Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (115 results returned)

#7770, aired 2018-05-25NEW YORK COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $2000: RIT for short, it was one of the first schools to offer an undergraduate degree in software engineering Rochester Institute of Technology
#7743, aired 2018-04-18"R" TOWN $1600: At the age of 5 George Eastman moved there with this family Rochester, New York
#7726, aired 2018-03-26HIDE AWAY IN A BOOK $1000: Can't do the category without this 1847 novel where the insane Mrs. Rochester is kept locked up in the attic Jane Eyre
#7707, aired 2018-02-27LITERARY HOMES $800: This employer of Jane Eyre owns Thornfield Hall Rochester
#7586, aired 2017-09-11BACK IN BLACK $800: It took more than a "moment", but this Rochester, N.Y. company emerged from bankruptcy & still sells cameras Kodak
#7415, aired 2016-12-02REQUIRED READING $400: After leaving Rochester-- the man, not the city--this Bronte title woman finds herself destitute & friendless Jane Eyre
#7413, aired 2016-11-30THE ERIE CANAL $400: When the canal opened in 1825, it was only 4 feet deep & ran 363 miles from Albany to this city on Lake Erie Buffalo
#7248, aired 2016-03-02DOGGONE GOOD WRITING $2000: Described as "a lion-like creature", pilot is this man's dog in "Jane Eyre" Rochester
#7227, aired 2016-02-02ENGLISH LIT $2000: Set partly in the West Indies, this Jean Rhys novel tells of Antoinette Cosway, the mad Mrs. Rochester from "Jane Eyre" Wide Sargasso Sea
#7204, aired 2015-12-31STATUE-ESQUE WOMEN $400: Last name of Edith, who stands still at a facility in Rochester, Minn. where she was the first nurse anesthetist Mayo
#7181, aired 2015-11-30PHOTOGRAPHY $400: In 1975, Steve Sasson created the world's first digital camera for this Rochester, New York company Kodak
#7166, aired 2015-11-09A BIT O' BRIT LIT $600: Jane Eyre marries this mysterious man Rochester
#7029, aired 2015-03-19INLETS $1,200 (Daily Double): New York's Irondequoit Bay near Rochester is an inlet of this Great Lake Lake Ontario
#6937, aired 2014-11-11U.S. CITY NICKNAMES $1000: New York: "Snapshot City" Rochester
#6889, aired 2014-07-24FICTIONAL CHARACTERS $600: On the day of her wedding, she learns that her groom-to-be, Mr. Rochester, already has a wife Jane Eyre
#6800, aired 2014-03-21THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE $800: This character says, "I have told you, reader, that I had learnt to love Mr. Rochester; I could not unlove him now" Jane Eyre
#6725, aired 2013-12-0619th CENTURY NOTABLES $800: The Rochester, N.Y. home of this orator & former slave was a station on the Underground Railroad Frederick Douglass
#6694, aired 2013-10-24HOSPITAL CORNERS $200: Center Street & 3rd Avenue SW in Rochester, Minnesota: this clinic the Mayo Clinic
#6690, aired 2013-10-18A NOVEL HAIKU $1,000 (Daily Double): Well! Oh, Rochester! / What's that up in the attic? / It's insane up there! Jane Eyre
#6596, aired 2013-04-29"ON"WORDS & "UP"WORDS $800: Rochester, Albany & Syracuse are located in this part of New York the upstate
#6462, aired 2012-10-23LITERARY HOUSES $800: Jane Eyre met Mr. Rochester at this hall Thornfield Hall
#6356, aired 2012-04-16EVENTS AROUND THE USA $1600: Headliner concerts at a June 2011 International Jazz Festival were held at Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre in this city Rochester (New York)
#6290, aired 2012-01-13FROM PAGE TO SCREEN $400: This beloved novel was made into a film yet again in 2011, this time with Michael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester Jane Eyre
#6271, aired 2011-12-19DOCTOR, LAWYER, NATIVE AMERICAN LEADER $200: Last name of William & Charles, brothers who built their own medical center in Rochester, Minnesota in 1914 Mayo
#6236, aired 2011-10-31HOSPITALS $200: This Rochester, Minnesota clinic is around 15 million square feet, about 3 times the size of the Mall of America the Mayo Clinic
#6196, aired 2011-07-18AT HOME WITH A GOOD BOOK $600: Mr. Rochester's Thornfield Hall, burned down by the insane Bertha Mason Jane Eyre
#6180, aired 2011-06-24NEW YORK CITIES & TOWNS $400: The George Eastman House in this city is home to the International Museum of Photography & Film Rochester
#6132, aired 2011-04-19THE LOOKING GLASS $3,000 (Daily Double): This Rochester, N.Y. company named for 2 German men made the lenses for CinemaScope & won an Oscar for the work Bausch & Lomb
#6107, aired 2011-03-15ET TU, BRONTE $600: On the impact of Charlotte's work, Virginia Woolf wrote, "Think of Rochester and we have to think of" this title woman Jane Eyre
#5962, aired 2010-07-13ENGLISH LIT $400: By the time the novel ends, this title character & Edward Rochester have been happily married for 10 years Jane Eyre
#5946, aired 2010-06-21OTHER GRAND CANYONS $400: Just south of Rochester in this state, Letchworth State Park is home to the "Grand Canyon of the East" New York
#5797, aired 2009-11-24SCULPTURE $200: In 1953 sculptor William Zorach created the relief "Man and Work" for this Rochester, Minnesota clinic the Mayo Clinic
#5789, aired 2009-11-12TWILIGHT: THE NOVEL $800: Edward, at least his name, was partly inspired by Edward Rochester in this author's "Jane Eyre" Charlotte Bronte
#5765, aired 2009-10-09LITERARY CHARACTERS' ADS $2000: Seeking governess for ward Adele at Thornfield; must not snoop in the attic Rochester
#5716, aired 2009-06-15BRIDE & GLOOM $400: Um, awkward! Jane Eyre's wedding is halted when an attorney insists that this groom is already married Rochester
#5579, aired 2008-12-04YOU GO, GIRL! $800: Fined $100 for voting in an 1873 Rochester election, she said, "I shall never pay a dollar of your unjust penalty" Susan B. Anthony
#5530, aired 2008-09-26DOWN AT THE OLD FACTORY $1,200 (Daily Double): Company that ran the Hawk-Eye Works in Rochester, N.Y. (Eastman) Kodak
#5490, aired 2008-06-20AUTHORS & THEIR CHARACTERS $1600: In "Wide Sargasso Sea", West Indian author Jean Rhys wrote about the West Indian 1st wife of this "Jane Eyre" hero Rochester
#5489, aired 2008-06-19A BUNCH OF STUFF $600: A tornado that struck Rochester, Minnesota in 1883 inspired 3 doctors with this last name to open a clinic Mayo
#5384, aired 2008-01-24WHO CREATED THEM? $200: Edward Fairfax Rochester, the master of Thornfield Hall Charlotte Bronte
#5383, aired 2008-01-23THE EPA P3 EXPO $2000: (Jimmy reporting from the EPA P3 Expo in Washington DC) Using solar power to kill water-borne bacteria at temperatures below the boiling point, Rochester Institute of Technology's team saves energy while accomplishing this, named for a 19th century French scientist Pasteurization
#5344, aired 2007-11-29FROM PAGE TO SCREEN $400: Oh, Rochester! William Hurt was in the 1996 version of this oft-filmed Bronte classic Jane Eyre
#5312, aired 2007-10-16ENTERTAINMENT HISTORY $1600: (Hi, I'm Harry Shearer.) Rochester! Did you know that in 1953 I played this comic as a boy on his self-titled TV "Program"? Jack Benny
#5234, aired 2007-05-17CREOLE CURIOSITY SHOP $1600: Following the death of his mad Creole wife Bertha in a fire, this literary character weds Jane Eyre Rochester
#5167, aired 2007-02-13PLENTY OF TIME $400: This sport's games have no set time limit; the longest pro game was 8 hours, 25 minutes between Pawtucket & Rochester baseball
#5081, aired 2006-10-16"K" MART $1600: Called Durobrivae in ancient times, Rochester, England is found in this county where you'll also find Canterbury Kent
#5077, aired 2006-10-10JANE EYRE'S WEDDING REGISTRY $1200: A handsome set of silver is embossed with this letter, for the happy couple's last name R
#5008, aired 2006-05-24NO PLACE TO GO $800: Listen! Up in the attic! It must be Mr. Rochester's first wife!--in this 1847 novel Jane Eyre
#4954, aired 2006-03-09IT'S ON "R" MAPS $800: "The Photo Capital of the World", this city in New York is also the birthplace of American Spiritualism Rochester
#4777, aired 2005-05-17NICKNAMES OF NEW YORK CITIES $400: "The Camera City" Rochester
#4741, aired 2005-03-28MINNESOTA $400: Home to a famous clinic, this city was named for a city in New York Rochester
#4709, aired 2005-02-10INVENTORS $1200: The home of this inventor in Rochester, N.Y. is now an international museum of film & photography Eastman
#4685, aired 2005-01-07MEDICAL CENTER $800: The city of Rochester in this state is home to the world-famous Mayo clinic Minnesota
#4676, aired 2004-12-27TITLE CHARACTERS $1200: Jane Austen described this title 20-year-old as "handsome, clever, and rich" Emma
#4664, aired 2004-12-09A "THORN"-Y CATEGORY $2000: In Charlotte Bronte's novel, "Jane Eyre", Edward Rochester is the moody master of this manor Thornfield Hall
#4638, aired 2004-11-04'50s TV $800: In 1950 this comedian brought his radio program to TV along with Rochester & announcer Don Wilson Jack Benny
#4572, aired 2004-06-22NOVEL WEDDINGS $1200: 2 nights before her wedding to Mr. Rochester, a ghastly figure appears in her room & rips up her wedding veil Jane Eyre
#4569, aired 2004-06-17SCIENCE POTPOURRI $800: Founded in 1889 as St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, today it's known as this the Mayo Clinic
#4501, aired 2004-03-15LITERATURE $400: "Wide Sargasso Sea" by Jean Rhys is the story of the mad wife of this "Jane Eyre" character Rochester
#4473, aired 2004-02-04DOUBLE TALK $1600: This Asian-sounding breath freshener was developed in Rochester, N.Y. in the late 1800s Sen-Sen
#4465, aired 2004-01-23U.S. CITIES $800: Rochester, New York grew because of its location on this the Erie Canal
#4399, aired 2003-10-23U.S. CITY NICKNAMES $1000: "Kodak City" Rochester (New York)
#4331, aired 2003-06-02ROCHESTER $200: In Rochester in this state, you might expect to find fans of the Fighting Irish, as it's just south of South Bend Indiana
#4331, aired 2003-06-02ROCHESTER $400: Rochester in Plymouth County in this state is home to Witch Rock where witches were said to rise skyward Massachusetts
#4331, aired 2003-06-02ROCHESTER $600: 9 miles east of Pontiac, the city of Rochester in this state is home to Oakland University Michigan
#4331, aired 2003-06-02ROCHESTER $800: A port on the New York state barge canal, Rochester, New York is closest to this Great Lake Lake Ontario
#4331, aired 2003-06-02ROCHESTER $1000: Just up the turnpike from Portsmouth is the "Lilac City" of Rochester in this "New" state New Hampshire
#4294, aired 2003-04-10CLASSIC COMIC CATCHPHRASES $1000: To Rochester: "Now cut that out!" Jack Benny
#4204, aired 2002-12-05LITERARY TITLE CHARACTERS $200: This title character is governess to Adele Varens, Mr. Rochester's illegitimate child Jane Eyre
#4174, aired 2002-10-24U.S. CITIES $600: The prestigious Eastman School of Music is located in this city in western New York Rochester
#4097, aired 2002-05-2819th CENTURY LIT $1000: This heroine is "barely eighteen" when she seeks a new job as a governess (& finds one, with Mr. Rochester) Jane Eyre
#3898, aired 2001-07-11HOLD THE MAYO CLINIC $200: The Mayo Clinic was started in Rochester in this state Minnesota
#3847, aired 2001-05-01THEATRE $500: James Barbour plays Mr. Rochester in the new musical based on this Bronte novel Jane Eyre
#3828, aired 2001-04-04HEADQUARTER CITIES $1000: Eastman Kodak Company Rochester, New York
#3774, aired 2001-01-18WHERE FOR ART $1000: His urban estate at 900 East Ave. in Rochester, N.Y. is a museum of photography & film George Eastman
#3712, aired 2000-10-24CHARACTER STUDY $400: Bertha Mason, Grace Poole, Mr. Rochester "Jane Eyre"
#3668, aired 2000-07-12CITIES OF NEW YORK $500: It's "The Kodak City" & "The Photo Capital of the World" Rochester
#3542, aired 2000-01-18WHAT'S UP, DOC? $200: In 1899, along with his 2 sons, he founded St. Marys's Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota William Mayo
#3437, aired 1999-07-13FICTIONAL SERVANTS $300: He was Jack Benny's gravel-voiced valet on radio & tv Eddie "Rochester" Anderson
#3309, aired 1999-01-14NO PLAIN JANE $200: Mr. Rochester called her a "provoking puppet" & a "malicious elf" Jane Eyre
#3189, aired 1998-06-11GIVING AWAY THE ENDING $400: Rochester regains the sight in one eye in this novel's last chapter "Jane Eyre"
#3128, aired 1998-03-18COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $600: This Rochester, N.Y. businessman's gift allowed MIT to be built (George) Eastman
#3084, aired 1998-01-15MEDICAL HISTORY $1,500 (Daily Double): [Hi, I'm Thomas Calabro] The clinic named for these doctors began as part of St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota The Mayo Clinic
#3064, aired 1997-12-18FLOWERS $1000: Nicknamed the "Flower City", Rochester, N.Y. sponsors a May festival of these fragrant purple flowers Lilacs
#3035, aired 1997-11-07BLACK AMERICANS $600: This abolitionist & publisher of "The North Star" ran a station of the Underground Railroad in Rochester Frederick Douglass
#3029, aired 1997-10-30BRIT LIT $200: In this novel, Mr. Rochester "has a fine bass voice, and an excellent taste for music" Jane Eyre
#2989, aired 1997-09-04NAME THAT NOVEL $600: "I have told you, reader, that I had learnt to love Mr. Rochester: I could not unlove him now" Jane Eyre
#2969, aired 1997-06-26U.S. CITIES $400: This New York city's largest employer is Eastman Kodak, with about 34,000 employees Rochester
#2939, aired 1997-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1872 Susan B. Anthony refused to pay the $100 fine imposed upon her for doing this in Rochester, N.Y. voting
#2926, aired 1997-04-28CLASSIC BOOKS & AUTHORS $1,000 (Daily Double): In this Charlotte Bronte novel, Edward Rochester is the moody master of Thornfield Hall "Jane Eyre"
#2878, aired 1997-02-19LIBRARIES $800: This city is home to the Mayo Patient Health Education Library Rochester, Minnesota
#2836, aired 1996-12-23SCULPTURE $800: This Rochester, Minn. medical clinic commissioned William Zorach's 1953 "Man And Work" The Mayo Clinic
#2780, aired 1996-10-04THE 1820s $100: On October 27, 1822 a 280-mile section of the Erie Canal opened between Rochester & this capital Albany
#2767, aired 1996-09-17MINNESOTANS $200: Their Rochester clinic dates back to 1889 the Mayo Brothers
#2760, aired 1996-09-06HOSPITALS $400: At first only a surgical clinic, this Rochester, Minn. facility became a full medical center around 1915 the Mayo Clinic
#2759, aired 1996-09-05BASKETBALL $300: Number 14 on the 1945–46 NBL champion Rochester Royals, he went on to play "The Rifleman" Chuck Connors
#2673, aired 1996-03-27MUSEUMS $1,500 (Daily Double): You'll find the International Museum of Photography in this New York city Rochester
#2647, aired 1996-02-20LITERATURE $400: "Wide Sargasso Sea", a 1966 prequel to this Bronte novel, tells the story of the first Mrs. Rochester Jane Eyre
#2571, aired 1995-11-06FICTIONAL CHARACTERS $300: This Bronte heroine uses the pseudonym Jane Elliott after she flees from Mr. Rochester Jane Eyre
#2509, aired 1995-06-29ENGLISH LITERATURE $200: In this Charlotte Bronte novel, Mr. Rochester says, "I be a bigamist; but fate has out-manoeuvred me" Jane Eyre
#2501, aired 1995-06-19RIVERS $600: The Genesee River empties into this Great Lake near Rochester, N.Y. Ontario
#1948, aired 1993-02-10LIBRARIES $400: This city is the site of the Mayo Medical Library Rochester, Minnesota
#1883, aired 1992-11-11HISTORIC HOMES $100 (Daily Double): Her home in Rochester, New York is now a museum filled with memorabilia of the fight for equal rights Susan B. Anthony
#1430, aired 1990-11-16NEW YORK CITIES $600: It's home to Kodak & Xerox Rochester
#1308, aired 1990-04-18THE MIDWEST $400: Minnesota city that's home to the world famous Mayo Clinic Rochester
#1198, aired 1989-11-15CITY NICKNAMES $400: "Kodak City" Rochester, New York
#1190, aired 1989-11-03U.S. CITIES $1000: You had to send the earliest Kodaks back to this city to have the film inside developed Rochester, New York
#1091, aired 1989-05-08NOVELS $800: His mad Creole wife, Bertha, dies in a fall, leaving him free to marry Jane Eyre Mr. Rochester
#962, aired 1988-11-08'30s TV $600: In a 1939 production, Dennis Hoey played Rochester & Flora Campbell this Brontë heroine Jane Eyre
#947, aired 1988-10-18THOMAS JEFFERSON $200: Of playing the violin, having a valet named Rochester or wife named Mary, what he & J. Benny had in common playing the violin
#880, aired 1988-06-03U.S. CITIES $1000: 5th largest city in Minnesota, it's named for the 3rd largest in New York Rochester
#769, aired 1987-12-31U.S. CITIES $400: In 1889, the Sisters of St. Francis built a hospital for Dr. Wm. Mayo to administer in this city Rochester, Minnesota
#713, aired 1987-10-14JACK BENNY $600: The last name of this Benny show character was van Jones Rochester
#614, aired 1987-04-16LITERATURE $600: C. Bronte dedicated 2nd edition of this to Thackeray who like Rochester, had an insane wife Jane Eyre
#369, aired 1986-02-06FICTIONAL HEROINES $800: Charlotte Bronte's hard-luck heroine who finally finds happiness with Mr. Rochester Jane Eyre

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (4 results returned)

#7332, aired 2016-06-28AMERICAN INVENTORS: Before his death in 1932, he donated over $100 million, including $50 million to the University of Rochester George Eastman
#6173, aired 2011-06-15CRUSADING WOMEN: A judge's directed verdict of guilty for her action in Rochester in 1872 was written before her trial began Susan B. Anthony
#4938, aired 2006-02-15LITERARY ANIMALS: In an 1877 novel, he tells us that he was originally called Darkie, & later, Old Crony Black Beauty
#2830, aired 1996-12-13FAMOUS AMERICANS: His love of music led him to found a school of music at the University of Rochester, N.Y. George Eastman (The Eastman School of Music)

Players (43 results returned)

Jim Vercolen, a part-time teacher from Rochester, New York 1995 Tournament of Champions semifinalist: $5,000. Season 11 4-time champion: $40,200....
Steve Clark, a training manager from Rochester Hills, Michigan Season 21 player (2005-06-24).
Debbie Howe, an education administrator from Rochester, New York Season 6 player (1990-01-26).
Catie Camille, a student from Rochester, New York Season 22 player (2005-09-12). According to the official Jeopardy! web site,...
Elizabeth Randisi, an attorney from Webster, New York Season 22 1-time champion: $6,900 + $2,000.
Colin Brown, a senior at the University of Rochester from Milwaukie, Oregon 2005 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000.
Jim Burkhard, an automotive engineer from Chili, New York Season 22 player (2006-01-04). The official Jeopardy! web site lists Jim's...
Carolyn Proulx, a caregiver from Pawtucket, Rhode Island Season 22 player (2006-01-09).
Matt Klein, a senior from Pittsford, New York 2006 Teen Tournament 2nd runner-up: $15,000. Won $1,000 on Who Wants...
Jimmy Orsag, a journalist from Rochester, Pennsylvania Season 22 1-time champion: $11,602 + $2,000.
Lan Djang, a business analyst from Toronto, Canada 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Elite Eighteen (Round 2 winners) member:...
Linda Sue Park, a children's author from Rochester, New York Season 23 player (2006-10-20). Linda Sue won the 2002 Newbery Medal...
Bob Black, a history teacher from Canandaigua, New York Season 24 1-time champion: $18,700 + $1,000.
Amy Iman, a teacher from Rochester, New York Season 15 player (1999-05-27).
Rubani Trimiew, a junior from Rochester, New York 1999-A Teen Tournament quarterfinalist: $2,500.
Larry Hamberlin, a copy editor from Rochester, Vermont Season 20 player (2004-05-26).
Lucinda Sabino, a housewife and writer from Rochester, Michigan Season 20 player (2004-07-05). KJL game 24.
Collette Ryder-Consugar, a grant specialist from Rochester, Minnesota Season 19 player (2003-02-25).
Michele Lee Amundsen, a freelance editor and writer originally from Rochester, Minnesota Season 25 player (2009-01-19).
Jack Feerick, a freelance writer from Churchville, New York Season 25 3-time champion: $108,200 + $2,000.
Jeff Kuhn, an attorney from Fairport, New York Season 20 3-time champion: $48,702 + $2,000. Last name pronounced like...
Yevgeny Shrago, a research assistant originally from Rochester, New York Season 26 1-time champion: $24,600 + $2,000. Name pronounced like "yev-GHEN-ee...
Aaron Wicks, a planning and evaluation manager from Rochester, New York Season 26 1-time champion: $18,001 + 1,000. Aaron Wicks Rochester, NY...
Michael Brown, a graduate student from Rochester, New York Season 27 player (2011-03-24).
Jerry Hou, a freelance orchestra conductor from Rochester, New York Season 27 player (2011-07-18). Last name pronounced like "HO".
Laura Sikes Jambon, a graduate student of American history from Rochester, New York Season 28 player (2012-07-12). Last name pronounced like "zham-BOHn" (French-style pronunciation)....
Sister Carol Cimino, a director of development from Rochester, New York Season 2 2-time champion: $9,899. Sister Carol's web site:
Beth Youngers, a swim coach from Rochester, Minnesota Season 29 player (2012-11-26).
James Hawthorne Jr., a special education teacher from Rochester, New York Season 29 player (2013-01-16).
Dan Gordon, a senior from Rochester, New York 1991 Teen Tournament quarterfinalist: $1,000.
Gemma Kaneko, a baseball writer originally from Rochester Hills, Michigan Season 31 player (2015-02-23). Name pronounced like "JEM-uh kan-EH-ko".
Masao Okazaki, a physician originally from Rochester, Minnesota Season 6 player (1989-10-11).
Chris Gunter, a stay-at-home parent from Rochester, New York Season 31 player (2015-05-01).
Jim Vercolen, a part-time teacher from Rochester, New York Season 11 4-time champion: $40,200. The official web site's ToC Yearbook,...
David Itkin, an attorney originally from Rochester, New York Season 13 player (1996-12-03).
Diane Taubold, a manager from Rochester, New York Season 5 player (1989-03-29).
Sarah Thompson, an art history professor from Rochester, New York Season 32 1-time champion: $16,999 + $2,000.
Jeff Crosby, a youth ministry consultant from Rochester, New York Season 32 2-time champion: $30,201 + $2,000. JBoard user name: koozbane...
Todd Gonzalez, a paint sales assistant manager from Rochester, New York Season 32 player (2016-07-28).
Judy Riley, a patent lawyer from Rochester, Michigan Season 12 2-time champion: $30,402.
Ben Cosman, a research consultant from Rochester, New York Season 34 player (2017-12-18).
Jordan Garroway, a mechanical engineer from Rochester, New York Season 34 player (2017-12-19).
Sheldon Lewis II, a sophomore at Rochester Institute of Technology from Buffalo, New York 2018 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000.
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