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Tom Walsh

What was the best part of your original Jeopardy! experience?
Oh, it was pretty fun! [Laughs] Um, I recommend it. Uh, it's, uh, yeah, it was a big shock and a surprise, but a happy one.

How did you react when you got the call to be back on the show?
Thrilled. I mean, I wasn't--it wasn't a total shock, um, but, uh, I was excited to do it, and it comes, it comes--the timing of it in my life is really great. Um, so, uh... Yeah, it was... I said I'll happy to clear my schedule for it.

Has your life changed since your appearance on Jeopardy!?
Wow, I've heard--y'know--I mean, the best part of my life changing is just how many old friends and parents of friends, and, y'know, long lost people from my, uh, from my life, uh, have reappeared, and, uh, have gotten back in touch with me, and it's been, it's been great to hear from them all. That's the fun part. I haven't gotten the money yet so that hasn't changed anything! Yet.

How did you prepare for the tournament?
Well this time I studied. Last time I went in pretty much cold, which, uh, now seems, seems to me crazy in retrospect, because I think it does help to study. So I, I hit the books a little bit, not as much as... you know, not as much as I, uh, now wish I would have. But, uh... I figure it can't hurt, and this way I'll be able to--whatever happens, at least I'll be able to say I took my best shot.

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2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Nifty Nine (players with byes into Round 2) member: $25,000.
2004 Tournament of Champions 1st runner-up: $50,000.
Season 20 7-time champion: $184,900 + $2,000.

Tom became the first 7-time champion on the game aired Tuesday, January 13, 2004, beating Sean Ryan's earlier record of 6 games. Later in Season 20 Ken Jennings would beat Tom's records for number of games played and amount of cash accumulated many times over. (Ken's accumulated total after his 7th win on Thursday, June 10, 2004 was $231,000.)

After leading going into Final Jeopardy! in his UToC Round 2 game, Tom lost to Michael Rooney when Tom wrote "Edward I" instead of "Edward the Confessor" in his response and Catherine Ramen's wager from second place neglected to cover Rooney.

Blog (fomerly) at criticalcondition.org.

Jeopardy! Message Board user name: T-Bone

Tom appeared in the following 4 archived games:
#4615, aired 2004-10-01 Arthur Gandolfi vs. Tom Walsh vs. Russ Schumacher 2004 Tournament of Champions final game 2.
#4614, aired 2004-09-30 Arthur Gandolfi vs. Tom Walsh vs. Russ Schumacher 2004 Tournament of Champions final game 1.
#4612, aired 2004-09-28 Tom Walsh vs. Anne Boyd vs. Chris Miller 2004 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 2.
#4607, aired 2004-09-21 Tom Walsh vs. Seth Alcorn vs. Steve Reynolds 2004 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 2.
Tom previously appeared on Jeopardy! as Tom Walsh in the following 8 archived games:
#4458, aired 2004-01-14 Tom Walsh vs. Dave Fuller vs. Steve Hall Tom Walsh game 8.
#4457, aired 2004-01-13 Tom Walsh vs. Dave Fuller vs. Meg Wall-Wild Tom Walsh game 7. First 7-day champion.
#4456, aired 2004-01-12 Tom Walsh vs. Ron Blood vs. Snowden Becker Tom Walsh game 6. Tom sets a new regular play...
#4455, aired 2004-01-09 Tom Walsh vs. Jennifer Rojo vs. A.J. Monaco Tom Walsh game 5.
#4454, aired 2004-01-08 Tom Walsh vs. Belinda Reid vs. Michael Schlitzer Tom Walsh game 4.
#4453, aired 2004-01-07 Tom Walsh vs. Melanie Leon vs. Luis Corchado Tom Walsh game 3.
#4452, aired 2004-01-06 Tom Walsh vs. Chris Serb vs. Lisa Cherry Tom Walsh game 2.
#4451, aired 2004-01-05 Joe Wolke vs. Naomi Brokaw vs. Tom Walsh Tom Walsh game 1.
Tom would later appear on Jeopardy! as Tom Walsh in the following archived game:
#4755, aired 2005-04-15 Michael Rooney vs. Tom Walsh vs. Catherine Ramen 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 2, game 3.

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