A university administrator from Boynton Beach, Florida...

Jeff Spoeri

How do you plan to spend your winnings?
As far as plans for what I've won, uh, I, uh, have made a pledge if ten percent to my foundation, the Sinfonia Educational Foundation, which is my fraternity's foundation. I'm president of that. And, uh, it benefits, uh, members of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, which is the nation's oldest and largest music fraternity. And I am an amateur musician, so I'm eager to support the organization any way I can.

Do you ever visit jeopardy.com?
I visit jeopardy.com, uh, regularly, I wouldn't say frequently, but when I get the chance I enjoy bouncing around there and seeing, uh... I particularly enjoy the statistical summaries, uh, the historical things, and, uh, seeing my name in the Hall of Fame is kind of exciting, too.

Did you do anything different to prepare for Jeopardy! this time?
Somewhat. I--I know that there's certain areas where I might have a little bit of a weakness, and I tried to bolster those a little bit. I recall when I was here before that, uh, people asked me if I'd prepared, and I hadn't, particularly. And, uh, I happened to mention that in front of Alex, and he said, "Oh, but you can prepare," and he gave some examples and I've kinda taken those to heart.

What's the best part about being in the Tournament of Champions?
The best part about being in the Tournament of Champions, as I said at the time when I was here before, is the people. Everybody's been terrific. I enjoy the other contestants, I enjoy the staff, I enjoy the crew, I enjoy, uh, just being around the people here. It's--it's exciting to be back.

How has your life changed since becoming a Jeopardy! champion?
Not much, actually! I was telling some folks on the way in that, uh, uh, I actually was, uh, in a restaurant when one of my shows aired, and somebody spotted me on the screen, and looked back at me and they said, "Is that your brother?" And I said, "No, that's me." And they said, "Oh," and went back to what they were doing, so... Uh, that's kind of emblematic of how things have been. I've tried to be pretty low-key about it.

2007 Tournament of Champions wildcard semifinalist: $10,000 + the Jeopardy! DVD Home Game System.
Season 23 5-time champion: $104,103 + $1,000.

Last name pronounced like "SPARE-ee."

Jeopardy! Message Board user name: Jeff Spoeri

Jeff appeared in the following 2 archived games:
#5332, aired 2007-11-13 Christian Haines vs. Celeste DiNucci vs. Jeff Spoeri 2007 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 2.
#5328, aired 2007-11-07 Paul Glaser vs. Susan Mitchell vs. Jeff Spoeri 2007 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 3.
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#5111, aired 2006-11-27 Jeff Spoeri vs. Ryan Friedman vs. Mary Voigt Jeff Spoeri game 6.
#5110, aired 2006-11-24 Jeff Spoeri vs. Jacob Cytryn vs. Teresa Cahalan Jeff Spoeri game 5.
#5109, aired 2006-11-23 Jeff Spoeri vs. Carl Swanson vs. Sarah Ramer Jeff Spoeri game 4.
#5108, aired 2006-11-22 Jeff Spoeri vs. Maureen McCuen vs. Brad Waller Jeff Spoeri game 3.
#5097, aired 2006-11-07 Jeff Spoeri vs. Julie Kovach vs. Ozgun Tumer Jeff Spoeri game 2.
#5096, aired 2006-11-06 Dave Meddish vs. Shane McCune vs. Jeff Spoeri Jeff Spoeri game 1.

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