A business manager from Chamblee, Georgia...

Mark Dawson

Your first appearance on Jeopardy!
Uh, my first Jeopardy! appearance I was a 5-time champion. I won $52,000 and a Corvette. Um... It's a good experience.

What left the strongest impression?
The, uh... winning out of third place on day 4 was really big, and also, um, talking with Alex and seeing how professional he was about doing his job.

Did you enjoy meeting Alex?
He asked me, uh, when we were at a commercial break whether he'd pronounced a river from Georgia correctly, Altimaha, which is sort of a difficult thing to do, and I thought that that showed a lot of professionalism, since he has people who are fact-checkers and, um, question-writers that could give him those sorts of answers, but since I was from Georgia, he thought he'd come to somebody who'd heard it before.

Any special reasons to play today?
Most people thought that I got on Jeopardy! just because chicks dig it. I want you to know that that was not my primary reason to get on Jeopardy!, it was only my secondary reason. Uh, the first reason was, of course, to, uh, uh, get stardom. (Or whatever I said.) [Laughs]

What will you do with the money?
My--at my work, they've decided that if I come back to work, then that means that I didn't win, so, um, I guess maybe that's part of the, of the possibility, but really I would just like to be able to use it to, to have more experiences in my life--travel, and things of that nature.

2014 Battle of the Decades quarterfinalist: $10,000.
2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 1 winner: $31,250.
2003 Tournament of Champions winner (semifinalist by wildcard): $250,000.
Season 18 5-time champion: $52,599 + a Chevrolet Corvette (worth $42,000).

Mark selected a Chevrolet Tahoe as his vehicle on the show, but later changed his mind and received a Corvette.

Mark appeared on Classic Concentration on 1988-03-03.

Jeopardy! Message Board user name: MSDawson

Mark appeared in the following 4 archived games:
#4320, aired 2003-05-16 Mark Dawson vs. Eric Floyd vs. Brian Weikle 2003 Tournament of Champions final game 2.
#4319, aired 2003-05-15 Mark Dawson vs. Eric Floyd vs. Brian Weikle 2003 Tournament of Champions final game 1.
#4317, aired 2003-05-13 Alan Bailey vs. Mark Dawson vs. Jill Bunzendahl Chimka 2003 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 2.
#4312, aired 2003-05-06 Max Levaren vs. Trevor Norris vs. Mark Dawson 2003 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 2.
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#3917, aired 2001-09-18 Mark Dawson vs. Sam Keen vs. Suzanne Fatta Mark Dawson game 3.
#3916, aired 2001-09-17 Mark Dawson vs. Juliet Chase vs. Leigh Cordner Mark Dawson game 2. New title graphics.
#3915, aired 2001-09-14 Jennifer Hartford vs. Marielsa Ruiz vs. Mark Dawson Mark Dawson game 1.
Mark would later appear on Jeopardy! as Mark Dawson in the following 2 archived games:
#4763, aired 2005-04-27 Mark Dawson vs. Lan Djang vs. Jeff Richmond 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 2, game 11.
#4727, aired 2005-03-08 Mark Dawson vs. Elaine Zollner vs. Chris Ward 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 1, game 20.

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