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    $400 22
Ship steering wheel

Show #7609 - Thursday, October 12, 2017

Austin Rogers game 13.


Sean Chong, a medical student from Silver Spring, Maryland

Scarlett Sims, a stay-at-home mom from Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Austin Rogers, a bartender from New York, New York (12-day champion whose cash winnings total $411,000)

Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: First peoples in the Arctic.)
(Alex: We'll give you the writer's first and middle names. You name the author.)
    $200 11
Skilled Inuit using special knives cut blocks of ice to build this and complete one in a couple of hours
    $200 16
Thomas Stearns
    $200 6
What will we call this CW show since the title character lost her virginity in 2016?
    $200 1
You'll experience this type of "scenario" if you qualify for the Tournament of Champions
    $200 26
It's Sept. 28; just 2 days to make the books look better before this federal accounting year ends
    $200 21
Creator Ruth Handler said that this doll "always represented the fact that a woman has choices"
    $400 12
As far back as 3000 B.C. on this type of weapon, the Inuit used the togglehead seen here; it rotates to stay in the whale
    $400 17
Edward Morgan
    $400 7
How can this FOX comedy's title be true if Zooey Deschanel moved in years ago?
    $400 2
Each week the New York Times publishes 11 of these; watch for them on Sunday
    $400 27
A standard 9-month term of the group seen here normally ends in this month
    $400 22
This type of doll was a fad in the 1960s
    $600 13
Vital in the dark winter, the qulliq is traditionally fueled by the oil of this animal whose skin and bones were also key resources
    $600 18
Phyllis Dorothy
    $600 8
Since Selina Meyer has been president, I think it's time for this HBO show of hers to update its title
    $600 3
According to Robert Burns, these schemes "gang aft agley"
    $600 28
It's been 23 1/2 hours, so better look quick at the image I posted on this service, taken with a "spectacles" camera
    $600 23
This 5-letter word follows "baby" in the name of a Hasbro doll that can be fed & have its diapers changed
    $800 14
The creation of this Canadian territory in 1999 allowed the Inuit to be in charge of their cultural and political destiny
    $800 19
Sci-fi author James Graham
    $800 9
When the very male Todd joined this show, Will Forte ceased to be exactly the title character
    $800 4
This not-always-young (or male) person is the assistant to a film crew's chief electrician or key grip
    $800 29
A "short-timer" was a soldier in Vietnam near the end of this typically 365-day period of service there
    $800 24
Looking for their forever homes, Adoptimals are pet companions for these dolls from Babyland General
    DD: $1,400 15
Inuit sculpture is in high demand; a favorite subject is this beloved five hundred-plus-pound creature of their homelands
    $1000 20
Kids' author Pamela Lyndon
    $1000 10
The title of this man's ABC talk show says "Live!", but the show is taped hours earlier
    $1000 5
An assistant at a memorable event, or a Gore Vidal play title
    $1000 30
Around the final turn & they're in this last section of a racetrack, heading for the finish
    $1000 25
This line of dolls includes First Day of School Frankie Stein

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Austin Scarlett Sean
$1,200 $3,000 $2,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Austin Scarlett Sean
$2,400 $8,000 $2,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: You get to deal with...)
(Alex: Come on.)
(Alex: Not HELLO, DOLLY!...)
    $400 17
At age 81 this statesman & scientist was helping frame the U.S. Constitution
    $400 22
Ship steering wheel
    $400 7
1355: Marin Falier, a Venetian with this title, loses his head & tries to kill the city's nobles... & loses his head
    $400 1
Getting this changes treatment substantially in 1/3 of cases; the 1st doctor should be secure enough to handle it
    $400 12
The Atacama Desert stretches south roughly from Chile's border with this country
    $400 2
Dolly, who played this singer's godmother on "Hannah Montana", is her godmother in real life
    $800 18
At age 89 virtuoso Arthur Rubinstein gave his last public concert on this instrument
    $800 23
A guru's retreat in India
    $800 8
1362: The Statute of Pleading makes English, the language of English courts, replacing this
    $800 25
Don't ask for these drugs like Cipro unless really needed; for one thing, they can kill healthy bacteria in your intestines
    $800 13
We'll bill you if you can't come up with the name of this 900-mile-long tributary of the Rio Grande
    $800 3
Dolly wrote this song, later a hit for Whitney Houston, about her former singing partner Porter Wagoner
    $1200 19
In 2016 85-year-old Ed Whitlock became the oldest person to do this in under 4 hours
    $1200 24
Immerse in liquid, as when washing dishes
    $1200 9
1341: Petrarch is literally crowned this (with leaves) in Rome
    $1200 27
Trust only clinical studies that were "double" this, so no one knew which subjects got the good stuff
    $1200 14
In Southwest Jordan, you'll find this city of temples and tombs carved from the surrounding rock
    $1200 4
With Pentatonix, Dolly recorded an a cappella version of this song in which she begs "please don't take my man"
    $1600 20
In 2015 at 86 this Mesa petroleum billionaire started an alliterative "podcast" with his thoughts on energy
    $1600 26
It's the Italian name for Florence
    DD: $3,000 10
1370: The first stone of this is laid in Paris, where it stood for 419 years
    $1600 29
Know your rights under HIPAA; the "P" stands for this -ability, letting you keep your insurance if you change jobs
    DD: $7,200 15
In the 17th century its location at England's southwest tip made it the target of pirate raids
    $1600 5
This city that's home to Dollywood hosts an annual parade in Dolly's honor
    $2000 21
This British Nobel Prize-winning author of The Golden Notebook was 88 when she published Alfred and Emily
    $2000 28
Slang for a detective
    $2000 11
1345: A dying man coughs up ritual food that then wouldn't burn in the Amsterdam "miracle of" this consecrated bread
    $2000 30
Find out if this 6-syllable word that means "not to be taken with another thing" applies to any 2 of your prescriptions
    $2000 16
National adjective for a 90-mile-long "corridor" of land extending to Gdansk that helped spark World War II
    $2000 6
In 2016 Dolly created My People Fund & hosted a telethon to help her fellow Tennesseans affected by these

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Austin Scarlett Sean
$16,600 $21,200 $2,800

Final Jeopardy! Round

A 1947 FBI study chided this holiday film's "attempt to discredit bankers ...a common trick used by Communists"

Final scores:

Austin Scarlett Sean
$33,150 $33,201 $1,000
2nd place: $2,000 New champion: $33,201 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Coryat scores:

Austin Scarlett Sean
$11,000 $21,200 $2,800
21 R
(including 2 DDs),
5 W
(including 1 DD)
25 R,
1 W
5 R,
2 W

Combined Coryat: $35,000

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