Season 35 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (70 clues archived)

#7885, aired 2018-12-14BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: After it stopped U.S. operations in 2018, its website said, "Promise us just this one thing: don't ever grow up" Toys"R"Us
#7884, aired 2018-12-1319th CENTURY AUTHORS: In the preface to a book of his stories, he thanks a herpetologist of upper India & an elephant named Bahadur Shah Rudyard Kipling
#7883, aired 2018-12-12SCI-FI TV: One of the twin planets this alien race called home was Remus the Romulans
#7882, aired 2018-12-11BIBLE BOOKS: The title of this Old Testament book is from the Greek for "song sung to a harp" Psalms
#7881, aired 2018-12-102-WORD WORLD CAPITALS: From 1936 to 1941 this city was the capital of Italian East Africa Addis Ababa
#7880, aired 2018-12-07OPERA: In Act I of this opera, a messenger says, "Barbarous Ethiopians" have invaded & "are already marching on Thebes" Aida
#7879, aired 2018-12-06WORLD AFFAIRS 2018: An Arab League summit final statement rejected "interference" by this country often mistakenly called an Arab land itself Iran
#7878, aired 2018-12-05NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY: In 1999 the U.S. government was ordered to pay his family $16 million for less than 30 seconds of film Abraham Zapruder
#7877, aired 2018-12-04THE NFL: For the 2018 draft this team tried to use a parrot to make a pick; the bird got stage fright the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
#7876, aired 2018-12-03AMERICAN BUSINESS: Last name of John, Daniel, Elisha & Edward, whose firm turned 200 in 2018 & has dressed 40 U.S. presidents Brooks
#7875, aired 2018-11-30THE OLD WEST: On October 27, 1881 this town's local newspaper reported on "a day when blood flowed as water" Tombstone, Arizona
#7874, aired 2018-11-29CATHOLICISM: A liturgical year begins on the first Sunday of Advent, which is the Sunday closest to the feast day of this "first apostle" St. Andrew
#7873, aired 2018-11-28HISTORICAL FIRSTS: In a tribute with no precedent, the band played this at the Buckingham Palace changing of the guard on September 13, 2001 "The Star-Spangled Banner" (or the U.S. national anthem)
#7872, aired 2018-11-27ACTRESSES: In 1997 she became the first to win an Oscar for a film directed by her husband; her brother-in-law produced the film Frances McDormand
#7871, aired 2018-11-26AMERICAN AUTHORS: The 1877 novel "Garth", about a New Hampshire family cursed by an ancestor's crime, is by Julian, son of this novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne
#7870, aired 2018-11-23OLYMPIC CITIES: Of the 4 "M" cities that consecutively hosted Summer Olympics in the 20th century, these 2 aren't national capitals Munich and Montreal
#7869, aired 2018-11-221980s MOVIES: Ebert: This film "works as science fiction, it's sometimes as scary as a monster movie & at the end...not a dry eye in the house" E.T.
#7868, aired 2018-11-21PRESIDENTIAL IRONY: 1 of the 2 presidents who offered Daniel Webster the VP slot; he declined both, thinking the job went nowhere Zachary Taylor or William Henry Harrison
#7867, aired 2018-11-20AMERICANA: It's the official fruit of the District of Columbia cherry
#7866, aired 2018-11-19AMERICAN WRITERS: In a twist of irony, he accidentally set fire to some 300 acres of woods at Fair Haven Pond near the Concord River in 1844 Henry David Thoreau
#7865, aired 2018-11-16MAMMALS: Scientific name Mellivora capensis, this 2-word weasel family member was named "most fearless mammal" a honey badger
#7864, aired 2018-11-15THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION ERA: She was disowned by the Quakers after marrying an Episcopalian upholsterer in 1773 & later took over his business Betsy Ross
#7863, aired 2018-11-1419th CENTURY NAMES: In the 1870s he wrote that "man is descended from a hairy, tailed quadruped, probably arboreal in its habits" Charles Darwin
#7862, aired 2018-11-1320th CENTURY LITERATURE: Chapter 1 of this 1954 British novel is entitled "The Sound of the Shell" Lord of the Flies
#7861, aired 2018-11-12INTERNATIONAL GROUPS: The economic bloc known as the G8 became the G7 in 2014 upon the expulsion of this country Russia
#7860, aired 2018-11-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: Puebla is the only Mexican state that officially celebrates this spring holiday that is now more popular in the U.S. Cinco de Mayo
#7859, aired 2018-11-08HISTORIC LEADERS: One of his many horses was named Roitelet & was ridden on the way home from Russia in 1812 Napoleon Bonaparte
#7858, aired 2018-11-07BROADWAY MUSICALS: Winner of 6 Tonys in 2017, it's the first Broadway musical to focus on the subject of teens & social media Dear Evan Hansen
#7857, aired 2018-11-06ALPHANUMERIC ANATOMY: Alphanumerically, it's at the top of the spine & lets you nod C1
#7856, aired 2018-11-05CHARACTERS IN CHILDREN'S LIT: Memories of refugees in British train stations before & after WWII helped inspire the creation of this character Paddington Bear
#7855, aired 2018-11-02SURNAMES: Evoking speed & luxury, this one of the 10 most common Italian surnames goes back to the Latin word for iron Ferrari
#7854, aired 2018-11-01HISTORIC GEOGRAPHY: A northern limit of the Roman Empire was a fortified road in Germany stretching 350 miles between these 2 rivers the Danube and the Rhine
#7853, aired 2018-10-311960s FILMS: Chocolate syrup, casaba melon & Playboy model Marli Renfro were enlisted to create an iconic scene in this film Psycho
#7852, aired 2018-10-30TODAY'S INNOVATORS: The Ballbarrow was an early invention by this British man who's had greater success with sophisticated household devices James Dyson
#7851, aired 2018-10-29SHAKESPEARE: Aptly, Shakespeare used "moon" & "moonlight" more times in this play than in any other A Midsummer Night's Dream
#7850, aired 2018-10-26EUROPEAN HISTORY: Legend says this, weighing 336 lbs., came from the Holy Land & Kenneth MacAlpin brought it to Perthshire c. 840 the Stone of Scone
#7849, aired 2018-10-25STATE BIRDS: The 2-word name of this black & orange or black & golden state bird derives in part from the Latin for "golden" Baltimore oriole
#7848, aired 2018-10-24AFRICAN CITIES: Also a judicial capital, this aptly named city is known for an annual rose festival that began in 1976 Bloemfontein
#7847, aired 2018-10-23OLD ENGLISH LITERATURE: This "creature of evil, grim and fierce, was quickly ready, savage and cruel, and seized from their rest thirty thanes" Grendel
#7846, aired 2018-10-22PLACES IN THE NEWS: In a hint of the future, in 1973 Marjorie Post gave it to the U.S. govt. as a warm-weather presidential retreat, but it was returned Mar-a-Lago
#7845, aired 2018-10-19SPORTS: A low center of gravity is a key to success in this sport with moves including gaburi-yori & uwate-dashinage sumo wrestling
#7844, aired 2018-10-18CHARACTERS IN CHILDREN'S LIT: This winged character from an early 20th century work is so named "because she mends the pots and kettles" Tinker Bell
#7843, aired 2018-10-17WORLD CITIES: The northernmost city with a population over 5 million, it was founded in 1703 & its name was changed 3 times in the 20th century St. Petersburg
#7842, aired 2018-10-16THE SOLAR SYSTEM: Features on this body include Tombaugh Regio & Sleipnir Fossa, named for a horse that carried Odin to the underworld Pluto
#7841, aired 2018-10-15AMERICA IN THE 1930s: In March 1933 CBS Radio's Robert Trout said, "The president wants to come into your home... for a little" this a fireside chat
#7840, aired 2018-10-12CHARLES DICKENS: Both "Barnaby Rudge" & this other famous Dickens novel begin in 1775 & deal with mob violence A Tale of Two Cities
#7839, aired 2018-10-11BROADWAY MUSICALS: The title of this 1947 Lerner & Loewe musical may come from the construction seen here Brigadoon
#7838, aired 2018-10-10MYTHOLOGICAL HEROES: The second half of his service to Eurystheus took him to 6 different places, like Crete, Thrace & the Underworld Hercules
#7837, aired 2018-10-09WORLD LEADERS: He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize twice & the Literature Prize 7 times, winning for the latter in 1953 Winston Churchill
#7836, aired 2018-10-08U.S. CAPITOL ART: Of the 23 lawgivers depicted on marble portraits over doors in the U.S. House chamber, he's the only one in the Bible Moses
#7835, aired 2018-10-05MILITARY HISTORY: Prepared by the Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander, the "COSSAC Plan" outlined the details of this D-Day
#7834, aired 2018-10-04INTERNATIONAL CRIME: Italy's Agromafia enriches itself through counterfeit versions of this "liquid gold" mentioned by Homer & Plato olive oil
#7833, aired 2018-10-03CITIES IN HISTORY: The Cathedral of St. Pierre was the center of the Calvinist Reformation in this lakeside city Geneva
#7832, aired 2018-10-02OSCAR HYPHENATES: This actor has never been nominated for acting--he won, though, as a writer for 1997 & as a producer for 2012 Ben Affleck
#7831, aired 2018-10-01WORLD LITERATURE: In a recent poll of 125 authors, this long 1870s novel about a woman ranked as the greatest work of fiction of all time Anna Karenina
#7830, aired 2018-09-28CLASSIC FILMS: In this '70s Oscar-winning film, the title character's 1st words are "Why did you go to the police? Why didn't you come to me first?" The Godfather
#7829, aired 2018-09-27U.S. LANDMARKS: In 1883 a Catholic diocese sold this to the state of Texas for $20,000 the Alamo
#7828, aired 2018-09-26AUTHORS: After this woman's death, her daughter wrote, "As far as we in the family are concerned, the alphabet now ends at Y" Sue Grafton
#7827, aired 2018-09-2520th CENTURY PLAYS: From its preface: "It is impossible for an Englishman to open his mouth without making some other Englishman...hate him" Pygmalion
#7826, aired 2018-09-24BRITISH ROYALTY: In Sept. 2017 Prince Charles became the longest-serving Prince of Wales, passing the man who became this king Edward VII
#7825, aired 2018-09-21COLOR ETYMOLOGY: This word for a gem & a shade of blue derives from the name of a Eurasian country from which gems came to Western Europe turquoise
#7824, aired 2018-09-20FOLKLORE: In legend, he called all the animals together but only 12 came, including a rat & a dragon the Buddha
#7823, aired 2018-09-1918th CENTURY AMERICANS: In a famous 1775 speech, he said, "Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston!" Patrick Henry
#7822, aired 2018-09-18ANIMAL CHARACTERS: Items bought by this predator: iron bird seed, an iron carrot, earthquake pills & dehydrated boulders Wile E. Coyote
#7821, aired 2018-09-1720th CENTURY NOVELS: "I've killed my brother" is said near the end of this 1952 book with a Biblical title & a plot echoing a Biblical story East of Eden
#7820, aired 2018-09-14SPORTS HALLS OF FAME: Posthumously, Axel Paulsen was among the first group of inductees into the World Hall of Fame for this in 1976 figure skating
#7819, aired 2018-09-13BEFORE THEY WERE PRESIDENT: On October 4, 1940, for the premiere of what's been called his most famous movie role, Ronald Reagan was in this city South Bend, Indiana
#7818, aired 2018-09-1218th CENTURY NAMES: In 1789 this doctor proposed 6 articles on penal reform to the French Assembly, including one on capital punishment Joseph Guillotin
#7817, aired 2018-09-11DESIGN: Switching the syllables in the German word for building of a home gave this design & architecture school its name Bauhaus
#7816, aired 2018-09-10THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE: To set a record for longest solo journey by kayak, 2,010 miles, Helen Skelton traveled through this nation for a month Brazil
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