A film preservationist originally from Anchorage, Alaska...

Brian Meacham

Tell us about your original run on Jeopardy!
Well, I won four games, and it was a-a huge surprise for me. I had no idea when I went on that I was gonna to end up being that lucky, uh, to--to win four games, and, uh, it was just a real pleasure. I-I was so happy after winning the first game, I thought, "Okay, this is it. I-I've done what I wanted to do." And then once you win one game, you sort of just keep wanting to win more. And, uh, it kept going, and I was really, uh, excited to--to do what I did.

Did you learn anything from your previous appearance that will help you this time?
Well, it was really helpful to--to see a lot of games and to participate in a lot of games--it just makes you more relaxed. Uh, you know that, uh, everybody on this game knows a lot of information, so you have to do things like make sure that you have your buzzer technique down, and make sure that you make smart wagers, and that's often the only difference in a game.

Have you spent any of your previous winnings?
Well, we first said that--that it was all going to go towards my daughter's college fund--she's 14 months old. And then, uh, little by little, I decided that, "Well, you know what, I'm going to spend a little bit of Jeopardy! money on this"--but there's still a lot left over for her college fund. So I did buy an antique photo both and installed it in my backyard. Uh, we built a little shed for it, and we go back there on the weekends and, uh, take pictures with my daughter, so it's a lot of fun.

2011 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $5,000.
Season 27 4-time champion: $90,500 + $2,000.

Last name pronounced like "MEE-chum".

Brian appeared in the following archived game:
#6239, aired 2011-11-03 Roger Craig vs. Brian Meacham vs. Kara Spak 2011 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 2.
Brian previously appeared on Jeopardy! as Brian Meacham in the following 5 archived games:
#6138, aired 2011-04-27 Brian Meacham vs. Denis Theriault vs. Virginia Ogozalek Brian Meacham game 5.
#6137, aired 2011-04-26 Brian Meacham vs. Sarah Canfield Fuller vs. Andy Levin Brian Meacham game 4.
#6136, aired 2011-04-25 Brian Meacham vs. Emily Barkley-Levenson vs. Chuck Narikiyo Brian Meacham game 3.
#6135, aired 2011-04-22 Brian Meacham vs. KC Frodyma vs. Nick Cohen Brian Meacham game 2.
#6134, aired 2011-04-21 Robin Woolsey vs. Brian Meacham vs. Beth Miller Brian Meacham game 1.

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