was the first man of Jewish ancestry to be prime minister Disraeli
#8067, aired 2019-10-081890s LITERATURE $2000: Dubbed "The Jewish Mark Twain" for his poignant tales, this author published "Tevye the Dairyman" in 1894 Sholem Aleichem
#8045, aired 2019-07-26ON THIS DAY: JULY 26 $800: On July 26, 1858 Baron Lionel de Rothschild took his seat as the first Jewish member of this government body British Parliament
#8042, aired 2019-07-23BRITISH LITERATURE $1000: Set in the 12th c. Middle East, "The Wondrous Tale of Alroy" is a novel about a Jewish conqueror by this author/politician Disraeli
#8041, aired 2019-07-22FOR WEDDINGS $800: It's the canopy under which the bride & groom can stand during a Jewish wedding ceremony a chuppah
#8029, aired 2019-07-04FLOATING HOLIDAYS $2000: Build the booths that give this Jewish holiday its name before Tishrei 15, the date the holiday begins Sukkot
#7998, aired 2019-05-22JOLLY HOLIDAY $800: It is customary to twirl graggers, special noisemakers, every time Haman's name is mentioned during the story of this Jewish festival Purim
#7983, aired 2019-05-01BEFORE & AFTER $400: Nature Valley Crunchy Oats 'N Honey Snack that's a rite of passage for a Jewish 13-year-old granola bar mitzvah
#7975, aired 2019-04-19"Z"-POURRI $1600: Theodor Herzl was a leader of this Jewish political movement that sought to establish the state of Israel Zionism
#7971, aired 2019-04-15ITALIAN, STRESSING $7,200 (Daily Double): This physicist had a Jewish wife, Laura; when Fascist Italy adopted policies of Nazi Germany, it was time to leave (Enrico) Fermi
#7968, aired 2019-04-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Making a cake for this Jewish holiday? You can't use flour (or any leavening agent) Passover
#7963, aired 2019-04-03DUMPLINGS BY ANY OTHER NAME $800: Knaidlach are matzo balls & these similarly named items are Jewish noodle dumplings kreplach
#7944, aired 2019-03-07THIS & THAT $600: This ceremony, AKA brit milah or bris, usually occurs on the eighth day of a Jewish boy's life circumcision
#7934, aired 2019-02-21BRITISH LITERATURE $400: "Love is blind", sighs Jessica, a nice Jewish girl in this Shakespeare play The Merchant of Venice
#7930, aired 2019-02-15LIQUIDS $1600: Defending the fortress of Jotapata, Jewish leader Josephus poured this hot stuff on the Romans boiling oil
#7925, aired 2019-02-08THE NEW JERSEY HALL OF FAME $400: This ex-"Daily Show" host "was born in New York City but...was raised in N.J., part of the great Jewish emigration of 1963" Jon Stewart
#7923, aired 2019-02-06WOMEN OF THE BIBLE $1200: This festival honors Esther, a Jewish queen of Persia who saved Jews from the plotting of the evil Haman Purim
#7920, aired 2019-02-01RELIGIOUS LITERATURE $2000: In Chaim Potok's "My Name is Asher Lev" an artist tries to balance life in this pious Jewish movement with his imagination Hasidic Judaism
#7909, aired 2019-01-17BIBLICAL FILMS $2000: Jewish leader Moses in "Exodus: Gods and Kings" was played by this actor with a different faith-based first name Christian Bale
#7905, aired 2019-01-11ADJECTIVES $400: Describing food fit to be eaten according to Jewish law, it can also mean on the up-&-up kosher
#7903, aired 2019-01-09HISTORY $600: Egypt & Syria launched a war against Israel on October 6, 1973, which was this Jewish holy day Yom Kippur
#7900, aired 2019-01-042019 HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: In 2019 this 8-day Jewish observance begins on the night of December 22 Hanukkah
#7897, aired 2019-01-01WORLD HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): Paris' Museum of Jewish Art & History has the stripes that were unjustly pulled off the uniform of this capt. in 1895 Alfred Dreyfus
#7895, aired 2018-12-28APOCALYPSE THEN $800: The book "Against the Apocalypse" is about the Jewish response to catastrophes like these mob attacks in czarist Russia pogroms
#7888, aired 2018-12-19THE FAB 4 $400: There are 4 cups of wine & 4 questions at the seder celebrating this Jewish holiday Passover
#7841, aired 2018-10-15I'M GONNA PRAY ON THIS $200: If you're alone for minchah, the Jewish afternoon prayer, make sure you're facing this city as you confer with the Almighty Jerusalem
#7836, aired 2018-10-08THIS IS "EZ" $1000: Containing a small scroll, it's put on door frames in Jewish homes a mezuzah
#7833, aired 2018-10-03NEW ENGLAND $800: Built in 1763 & still active, Touro Synagogue in this Rhode Island resort city is America's oldest Jewish house of worship Newport
#7810, aired 2018-07-20FAMOUS JEWISH AMERICANS $400: "Rosie" Rosenthal was a decorated WWII aviator & part of the legal team that prosecuted Nazis in this city Nuremberg
#7810, aired 2018-07-20FAMOUS JEWISH AMERICANS $800: Later active in New York City government, on September 8, 1945, Bess Myerson became the first & so far only Jewish holder of this title Miss America
#7810, aired 2018-07-20FAMOUS JEWISH AMERICANS $1200: This scientist became an American citizen in 1940 but also retained his Swiss citizenship Einstein
#7810, aired 2018-07-20FAMOUS JEWISH AMERICANS $1600: A campaigner for immigrant rights, she penned a poem that is on a plaque at the Statue of Liberty (Emma) Lazarus
#7810, aired 2018-07-20FAMOUS JEWISH AMERICANS $2000: This early 20th c. Supreme Court justice got his name on the USA's only nonsectarian Jewish-sponsored university (Louis) Brandeis
#7790, aired 2018-06-22SURNAMES $800: A common Jewish surname, it's German for "black" Schwarz
#7785, aired 2018-06-15EDIBLE BEFORE & AFTER $1600: Jewish soup dumpling also called a knaidel that's the title of Jim Bouton's baseball memoir matzo Ball Four
#7780, aired 2018-06-08THIS CATEGORY WILL BLOW YOU AWAY $600: Usually made from a ram's horn, it's traditionally blown during the Jewish high holiday of Rosh Hashanah a shofar
#7739, aired 2018-04-12BROADWAY MUSICALS $1200: This musical set in the Jewish village of Anatevka was inspired by stories of Tevye & his daughters Fiddler on the Roof
#7736, aired 2018-04-09WOMEN IN THE BIBLE $1600: This heroine of the Purim story is depicted in a 1684 work also called "The Jewish Bride" Esther
#7731, aired 2018-04-02WORDS & THEIR MEANINGS $800: Hebrew for "study" gives us the name of this collection of Jewish laws & commentary on the Torah the Talmud
#7722, aired 2018-03-20GEEK CONFUSION $800: Metatron is an archangel of Jewish myth; this Transformers bad guy could be turned into a toy gun Megatron
#7678, aired 2018-01-17IN THE "D" TALES $2000: In this novel by George Eliot, the title character discovers that he is Jewish Daniel Deronda
#7671, aired 2018-01-08THE SPANISH INQUISITION $400: In 1478 Sixtus IV named inquisitors to deal with Marranos, people who were formerly of this faith Jewish
#7671, aired 2018-01-08WOMEN'S FIRSTS $400: In the 1930s, Regina Jonas became the first woman officially ordained this & was a chaplain in Berlin's Jewish hospital a rabbi
#7652, aired 2017-12-12GOOD CAUSES $1000: Supporting the global Jewish community & championing human rights, it's BBI for short B'nai B'rith
#7648, aired 2017-12-06FOR IT IS A FACT $800: The year 3031 won't have this Jewish holiday; it'll start Jan. 1, 3032 Hanukkah
#7613, aired 2017-10-18BOOK-POURRI $1000: Saul Bellow's "Adventures of" this character follows a poor Jewish kid growing up in Chicago in the Depression Augie March
#7597, aired 2017-09-26MISREMEMBERED HARRY POTTER BOOK TITLES $600: "Harry Potter & the Deathly" these braided breads for the Jewish Sabbath challahs
#7587, aired 2017-09-12MULTIPLE ROLES, SAME FILM $1,200 (Daily Double): In 1940's "The Great Dictator", this comedian played a Jewish barber & a takeoff of Hitler named Adenoid Hynkel Charlie Chaplin
#7572, aired 2017-07-11WHEN THE WALLS FELL $2000: In the first century 1,000 defenders of this Jewish fortress held off 15,000 Romans for months Masada
#7556, aired 2017-06-19THE OLD PART OF TOWN $400: Jerusalem's Old City is divided into quarters: Armenian, Jewish, Muslim & this Christian
#7551, aired 2017-06-12THE PLAYS OF JEAN RACINE $1600: Louis XIV was costumer & usher for the Racine play about this Jewish wife of a Persian king Esther
#7483, aired 2017-03-08MUSIC SOOTHES $1000: The song heard here at a Jewish wedding reception means that it's time for this Israeli round dance the hora
#7477, aired 2017-02-28ANCIENT BATTLES $400: In 66 A.D. victory by Jewish forces over a Roman army at Beth-Horon led to a brief liberation of this capital city Jerusalem
#7458, aired 2017-02-01ANNUAL EVENTS $1000: The story of the Jewish holiday Purim is told in the Biblical book of her Esther
#7442, aired 2017-01-10WOMEN POETS $3,000 (Daily Double): "In Exile" & "In the Jewish Synagogue at Newport" are 2 other poems by this woman who was put on a pedestal in N.Y. Emma Lazarus
#7421, aired 2016-12-12LANDMARKS $3,000 (Daily Double): A place of prayer for Jewish people, it's all that remains of the Second Temple of Jerusalem the Western Wall
#7412, aired 2016-11-29OSCAR-WINNING SHORTS $1600: Actor & art collector Vincent Price narrated the 1963 Oscar-winning short about this Vitebsk-born Jewish painter Marc Chagall
#7404, aired 2016-11-17ANNUAL EVENTS $600: If you're fasting on the 10th day of Tishri, you're observing this Jewish holiday Yom Kippur
#7399, aired 2016-11-10GOOEY CENTERS $1000: Stuffed with cheese, these Jewish pancakes have been sauteed to a golden brown blintzes
#7388, aired 2016-10-26THE KIDS ARE OFF TO COLLEGE $800: One kid is training to be a rabbi at this type of orthodox Jewish college, from the Hebrew for "sitting" a yeshiva
#7348, aired 2016-07-20JEWISH HISTORY $800: In 1909 near the Sea of Galilee, European Jewish immigrants built Degania, the first of these collective farming villages a kibbutz
#7348, aired 2016-07-20JEWISH HISTORY $1200: In the early 700s a "Golden Age" of Jewish life in what's now this European country began with the Muslim conquest Spain
#7348, aired 2016-07-20JEWISH HISTORY $1600: During the Civil War this lawyer from Louisiana served as attorney general & sec. of state for the Confederacy Judah P. Benjamin
#7348, aired 2016-07-20JEWISH HISTORY $2000: The Baal Shem Tov was the 18th century founder of this movement known for wearing black hats the Hasidic movement
#7343, aired 2016-07-13PETER THE NOT GREAT $800: Peter! This Jewish dish of ground whitefish mixed with eggs & matzo meal... how on earth do you burn it?! gefilte fish
#7311, aired 2016-05-30RELIGIOUS TITLES $800: In John 6:25 Jesus' disciples refer to him by this Jewish title rabbi
#7303, aired 2016-05-18LOUIS, LOUIS $1000: Appointed in 1916, he became the first Jewish Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis
#7295, aired 2016-05-06QUEENS $1200: According to Jewish & Islamic traditions, she was the monarch of an ancient kingdom believed to be in Ethiopia or Yemen the Queen of Sheba
#7272, aired 2016-04-05A LITERARY MARY $2000: Mary Jane Reed submerges herself into this Philip Roth character's Jewish identity to reap some missing family love (Alexander) Portnoy
#7263, aired 2016-03-23OLD TESTAMENT PEEPS $400: Esther was the Jewish wife of the King of this land & saved the Jews there from annihilation Persia
#7263, aired 2016-03-23SINGING $800: This chief singer of the liturgy in Jewish worship is also known as a hazzan cantor
#7252, aired 2016-03-08OF "THY" I SING $1200: Paul addressed 2 of his epistles to this friend born in Asia Minor to a Jewish mother & a Greek father Timothy
#7240, aired 2016-02-19PHILOSOPHY $2000: He was excommunicated by the Amsterdam Jewish community in 1656 for his freethinking ways Spinoza
#7236, aired 2016-02-15RACE $1000: (Stephan James delivers the last clue.) Due to the climate of Hitler's Germany, USA's Jewish runners were pulled from this 4-man event; Ralph Metcalfe & a reluctant Owens stepped in, giving Jesse his historic 4th gold medal the 4 × 100 meter relay (the 400 meter relay accepted)
#7215, aired 2016-01-15HOLY HOUSES $800: Consecrated in 1845, the Hobart synagogue in this island state is Australia's oldest surviving Jewish house of worship Tasmania
#7207, aired 2016-01-05BARONS & BARONESSES $1000: In 1885 Nathan of this banking family became the first Jewish member of Britain's House of Lords Rothschild
#7205, aired 2016-01-01A NEW YEAR'S BABY $1200: This Detroit Tiger, baseball's first Jewish superstar, first came to the plate Jan. 1, 1911 Hank Greenberg
#7191, aired 2015-12-14"Y"? BECAUSE WE LIKE YOU $1200: A Jewish skullcap a yarmulke
#7187, aired 2015-12-08CELEBRITY ALMA MATERS $2000: (I'm Debra Messing.) I graduated summa cum laude from this Massachusetts university that's named for the first Jewish Supreme Court justice Brandeis
#7146, aired 2015-10-12NOVELS OF WORLD WAR II $1600: His 1961 novel "Mila 18" tells of the 1943 Jewish uprising in the Warsaw ghetto Leon Uris
#7130, aired 2015-09-18THE OED SAYS... $400: It's "a title of respect given" especially "to a Jewish scholar or teacher" rabbi
#7127, aired 2015-09-15GIVE $800: The first kibbutz was founded in 1909 with help from the JNF, this "Fund" known for its blue charity boxes the Jewish National Fund
#7110, aired 2015-07-10MIDDLE EASTERN CAPITALS $800: Its Old City is divided into Jewish, Armenian, Christian & Muslim Quarters Jerusalem
#7093, aired 2015-06-17"TMI" $600: Celebration for a 12-year-old Jewish girl a bat mitzvah
#7092, aired 2015-06-16BRITISH HISTORY $2000: He was PM from 1902 to 1905; later, a declaration supporting a Jewish homeland in Palestine was named for him (Arthur James) Balfour
#7066, aired 2015-05-11SMASH BROADWAY MUSICALS $1,000 (Daily Double): It's set in the Jewish village of Anatevka in 1905 Fiddler on the Roof
#7054, aired 2015-04-23THE CALENDAR $1600: The Jewish year periodically has not a leap day but a leap month & this dress-up holiday moves from Adar to Adar Bet Purim
#7042, aired 2015-04-07TIME TO "GO" $800: This figure of Jewish folklore is super strong & follows commands exactly the golem
#7038, aired 2015-04-01NICKNAMES $800: Many Jewish comedians got their start performing in the Catskills region with this soupy 2-word nickname the Borscht Belt
#7012, aired 2015-02-24RELIGION $1600: Daf Yomi is the reading of a page a day from this collection of Jewish law that includes the Mishnah the Talmud
#6998, aired 2015-02-04SOLVE THE MYSTERY TITLE $1200: Michael Chabon: "The ____ Policeman's Union" (oy!) Yiddish
#6950, aired 2014-11-28THE BIBLE $1000: The Jewish scriptures are the Ketuvim, or "writings"; Nevi'im, or "prophets"; & this, meaning "law" the Torah
#6940, aired 2014-11-14NOT A POP GROUP, YET A POP GROUP $600: Scone or Rosetta; a Jewish house of worship; Chuck Yeager & the Red Baron Stone Temple Pilots
#6934, aired 2014-11-06THE EARLY A.D.'S $2000: The last remnant of Jewish rule in ancient Palestine, this fortress was taken after a bitter siege Masada
#6929, aired 2014-10-30LET ME BE PERFECTLY FRANK $600: He was the subject of a book subtitled "The Story of America's Only Left-Handed, Gay, Jewish Congressman" Barney Frank
#6926, aired 2014-10-27ADD A LETTER $800: An ordained Jewish teacher becomes a member of the family Leporidae when it's "T" time rabbi & rabbit
#6910, aired 2014-10-03HOLIDAY $400: The Kol Nidre, Aramaic for "all vows", is recited on the eve of this Jewish holy day Yom Kippur
#6898, aired 2014-09-17FOOD $600: Served in chicken soup, knaidel is another name for this Jewish favorite matzo ball
#6876, aired 2014-07-07TATER TOTS $1000: Tiny tubers want to grow up, join the deli & become this Jewish foodstuff, a mashed potato dumpling covered with a dough shell knish (kreplach accepted)
#6873, aired 2014-07-02WISE GUYS $1200: Hillel regularly whups Shammai in debate in this compilation of Jewish teachings, from Hebrew for "learning" the Talmud
#6852, aired 2014-06-03HOSPITALS $1600: A mural in the Harvey Morse auditorium of this L.A. medical center honors Jewish contributions to medicine Cedars-Sinai
#6848, aired 2014-05-28OOO, SORRY $200: This Jewish holiday concludes the 10 Days of Repentance Yom Kippur
#6842, aired 2014-05-20DOUBLE "K" WORDS $2000: A hut built for a Jewish holiday a sukkah
#6840, aired 2014-05-16B.C.-ING YOU $1200: The festival of Hanukkah commemorates this Jewish hero's restoration of the temple in Jerusalem Judah Macabee
#6836, aired 2014-05-12MAKE YOUR OWN SPY NOVEL TITLES $400: The + a Jewish holiday in which the story of Exodus is retold + a musical term for a gradual increase in volume The Passover Crescendo
#6802, aired 2014-03-2520th CENTURY PEOPLE $800: In 1964 this Russian-Jewish painter made a stained-glass window for New York's U.N. building Marc Chagall
#6792, aired 2014-03-11"R"ANDOM HOUSE DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS $200: "A Jewish scholar qualified to rule on questions of Jewish law" a rabbi
#6784, aired 2014-02-27CNN RELIGION $1600: The CNN series "God's Warriors" presented the Christian, Muslim & Jewish versions of this -ism that upholds the basics fundamentalism
#6766, aired 2014-02-03"S"ITIES $1200: Although this Bosnian capital is largely Muslim, it does have a Jewish museum housed in the old synagogue Sarajevo
#6744, aired 2014-01-02WORD ORIGINS $1600: This type of fish is not a separate species but a Jewish delicacy whose name is Yiddish for "stuffed fish" gefilte fish
#6731, aired 2013-12-16BITTER $400: Maror is Hebrew for the bitter herb eaten at the Seder meal on this Jewish holiday Passover
#6722, aired 2013-12-03HOLY DAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: It's the Jewish day of atonement Yom Kippur
#6714, aired 2013-11-21"E-Z-A" $1200: A scroll in a case on the doorpost of a Jewish home a mezuzah
#6701, aired 2013-11-04PUP FICTION $1200: This Yiddish author wrote "Rabchik, a Jewish Dog", or as we like to call it, "Piddler on the Rug" Sholom Aleichem
#6682, aired 2013-10-08YOU MUST BE AT LEAST THIS OLD... $600: To be officially responsible for obeying Jewish commandments (bar mitzvah) 13
#6649, aired 2013-07-11A "BAR"RAGE OF CLUES $1600: All 4 gospels mention this Jewish prisoner whom Pilate freed instead of Jesus Barabbas
#6641, aired 2013-07-01FAMILY PLANNING $2000: This banking family of German-Jewish descent helped the British buy part of the Suez Canal the Rothschilds
#6611, aired 2013-05-20RELIGIOUS LEADERS $1000: This great Jewish thinker aka Moses Ben Maimon is honored with a statue in his birthplace of Cordoba, Spain Maimonides
#6610, aired 2013-05-17BIBLICAL GEOGRAPHY $3,000 (Daily Double): (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a map on a monitor.) When conquered in 586 B.C., the Jewish people were resettled on the Kibar River, hundreds of miles from their home; hence the verse "by the rivers of" this place, "we wept when we remembered Zion" Babylon
#6606, aired 2013-05-13YOU DID BAD $600: Shame on me! this 5-letter word for self-reproach often follows "Jewish" or "Catholic" guilt
#6600, aired 2013-05-03FAMOUS AMERICANS $2000: As well as writing her own poems like "The New Colossus", she also translated the works of other Jewish poets (Emma) Lazarus
#6578, aired 2013-04-03APRIL $200: On April 14, 70 A.D., future emperor Titus laid siege to this Jewish capital Jerusalem
#6567, aired 2013-03-19BIBLICAL JEALOUSY $1200: Jewish leaders from Antioch persuaded the people to expel this apostle & Barnabas from the city Paul
#6544, aired 2013-02-14THE OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC 2013 $1200: Coming quite early, the first day of this Jewish holiday coincides with Thanksgiving Hanukkah
#6544, aired 2013-02-14GREAT BRITON $800: At 13, instead of being bar mitzvahed, this Jewish-born future prime minister was baptized in the Church of England Disraeli
#6534, aired 2013-01-31JEWISH STARS $400: Born in Jerusalem, she won the Oscar for best actress in 2011 & married her groom Benjamin in a Jewish ceremony in 2012 Natalie Portman
#6534, aired 2013-01-31JEWISH STARS $800: This Canadian "Take Care" rapper spun the Backstreet Boys at his bar mitzvah Drake
#6534, aired 2013-01-31JEWISH STARS $1200: This Israeli supermodel said she might consider using Jdate--"maybe if I'm still single when I'm 40" Bar Refaeli
#6534, aired 2013-01-31JEWISH STARS $1600: This American gymnast performed her 2012 Olympic gold medal-winning floor routine to "Hava Nagila" Aly Raisman
#6534, aired 2013-01-31JEWISH STARS $2000: Seen here in his more hirsute days, this one-named singer fuses orthodoxy and reggae Matisyahu
#6532, aired 2013-01-29FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES $400: This Jewish drinking toast means "to life" l'chaim
#6519, aired 2013-01-10CALL ME ISRAEL $2000: Israel ben Eliezer, better known as the Ba'al Shem Tov, founded this Orthodox Jewish movement in the 18th century Hasidism
#6513, aired 2013-01-02SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS $800: In 1843 Isaac Dittenhoefer became the first pres. of this Jewish club whose name means "children of the covenant" B'nai B'rith
#6510, aired 2012-12-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: "Sevivon, Sov, Sov, Sov", or "Dreidel, Spin, Spin, Spin", is traditionally sung during this Jewish holiday Hanukkah
#6503, aired 2012-12-19HISTORIC NAMES $400: An 1890s "affair" was named for this Jewish officer in the French Army, accused of selling secrets Dreyfus
#6492, aired 2012-12-04A BIT O' HONEY $600: It's traditional to eat apple slices dipped in honey on this holy day that rings in the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah
#6487, aired 2012-11-27ANCIENT JERUSALEM $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows us the model of ancient Jerusalem at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.) The red-roofed buildings are the residences of those on this Jewish supreme court; it also functioned as a legislature with Pharisees & Sadducees its two parties the Sanhedrin
#6484, aired 2012-11-22CEREMONIES $400: The name of this Jewish ceremony for boys of 13 means "son of the commandment" bar mitzvah
#6450, aired 2012-10-05YOU HAD ME AT SHALOM $1200: In 1909 Jewish immigrants from Europe founded this 2-word city, now Israel's chief financial center Tel Aviv
#6426, aired 2012-07-23WHO'S THE "MAN"? $400: Running with Al Gore in 2000, he was the first Jewish vice presidential candidate of a major political party (Joe) Lieberman
#6417, aired 2012-07-10RELIGIOUS MATTERS $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew walks through the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem.) Jesus retired here to the Garden of Gethsemane after the Last Supper, which according to the Gospel of Matthew was part of this Jewish festival Passover
#6397, aired 2012-06-12GOING POSTAL $800: In 2002 the stolen "Study for Over Vitebsk" by this Russian Jewish artist was found in a Topeka dead-mail sorting facility Marc Chagall
#6372, aired 2012-05-08A RELIGIOUS CATEGORY $800: The Jewish Sabbath enters with Kiddush, which includes a blessing over this beverage wine
#6333, aired 2012-03-14THE TEMPLE AT JERUSALEM $2000: From the Greek for "scatter", it's the term for Jewish migrations out of Palestine after the Second Temple fell the diaspora
#6331, aired 2012-03-12THE SPORTING LIFE $800: In 2011 this Brewers outfielder became the first Jewish Major League MVP since Sandy Koufax Ryan Braun
#6317, aired 2012-02-21NOT TO BE CONFUSED $1600: While arugula is a bitterish salad green, rugelach are Jewish these pastries
#6275, aired 2011-12-23STOP THAT RACKET! $800: A gragger is supposed to be used to make noise when the name of the villain Haman is read on this Jewish holiday Purim
#6268, aired 2011-12-14RELIGIOUS MATTERS $1000: Each year on the Jewish festival Simchat Torah, or "Torah rejoicing", the last part of this book of the Bible is read Deuteronomy
#6218, aired 2011-10-05THE JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS $200: One reference to Yom Kippur is found in Leviticus 23, which calls for a "day of" this atonement
#6218, aired 2011-10-05THE JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS $400: The Kol Nidre, an introductory prayer of Yom Kippur eve, is traditionally sung in this language of Jesus Aramaic
#6218, aired 2011-10-05THE JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS $600: Traditional Rosh Hashanah foods include this fruit, with the hope that one's merits increase in number to match its seeds the pomegranate
#6218, aired 2011-10-05THE JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS $800: Teruah, meant to sound like sobbing, is one type of blast on this, a ram's horn the shofar
#6218, aired 2011-10-05THE JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS $1000: In ancient times on Yom Kippur, a priest laid the sins of the people upon an animal, leading to this term scapegoat
#6202, aired 2011-07-26TOSSED SALAD $800: The number of righteous men in each generation according to Jewish legend, or the highest number in roulette 36
#6155, aired 2011-05-20I WANT MY "M-T-V" $800: A Jewish expression meaning congratulations mazel tov
#6150, aired 2011-05-13FRIDAY THE 13th $2000: On July 13, 1906 the French army reinstated this falsely convicted Jewish officer Dreyfus
#6103, aired 2011-03-09YAD VASHEM $400: (Alex delivers the clue from Yad Vashem, Israel.) At Yad Vashem, which is the Jewish people's living memorial to the holocaust, the monument to Jewish resistance fighters forms this national symbol the Star of David
#6091, aired 2011-02-21OLD BOOKS $800: This compilation of ancient Jewish teachings contains the Mishnah & the Gemara the Talmud
#6075, aired 2011-01-28THE SUPREME COURT $1200: Appointed by Woodrow Wilson, he was the Supreme Court's first Jewish justice (Louis) Brandeis
#6067, aired 2011-01-18THE CINEMA $800: A Jewish musician's skilled fingers help keep him alive in WWI Warsaw in this 2002 film The Pianist
#6047, aired 2010-12-21A HAT-EGORY $400: Orthodox Jewish males wear this skullcap in synagogue a yarmulke
#6000, aired 2010-10-15A POLLO $800: Oy! I'm feeling verklempt; get me some chicken soup, popularly referred to as "Jewish" this cure-all penicillin
#5971, aired 2010-07-26ENDS WITH THE SAME 2 VOWELS $1000: In Acts 23 St. Paul declares himself this, a member of a Jewish sect noted for its strict obedience to tradition a Pharisee
#5966, aired 2010-07-19ART & ARTISTS $400: This Russian-born French painter served as art director of the Moscow Jewish State Theater from 1919 to 1922 Chagall
#5939, aired 2010-06-10KIBBUTZ LIFE $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Kibbutz Amiad in Israel.) The kibbutz scene began as utopian communities, combining socialism with this movement to reestablish a Jewish homeland Zionism
#5921, aired 2010-05-17LESSER-KNOWN ART & ARTISTS $1200: This Jewish woman's face is grimly composed in Gentileschi's painting of her slaying Holofernes Judith
#5921, aired 2010-05-17MASADA $2000: (Alex reports from Masada, Israel.) The defenders chose death over surrender, & then they drew lots to determine who would get to kill the others; we get the story from this Roman historian who had been in a lot-drawing situation himself as a Jewish fighter (Flavius) Josephus
#5895, aired 2010-04-09KNIT IT $600: This round Jewish skullcap may be hand-knitted for special occasions a yarmulke
#5881, aired 2010-03-22PASS THE SALT $1200: Many chefs prefer this coarse-grained salt named for the fact that it was originally used to meet Jewish dietary rules kosher salt
#5870, aired 2010-03-05THE DIEDS OF MARCH $1000: This British statesman whose 1917 declaration supported a Jewish homeland died in England March 19, 1930 (Arthur James) Balfour
#5863, aired 2010-02-24AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER $800: This political scandal divided France following the 1894 espionage conviction of a Jewish army officer the Dreyfus Affair
#5831, aired 2010-01-11"YN" $400: A Jewish house of worship a synagogue
#5830, aired 2010-01-08ANGELS & DEMONS $800: In Jewish mythology, this demon & child-killer was the first wife of Adam; then came Eve Lilith
#5830, aired 2010-01-08DUAL BIOGRAPHIES $600: Leonard Baker wrote a joint bio of Louis Brandeis & this other Jewish justice a generation younger Frankfurter
#5828, aired 2010-01-06A PRAYER TO BE NAMED LATER $600: The Vidui prayer is recited on this holiest Jewish day & also on one's deathbed Yom Kippur
#5814, aired 2009-12-17THEATRE $600: This Alfred Uhry play was based on the story of his Jewish grandmother & her black chauffeur Driving Miss Daisy
#5796, aired 2009-11-23A JOURNEY THROUGH ISRAEL $400: (Alex reports from the Western Wall in Jerusalem.) In Jewish circles, the Wailing Wall became known as the Western Wall after this 1967 war & the reunification of Jerusalem the Six-Day War
#5791, aired 2009-11-16ECCLESIASTES $1000: Ecclesiastes is traditionally read during this Jewish harvest festival to remind one that life is fleeting Sukkoth
#5790, aired 2009-11-13EXPEDITION WEEK $2000: (National Geographic archaeologist Byron McCane delivers the clue.) The Gabriel Revelation tablet, sometimes called a Dead Sea Scroll in stone, allegedly tells of a Jewish revolt against Rome in 4 B.C. & mentions a king of evil countenance, this emperor Augustus (Caesar)
#5787, aired 2009-11-10WORD ORIGINS $800: The name of this leader of a Jewish congregation is from the Hebrew for "my master" rabbi
#5784, aired 2009-11-05PUBERTY RITUALS $400: This ceremony marks a Jewish boy's entry into manhood a bar mitzvah
#5773, aired 2009-10-21NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM $2000: Born into a poor Jewish family, this Russian-French artist painted the dreamy "Lovers in the Moonlight" Marc Chagall
#5771, aired 2009-10-19ANIMAL SUBTRACTION $1200: Remove a letter from this furry animal & you get a Jewish clergyman a rabbit
#5767, aired 2009-10-13THE AFTERLIFE $1000: Reincarnation & transmigration are explored in the Zohar, the main text of this Jewish mystical tradition Kabbalah
#5763, aired 2009-10-07"SEE" HERE $2000: In ancient times the Sanhedrin was made up of mostly people from this Jewish group the Pharisees
#5756, aired 2009-09-28THE AGE OF NATIONALISM $800: In 1893 Nathan Birnbaum coined this term for the Jewish desire for a national home Zionism
#5752, aired 2009-09-22FROM SOUP TO NUTS $200: It's popularly referred to as "Jewish penicillin" chicken soup
#5714, aired 2009-06-11IT'S SO "EZ" $2000: It's the type of Jewish folk music heard here klezmer
#5714, aired 2009-06-11ONE-WORD MOVIES $2000: Jewish brothers Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber & Jamie Bell survive in the forest in this WWII-set drama Defiance
#5699, aired 2009-05-21ART HEISTS $2,000 (Daily Double): In 2001 his "Study for 'Over Vitebsk'" wandered off during a cocktail reception at the Jewish Museum in New York Chagall
#5695, aired 2009-05-15"Y"S UP! $800: In 1973 Arab states attacked Israel on this Jewish Day of Atonement Yom Kippur
#5676, aired 2009-04-20FOREIGN LANGUAGE $800: Hebrew for "a sitting", it's an Orthodox Jewish college yeshiva
#5666, aired 2009-04-06MOVABLE FEASTS $800: As the Jewish religious calendar is lunar, all festivals are movable, including this one with a seder Passover
#5644, aired 2009-03-05THE ANGEL GABRIEL $1600: In his second appearance in the Old Testament, Gabriel announces the coming end of the Jewish exile here Babylon
#5610, aired 2009-01-16THE LAST SUPPER $400: According to 3 of the Gospels, this Jewish holiday was being celebrated during the Last Supper Passover
#5600, aired 2009-01-02IT'S OK TO SAY IT BACKWARDS $1200: Palindromic breads include India's naan & one spelling of this Jewish Sabbath item hallah
#5598, aired 2008-12-3119th CENTURY FICTION $3,000 (Daily Double): Arrius is told that this Jewish slave aboard the Roman ship Astroea is "our best rower" (Judah) Ben-Hur
#5584, aired 2008-12-11VARIETY PACK $800: A prefix referring to skin, or a Jewish-American sausage also called kishke derma
#5574, aired 2008-11-27THEOLOGY $1200: "Hasidic Derashot" is a course at JTS, this "theological seminary" Jewish Theological Seminary
#5550, aired 2008-10-24I'M CONCERNED... $2000: Founded in 1912, this group concerned with Jewish unity is the Women's Zionist Organization of America Hadassah
#5531, aired 2008-09-29STUPID ANSWERS $200: Geraldine Brooks' book about an illuminated Jewish volume is called "People of the" this Book
#5530, aired 2008-09-26B FOLLOWS A $1000: These 1st & 2nd century B.C. Jewish patriots were active in liberating Judea from Syrian rule the Maccabees
#5497, aired 2008-07-01SUPREME COURT JUSTICES $1000: A private university in Waltham, Mass. is named for this Jewish justice who served from 1916 to 1939 Brandeis
#5496, aired 2008-06-30ESOTERICA $1000: This esoteric tradition of Jewish mysticism involves 10 divine numbers or emanations Kabbalah
#5482, aired 2008-06-10THE MIDDLE EAST $1600: This 1917 British declaration favored "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people the Balfour Declaration
#5469, aired 2008-05-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: It's the Jewish Day of Atonement Yom Kippur
#5467, aired 2008-05-20TIME TO GET SIMON-IZED $1000: He was the head of Vienna's Jewish Documentation Center from 1961 to 2003 Simon Wiesenthal
#5464, aired 2008-05-15"RA", "RA", "SIS", "BOOM", "BA" $400: The Jewish Exodus from Egypt is thought to have occurred during his rule Ramses (II)
#5456, aired 2008-05-05ANNUAL EVENTS $1600: Symbols of spring, a lamb shank & an egg are part of the traditional plate used during this Jewish holiday Passover
#5449, aired 2008-04-24HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE $200: 1290: The Jews are expelled from this nation by King Edward I England
#5449, aired 2008-04-24HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE $400: 1818: The first synagogue of this branch of Judaism opens in Hamburg Reform
#5449, aired 2008-04-24HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE $600: 1897: Theodor Herzl holds the first congress of this group; in one year it would have 800 chapters in Europe the World Zionist Congress
#5449, aired 2008-04-24HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE $800: 1909: This 1st modern Jewish city is founded; today it's the financial & cultural center of Israel Tel Aviv
#5449, aired 2008-04-24HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE $1000: 1993: This prime minister agrees to the Oslo Peace Accords along with Yasser Arafat (Yitzhak) Rabin
#5448, aired 2008-04-23FOOD & DRINK $1600: In Jewish cooking, potato pancakes, commonly enjoyed during Hanukkah, are known as these latkes
#5445, aired 2008-04-18EGGS $2000: For Passover, this Jewish dish is sort of like French toast but uses unleavened bread dipped in beaten egg matzo brei
#5442, aired 2008-04-15REED: ALL ABOUT IT $2000: Black clarinetist Don Byron specializes in this Jewish dance music from Eastern Europe klezmer
#5435, aired 2008-04-04PLAYS & PLAYWRIGHTS $2000: In this Wendy Wasserstein play, 3 Jewish sisters from Brooklyn meet up in London to celebrate a birthday The Sisters Rosensweig
#5431, aired 2008-03-31HELLO, DELI! $1600: It's a good knight for one of these Jewish turnovers with a meat or potato filling a knish
#5400, aired 2008-02-15ADD A LETTER $1600: With the addition of a letter, a "gentle" person becomes this non-Jewish person gentile
#5396, aired 2008-02-11CROSSWORD CLUES "K" $600: Adhering to Jewish dietary law (6) kosher
#5390, aired 2008-02-01MEDICAL SCHOOL $2000: My son the obstetrician went to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at the Univ. named for a Jewish academy Yeshiva
#5388, aired 2008-01-30WRITERS AT REST $1600: This author of "Metamorphosis" rests at a Jewish cemetery in Prague beneath a tombstone inscribed in Hebrew (Franz) Kafka
#5347, aired 2007-12-04CHANTED $800: The Kol Nidre prayer is chanted by the cantor on the eve of this Jewish day of atonement Yom Kippur
#5330, aired 2007-11-09-ISMS $1200: This Jewish movement that began in the late 1800s led to the establishment of Israel in 1948 Zionism
#5316, aired 2007-10-22POP CULTURE $1200: In the '40s, zis sex therapist was a sniper for Jewish forces in Palestine (yes, you heard me, a sniper!) Dr. Ruth
#5277, aired 2007-07-17U.S. SENATORS $1600: In 2000 this Connecticut senator became the first Jewish candidate on a major party ticket (Joe) Lieberman
#5246, aired 2007-06-04AN ECUMENICAL CATEGORY $1600: The Jewish prayer known by this Hebrew name begins, "Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is one" Shema Yisrael
#5234, aired 2007-05-17WORLD CAPITALS $2000: Once a center of Jewish learning, this city was known as "The Jerusalem of Lithuania" Vilnius
#5230, aired 2007-05-11LIBRARIES $400: This scientist's collection at the Jewish National & University Library in Jerusalem includes a lot of limericks Einstein
#5212, aired 2007-04-17MESSIAH $800: The Jewish Messiah will be in the line of this second king of Israel, who united his nation David
#5205, aired 2007-04-06RELIGION $400: Christmas in December 25; this holiday around the same time starts on Kislev 25 on the Jewish calendar Hanukkah
#5197, aired 2007-03-27LOVE & MARRIAGE $1000: Traditionally, when a Jewish couple marries, it's under a canopy called this chuppah
#5193, aired 2007-03-21JEWISH HISTORY $200: The Maccabees fought a guerrilla war to keep the Syrians out of this city Jerusalem
#5193, aired 2007-03-21JEWISH HISTORY $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew gives the clue from Prague, Czech Republic.) Josefov, named for an emperor, is Prague's version of this area, to which Jews were restricted the ghetto
#5193, aired 2007-03-21JEWISH HISTORY $600: Term for attacks on Jews, from the Russian for "destruction"; they started to get bad around 1881 pogroms
#5193, aired 2007-03-21JEWISH HISTORY $800: Now the USA's largest Jewish movement, it began in the 19th c. to change Judaism by reducing ritual Reform
#5193, aired 2007-03-21JEWISH HISTORY $1000: In 1984 an airlift began flying Jews called falashas from this African country to Israel Ethiopia
#5150, aired 2007-01-19FAMOUS JEWISH ATHLETES $400: U.S. national figure skating champion Sasha Cohen took silver at the 2006 Winter Olympics in this city Torino
#5150, aired 2007-01-19FAMOUS JEWISH ATHLETES $800: Fighting in the great arenas of Latin America, Sidney Frumkin was the first successful American one a bullfighter
#5150, aired 2007-01-19FAMOUS JEWISH ATHLETES $1200: Sanford was the real first name of this 1963 National League MVP Sandy Koufax
#5150, aired 2007-01-19FAMOUS JEWISH ATHLETES $1600: In 1933 Max Baer wore a star of David on his boxing trunks when he beat this German champion Schmeling
#5150, aired 2007-01-19FAMOUS JEWISH ATHLETES $2000: When competing in this pro sport, Scott Levy is better known by his ring name, Raven wrestling
#5116, aired 2006-12-04OTHER ALPHABETS' LETTERS $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Prague, Czech Republic's Jewish Town Hall.) Prague's Jewish Town Hall clock goes counterclockwise; 1:00 and 2:00 are represented by these first two Hebrew letters alef and bet
#5100, aired 2006-11-10SLAW & ORDER $1200: "Jewish Penicillin" chicken soup
#5096, aired 2006-11-06TORAH! TORAH! TORAH! $2000: Aaron is described as a priest, or in Hebrew, this common Jewish surname Cohen
#5095, aired 2006-11-03MOSESES $400: This German-Jewish philosopher was the grandfather of composer Felix (Moses) Mendelssohn
#5084, aired 2006-10-19SATURDAY $400: In a classic "SNL" skit, Laraine Newman found this NYC landmark less than packed when covering the Jewish New Year Times Square
#5081, aired 2006-10-16"K" MART $800: Jewish "ravioli" served in soup kreplach
#5079, aired 2006-10-12CAESAR $400: The Arch of the Emperor Titus in Rome heralds his conquest of this city in 70 A.D., ending the Jewish revolt Jerusalem
#5074, aired 2006-10-05RELIGION $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Prague, Czech Republic.) I'm in Prague at one of these Jewish houses of worship; completed in the 1200s, it's the oldest working one in Europe a synagogue
#5068, aired 2006-09-27WEDDINGS $200: When a Jewish groom does this, it's traditional for Uncle Mort to joke, "That's the last time he puts his foot down" break the wine glass
#5044, aired 2006-07-13WORLD RELIGION $2000: The 71 members of this Jewish religious council that ruled in Roman times were mostly Pharises the Sanhedrin
#5000, aired 2006-05-12BREAD $1600: Seen here is the classic form of this bread served on the Sabbath & some Jewish holidays challah
#4992, aired 2006-05-02HODGEPODGE $800: Dietary laws against butter & lard led Jewish cooks to use chicken fat, known by this sentimental name schmaltz (or grivinis)
#4981, aired 2006-04-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: This Jewish observance marks the end of 10 days of penitence Yom Kippur
#4975, aired 2006-04-07I CAN'T TELL YOU "Y" $1600: This NYC school is the oldest & largest Jewish university in the U.S. Yeshiva
#4971, aired 2006-04-03THE COURAGE TO "B" $1200: This capital city has the largest Jewish population of any city in South America Buenos Aires
#4965, aired 2006-03-24A LIFE OF CRIME $600: In the film "Bugsy" Ben Kingsley played this Jewish syndicate leader & founder of Murder, Inc. Meyer Lansky
#4944, aired 2006-02-23COLLEGE KNOWLEDGE $1200: This univ. named for a judge was founded in 1948 as the only Jewish-sponsored nonsectarian one in the U.S. Brandeis
#4941, aired 2006-02-20TEENAGE $400: This Jewish right of passage marks a boy's 13th birthday a Bar Mitzvah
#4937, aired 2006-02-14CARTOON BEFORE & AFTER $200: SpongeBob's multi-limbed neighbor & best friend who became a Jewish national symbol Patrick Star of David
#4927, aired 2006-01-31WRITING A WRONG $1600: Forged by the Czar's secret police, these "Protocols" are often cited to "prove" Jewish conspiracies The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
#4920, aired 2006-01-20ON THE "GO" $600: Magical clay figure of Jewish legend brought to life by incantations a golem
#4903, aired 2005-12-28ARCHITECTURE $2000: Known for the Jewish Museum in Berlin, in 2003 he got the job of redesigning the World Trade Center site Daniel Libeskind
#4896, aired 2005-12-19THE JEOPARDY! TIME MACHINE $800: In 73 A.D., take part in the Jewish Zealots' last stand in this fortress--or you might prefer to be on the Roman side Masada
#4860, aired 2005-10-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1200: Shavu'ot, or Feast of Weeks, is a Jewish holiday celebrated 7 weeks after this festival Passover
#4857, aired 2005-10-25THE BRADY BRUNCH $600: Jan impressed the family by making the blueberry-filled type of these Jewish pancakes blintzes
#4838, aired 2005-09-28HEY "YA" $400: A skullcap worn during prayer by Jewish men yarmulke
#4827, aired 2005-09-13COMMUNITIES $1600: Anatevka in "Fiddler on the Roof" is this, a Yiddish word for a small Jewish village a shtetl
#4816, aired 2005-07-11"S"ENTIAL KNOWLEDGE $600: The exhibits of the Jewish Museum in Prague are divided among 6 sites, including the Klausen & Pinkas these synagogues
#4806, aired 2005-06-27CLASSICAL COMPOSERS $2,800 (Daily Double): His family was Jewish but his father became a Protestant & added Bartholdy to the last name Felix Mendelssohn
#4804, aired 2005-06-23NOODLE DISHES $800: This Jewish noodle pudding was served as a 2nd main course on the Sabbath to symbolize prosperity kugel
#4796, aired 2005-06-13ISAAC $200: In the Bible Isaac was the first to have this procedure done at the age of 8 days, still a Jewish custom circumcision
#4794, aired 2005-06-09"DEAD" RECKONING $600: The most famous of these may have formed the library of a Jewish community that lived from about 150 B.C. to 70 A.D. the Dead Sea Scrolls
#4793, aired 2005-06-08DELI-CACIES $1200: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew sits down to a dish at Katz's Deli in New York.) Under various names, this item is part of the cuisine of much of Europe; in Jewish cooking, it's called this a blintz
#4793, aired 2005-06-08DELI-CACIES $1600: It's not great for your cholesterol, but this pate-like treat is recipe No. 1 in "The New York Times Jewish Cookbook" chopped liver
#4755, aired 2005-04-15RELIGIOUS MATTERS $2000: The Talmud consists of the Mishnah, the written version of Jewish oral law, & this, commentary on the Mishnah the Gemara
#4744, aired 2005-03-31WARSAW $800: A heroic uprising of April 1943 is named for this Jewish section of Warsaw the Ghetto
#4726, aired 2005-03-07& ONE LAST "EZ" CATEGORY $800: Passages from Deuteronomy are inscribed on the small scrolls in these, found on the doorposts of Jewish homes a mezuzah
#4717, aired 2005-02-22AFRICAN-AMERICAN LIT $400: Her marriage to Mel Leventhal produced Rebecca Walker, who produced the memoir "Black, White and Jewish" Alice Walker
#4678, aired 2004-12-29THE CALENDAR $2,500 (Daily Double): The Jewish calendar is now on the year 5765 counting from the date of this the Creation
#4676, aired 2004-12-27FROM SOUP TO NUTS $200: Some people refer to chicken soup as the "Jewish" kind of this antibiotic penicillin
#4663, aired 2004-12-08"TA" TA FOR NOW $400: 2nd century Rabbi Ishmael Ben Elisha is best known for his impact on the understanding of this compilation of Jewish law the Talmud
#4645, aired 2004-11-12HOLIDAYS AND OBSERVANCES $800: The name of this Jewish holy day means "beginning of the year" Rosh Hashanah
#4638, aired 2004-11-04FATHER KNOWS BEST $400: During this Jewish ceremony, a father thanks God for being freed of legal responsibility for his son's actions a bar mitzvah
#4620, aired 2004-10-08SPANIARDS $1000: This Jewish philosopher, rabbi & doctor was born in Cordoba in 1135; his family left the city around 1159 Maimonides
#4579, aired 2004-07-01WORLD RELIGION $600: During this 8-day Jewish observance, the eating of hametz, leavened bread, is prohibited Passover
#4564, aired 2004-06-10OBSERVATIONS & CELEBRATIONS $800: In 2003 Christmas was celebrated during this Jewish holiday Hanukkah
#4562, aired 2004-06-08"B" FOLKS $1200: This American Jewish conductor & composer wrote "Jeremiah" & "Kaddish" symphonies Leonard Bernstein
#4559, aired 2004-06-03THE FIRST WIVES CLUB $800: In Jewish folklore, before Eve, Adam was married to this she-demon Lilith
#4536, aired 2004-05-03GRAB BAG $1200: This Jewish festival begins on the eve of the 25th day of Kislev, which in 2004 is December 8, & lasts 8 days Hanukkah
#4526, aired 2004-04-19RELIGION $2000: This Jewish festival is also called the Feast of Tabernacles or the Feast of Booths Sukkot
#4521, aired 2004-04-12COOK COUNTY $1200: Traditionally, an important ingredient in Jewish cooking is schmaltz, which is this fat
#4520, aired 2004-04-09RABBI $2000: "The Torah Reviewed" is a major work by this medieval Jewish rabbi & philosopher born Moses ben Maimon Maimonides
#4520, aired 2004-04-09RABBI $2,500 (Daily Double): Seen here, the work "Rabbi with the Pinch of Snuff" is by this Russian-Jewish artist Marc Chagall
#4497, aired 2004-03-09OLD TESTAMENT WHO'S WHO $400: Daniel 12:1 says that this archangel is a caretaker of the Jewish people Michael
#4469, aired 2004-01-29BOOK MARKS $400: Jonathan Mark collaborated with this sex therapist on "Heavenly Sex: Sexuality in the Jewish Tradition" Dr. Ruth
#4401, aired 2003-10-27FOOD STUFF $200: Often filled with cheese, these thin pancakes of Jewish cookery can be served with sour cream & preserves blintzes
#4400, aired 2003-10-24HISTORIC GROUPS $600: This name for the Jewish heroes of Hanukkah may mean "hammer" the Maccabees
#4399, aired 2003-10-23BEST SCREENPLAY OSCARS $400: 2002: Ronald Harwood for this biography of a Polish Jewish musician The Pianist
#4379, aired 2003-09-25AROUND THE YEAR $1200: To get the year on this calendar, add 3,760 to our year (or 3,761 if it's after Rosh Hashanah) the Jewish calendar
#4370, aired 2003-09-12ARTISTS' BIRTHPLACES $200: Frida Kahlo, born to a Spanish-Native American mother & a Jewish father, hailed from this country Mexico
#4365, aired 2003-07-18ANNUAL EVENTS $600: The Jewish festival of Shavuot commemorates the revelation of the Torah at this site Mount Sinai
#4348, aired 2003-06-25A JUNE WEDDING CATEGORY $600: When a Jewish groom breaks a glass, some say it's to commemorate the destruction of this the Temple
#4346, aired 2003-06-23BOOKS TO LISTEN TO $400: Former U.S. poet laureate Robert Pinsky reads Jane Leavy's biography of this Jewish southpaw Sandy Koufax
#4343, aired 2003-06-1817th CENTURY NOTABLES $2000: In 1656 this freethinking Dutch philosopher was excommunicated by the Jewish community Baruch Spinoza
#4309, aired 2003-05-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1600: The folk song "Sivivon, Sov, Sov, Sov" or "Dreidel, Spin, Spin, Spin", is traditionally sung during this Jewish holiday Hanukkah
#4292, aired 2003-04-08NYC BUSINESS HISTORY $200: The Baker's Local No. 338 formed between 1910 & 1915 was for an elite group of bakers of these "Jewish Donuts" bagels
#4253, aired 2003-02-12ALLITERATION ALL AROUND $2000: The name of this Jewish service organization means "children of the covenant" in Hebrew B'nai Brith
#4245, aired 2003-01-31WORLD MYTHS & LEGENDS $600: Jewish legend says his first wife was Lilith, who created the need for a good divorce lawyer Adam
#4244, aired 2003-01-30ORGANIZATIONS $1600: Assassinated in 1990, Rabbi Meir Kahane was the founder of this organization, also known as the JDL Jewish Defense League
#4208, aired 2002-12-11NEBUCHADNEZZAR $1200: In 587 or 586 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar destroyed this city's temple & palace, & captured many Jewish prisoners Jerusalem
#4200, aired 2002-11-2920th CENTURY ARTISTS $1600: Born in the Jewish village of Vitebsk in 1887, this painter lived till the ripe old age of 97 Chagall
#4180, aired 2002-11-01NAME THE ARTIST $1200: "The Jewish Bride" (1665) Rembrandt
#4178, aired 2002-10-30LET'S GO DUTCH $1200: There's a statue of this young Jewish girl in Utrecht's main square Anne Frank
#4162, aired 2002-10-08FULL SERVICE $800: Kol Nidre, which negates vows made between humans & God, is recited on the eve of this Jewish holiday Yom Kippur
#4161, aired 2002-10-07ANCIENT HISTORY $1600: Around 165 B.C., this Jewish leader re-entered Jerusalem & repurified & rededicated the Temple Judah the Maccabee
#4157, aired 2002-10-01ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS $1600: Benjamin Cardozo, the second Jewish Supreme Court justice, was a cousin of this "New Colossus" poet Emma Lazarus
#4155, aired 2002-09-27ORGANIZED CRIME $400: In 1999 Richard Dreyfuss played this '30s Jewish founder of Murder, Inc. Meyer Lansky
#4135, aired 2002-07-19TAKE IT "EZ" $2000: On his "In the Fiddler's House" CD, Itzhak Perlman jazzed things up with this type of Jewish folk music klezmer
#4131, aired 2002-07-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: It's the Jewish Day of Atonement Yom Kippur
#4114, aired 2002-06-20"HIGH" ANXIETY $600: Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur, along with the days in between (Jewish) high holy days
#4107, aired 2002-06-11WORLD RELIGION $800: Sukkot, a Jewish festival, began as a harvest celebration & was a model for this centuries-old American holiday Thanksgiving
#4102, aired 2002-06-04REAL ROMANTICS $1600: This composer was the great-grandson of a poor Jewish scribe named Mendel (Felix) Mendelssohn
#4093, aired 2002-05-22ST. PAUL $600: Paul was born Jewish & his parents named him for this king Saul
#4092, aired 2002-05-21THE SEVENTH MONTH $1000: This holiday of freedom begans in the middle of Nisan, the seventh month on the Jewish civil calendar Pesach (or Passover)
#4054, aired 2002-03-28"K"2 $800: On this Jewish holiday, the candles of the menorrah are lit by a separate candle called a shammash Hanukkah
#4030, aired 2002-02-22A CATEGORY ABOUT NOTHING $400: Jewish actor John Banner played Rudolf Hess as well as this "I know nothing!" TV sergeant Schultz
#4017, aired 2002-02-05CALL TRIPLE "A" $2000: This body of Jewish mystical teaching seeks hidden meaning in scripture the Kabbalah
#3983, aired 2001-12-19ORIGINAL TITLES $600: Philip Roth, 1969: "A Jewish Patient Begins His Analysis" Portnoy's Complaint
#3957, aired 2001-11-13RELIGION $300: During religious services, Jewish boys & men traditionally wear these skullcaps yarmulkes
#3909, aired 2001-09-06GET MEDIEVAL $1000: "Guide for the Perplexed" is a major work by this Jewish philosopher born Moses ben Maimon Maimonides
#3898, aired 2001-07-11BIBLICAL CRIME BLOTTER $300: This Egyptian crime boss is wanted in connection with ordering the death of all male Jewish children Pharaoh
#3896, aired 2001-07-09FIRST THINGS FIRST $800: Appointed in 1916, he was the first Supreme Court justice of Jewish descent Louis Brandeis
#3866, aired 2001-05-28CLASSICAL MUSICIANS $1000: In 1821, at age 12, this Jewish-born German composer met Goethe, who was impressed with the boy Mendelssohn
#3862, aired 2001-05-22THE "GOOD" BOOK $800: This Joseph Heller novel treats Jewish family life & the Washington political scene Good As Gold
#3835, aired 2001-04-13TEMPLE $100: From the Greek for "assembly", it's a temple for Jewish religious worship Synagogue
#3817, aired 2001-03-20THE WRESTLING WORLD $1000: Jewish giant of the professional ring seen here Goldberg
#3805, aired 2001-03-02SUPREME COURT JUSTICES $2,000 (Daily Double): A private university in Waltham, Mass. is named for this Jewish justice who served from 1916 to 1939 Louis Brandeis
#3797, aired 2001-02-20WOMEN AUTHORS $400: This "Scruples" author dishes the dirt on herself in "Sex and Shopping: Confessions of A Nice Jewish Girl" Judith Krantz
#3792, aired 2001-02-13NOTABLE NAMES $400: In 1995 some sections of this Jewish girl's WWII diary were made public for the first time Anne Frank
#3786, aired 2001-02-05HOLIDAYS $300: This Jewish holy day begins with the recitation of the Kol Nidre Yom Kippur
#3775, aired 2001-01-19LETTER DROP $1000: Drop this letter from quick & active to get a Jewish circumcision K (brisk/bris)
#3761, aired 2001-01-01NEW YEAR'S DAY $200: Also called the Feast of Trumpets, this holiday, the Jewish New Year, is celebrated on the first 2 days of Tishri Rosh Hashanah
#3752, aired 2000-12-19THAT'S SOUP-ER $300: Chicken soup's curative powers earned it the nickname "Jewish" this Penicillin
#3742, aired 2000-12-05THERE'S AN "A" $800: The first Jewish high priest Aaron
#3738, aired 2000-11-29COMIC GENIUSES $800 (Daily Double): "How to Talk Jewish" is a book by this man who wows 'em on Broadway Jackie Mason
#3731, aired 2000-11-20RELIGION 101 $400: This Jewish holy day follows Rosh Hashanah by 10 days Yom Kippur
#3728, aired 2000-11-15SCHOOL MOTTOES $200: Biblical book that's the source of the Jewish Theological Seminary's "And The Bush Was Not Consumed" Exodus
#3713, aired 2000-10-25VICTORIA'S SECRETS $500: When this prime minister kisses our hand, we don't care about his Jewish origins Benjamin Disraeli
#3709, aired 2000-10-19IN 2 WORDS -- FAMILY $100: The relatives come from all over the country to celebrate this ceremony of a Jewish boy becoming a man a bar mitzvah
#3703, aired 2000-10-11MISS AMERICA $500: The first Jewish Miss America, she became NYC's Commissioner of Cultural Affairs in 1983 Bess Myerson
#3701, aired 2000-10-09CHRISTIAN ROCK $200: Born Jewish, as a born-again Christian he recorded "Saved" & "Slow Train Coming" Bob Dylan
#3693, aired 2000-09-27RELIGION $200: Old traditions of the Jewish holiday Lag Ba-Omer include bonfires & 3-year-old boys getting this cut for the first time their hair
#3681, aired 2000-09-11BOOKS OF THE BIBLE $400: Leviticus 16 describes the day of this, the holiest & most solemn in the Jewish calendar Yom Kippur
#3662, aired 2000-07-04ARCHAEOLOGY $200: Surfacing in 1999, the "Angel Scroll" is either a hoax or part of these Jewish writings discovered in 1947 Dead Sea Scrolls
#3649, aired 2000-06-15COMFORT FOOD $400: Cheese & blueberries are popular fillings for these Jewish crepes Blintzes
#3637, aired 2000-05-30FAMOUS PAINTINGS $400: His 17th century work seen here is known as "The Jewish Bride": Rembrandt
#3632, aired 2000-05-23"D" IN HISTORY $600: In 1868 he became the first person of Jewish ancestry to become prime minister of Great Britain Benjamin Disraeli
#3584, aired 2000-03-16THE SWEET 1600s $500: Last name of freethinker Baruch or Benedict, expelled in 1656 from Amsterdam's Jewish community Spinoza
#3583, aired 2000-03-15ODDS & ENDS $300: In 1997 5 orthodox Jewish students shocked by this Conn. school's co-ed dorms asked to live off campus Yale
#3578, aired 2000-03-08GIVE ME SOME DIRECTION $800: This Manhattan area, once a haven for Jewish immigrants, was called Loisada when Spanish speakers moved in Lower East Side
#3568, aired 2000-02-23HOUSES OF THE HOLY $600: The USA's oldest existing Jewish house of worship is the Touro Synagogue, located in this Rhode Island city Newport
#3563, aired 2000-02-16ARTISTS $1,400 (Daily Double): His work, seen here, was influenced by his Jewish upbringing in Russia: ("The Fiddler") Marc Chagall
#3540, aired 2000-01-14HAVE AN AMSTERDAM GOOD TIME $600: At Gassan's in the Old Jewish Quarter you can see demonstrations of how these are cut Diamonds
#3535, aired 2000-01-07GODS & MONSTERS $800: Some Jewish legends portray this monster, whose name means "unformed", as a defender of the Jews Golem
#3474, aired 1999-10-14BANNED! $800: Because of its portrayal of the Jewish character Shylock, this play was banned in Michigan in 1980 The Merchant of Venice
#3435, aired 1999-07-09EGAD! MORE POET-TREE! $200: "The trees are white with dust" in this "Hiawatha" author's poem "The Jewish Cemetery at Newport" Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#3419, aired 1999-06-17ANCIENT HISTORY $400: In the 200s B.C. 72 Jewish scholars began translating the Pentateuch into Greek in this Egyptian city Alexandria
#3373, aired 1999-04-14APRIL $100: The Christian celebration of Easter & this Jewish festival also known as Pesach can both occur in April Passover
#3368, aired 1999-04-07"ITZ" $800: "Bar" none, it's a commandment of the Jewish law Mitzvah
#3363, aired 1999-03-31REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PROUST $800: In the 1890s Proust helped organize petitions on behalf of this Jewish army captain Alfred Dreyfus
#3345, aired 1999-03-05THE SECOND $200: It's the country with the 2nd-largest Jewish population Israel
#3331, aired 1999-02-15THE NEW TESTAMENT $100: This son of a Jewish mother & a Greek father is also called Timotheus Timothy
#3321, aired 1999-02-01SAINT PAUL $100: Born to Jewish parents in Tarsus, Saint Paul is called "The Apostle To" these non-Jews Gentiles
#3314, aired 1999-01-21THE FALL $1000: During this Jewish harvest festival, many families take meals in homemade huts Sukkot
#3312, aired 1999-01-19ORGANIZATIONS $1,000 (Daily Double): Taking its Hebrew name from Queen Esther, it's America's largest Jewish organization for women Hadassah
#3310, aired 1999-01-15IT'S JASON'S BAR MITZVAH $400: Jason's guests may dance to this type of Jewish folk music, from Hebrew for "musical instruments" Klezmer music
#3310, aired 1999-01-15SECTS $600: From the Hebrew for "pious", this joyous Jewish mystical sect was founded in eastern Europe in the 18th century Hasidic
#3297, aired 1998-12-29NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC $200: The raft in the picture is called a bublik, a Russian word for this Jewish bakery item Bagel
#3287, aired 1998-12-15HAPPY HANUKKAH $300: Despite its calendar date, as a Jewish holy day Hanukkah technically begins at this time on the previous day Sundown
#3276, aired 1998-11-30ENDS IN "EE" $200: Deganya, the first Jewish kibbutz in Palestine, was founded near this sea's shores in 1909 the Sea of Galilee
#3256, aired 1998-11-02FROM ANOTHER LANGUAGE $200: From the Hebrew for "fit and proper", this word means in accordance with Jewish dietary laws Kosher
#3225, aired 1998-09-18CATCHING SOME "Z"'S $400: A fanatic, or one who belonged to a 1st century Jewish sect that resisted Roman rule Zealot
#3221, aired 1998-09-14A PIECE OF CAKE $100: A traditional Jewish cake is made with this sweet treat, milk's partner in the Promised Land Honey
#3193, aired 1998-06-17IT'S BIG IN JAPAN $400: The WWII diary of this Dutch Jewish teenager is widely read by young Japanese girls Anne Frank
#3184, aired 1998-06-04IN THE SPIRIT $400: Roseanne & Madonna are among the stars who've studied this Jewish mystical tradition Kabbalah
#3180, aired 1998-05-29AT GREAT LENGTHS $600: The greatest length of the Jewish one of these is 385 days a year
#3162, aired 1998-05-05JEWISH HISTORY $200: A golden age of Jewish culture began in the 10th C. under these people who ruled Spain Moors
#3162, aired 1998-05-05JEWISH HISTORY $400: Now a term for an urban minority area, this word originally referred to an area set aside for medieval Jews Ghetto
#3162, aired 1998-05-05JEWISH HISTORY $600: In 1994 a bomb killed 96 at a Jewish community center in this S. American city where Eichmann once lived Buenos Aires
#3162, aired 1998-05-05JEWISH HISTORY $800: Biblical Palestine was divided into Israel & this kingdom named for one of Jacob's sons Judah
#3162, aired 1998-05-05JEWISH HISTORY $1000: The first congress of this movement met in 1897; its goal of Israeli statehood was achieved in 1948 Zionist movement
#3151, aired 1998-04-20BLESS YOU $800: "May His great name be blessed to all eternity" is the nucleus of this Jewish mourner's prayer Kaddish
#3146, aired 1998-04-13JUDAISM $100: Traditionally, for you to be Jewish, this relative has to be Jewish Mother
#3145, aired 1998-04-10EASTER $100: Some early Christians considered Easter as a new part of this Jewish festival Passover
#3144, aired 1998-04-09IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT $800: Term for the night of Nov. 9, 1938 when Germany's Jewish shops & synagogues were destroyed Kristallnacht
#3142, aired 1998-04-07IT'S NEVER DONE $400: When observing Jewish dietary laws, it's not kosher to eat meat with these products dairy
#3134, aired 1998-03-26FOLD IT 5 WAYS $500: A square sheet of paper can become a star to put on a Christmas tree, a triangle becomes this Jewish star Star of David
#3123, aired 1998-03-11WHO $500: In 1961 he founded the Jewish Documentation Center in Vienna to pursue his Nazi quarry Simon Wiesenthal
#3122, aired 1998-03-10HOT WATER $300: The water variety of this Jewish roll is simmered before it's popped in the oven Bagel
#3111, aired 1998-02-23JERUSALEM $600: 3 of the 4 quarters that make up the Old City (3 of) Arab, Armenian, Christian, Jewish
#3105, aired 1998-02-13INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS $400: This Dutchman's 1660s painting of "The Jewish Bride" is in the Rijksmuseum Rembrandt
#3079, aired 1998-01-08BRITISH HODGEPODGE $2,000 (Daily Double): The first Jewish member of the British Parliament was a member of this banking family the Rothschilds
#3069, aired 1997-12-25WEDDINGS $500: It's the canopy used at Jewish wedding ceremonies a huppah
#3068, aired 1997-12-24RAISE YOUR GLASSES $200: A Jewish toast to life, or to the health of author Potok L'chaim
#3060, aired 1997-12-12DAYS $600: In the U.S. the Jewish festivals of Hanukkah & Passover each last this many days 8
#3056, aired 1997-12-08CITY TV $300: Art Garfunkel sang the theme to this series that featured Marion Ross as a Jewish grandmother Brooklyn Bridge
#3050, aired 1997-11-28RELIGION $600: During this Jewish holiday, it is customary to greet neighbors with "May You Be Inscribed for a Good Year" Rosh Hashanah
#3026, aired 1997-10-27TAKE IN ORDER $300: Worms is home to what may be this country's oldest Jewish cemetery Germany
#3025, aired 1997-10-24FOLKLORE $1,000 (Daily Double): Artificial creature of Jewish lore seen here: [video clue] Golem
#3000, aired 1997-09-19NUMBER, PLEASE $100: In Jewish numerology, the Hebrew letter Aleph equals this 1
#2958, aired 1997-06-11CULINARY NICKNAMES $100: This cold remedy is also known as Jewish penicillin chicken soup
#2941, aired 1997-05-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: It's the Jewish Day of Atonement Yom Kippur
#2936, aired 1997-05-12FOOD $600: Served in Jewish chicken soup, knaidel is another name for this Matzo balls
#2935, aired 1997-05-09AUTHORS $1000: This creator of Tevye the Dairyman is known as the Jewish Mark Twain Sholem Aleichem
#2928, aired 1997-04-30HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: This Jewish holiday that celebrates the new year occurs in the fall before Yom Kippur Rosh Hashanah
#2910, aired 1997-04-04EUROPEOPLE $200: Though born Jewish, Jean-Marie Lustiger of Paris holds this high position in the Catholic church Cardinal
#2902, aired 1997-03-25FOREIGN FOODS $400: In Jewish cookery it's a baked pastry, usually with a meat or potato filling Knish
#2898, aired 1997-03-19ART $1000: While serving as art director of the Moscow State Jewish Theater, he painted murals & designed sets Marc Chagall
#2891, aired 1997-03-10WEDDING POTPOURRI $500: In a Jewish wedding it serves as a reminder of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem Breaking of the glass
#2887, aired 1997-03-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: The Jewish festival of Sukkot begins 5 days after this solemn holy day Yom Kippur
#2875, aired 1997-02-14BOOKS ABOUT TEENS $200: One of history's most famous diaries was written by this Jewish girl in hiding during WWII Anne Frank
#2865, aired 1997-01-31VALENTINE'S DAY $100: On Feb. 14, 1985 the conservative Jewish movement announced its decision to accept women in this post Rabbi
#2856, aired 1997-01-20LANGUAGES $400: This language whose name means "Jewish" arose between the 9th & 12th centuries in southwestern Germany Yiddish
#2839, aired 1996-12-26WEIGHTS & MEASURES $500: The longest months on the Jewish calendar have this many days 30
#2826, aired 1996-12-09CATCHING SOME "Z"s $400: Israel, as a symbol of the Jewish people, is sometimes referred to by this name Zion
#2816, aired 1996-11-25REMBRANDT $600: "The Jewish Bride" & "The Cyndics" are in this Amsterdam museum The Rijksmuseum
#2810, aired 1996-11-15RELIGION $100: The title of this leader of a Jewish congregation means "my master" in Hebrew rabbi
#2801, aired 1996-11-04BIBLICAL JEALOUSY $100: Barnabas & this apostle were expelled from the city of Antioch by jealous Jewish leaders Paul
#2798, aired 1996-10-30RELIGION $200: A feast called the seder highlights this Jewish celebration Passover
#2762, aired 1996-09-10DOUBLE D WORDS $300: In 1908 it was proclaimed a national Jewish language Yiddish
#2751, aired 1996-07-15RELIGION $1000: The horseradish on the plate for this Jewish holiday symbolizes the bitterness of slavery in Egypt Passover
#2748, aired 1996-07-10MYTHS & LEGENDS $800: Jewish legend calls this female demon the first wife of Adam, before Eve Lilith
#2732, aired 1996-06-18FRATERNAL SOCIETIES $500: The name of this Jewish fraternal organization founded in NYC in 1843 means "Children of the Covenant" B'nai B'rith
#2708, aired 1996-05-15BAKING $400: This Jewish sabbath bread can be spelled beginning with "ch" or "h" challah
#2685, aired 1996-04-12WORLD RELIGIONS $200: The Jewish sabbath begins at sunset on this day Friday
#2680, aired 1996-04-05ROMAN EMPERORS $400: Hadrian's decision to build a shrine on the site of the temple in this city incited a Jewish revolt Jerusalem
#2669, aired 1996-03-21JEWISH FOOD $100: When chopped & formed into a ball, it's gefilte Fish
#2669, aired 1996-03-21JEWISH FOOD $200: Not all matzos can be used during this holiday, only those in boxes designated for it Passover
#2669, aired 1996-03-21JEWISH FOOD $300: On Rosh Hashanah it's traditional to dip slices of this fruit in honey Apples
#2669, aired 1996-03-21JEWISH FOOD $400: Challah, a type of this, is served in a twisted form on the Sabbath Bread
#2669, aired 1996-03-21JEWISH FOOD $500: A kugel may be noodle or this type made from the main ingredient in latkes Potatoes
#2669, aired 1996-03-21THE BIBLE $400: This brother of Moses was the first Jewish high priest Aaron
#2636, aired 1996-02-05ANNUAL EVENTS $400: The name of this Jewish holiday is Hebrew for "head of the year" Rosh Hashanah
#2632, aired 1996-01-30FAMOUS PHYSICIANS $1000: Medieval Jewish physician & philosopher Moses Ben Maimon is better known by this name Maimonides
#2620, aired 1996-01-12EASTER PARADE $100: Easter is the Christian version of this Jewish feast with which it often coincides Passover
#2619, aired 1996-01-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: The Megillah or Story of Esther is read on this Jewish holiday Purim
#2580, aired 1995-11-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: This Jewish holiday is also known as the Feast of Lots Purim
#2501, aired 1995-06-19THE 17th CENTURY $200: On Nov. 24, 1632 Baruch Spinoza was born to Jewish parents in this Dutch capital Amsterdam
#2374, aired 1994-12-22RELIGION $400: The name of this Jewish ceremony is Hebrew for "son of the commandment" bar mitzvah
#2371, aired 1994-12-19THE MACCABEES $400: This Jewish holiday is also known as the Feast of the Maccabees Hanukkah
#2341, aired 1994-11-07HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: The name of this 8-day Jewish festival is Hebrew for "dedication" Hanukkah
#2287, aired 1994-07-12WOMEN'S GROUPS $500: The name of this organization for Jewish women is from the Hebrew name of Queen Esther Hadassah
#2128, aired 1993-12-01RELIGION $400: This collection of Jewish religious & civil law has two parts: the mishna & the gammara The Talmud
#2125, aired 1993-11-26AWARDS $200: It's the novel for which Leon Uris received a 1959 National Jewish Book Award Exodus
#2118, aired 1993-11-17U.S. CITIES $300: This city's metropolitan area has the largest Jewish population of any city in the world New York City
#2102, aired 1993-10-26LEFTOVERS $300: Ladino, a Spanish-Jewish language derived from Castillian, is usually written in this alphabet Hebrew
#2088, aired 1993-10-06WORLD RELIGIONS $400: Some Jewish men begin wearing a prayer shawl after this ceremony; others wait until they're married bar mitzvah
#2056, aired 1993-07-12RELIGION $500: During prayer Jewish men wear this fringed shawl tallit
#2008, aired 1993-05-05"HOLY" $500: The place in the Jewish temple in which the Ark of the Covenant was kept the Holy of Holies
#1894, aired 1992-11-26THE OLD TESTAMENT $1000: These 2 books following 1st & 2nd Kings relate Jewish history from Saul thru the Babylonian Captivity 1st & 2nd Chronicles
#1891, aired 1992-11-23RELIGION $200: As a sign of respect to God, Orthodox Jewish men usually wear these skullcaps yarmulkes
#1836, aired 1992-09-07MUSICAL THEATRE $100: Originally it was to involve a Jewish boy & a Catholic girl & was to be called "East Side Story" West Side Story
#1806, aired 1992-06-08COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD $500: This country has South America's largest Jewish population Argentina
#1788, aired 1992-05-13PHILOSOPHERS $1000: This Jewish philosopher was born in Amsterdam in 1632 to Portuguese parents Spinoza
#1740, aired 1992-03-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: This Jewish holiday is celebrated on the first day of the lunar month of Tishri Rosh Hashanah
#1719, aired 1992-02-06COOKING $200: These round dumplings used in Jewish cooking are also known as knaidlach matzah (balls)
#1709, aired 1992-01-23ANNUAL EVENTS $300: This Jewish holiday when unleavened bread is eaten can start between March 26 & April 28 Passover
#1709, aired 1992-01-23PHILOSOPHY $1000: 17th century Dutch Jewish philosopher who said, "Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue" Spinoza
#1655, aired 1991-11-08FILE UNDER "Y" $200: Abstinence from food, drink, sex & work is a part of the observance of this Jewish holiday Yom Kippur
#1638, aired 1991-10-16RELIGION $600: An Orthodox Jewish wife has to get a get to get this from her husband divorce
#1636, aired 1991-10-14KENTUCKIANS $500: Appointed by Woodrow Wilson in 1916, he became the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis
#1596, aired 1991-07-08ANCIENT HISTORY $400: Jewish patriots called Sicarii, meaning dagger men, captured this fortress in 66 A.D. Masada
#1557, aired 1991-05-14RELIGION $200: In Jewish folklore, Lilith was the first wife of Adam before God created her Eve
#1554, aired 1991-05-09CONQUERORS $1000: This "Great" founder of the Persian Empire conquered Babylon in 539 B.C. & freed the Jewish captives Cyrus (the Great)
#1544, aired 1991-04-25FOOD $100: Some think of this soup as "Jewish penicillin" chicken soup
#1527, aired 1991-04-02LEAGUES $600: Rabbi Meir Kahane, who founded it in 1968, was assassinated in November 1990 the Jewish Defense League
#1497, aired 1991-02-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: An additional candle on the menorah is lit each day of this Jewish festival of lights Hanukkah
#1481, aired 1991-01-28THE BIBLE $300: In Leviticus the Lord orders a day of atonement, which in the Jewish religion is called this Yom Kippur
#11, aired 1990-08-25HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: This Jewish holiday begun in 165 B.C. celebrates the purification of the temple of Jerusalem Hanukkah
#8, aired 1990-08-04RELIGION $800: Surprisingly, this Jewish holiday falls on the 1st of Tishri, which the Bible calls the 7th mo. the Jewish New Year (or Rosh Hashanah)
#1358, aired 1990-06-27RELIGION $300: The Mishnah & the Gemara comprise the body of Jewish law & learning known as this Talmud
#1353, aired 1990-06-20ORGANIZATIONS $600: The oldest & largest Jewish service organization, its name means "sons of the covenant" B'nai B'rith
#1340, aired 1990-06-01FOOD $400: This Jewish-American pastry is made with dough & can be stuffed with potato or cheese knish
#1329, aired 1990-05-17CEREMONIES $200: At 13 a Jewish boy automatically becomes this, the religious ceremony is not essential Bar Mitzvahed
#1321, aired 1990-05-07SUNDAY SCHOOL $400: A Jewish student will learn the meanings of the objects on the seder plate used during this holiday Passover
#1260, aired 1990-02-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: This Jewish holiday marks the end of the 10 days of penitence that begins with Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur
#1246, aired 1990-01-22FAMOUS QUOTES $800: Dutch Jewish philosopher who coined the phrase "nature abhors a vacuum" Spinoza
#1224, aired 1989-12-21CLASSICAL LITERATURE $1000: Commander of Galilee in the Jewish revolt against Rome, he later wrote a history of the revolt Josephus
#1210, aired 1989-12-01ANCIENT HISTORY $400: Ancient fort that was the site of the last stand of the Jewish zealots against Rome in 73 A.D. Masada
#1207, aired 1989-11-28FRUITS $500: This rare fruit is used in Jewish Feast of Tabernacles rites & its peel is used in fruitcakes citron
#1205, aired 1989-11-24MYTHICAL CHARACTERS $600: The gollem, a creature in this religion's folklore, has been likened to Frankenstein's monster the Jewish religion
#1184, aired 1989-10-26FLAGS $600: The blue & white stripes on Israel's flag are taken from this garment worn by Jewish males a talis (tallit also acceptable)
#1169, aired 1989-10-05THE 20TH CENTURY $300: Jewish holiday on which Egypt & Syria attacked Israeli forces October 6, 1973 Yom Kippur
#1146, aired 1989-09-04FOOD FACTS $400: In Jewish cooking, "latkes" commonly enjoyed on Hanukkah, are these potato pancakes
#1146, aired 1989-09-04RELIGION $600: This word can describe the body of Jewish literature & oral tradition, or, specifically, the Pentateuch Torah
#1116, aired 1989-06-12THE MIDDLE EAST $800: In 1917 Britain issued the Balfour Declaration which called for the creation of this Jewish-Palestinian state
#1116, aired 1989-06-12WEDDINGS $400: At the end of a traditional Jewish marriage ceremony the groom smashes one of these with his foot glass
#1097, aired 1989-05-16NEW YEAR'S DAY $400: It's sounded on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year a ram's horn (the shofar)
#1091, aired 1989-05-08RELIGION $600: The Jewish festival of Hanukkah is observed for this many days 8
#1041, aired 1989-02-27WHAT'S "NEW" $400: The 1st day of a Jewish month, when the side of Luna facing Earth is dark new moon
#1020, aired 1989-01-27FAMOUS FAMILIES $200: Starting in the 18th century, this Jewish family became the most famous of all European banking dynasties Rothschild
#1011, aired 1989-01-16BY THE NUMBERS $200: In Jewish mysticism & Islam, the highest heaven 7th heaven
#1004, aired 1989-01-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: Also referred to as the Feat of Lots, this Jewish holiday is marked by the reading of the book of Esther Purim
#996, aired 1988-12-26CAPITAL CITIES $600: 16th c. Jewish refugees from Spain & Portugal helped make it the diamond-cutting capital of the world Amsterdam
#994, aired 1988-12-22IN THE NEWS $600: A new statue in the Paris Tuileries is of this Jewish soldier tried for treason & later exonerated (Alfred) Dreyfus
#985, aired 1988-12-09STARTS WITH "K" $200: According to Jewish dietary laws, putting butter on your steak isn't this kosher
#933, aired 1988-09-28THE BIBLE $400: Jewish holiday that commemorates the events in Exodus 12 Passover
#868, aired 1988-05-18U.S. GEOGRAPHY $100: This state with a large Jewish community is the leading grower of temple oranges Florida
#861, aired 1988-05-09THE OCCULT $500: In folklore of this religion "dybbuks" are evil spirits which take possession of the living Jewish
#852, aired 1988-04-26SPIRITUAL SONGS $400: Black spiritual from the days of slavery that some Jewish people now associate with passover "Let My People Go" ("Go Down Moses")
#832, aired 1988-03-29WEDDINGS $300: At a Jewish ceremony, this symbolizes the couple's future home the canopy (or the chuppah)
#819, aired 1988-03-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: In 1986, this Jewish holiday began in December & didn't end until 3 days into January 1987 Hanukkah (the Festival of Lights)
#731, aired 1987-11-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The Jewish 10 Days of Penitence begin & end on these two holy days Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur
#716, aired 1987-10-19RHYME TIME $500: A "minyan", the number of males needed for a Orthodox Jewish service ten men
#692, aired 1987-09-15CLASSICAL MUSIC $1000: Though Jewish, Aaron Copland used Christian folk hymn "Simple Gifts" in this "regional" ballet Appalachian Spring
#670, aired 1987-07-03WORLD RELIGION $200: Country with the world's largest Jewish population the United States
#661, aired 1987-06-22CLASSICAL MUSIC $300: A "walk down the aisle" just isn't the same w/out the march by this grandson of a Jewish philosopher (Felix) Mendelssohn
#641, aired 1987-05-252-LETTER WORDS $800: Spelled out, it's a blood type; pronounced, it's a month of the Jewish calendar AB
#641, aired 1987-05-25EXODUS $200: Jewish holiday established in Exodus 12 Passover
#640, aired 1987-05-22RELIGIOUS HISTORY $800: Some 2 years ago this church opened a temple in Freiburg, East Germany, its 1st in a Communist nation the Mormon church
#631, aired 1987-05-11RELIGION $400: In a traditional Jewish wedding, the couple is married under 1 of these, symbolic of the bridal chamber chuppah (canopy)
#619, aired 1987-04-23HOLIDAYS $400: Wintertime Jewish holiday that's mentioned in the New Testament but not in the Jewish Bible Hanukkah
#618, aired 1987-04-22U.S. STATES $100: In 1916, S. Bamberger, a Jewish Democrat, was elected this state's 1st non-Mormon governor Utah
#591, aired 1987-03-16HISTORY $100: In July 1099, crusaders stormed this holy city, killing its Muslim & Jewish inhabitants Jerusalem
#573, aired 1987-02-18RELIGION $300: Blown in Jewish rituals, the shofar is traditionally a horn of this animal sheep (male sheep, a ram)
#569, aired 1987-02-12LANGUAGES $800: While Yiddish is derived mainly from German, Ladino is a Jewish language based on this one Spanish
#547, aired 1987-01-13SPORTS TRIVIA $200: Born in Panama, this former Angels 1st baseman considers himself Jewish Rod Carew
#501, aired 1986-11-10MULTIPLE CHOICE $400: Of bacon, bosom, or babushka, word censored from an ad by N.Y. paper The Jewish Week bacon
#483, aired 1986-10-15U.S.A. $400: The Supreme Court upheld the Air Force ban on wearing this Jewish clothing accessory with dress uniforms yarmulke
#480, aired 1986-10-10SPIRITUAL SONGS $400: Both a Jewish & Christian hymn sing of this "Rock" Rock of Ages
#468, aired 1986-09-24RELIGION $600: Greek for "place of assembly", it's a Jewish center of public worship synagogue
#465, aired 1986-09-19HOLIDAYS $400: The military defeat of Antiochus IV, King of Syria, resulted in this Jewish holiday Hanukkah
#463, aired 1986-09-17GENETICS $400: Jewish law says male babies need not be circumcised if maternal uncle has this bleeding disease hemophilia
#394, aired 1986-03-13CHICKENS $400: Religion where a hen & rooster traditionally preceded bridal couple, who could then make chicken soup Jewish
#337, aired 1985-12-24LAWS & RULES $500: Under Jewish law, he is the person who performs the circumcision ritual mohel
#328, aired 1985-12-11MODERN HISTORY $500: In 1903, Zionist Congress rejected this European country's offer to set up Jewish state in Uganda Great Britain
#295, aired 1985-10-25HATS $300: Ironically, this bishop's hat was once worn by Jewish high priests the miter
#280, aired 1985-10-0412-LETTER WORDS $100: You can get a knish at a Jewish one, or mozzarella at an Italian one a delicatessen
#153, aired 1985-04-10ACTORS & ROLES $600: Film in which Robert DeNiro & James Woods, of Italian & Irish ancestry, play Jewish gangsters Once Upon a Time in America
#127, aired 1985-03-05TRAVEL & TOURISM $300: Hebrew for "mountain fortress", its ruinous site of last Jewish holdout against the Romans Masada
#98, aired 1985-01-23ANCIENT WORLDS $400: Jewish queen with her own book of the Old Testament Esther
#17, aired 1984-10-021959 $400: Uris #1 best-seller about Jewish refugees in emerging Israel Exodus
#17, aired 1984-10-02HOLIDAYS $500: Celebration of the Jewish victory over the Syrians in 165 B.C. Hanukkah
#2, aired 1984-09-11RELIGION $400: Continent with the largest Jewish population North America
#1, aired 1984-09-10FOREIGN CUISINE $300: Jewish crepe filled with cheese a blintz
#2, aired 1984-01-01FOOD $100: Jewish deli substitute for "pate de foie gras" chopped chicken livers

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (3 results returned)

#7076, aired 2015-05-25HYMNS: A Christian hymn & a Jewish holiday hymn are both titled this, also the name of a 2009 Tony-nominated musical Rock Of Ages
#5382, aired 2008-01-22ADJECTIVES: This word meaning "gruesome" was inspired by the deaths of the leaders of a Jewish revolt in the 100s B.C. macabre
#4213, aired 2002-12-1820th CENTURY U.S. PRESIDENTS: This president shares his middle name with the name of a 1st C. Jewish theologian mentioned in the New Testament Warren Gamaliel Harding

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