Season 35

#7885, aired 2018-12-14 Faris Alikhan vs. Jackie Fuchs vs. Noah Link
#7884, aired 2018-12-13 Elana Schor vs. Faris Alikhan vs. Mary Kate Moriarty
#7883, aired 2018-12-12 Nicole Cocklin vs. Andy Greeley vs. Elana Schor
#7882, aired 2018-12-11 Francesco Caporusso vs. Nicole Cocklin vs. John Henning Schumann
#7881, aired 2018-12-10 Staci Huffman vs. Swetha Dravida vs. Francesco Caporusso
#7880, aired 2018-12-07 Dave Leffler vs. Staci Huffman vs. Nick Wawrykow
#7879, aired 2018-12-06 Dave Leffler vs. Samir Patel vs. Pat Berwick
#7878, aired 2018-12-05 Dave Leffler vs. Amy David vs. Brian Panulla
#7877, aired 2018-12-04 Dave Leffler vs. Alexander Schwab vs. Tiffany Brooks
#7876, aired 2018-12-03 Elizabeth Goss vs. Dave Leffler vs. Bernadette Nguyen
#7875, aired 2018-11-30 Adriana Ciccone vs. Elizabeth Goss vs. Ben Goldstein
#7874, aired 2018-11-29 Adriana Ciccone vs. Chris Williams vs. Phil Tompkins
#7873, aired 2018-11-28 Dylan Hamilton vs. Andrew Miller vs. Adriana Ciccone
#7872, aired 2018-11-27 Dylan Hamilton vs. Carol Radlo vs. Myra Guideng
#7871, aired 2018-11-26 J Cheema vs. Dylan Hamilton vs. Bridget Sullivan
#7870, aired 2018-11-23 Mary Ann Borer vs. Jennifer Hoosier vs. J Cheema
#7869, aired 2018-11-22 Mary Ann Borer vs. Terrie Vasilopoulos vs. David Trachtenberg
#7868, aired 2018-11-21 Mary Ann Borer vs. Casey Amspacher vs. Abby Roughton
#7867, aired 2018-11-20 Emma Arnold vs. Claire Sattler vs. Maya Wright 2018 Teen Tournament final game 2.
#7866, aired 2018-11-19 Emma Arnold vs. Claire Sattler vs. Maya Wright 2018 Teen Tournament final game 1.
#7865, aired 2018-11-16 Audrey Satchivi vs. Emma Arnold vs. Rohan Kapileshwari 2018 Teen Tournament semifinal game 3.
#7864, aired 2018-11-15 Maya Wright vs. Caleb Richmond vs. Jack Izzo 2018 Teen Tournament semifinal game 2.
#7863, aired 2018-11-14 Tim Cho vs. Autumn Shelton vs. Claire Sattler 2018 Teen Tournament semifinal game 1.
#7862, aired 2018-11-13 Maggie Brown vs. Rohan Kapileshwari vs. Autumn Shelton 2018 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 5.
#7861, aired 2018-11-12 Tim Cho vs. Jack Izzo vs. Rhea Sinha 2018 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 4.
#7860, aired 2018-11-09 Dan Oxman vs. Audrey Satchivi vs. Claire Sattler 2018 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 3.
#7859, aired 2018-11-08 Rotimi Kukoyi vs. Isabella Pagano vs. Caleb Richmond 2018 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 2.
#7858, aired 2018-11-07 Emma Arnold vs. Anish Maddipoti vs. Maya Wright 2018 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 1.
#7857, aired 2018-11-06 Mary Ann Borer vs. Lonnie Weis vs. Chloe Sjuberg
#7856, aired 2018-11-05 Jonathan Greenan vs. Mary Ann Borer vs. Gerald Dudley
#7855, aired 2018-11-02 Emily Frey vs. Laura Hite vs. Jonathan Greenan
#7854, aired 2018-11-01 Emily Frey vs. Jeff Catanese vs. Kathleen Nance
#7853, aired 2018-10-31 Emily Frey vs. Adam Soffrin vs. Swapna Sathe
#7852, aired 2018-10-30 Tori Campbell vs. Allen Adams vs. Emily Frey
#7851, aired 2018-10-29 Tori Campbell vs. Soyia Ellison vs. Neill Mohammad
#7850, aired 2018-10-26 Dhruv Srinivasachar vs. Tori Campbell vs. Todd LaPlace
#7849, aired 2018-10-25 Hannah McIntyre vs. Jill Hurtt vs. Dhruv Srinivasachar
#7848, aired 2018-10-24 Erik Agard vs. Hannah McIntyre vs. Rock Wayda
#7847, aired 2018-10-23 Erik Agard vs. Traci Clark vs. Patrick Healy
#7846, aired 2018-10-22 Erik Agard vs. Mike Jenkins vs. Joanna Rom
#7845, aired 2018-10-19 Alan Dunn vs. Erik Agard vs. Herschel Purvis Alan Dunn game 6.
#7844, aired 2018-10-18 Alan Dunn vs. Jessica Cantrell vs. Mark Johnson Alan Dunn game 5.
#7843, aired 2018-10-17 Alan Dunn vs. Allison Stevens vs. Julie Holzmann Alan Dunn game 4.
#7842, aired 2018-10-16 Alan Dunn vs. Hila Saxer vs. Prairie Rose Clayton Alan Dunn game 3.
#7841, aired 2018-10-15 Alan Dunn vs. Sarah Sinclair vs. Tosh Sagar Alan Dunn game 2.
#7840, aired 2018-10-12 Alex Schmidt vs. Ryan Vesledahl vs. Alan Dunn Alan Dunn game 1. WE ASKED: Dr. Travis Stork.
#7839, aired 2018-10-11 Alex Schmidt vs. Patrick Wyman vs. Kristina Johnson
#7838, aired 2018-10-10 Alex Schmidt vs. Mary Adolph vs. Chris Wong
#7837, aired 2018-10-09 Alex Schmidt vs. Jen Aronoff vs. Greg Antoine
#7836, aired 2018-10-08 Adam Francois Watkins vs. Alex Schmidt vs. Lee Glazer
#7835, aired 2018-10-05 Sara Butner vs. Maureen Block vs. Adam Francois Watkins
#7834, aired 2018-10-04 Doug Dodson vs. Kian Barry vs. Sara Butner
#7833, aired 2018-10-03 Doug Dodson vs. Maggie Beazer vs. Susan Donnelly-Kaye
#7832, aired 2018-10-02 Doug Dodson vs. Cody Landis vs. Kirsten Morry
#7831, aired 2018-10-01 Andrew Knudsen vs. Carl Conway vs. Doug Dodson
#7830, aired 2018-09-28 Evelyn Rubin vs. Andrew Knudsen vs. Barbara Gooby
#7829, aired 2018-09-27 Evelyn Rubin vs. Michael Pascuzzi vs. Katie Lombardo
#7828, aired 2018-09-26 Nancy Schoppa vs. Evelyn Rubin vs. Jordan Boyd-Graber Ying
#7827, aired 2018-09-25 Nancy Schoppa vs. Vincent Valenzuela vs. Courtney Llewellyn
#7826, aired 2018-09-24 Rob Salerno vs. William Benson vs. Nancy Schoppa
#7825, aired 2018-09-21 Kyle Jones vs. Rob Salerno vs. Dino Alexander Kyle Jones game 8.
#7824, aired 2018-09-20 Kyle Jones vs. Bucky McMahon vs. Amanda Levreault Kyle Jones game 7. Alex is clean-shaven.
#7823, aired 2018-09-19 Kyle Jones vs. Jonathan Lau vs. Jordan Moore Kyle Jones game 6. Alex has a mustache.
#7822, aired 2018-09-18 Kyle Jones vs. Emily Brown vs. Raymond Quianzon Kyle Jones game 5. Alex has a goatee.
#7821, aired 2018-09-17 Kyle Jones vs. Christine O'Donnell vs. Reese Wallace Kyle Jones game 4.
#7820, aired 2018-09-14 Kyle Jones vs. Riley Westmoreland vs. Andrew Lundy Kyle Jones game 3.
#7819, aired 2018-09-13 Kyle Jones vs. Shawn Moore vs. Lauren Stripling Kyle Jones game 2.
#7818, aired 2018-09-12 Lori Goodman vs. Kyle Jones vs. Monica Couch Kyle Jones game 1.
#7817, aired 2018-09-11 Rick Terpstra vs. Lori Goodman vs. Becky Warren
#7816, aired 2018-09-10 Rick Terpstra vs. Isaac Loeb vs. Caitlin Sok First game of Season 35. New opening graphics. Alex has...

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