A senior from Poway, California...

Anurag Kashyap

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Um, in ten years, I either see myself becoming--in med school, or still pursuing a doctoral degree in college.

What is your favorite thing about Jeopardy!?
My favorite thing about Jeopardy!, I think, is the pressure--the fact that everyone wants to do well. And so, I... y'know, everyone is nervous and there are all these categories and you have to think fast, so... the high-speed thinking.

Do you have a favorite band?
Um, my favorite--I don't have a favorite band. There are too many good ones out there. But right now on my iPod... I like Kanye. I like Kanye, he's a good rapper.

How did your teachers and classmates react when they found out you'd be on Jeopardy!?
Well, when I told my classmates and teachers that I would be on Jeopardy!, they were pretty much shocked just as I was, 'cause, y'know, they've watched the show since they were little kids, and now one of their own is gonna be on it, so it was exciting.


What are your post-Jeopardy! plans?
Um, well, as quickly as I can, I want to get back to those guys, [snaps and points offstage] but after that, just go home, relax, I have 60 pages of homework to do. [Laughs] So, that's waiting for me at the hotel room.

Who was here to cheer for you in the audience?
My dad was here, and my mom was sort of here. I know she was--she was really nervous watching me. Um, so, she sorta was, like, I think, all the way in the very, very, very, very back, behind, like, the chairs. So... yeah.

How did you feel going into the final game?
Well, I had just come out of a very close, close semifinal, so, um, I--I--I was confident coming out of the semi, but I also wanted to, you know, do well to represent the closeness of the semi, and the two fallen comrades that went down. So, I hope I did them well.

Will you use this win to impress people at parties?
Um, [looking upward and smiling] probably not. [Interviewer: No?] But, y'know, if it comes up in a conversation, sure, why not.

Besides winning, what was the best part?
Uh, besides winning, meeting 14 wonderful people. I think... I mean, I know the plan right after this is to make a Facebook group for all of us, you know, to, just sort of talk and hang out. We don't really want to lose touch. And so, after winning, yeah, definitely that's--that might even be better than winning, making those 14 friends.

What is your plan for the $75,000?
Um, I think I might chake a--take a trip somewhere. Because I've never traveled, never went out of the country before, um, besides being born in India, so definitely just wanna, y'know, chill out, and go to Europe, maybe.

Can you show us your victory dance?
Back in my high school, um, there's this kid who imitates Randy Moss for fun, and we like to make fun of him for doing it. Not--not in a bad way!--he's one of our friends! But, uh, so I guess I'll do that. [Puts hands together into two bird wings, then quickly separates them out horizontally to a little less than arm's length] Wshhh!

Welcome to the Jeopardy! Hall of Fame, Anurag!

2008-B Teen Tournament winner: $75,000.

Anurag was also the winner of the 2005 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Anu appeared on The Chase on 2022-06-14 along with Leslie Shannon & Liz Murphy and they lost a $180,000 jackpot when caught by chaser James Holzhauer.

Jeopardy! Message Board user name: AK47

Anurag appeared in the following 4 archived games:
#5570, aired 2008-11-21 Anurag Kashyap vs. Bradley Silverman vs. Audrey Hosford 2008-B Teen Tournament final game 2.
#5569, aired 2008-11-20 Anurag Kashyap vs. Bradley Silverman vs. Audrey Hosford 2008-B Teen Tournament final game 1.
#5568, aired 2008-11-19 Karan Takhar vs. Anurag Kashyap vs. Sarah Marx 2008-B Teen Tournament semifinal game 3.
#5561, aired 2008-11-10 Katie Houghton vs. Anurag Kashyap vs. Christopher Weis 2008-B Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 1. Ask Alex #1: Will Ferrell.

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