Season 15 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (230 clues archived)

#3445, aired 1999-07-23PUBLICATIONS: Henry Nichols' "Four Seasons" engraving has appeared on the cover of this publication each year since 1851 Farmers' Almanac
#3444, aired 1999-07-22WORLD LEADERS: This country's leaders have included Yusof Bin Ishak, Benjamin Sheares & Lee Kuan Yew Singapore
#3443, aired 1999-07-21THE NOBEL PRIZE: It's the only Nobel category in which the prize has not been awarded to a woman Economics
#3442, aired 1999-07-20THE ANIMAL KINGDOM: The family Monodontidae is composed of 2 members: the beluga whale & this other marine mammal Narwhal
#3441, aired 1999-07-19PLACE NAMES: Its original name, Wai Momi, & its current name both come from the valuable mollusks once found there Pearl Harbor
#3440, aired 1999-07-16U.S. PRESIDENTS: The 2 U.S. presidents who died at the youngest ages, 82 years apart James A. Garfield & John F. Kennedy
#3439, aired 1999-07-15FILMS OF THE '70s: 1976 film that contains the line: "...The only truth you know is what you get over this tube!" Network
#3438, aired 1999-07-14STATE GOVERNMENT: With only 49, this state's government has the fewest legislators Nebraska
#3437, aired 1999-07-13HISTORIC ISLANDS: A 900-year-old organization expelled in 1798 was allowed to return to this island in 1998 Malta
#3436, aired 1999-07-12IN THE BOOKSTORE: Bestselling author seen here Sue Grafton
#3435, aired 1999-07-09CLASSIC CINEMA: This 1957 film opens with the judge's instructions to the jury in a murder trial 12 Angry Men
#3434, aired 1999-07-08U.S.A.: In 1999 several counties around Cape Canaveral, Florida were assigned this new telephone area code 321
#3433, aired 1999-07-07SPORTS SUPERSTARS: This tennis player was ranked No. 1 for the year a record 6 times in a row in the 1990s Pete Sampras
#3432, aired 1999-07-06VITAMINS & MINERALS: The name of this vitamin is from the Latin for "leaf" because leafy green vegetables are a good source Folic acid
#3431, aired 1999-07-05WORLD LEADERS: Francois Mitterand said this world leader "has the lips of Marilyn Monroe and the eyes of Caligula" Margaret Thatcher
#3430, aired 1999-07-02U.S. GOVERNMENT: William Wirt was attorney general for over 11 years, a record; this attorney general is second, with 6 years Janet Reno
#3429, aired 1999-07-01PRESIDENTIAL FACTS: FDR called it the Sacred Cow; for Truman it was Independence; for Eisenhower, the Columbine; & from JFK on, this Air Force One
#3428, aired 1999-06-30PARADES: The theme of Richard Nixon's second inaugural parade, he thought he'd be in office to celebrate it the Bicentennial
#3427, aired 1999-06-29U.S. CITIES: Among its sister cities are Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Turin, Italy; & Toyota City, Japan Detroit
#3426, aired 1999-06-28WORLD OF TELEVISION: This current U.S. TV show is shown in France as "Aux Frontieres du Reel" ("At the Borders of Reality") The X-Files
#3425, aired 1999-06-25BANDS OF THE '70s: In billing order, this quartet's members were born in Los Angeles, Dallas, Blackpool & Toronto Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
#3424, aired 1999-06-24RECENT MOVIES: The young John Webster, who grew up to write "The Duchess of Malfi", is a character in this 1998 film Shakespeare in Love
#3423, aired 1999-06-23BRITISH LITERATURE: The original title of this 1895 novel was "The Chronic Argonauts" The Time Machine
#3422, aired 1999-06-22HISTORIC DATES: On this date a record 10,471 flags were flown above the U.S. Capitol, one at a time July 4, 1976 (the Bicentennial)
#3421, aired 1999-06-21AFRICA: 1 of the 3 African countries that are still kingdoms Lesotho, Morocco or Swaziland
#3420, aired 1999-06-18FAMOUS FATHERS: He played rhythm & blues guitar before working as a crane operator & raising a family in Gary, Indiana Joe Jackson
#3419, aired 1999-06-17LITERARY BOTANY: This Asian herb of the family Pedaliaceae is closely associated with a poor woodcutter in the "Arabian Nights" Sesame
#3418, aired 1999-06-16FAMOUS WOMEN: During WWI this American showed off her talents in a play called "The Western Girl" Annie Oakley
#3417, aired 1999-06-15INTERNET BUSINESS: A hot stock in 1999, this internet site began as a place to buy & sell Pez dispensers eBay
#3416, aired 1999-06-14COMPOSERS: "Reaching for the Note" was the subtitle of a 1998 film about this American music legend who died in 1990 Leonard Bernstein
#3415, aired 1999-06-11ART: This technique, from Latin for "to look through", began in Western painting in works like the one seen here Perspective
#3414, aired 1999-06-10BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: In 1903 Morris Michtom of New York began marketing these with presidential permission Teddy Bears (named after Theodore Roosevelt)
#3413, aired 1999-06-09TELEVISION: In a 1983 movie about a kidnapping, Daniel J. Travanti played the man who would later host this series America's Most Wanted (hosted by John Walsh)
#3412, aired 1999-06-08POP MUSIC: It's the opera mentioned in the lyrics of a 1970 No. 1 hit by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Pagliacci
#3411, aired 1999-06-07STATE CAPITALS: Chartered in 1781, it's the only state capital named for a French city Montpelier, Vermont
#3410, aired 1999-06-04FAMOUS NAMES OF THE 1950s: The lyricist of the song "That's America to Me" adopted the 2 brothers with this last name, orphaned in 1953 Rosenberg
#3409, aired 1999-06-03WORLD EVENTS: The 3 people who did this most recently were Midori Ito, Muhammad Ali & Crown Prince Haakon of Norway Lighting the Olympic flame at the Olympic Games
#3408, aired 1999-06-02ITALIAN VOCABULARY: This word well known to sculpture lovers can be translated as "mercy" or "compassion" pieta
#3407, aired 1999-06-01QUOTABLE DEFINITIONS: Ted Hughes wrote that it's where a child can sit "with the genius of the Earth" Library
#3406, aired 1999-05-31SPORTS: The fact that he didn't play September 20, 1998 made headlines Cal Ripken
#3405, aired 1999-05-28'90s TRENDS: This adornment has been seen on Cher, Dennis Rodman & the 5,000-year-old "Iceman" found in 1991 tattoos
#3404, aired 1999-05-27DIRECTORS & THEIR FILMS: 1 of the 2 '90s films by German director Wolfgang Petersen concerned with a U.S. president's safety (1 of) Air Force One & In the Line of Fire
#3403, aired 1999-05-261950s ACHIEVEMENTS: On Nov. 20, 1953, in a Douglas D-558-2, Scott Crossfield reached this benchmark traveling twice the speed of sound
#3402, aired 1999-05-25ROMAN EMPERORS: The 2 Roman emperors during the time that Jesus Christ walked the Earth Augustus Caesar & Tiberius
#3401, aired 1999-05-24VICTORY CELEBRATIONS: This man received the first & only New York City ticker-tape parade ever given to a classical musician Van Cliburn
#3400, aired 1999-05-21MOVIE CHARACTERS: Rand Brooks, Carroll Nye & Clark Gable played this character's 3 husbands Scarlett O'Hara
#3399, aired 1999-05-20AMERICAN FOLKLORE: Name of the animal that measured 42 axe handles & 1 plug of chewing tobacco between the horns Babe the Blue Ox
#3398, aired 1999-05-19INTERNATIONAL SPORTS: Jan Ullrich, the only German ever to win this event, has been nicknamed "Der Tourminator" the Tour de France
#3397, aired 1999-05-18TV CHARACTERS: The first name of this TV title character whose show debuted in 1998 is a synonym for "happiness" or "good fortune" Felicity
#3396, aired 1999-05-17BRITISH AUTHORS: In 1954 she became the first recipient of the Grand Master Award from the Mystery Writers of America Agatha Christie
#3395, aired 1999-05-14HISTORIC AMERICANS: This member of William & Mary's Class of 1762 founded a univ. that opened in 1825, one year before his death Thomas Jefferson (University of Virginia)
#3394, aired 1999-05-13STATE CAPITALS: Add one letter to a word meaning a religious rite & you get this U.S. state capital Sacramento, California
#3393, aired 1999-05-12RENAISSANCE LITERATURE: This book begins, "All states and dominions which hold or have held mankind are either republics or monarchies" "The Prince" (by Machiavelli)
#3392, aired 1999-05-11MONEY: The first of a series of 50 new U.S. quarters, released in January 1999, honored this state Delaware
#3391, aired 1999-05-10EUROPEAN GOVERNMENT: In October 1998 this country got its 56th govt. since WWII, with its first Communist cabinet ministers in 50 years Italy
#3390, aired 1999-05-07FROM BOOK TO FILM: This recent hit film was based on the book "Gesundheit: Good Health is a Laughing Matter" Patch Adams
#3389, aired 1999-05-06U.S. POLITICS: In 1952 this state became primary in politics by adding candidates' names to its primary ballots New Hampshire
#3388, aired 1999-05-05WORLD LITERATURE: A war described in this 1726 novel began over an argument about how to crack open an egg "Gulliver's Travels"
#3387, aired 1999-05-04HISTORIC GEOGRAPHY: Named for its shape, this region stretches NW from the Persian Gulf, W. to Syria, then S. through Palestine the Fertile Crescent
#3386, aired 1999-05-03ORGANIZATIONS: In 1901 Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Boston, D.C., Baltimore & Philadelphia made up this; Tampa Bay joined in 1998 the American League
#3385, aired 1999-04-30BRAND NAMES: This office supply product caught on in the Depression because it made worn & tattered items last longer Scotch Tape
#3384, aired 1999-04-29U.S. GOVERNMENT: Lawrence Walsh & Donald Smaltz have held this job created by 1978's Ethics in Government Act Special Prosecutor/Independent Counsel
#3383, aired 1999-04-28PEOPLE: People magazine's 1989 & 1998 Sexiest Men Alive, they played father & son in a blockbuster 1989 film Sean Connery & Harrison Ford
#3382, aired 1999-04-27ENGLISH HISTORY: 11th century England had 2 kings with this name, one a Dane & one a Saxon Harold
#3381, aired 1999-04-26LETTER PERFECT: The name of this show performed in a 1.5 mil.-gallon tank at the Bellagio in Vegas is a homophone of a French word O
#3380, aired 1999-04-23THE NOBEL PRIZE: This Peace Prize winner financed his medical studies partly through royalties from his Bach biography Dr. Albert Schweitzer
#3379, aired 1999-04-22THE ENVIRONMENT: Samples from a Swiss bog show the highest levels of this element in the past 14,000 years were from 1975 to 1982 Lead
#3378, aired 1999-04-21LANDMARKS: In 1913 prima ballerina Ellen Price inspired the look of this famous statue by Edvard Eriksen the Little Mermaid
#3377, aired 1999-04-2020th CENTURY PERSONALITIES: In a 1998 interview, she said, "I see it as my apostolic duty to talk about art" Sister Wendy
#3376, aired 1999-04-19MACHINES: This type of machine, in the news in 1987, was developed in the '70s from a noodle-making device Paper shredder
#3375, aired 1999-04-16AUTHORS: In January 1999 this author issued a public statement reminding the world the third millennium really begins Jan. 1, 2001 Arthur C. Clarke
#3374, aired 1999-04-15MUSIC: In 1997 Agnes Grossmann took over as the 1st woman artistic director of this group in its 500-year history The Vienna Boys' Choir
#3373, aired 1999-04-141998: Bruce Jenner, Gail Devers & Willie Gault attended this woman's September 26, 1998 funeral Florence Griffith Joyner
#3372, aired 1999-04-13ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS: In 1998 she became the only woman to win an Oscar & an Emmy for Lead Actress in the same year Helen Hunt
#3371, aired 1999-04-12THE 1980s: On January 20, 1981 the U.S. released about $8 billion of this country's assets it had frozen Iran
#3370, aired 1999-04-09RELIGIOUS TERMS: John Paul II has eliminated this position whose duty was to present arguments against sainthood Devil's Advocate
#3369, aired 1999-04-08U.S. GEOLOGY: This 800-mile-long feature was discovered & named by Andrew Lawson San Andreas Fault
#3368, aired 1999-04-07THE GREAT LAKES: Now called Lake Michigan, the 17th century French called it the "Lake of" this Indian tribe Illini
#3367, aired 1999-04-0620th CENTURY WOMEN: She titled her Ph.D. thesis "An Inquiry into the Question of Cultural Stability in Polynesia" Margaret Mead
#3366, aired 1999-04-05ANIMALS: There are only 3 of these animals in U.S. zoos: a 28-year-old in D.C.'s National Zoo & 2 younger ones in San Diego pandas
#3365, aired 1999-04-02STATUES: Its face was modeled after the features of Auguste-Charlotte Bartholdi Statue of Liberty
#3364, aired 1999-04-01POTPOURRI... NO FOOLIN': In 1956 Johnson Wax introduced Raid & this brand that got a Potpourri Country Garden version in 1989 Glade
#3363, aired 1999-03-31IN THE NEWS: In use from January 1, 1999, it's represented by the symbol seen here the euro
#3362, aired 1999-03-30WORLD GEOGRAPHY: One story says this point was so named because it was a positive sign of a sea route from Europe to India Cape of Good Hope
#3361, aired 1999-03-291999 ANNIVERSARIES: A traveling exhibit honoring the 200th anniversary of his death features his false teeth George Washington
#3360, aired 1999-03-26AMERICAN HISTORY: As minister to Mexico, he was authorized by President Pierce to buy border land for the railroads James Gadsden
#3359, aired 1999-03-25CITY & STATE: Founded in 1801 & famous for its university, it's nicknamed "The Classic City of the South" Athens, Georgia
#3358, aired 1999-03-24WORD ORIGINS: Today meaning a self-employed person, this term derives from medieval knights who sold their skills Freelancer
#3357, aired 1999-03-23FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: A 1993 anthology of contemporary Asian-American fiction is titled this character "is Dead" Charlie Chan
#3356, aired 1999-03-22THE OLYMPICS: Before the first winter games in 1924, this sport was played in the summer games; Canada won gold in 1920 ice hockey
#3355, aired 1999-03-19SCIENTIFIC INVENTIONS: In 1608 its inventor offered it exclusively to the Dutch government for military use telescope
#3354, aired 1999-03-18PRESIDENTIAL BIRTHPLACES: 20th century president whose birthplace is depicted here Herbert Hoover
#3353, aired 1999-03-17IRISH-BORN AUTHORS: Once a drama critic in his native Dublin, he toured the U.S. as an actor's manager, but never visited Romania Bram Stoker
#3352, aired 1999-03-16SINGERS & THEIR MUSIC: 6 of his albums landed on Billboard's Top Pop Catalog Chart for May 30, 1998, including 3 in the Top 10 Frank Sinatra
#3351, aired 1999-03-15NATIONAL PARKS: The writings of Marjory Stoneman Douglas helped preserve this area she dubbed "The River of Grass" Everglades National Park (in Florida)
#3350, aired 1999-03-12MOVIE QUOTES: First uttered in 1962, this 3-word self-introduction tops Guinness' list of the most famous movie quotes ever "Bond, James Bond"
#3349, aired 1999-03-11THE ANIMAL KINGDOM: Next to humans, it's the land mammal with the longest lifespan Elephant
#3348, aired 1999-03-10BROADWAY MUSICALS: 1960 musical that contains the line: "Your table is cracking... can you hear the timbers split?" Camelot
#3347, aired 1999-03-0920th CENTURY AMERICANS: Adela Rogers St. Johns, who was hired by this man in 1913, reported on his granddaughter's trial in 1976 William Randolph Hearst
#3346, aired 1999-03-08SHOW BIZ: In 1997 this singer & her husband opened a restaurant at Disney World called Bongo's Cuban Cafe Gloria Estefan
#3345, aired 1999-03-05AUTHORS: In June 1998 a museum dedicated to this author opened in Salinas, California John Steinbeck
#3344, aired 1999-03-04TELEVISION ACTORS: Starting in 1984, he's played the same character continuously on 2 primetime shows over the last 15 seasons Kelsey Grammer (Dr. Frasier Crane on Cheers & Frasier)
#3343, aired 1999-03-03THE PRESIDENCY: In 1998, the highest-ranking person in the line of presidential succession who could not legally be president Madeleine Albright (Secretary of State)
#3342, aired 1999-03-02CORPORATE AMERICA: This Vermont food company's 1995 CEO search was an essay contest with the topic "Yo! I Want to be Your CEO" Ben & Jerry's
#3341, aired 1999-03-01ANIMALS: Coronado's men found them bearded like a goat, woolly like a sheep & with a hump larger than a camel's Bison (of North America)
#3340, aired 1999-02-26THE TITANIC: This man whose invention was used to call for help held a ticket for the voyage but changed his plans Guglielmo Marconi
#3339, aired 1999-02-25THE SOLAR SYSTEM: This planet's moons include Triton & the recently discovered Naiad Neptune
#3338, aired 1999-02-24LANDMARKS: In the 1879 Mathew Brady photo seen here, this structure was about 150 feet tall the Washington Monument
#3337, aired 1999-02-23SYMBOLS: In 1972 programmer Ray Tomlinson chose it to separate an e-mail user's name from the computer's name @
#3336, aired 1999-02-22WORLD GEOGRAPHY: It's the only body of water with shores on the continents of Asia, Africa & Europe Mediterranean Sea
#3335, aired 1999-02-19U.S. INDUSTRIES: Around 1850 it used a fleet of over 700 ships; by 1930 this U.S. industry was practically defunct whaling
#3334, aired 1999-02-18MODERN AFRICAN HISTORY: Africa's newest independent state, it was an Italian colony until WWII, & later incorporated into another country Eritrea (formerly part of Ethiopia)
#3333, aired 1999-02-17AUTHORS: In 1745 he bequeathed his estate to be used for the founding of a hospital for the mentally ill in Dublin Jonathan Swift
#3332, aired 1999-02-16MYTHOLOGICAL HEROES: To defeat some of his enemies, this son of Zeus turned them into stone Perseus
#3331, aired 1999-02-15WORLD CITIES: In May 1998 this metropolis of 7 million voted to start electing its mayor for the first time London
#3330, aired 1999-02-12LITERATURE: In 1998 Jose Saramago became the first writer in this language to win a Nobel Prize for Literature Portuguese
#3329, aired 1999-02-11MEDICAL HISTORY: In the 1850s he held the posts of demonstrator of & lecturer on anatomy at St. George's Hospital Henry Gray ("Gray's Anatomy")
#3328, aired 1999-02-10MUSICALS AROUND THE WORLD: In Mexico, this beloved American musical is sometimes known as "La Novicia Rebelde" The Sound of Music
#3327, aired 1999-02-09AMERICAN HISTORY: At the outbreak of hostilities of the Civil War, he was president of the Senate Hannibal Hamlin
#3326, aired 1999-02-08HISTORIC NAMES: He was the son of an Irish immigrant who was the viceroy of Peru Bernardo O'Higgins
#3325, aired 1999-02-05AMERICAN LITERATURE: The book of Jonah is quoted before Chapter One of this 1851 novel Moby-Dick
#3324, aired 1999-02-04FAMOUS NICKNAMES: This famous 20th century nickname is the Argentinian equivalent of "Y'know?" or "Hey, you!" Che (for Che Guevara, who was born in Argentina)
#3323, aired 1999-02-03NAMES IN PLAYS: The name of the Montecchi, a noble family of the 13th century, was anglicized to this Montague (from Romeo and Juliet)
#3322, aired 1999-02-02PRESIDENTIAL FIRSTS: He was the first president to preside over 14 states George Washington
#3321, aired 1999-02-01SPORTS: On Jan. 15, 1892 the first rules for this sport were published in the Triangle, the Springfield, Mass. YMCA newspaper Basketball
#3320, aired 1999-01-29ANIMALS: This animal's name is from Bantu for "mock man" Chimpanzee
#3319, aired 1999-01-28POETS' CORNER: One reason he is not buried in Westminster Abbey is his epitaph, which concludes, "Curst be he that moves my bones" William Shakespeare (he's buried at Stratford)
#3318, aired 1999-01-27VITAMINS & MINERALS: The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention says it's the nutrient Americans are most likely to be deficient in Iron (Iron-deficient anemia)
#3317, aired 1999-01-26BROADWAY MUSICALS: This musical that premiered in 1975 & was revived in 1996 is set in part in the Cook County Jail Chicago
#3316, aired 1999-01-25CRIME WRITERS: 1 of the 2 female crime writers who were in the British House of Lords in 1998 P.D. James or Ruth Rendell
#3315, aired 1999-01-22SPACEFLIGHT: He made 2 Gemini flights, 2 Apollo flights & 2 shuttle flights, including the first in 1981 John Young
#3314, aired 1999-01-21NAMES IN THE NEWS: In 1998 America's second-largest federal building was named in his honor Ronald Reagan
#3313, aired 1999-01-20U.S. STAMPS: He's on the 1997 stamp honoring the European recovery program George Marshall
#3312, aired 1999-01-19SHOW BUSINESS: This 1957 Buddy Holly hit was inspired by a line of dialogue from the John Wayne film "The Searchers" "That'll Be The Day"
#3311, aired 1999-01-18ENTERTAINERS: Lauren Bacall coined this name for a carousing group including Humphrey Bogart, Judy Garland & Frank Sinatra "The Rat Pack"
#3310, aired 1999-01-15FAMOUS ARTISTS: In 1909 he exhibited a group of his paintings entitled "Nympheas: Series de paysages d'eau" Claude Monet
#3309, aired 1999-01-14ISLANDS: At 3,600 square miles, it's the largest island in the Mediterranean where Italian is not an official language Cyprus
#3308, aired 1999-01-13THE HUMAN BODY: It's the body part where you'll find the Mount of Apollo, the Mount of the Moon & the Girdle of Venus (the palm of) the hand
#3307, aired 1999-01-12U.S. GOVERNMENT: In its history this government body has had a total of 108 members, 106 of them men The Supreme Court
#3306, aired 1999-01-11BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: McDonald's' 2 most successful promotional campaigns both involved these Happy Meal toys Beanie Babies
#3305, aired 1999-01-08BALLET: Feeling the need for ballets about American life, this dancer choreographed his first ballet in 1944 Jerome Robbins
#3304, aired 1999-01-07AMERICAN BUILDINGS: Once an art gallery, since 1961 it's been a shrine to the musical style said to have originated nearby Preservation Hall (in New Orleans)
#3303, aired 1999-01-06PEOPLE: He made the cover of Life magazine 3 times in February & March of 1962, & again in October 1998 John Glenn
#3302, aired 1999-01-05THE 1970s: In April 1974 Jimmy Carter presented him with a license plate that read "HLA715" Hank Aaron
#3301, aired 1999-01-04CHILDREN'S LITERATURE: This title character was inspired by a girl who'd had her appendix out in a French hospital run by nuns Madeline
#3300, aired 1999-01-01THE CALENDAR: Of the 12 animals that represent years in the Chinese calendar, 2 of the 3 that are not mammals (2 of) dragon, rooster or snake
#3299, aired 1998-12-31U.S. ORGANIZATIONS: A New Deal agency & a present-day organization, both using an eagle symbol, share these initials NRA (National Recovery Administration & National Rifle Association)
#3298, aired 1998-12-30AMERICAN POLITICIANS: This Texas Democrat's funeral was attended by Truman, Eisenhower, JFK & LBJ Sam Rayburn
#3297, aired 1998-12-29CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS: It's believed this saint began the custom of the nativity scene in 1223, using real people & animals Saint Francis of Assisi
#3296, aired 1998-12-28LITERARY SETTINGS: Zhongdian & Deqin, China both claim to be the inspiration for this imaginary place Shangri-La
#3295, aired 1998-12-25NAME'S THE SAME: Name shared by any Englishman & a composer credited with England's national anthem "God Save The Queen" John Bull
#3294, aired 1998-12-24CLASSIC MOVIES & TELEVISION: Bert & Ernie of "Sesame Street" are named after characters in this classic Christmas film It's a Wonderful Life
#3293, aired 1998-12-23FOOD & DRINK: This coffee brand was so named because its creator served it only once a year at a yuletide dinner party Yuban
#3292, aired 1998-12-221998 OPERA NEWS: For his first opera, Andre Previn adapted this 1947 Pulitzer Prize play featuring sex, violence & insanity A Streetcar Named Desire
#3291, aired 1998-12-21TOYS: While making a torsion meter, an engineer got the idea for this classic toy Slinky
#3290, aired 1998-12-18PRESIDENTS: 2 of the 3 successive presidents who were Republicans, born in Ohio & generals in the Union army (2 of) Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes & James A. Garfield
#3289, aired 1998-12-17ENTREPRENEURS: In 1991 he flew the Pacific in the "Virgin Otsuka Pacific Flyer", the world's largest hot-air balloon Richard Branson
#3288, aired 1998-12-16THEATRICAL TERMS: Partly from Greek for "song", they began as plays with music, then acquired sensational plots melodramas
#3287, aired 1998-12-15CHARITIES: Major Bill Hendricks, a Warner Bros. publicist, founded this holiday charity in 1947 Toys for Tots
#3286, aired 1998-12-14TV & LITERATURE: The "X-Files" episode entitled "Post-Modern Prometheus" was an update of this classic 1818 tale Frankenstein
#3285, aired 1998-12-11FAMOUS WOMEN: This author was a contributing editor of Asia magazine from 1941 to 1946 Pearl S. Buck
#3284, aired 1998-12-10ISLANDS: A species of mammal is named for this appropriate site of Russia's first American settlement Kodiak Island
#3283, aired 1998-12-09TELEVISION: By September 1985 "A.M. Chicago" had been expanded to an hour & became this show; it's still on The Oprah Winfrey Show
#3282, aired 1998-12-08ORGANIZATIONS: Now with over a hundred chapters, the March of Dimes was first established by this president Franklin Delano Roosevelt
#3281, aired 1998-12-071998: Opened on July 1, the museum devoted to her lies near a classical temple dedicated to her memory Princess Diana
#3280, aired 1998-12-04AWARDS: In 1927 Cedric Gibbons designed this award that he went on to win 11 times The Academy Award (Oscar)
#3279, aired 1998-12-03HOLIDAYS: It's observed on March 7 in California, March 26 in Spain & April 22 in Nebraska Arbor Day
#3278, aired 1998-12-02BRITISH POETS: Spurned in love, he joined the Light Dragoons in 1793 under the alias Silas Tomkyn Comberbache Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#3277, aired 1998-12-01THE OLYMPICS: Eddie Eagan, the only person to win golds in Summer & Winter Games, won in these 2 sports both beginning with "B" Bobsledding & boxing
#3276, aired 1998-11-30BANDS: This band's last surviving brother lives & records in St. Charles, Illinois, far from the ocean The Beach Boys
#3275, aired 1998-11-27BASEBALL TEAMS: In the early days, this baseball team was known as the Alleghenies Pittsburgh Pirates
#3274, aired 1998-11-26CLASSIC CHILDREN'S LIT: This children's story begins with a young farm girl saying to her mother, "Where's Papa going with that ax?" Charlotte's Web
#3273, aired 1998-11-25FRENCH LITERATURE: Written in exile in Turin & Brussels in the 1850s, his "The Royal House of Savoy", was finally published in France in 1998 Alexandre Dumas (pere, the father)
#3272, aired 1998-11-241998 DISCOVERIES: Discovered by a student, the largest known one of these fills as many pages as a good-sized novel a prime number
#3271, aired 1998-11-23FAMOUS NAMES: In a 15-minute-long ceremony, his New York townhouse was designated a "Cultural Landmark" in 1998 Andy Warhol
#3270, aired 1998-11-20THE SUPREME COURT: At the time of his 1902 nomination to the Supreme Court, he was Chief Justice of Massachusetts Oliver Wendell Holmes
#3269, aired 1998-11-19LANDMARKS: Plans are for steel cables to temporarily replace the over 800 tons of lead that counterbalance it The Leaning Tower of Pisa
#3268, aired 1998-11-1820th CENTURY NOVELS: With the same initials as the author, Harry Haller is the loner protagonist of this 1927 German novel Steppenwolf (by Hermann Hesse)
#3267, aired 1998-11-17SPORTS & RECREATION: Pioneered by pro hockey player Scott Olsen, it had 3 million U.S. participants in 1989 & has 30 million now rollerblading
#3266, aired 1998-11-16THESE UNITED STATES: This body meets on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December, but only once every 4 years The Electoral College
#3265, aired 1998-11-13PLAYS: Written in 1953 & set in the late 17th c., this play takes place about 16 miles northeast of where we are right now The Crucible (by Arthur Miller)
#3264, aired 1998-11-12FAMOUS WOMEN: This 1904 Radcliffe graduate was a suffragist, political activist, Vaudeville performer & writer Helen Keller
#3263, aired 1998-11-11BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: In 1998 this 106-year-old company became the first in the U.S. to top $300 billion in market value General Electric
#3262, aired 1998-11-10FAMOUS NEW ENGLANDERS: Native New Englander seen here, modeling for his company's catalog sometime before WWI L.L. Bean
#3261, aired 1998-11-09WORLD CAPITALS: This city was once known as Dong Kinh & to Europeans as Tonquin Hanoi, Vietnam
#3260, aired 1998-11-06LEGENDARY PEOPLE: He lived with his girlfriend, a fat priest & a 7-foot-tall archer Robin Hood
#3259, aired 1998-11-05FAMOUS HOTELS: Cartoons from The New Yorker line the hallways of this hotel where Harold Ross conceived the magazine the Algonquin Hotel
#3258, aired 1998-11-04MUSEUMS: Its museums include the Borgia Apartments, the Etruscan Museum & the Raphael Rooms The Vatican
#3257, aired 1998-11-0320th CENTURY WOMEN: At this woman's April 1998 funeral, Gloria Steinem called her "The woman we want to be after the revolution" Bella Abzug
#3256, aired 1998-11-02BIBLICAL TIMES: In Solomon's reign, she filled the new post of "queen mother" Bathsheba (wife of David)
#3255, aired 1998-10-30HALLOWEEN ON FILM: (Happy Halloween, I'm Janet Leigh.) In a 1953 film my then husband played this man, who died on Halloween in 1926; I played his wife Bess Harry Houdini
#3254, aired 1998-10-29TV CHARACTERS: Dozens of web sites are devoted to picking on this Sheryl Leach creation who only gives love Barney
#3253, aired 1998-10-28GEOGRAPHIC WORDPLAY: The name of this Asian country contains the name of a Mediterranean volcano Vietnam (contains the volcano Etna)
#3252, aired 1998-10-27FAMOUS PEOPLE: In 1998 the govt. of Ontario was forced to pay them $2.8 million for exploiting them decades ago the Dionne Quintuplets
#3251, aired 1998-10-26ARCHAEOLOGY: In 1997 aerial surveys found the Pleasure Dome he built in the 13th century Kublai Khan
#3250, aired 1998-10-23THE SPACE RACE: In July 1998 it became the third nation to launch an interplanetary craft Japan (launched a probe to Mars)
#3249, aired 1998-10-22THE 17th CENTURY: The 1648 Peace of Westphalia ended a war that began on May 23 of this year 1618 (when The Thirty Years' War began)
#3248, aired 1998-10-21PRESIDENTS: One of the two Whig Party presidents who did not die in office Millard Fillmore or John Tyler
#3247, aired 1998-10-20WORDS FROM PHYSICS: It means "relating to the motion of projectiles", or "very angry" ballistic
#3246, aired 1998-10-19HISTORIC LEADERS: His 1830 last testament read, "I aspire to no other glory than the consolidation of Colombia" Simon Bolivar
#3245, aired 1998-10-16TELEVISION: It's the longest-running prime time sports show in the history of network television Monday Night Football
#3244, aired 1998-10-15BRITISH AUTHORS: Among the poems this British novelist wrote in the 1920s were "Men in New Mexico" & "Autumn at Taos" D.H. Lawrence
#3243, aired 1998-10-14ROCK & ROLL HISTORY: The name "Beatles" was inspired by the backup group of this singer Buddy Holly (his backup group was called The Crickets)
#3242, aired 1998-10-13HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: In 1999 these related events will occur on Tuesday, February 16 & Sunday, April 4 Mardi Gras & Easter
#3241, aired 1998-10-1220th CENTURY POLITICIANS: Last name shared by 2 third party U.S. presidential candidates who ran 20 yrs. apart & each got over a million votes Wallace (Henry & George)
#3240, aired 1998-10-09WORDS: Once luring men to danger, now one warns of it a siren
#3239, aired 1998-10-08U.S. PRESIDENTS: He was the last man elected president who had served as a U.S. senator Richard M. Nixon
#3238, aired 1998-10-07MOVIE MUSICALS: The area in which this 1961 musical was filmed was soon razed to make way for the new Lincoln Center West Side Story
#3237, aired 1998-10-06AMERICAN SYMBOLS: In 1944 Smokey Bear replaced this Disney character as the symbol of the U.S. Forest Service Bambi
#3236, aired 1998-10-05STATE SONGS: The titles of the state songs of Kansas & Kentucky both contain this word Home
#3235, aired 1998-10-02SPORTS AUTHORS: Hemingway described this writer's 1961 book "Out of My League" as "The dark side of... Walter Mitty" George Plimpton
#3234, aired 1998-10-01INVENTORS: Mainz, Germany celebrates the life of this inventor in an annual festival called Johannisnacht Johannes Gutenberg
#3233, aired 1998-09-30THE 1980s: On Dec. 20, 1989 President Bush sent about 10,000 troops into this country as part of Operation Just Cause Panama
#3232, aired 1998-09-29HISTORIC AMERICANS: He was the proprietor of the "classical and geological hippodrome" that became Madison Square Garden P.T. Barnum
#3231, aired 1998-09-2820th CENTURY ARTISTS: In 1912 he began creating abstract sculptures of Maiastra, a bird in Romanian legends Constantin Brancusi
#3230, aired 1998-09-25PEOPLE IN POLITICS: A former gov. & presidential candidate & now mayor-elect, in 1998 he quit the "corrupted" Democratic party Jerry Brown
#3229, aired 1998-09-24ACTRESSES & STATESMEN: During the '70s she worked where he works now & she was an ambassador to his country Shirley Temple (Black) & Kofi Annan
#3228, aired 1998-09-23HEALTH & MEDICINE: Its formula is C27H46O & its name is from Greek for "solid bile" cholesterol
#3227, aired 1998-09-2220th CENTURY WORDS: In 1973, TIME Magazine blended 2 words to coin this term they gave to Rex Humbard as a job title televangelist
#3226, aired 1998-09-21HOTELS: The U.S. investigation into the Titanic was first held in this hotel owned by one of the victims Waldorf Astoria
#3225, aired 1998-09-18SPORTS HISTORY: He was president of France the first time France won soccer's World Cup Jacques Chirac
#3224, aired 1998-09-17OSCAR NOMINEES: Nominated for an Oscar in 1998, she was an original founding member of the Screen Actors Guild Gloria Stuart
#3223, aired 1998-09-16VOLCANOES: It's the only continent with no active volcanoes Australia
#3222, aired 1998-09-15U.S. SENATORS: This current senator's great-grandfather fought against Custer in the Battle of the Little Bighorn Ben Nighthorse Campbell (Cheyenne Indian)
#3221, aired 1998-09-141998 BUSINESS NEWS: The Silver Seraph, the 9th new model in its 92-year history, is its first built on a moving assembly line Rolls-Royce
#3220, aired 1998-09-11MUSICAL THEATER: In France, this musical was known as "Brillantine"; in Mexico, it was "Vaselina" Grease
#3219, aired 1998-09-10U.S. POLITICS: In a popular 1928 gubernatorial campaign slogan, it preceded "but no man wears a crown" "Every man a king"
#3218, aired 1998-09-09FOOD: In 1929 William Dreyer & Joseph Edy created this ice cream flavor, named in part to reflect the times ahead Rocky Road
#3217, aired 1998-09-08LITERARY GREATS: His last published work, an 1898 poem, was first issued under his cell number Oscar Wilde ("The Ballad of Reading Gaol")
#3216, aired 1998-09-07PRIME MINISTERS: 2 of the 4 countries that have had prime ministers who were father & daughter Bangladesh, India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka
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