A country club concierge from Athens, Georgia...

Sara Wilkinson

Hey Classic City, I'm Sara Wilkinson. Take a break from the Bulldogs and check me out on Jeopardy!

[2010-10-13 Winner's Circle interview]
How does it feel to be the new Jeopardy! champion?
Being a Jeopardy! champion? I-I can't even talk about it. I mean, I don't know what just happened to me. [Laughs] I'm just sitting here staring at it. I couldn't stop looking at the numbers to make them add up correctly. I-I--that's it. My head is spinning. I can't think about it. I can't believe I have to come back and do it again in a minute. Oh! [Claps]

Any messages to the folks back home?
Between the time I auditioned and the time I came out here, I became a caregiver, and a lot of people just really, really seriously upturned their schedules and discommoded their lives so I could do this, and cover for me, and I'm just--ohh--it makes me so happy. I mean, they would've been pleased to do it if I lost by a million dollars, but it makes me feel really good to come home and have something to show for all they did for me.

Who are the folks you would like to thank?
My sister Rebecca and Jim who skipped their first anniversary to fly down to Georgia and sit with my mom, and the people at the ALS Association of Georgia. Not enough people know about this disease. If you have your chance to learn, you will figure out what being brave is about. [Waves] Mom.

[2010-10-14 Winner's Circle interview]
How does it feel to win your second game?
Twice as overwhelming as being a 1-time Jeopardy! champion! I feel like I could lay down for a minute, I really do. [Laughs] I'm gonna be, um, glad to end the weekend, and, uh, and, and, uh, get back, next week. That was nuts. [Chuckles]

Was there a turning point for you?
I was losing so bad. [Laughs] At the end--at the end of round one. It was crazy. Alex [was] like, "You're all off to a good start." I'm like, "Pfft. Two. Two of us are." I don't know--I don't know what happened. [Maggie Speak: "What did you say to your--"] I'm babbling. [Maggie: "--I'm sorry. What did you say to yourself? Because you and I had a quick talk at that point. What did, mentally, you do to--?"] You said, "Look at all that money, go get it." And I said, "I know, this is crazy." So... I, I don't know.

How did you feel about your competition today?
Really hard. Really fast, is the thing. It's like I-I had not had time to look up and actually check the score in the game at all. Not even once. Um, except, like, when a Double Jeopardy! rolls around--I mean, a Daily Double--and seeing who--who can do what at that point. So, just fast! All the girls were really fast today! Anyway.

[2010-10-15 Winner's Circle interview]
How does it feel to win your third game?
It sounds like nothin' on this earth. I can't believe it. I can't believe I'm ending the day and coming back tomorrow. I never had any reasonable expectation of that at all. At all. I was like, if I lose, first thing on Monday morning, I'll go to the beach. You know? It's--it was--it was fine. But, um, this is good, too. This is better! This is way better. I didn't even hear what he said at the end. I hadn't--the dude was walkin' by and said, "Not bad, seventy-whatever..." And I was like, "Really? What he said?" So... [Laughs] Um... that's it. I'm stoked. I don't have anything to wear.

Is there anything you would do differently?
Nn-nn-nn. It's hard to say. There were, like, three that I knew and didn't ring in on, and then they came up, and I was aggravated, and then, I--there were a couple that were straight-up guesses, but I couldn't even go back in my head now and tell you which ones they were, so... Um... No, I think I'm doin' good, with just, like ringin' in if I think I know it. And, and, [shrugs] y'know, tryin'na win all the games there are while I'm here. I mean, sorry, but I'm--y'know, I've got the time I have to play Jeopardy!, so I'm'n'a play it until they make me stop.

Season 27 3-time champion: $72,701 + $2,000.

Sara appeared in the following 4 archived games:
#6001, aired 2010-10-18 Sara Wilkinson vs. Matt DeTura vs. Paula Currall
#6000, aired 2010-10-15 Sara Wilkinson vs. Robert Yowell vs. Liz Tracey
#5999, aired 2010-10-14 Sara Wilkinson vs. Theo McLauchlin vs. Anjali Chelliah Sawe
#5998, aired 2010-10-13 Suzanne Rorick vs. Sara Wilkinson vs. Terry Andrews

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