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    $200 14
Doodle's cap ornament (7)

Show #2182 - Tuesday, February 15, 1994

1994 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 2.


Valerie Volcovici, a sophomore from Eastchester, New York

Carsten Reichel, a senior from Rome, Georgia

Jesse Irwin, a senior from Orange, Connecticut

Jeopardy! Round

    $100 1
45/5 simplifies to this
    $100 6
Before donning Superman's' cape, Dean Cain played Shannen Doherty's boyfriend on this FOX soap
    $100 17
The Chinese call the Zen form of this religion Ch'an
    $100 11
She was only about 17 when she began leading French armies against the English in 1429
    $100 25
A stamp honoring this smallest state was issued May 29, 1990, the 200th anniversary of its statehood
    $100 13
Hot dog (11)
    $200 2
In this plane figure, all the points are equidistant from the center
    $200 24
With son Lucky in tow, this couple returned to "General Hospital" Oct, 29, 1993
    $200 10
It's the religion of about 97% of the people in Portugal
    $200 18
While visiting the Potomac Indians in 1613, she was captured by the English & taken to Jamestown
    $200 23
A 17¢ stamp issued in 1986 depicts one of these sleds—mush!
    $200 14
Doodle's cap ornament (7)
    $300 5
It's the name of the longest side of a right triangle
    $300 28
On this soap Michael E. Knight plays Tad & Ted & David Canary plays Adam & Stuart
    $300 7
In this religion practiced in Haiti, a petro loa is a spirit that can be dangerous
    $300 19
In her teens she fought Juana la Beltraneja for the succession to the Castilian throne
    $300 22
In 1991 a 19¢ stamp paid tribute to the centennial of this Manhattan concert hall
    $300 12
The pet rock was one (3)
    $400 4
If half a dozen oranges cost $1.50, this is the cost per orange
    $400 29
This ABC daytime soap spells out its one-word name at the end of its theme song
    $400 8
Thousands of members of this group, also known as the Religious Society of Friends, live in Kenya
    $400 20
In 1774 at age 16, this marquis married Adrienne de Noailles, a member of a power French family
    $400 26
A 1988 stamp commemorated Mary Cassatt, who made a good "impression" in this profession
    $400 15
Beyond the present tense (6)
    $500 3
2 lines that intersect to form 90º angles are called this
    $500 30
On Oct. 18, 1993 Michael Sabatino flew out of "Days of Our Lives" & drove onto this fashion industry soap
    DD: $500 9
The green triangle on the flag of Sudan symbolizes this religion
    $500 21
This "Nine Days' Queen" was just 16 when she was beheaded on Tower Green in 1554
    $500 27
This woman who wrote, "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord" appears on a 14¢ stamp
    $500 16
Psychological slip (8)

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 16):

Jesse Carsten Valerie
$3,100 $1,000 $500

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Jesse Carsten Valerie
$5,400 $1,300 $900

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 16
The Straits of Florida connect the Atlantic Ocean with this gulf
    $200 19
You can make these by rolling beeswax around a wick or by pouring hot wax into a mold
    $200 8
He was the only president to appoint more than one Chief Justice: Jay, Rutledge & Ellsworth
    $200 1
Debussy never finished his opera "La chute de la maison Usher", based on this Poe story
    $200 13
Reese's baking chips are this flavor, not chocolate
    $200 12
He published "Kidnapped" & "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" in the same year, 1886
    $400 7
Fossilized remains of dinosaurs & the giant rhinoceros have been found in this Mongolian desert
    $400 18
Ceramic products are often fired twice in this special oven, once before glazing & once after
    $400 17
She served on the federal appeals court for the District of Columbia from 1980 to 1993
    $400 4
Operas are sung in Flemish by the Royal Flemish Opera, which is based in this country
    $400 2
In 1992 this company introduced a colorless, sugar-free beverage called Tab Clear
    $400 6
In the 1500s the Earl of Surrey introduced this kind of unrhymed verse into English literature
    $600 9
Churchill, Manitoba, a grain-exporting center, is the chief port on this Bay
    $600 3
Tesserae is the term for the bits of colored glass or marble used in this type of artwork
    $600 15
His 1991 confirmation by the Senate was by the closest margin this century
    $600 5
Italian operas call this mythological character Orfeo, but you probably know him by this name
    $600 10
The "string" type of this dairy product is at its stringiest when it's really, really fresh
    $600 11
The 1st novels of this gloomy, mysterious genre were set during medieval times, as the name implies
    $800 20
At 16,633 square miles, it's the smallest of the Scandinavian countries
    $800 22
The name of this craft comes from 2 Japanese words meaning "to fold paper"
    $800 28
James F. Byrnes, appointed by this president in 1941, hadn't graduated from high school
    $800 29
"Almira" was the first of dozens of operas written by this composer of the great oratorio "Messiah"
    $800 14
To make asparagus a la Polonaise, you need some of this common green garnish
    $800 24
This author's favorite of his own novels was "The Antiquary", not "Ivanhoe"
    $1000 21
Among the tributaries of this European river are the Neckar, Moselle & Ruhr
    $1000 23
It's the art of cutting & polishing gems, or the person who does it
    DD: $5 27
CJ Salmon P. Chase wrote an opinion finding some of his own work in this cabinet post unconstitutional
    $1000 30
"The Buzzard Song" in this Gershwin opera never achieved the same popularity as "Summertime"
    $1000 25
Occhi di trota is a type of pasta whose name means this fish's eyes
    DD: $5 26
The prefatory sonnet to Spencer's "The Faerie Queene" was written by this Elizabethan courtier

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Jesse Carsten Valerie
$14,200 $4,700 $1,100
(lock game)

Final Jeopardy! Round

In 1992 he became the first foreign head of state to be convicted by a U.S. jury

Final scores:

Jesse Carsten Valerie
$14,200 $0 $2,199
Automatic semifinalist 3rd place: $1,000 if eliminated 2nd place: $1,000 if eliminated

Game dynamics:

Coryat scores:

Jesse Carsten Valerie
$15,200 $4,700 $1,100
34 R
(including 2 DDs),
2 W
(including 1 DD)
13 R,
1 W
7 R,
2 W

Combined Coryat: $21,000

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