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Adriana Harmeyer game 9.


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Josh Fry, a software developer originally from Peachtree Corners, Georgia

Aaron Lemos, a high school video production teacher from Northridge, California

Adriana Harmeyer, an archivist from West Lafayette, Indiana (whose 8-day cash winnings total $183,100)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Ken: Father's Day coming up this weekend.)
    $200 11
It's about 25 miles from Sphinx International
    $200 5
In "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", this bunny's first words were "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!"
    $200 12
Hey, dummy! Brea, Cal. PD had 2 words for the man who used the carpool lane with one of these in the passenger seat--"nice try"
    $200 21
Carbonate of this element is the active ingredient in Tums, which can be used to treat a deficiency of it
    $200 28
For a compilation album in 2018, Lisa Marie recorded an emotional reimagined duet, "Where No One Stands Alone", with him
    $200 6
A lopsided sports loss, or a flat tire
    $400 19
It's served by Incheon International
    $400 1
When this character gets stuck in a rabbit hole, Rabbit says, "I shall go and fetch Christopher Robin"
    $400 24
A fossil of a 4-legged whale that fed like a raptor--a walking whale raptor?! Yipes--was dug up in this North African desert
    $400 22
Drugs like Claritin work by reducing the effects of this natural chemical in the body
    $400 20
He's not only duetted with wife Faith Hill, but with daughter Gracie as well
    $400 7
This military command means to turn clockwise 180 degrees
    $600 18
Ninoy Aquino International is nearby
    $600 2
In a 1917 story by Thornton Burgess, Peter Rabbit decides to change his name to this, also the name of the bunny in an Easter song
    $600 26
"Groove Is In The Heart" sampled Eva Gabor singing "I" (before "get allergic smelling hay") from the theme of this '60s sitcom
    $600 23
Before penicillin, bacterial infections were treated with these 5-letter drugs that are still used for eye infections & acne
    $600 15
In the "Hannah Montana" movie, they sang "Butterfly Fly Away"
    $600 8
The unpleasant effects after something bad has happened, hopefully not after a nuclear explosion
    DD: $2,800 16
King Khalid International is its gateway
    $800 3
While writing this 1972 novel, Richard Adams consulted R.M. Lockley's natural history study "The Private Life of the Rabbit"
    $800 25
France was furieuse as Australia killed a $66 bil. deal for conventional these & turned to the U.S. & U.K. for nuclear ones
    $800 30
The tranquilizer Diazepam began being sold under this name in 1963; a few years later, it was "mother's little helper"
    $800 13
Here's this Italian tenor & his son Matteo with whom he recorded the duet called "Fall On Me"
    $800 9
Adjective for someone very enthusiastic in support, or very religious
    $1000 17
Its main airport is fittingly called El Alto & breathing may be hard upon landing
    $1000 4
This vampire rabbit created by James Howe & his wife Deborah has fangs & sucks the juice out of vegetables
    $1000 27
Prince Harry & Meghan named their daughter this, Harry's granny's family nickname
    $1000 29
It's the active ingredient in the "pens" used to treat anaphylaxis
    $1000 14
25 years after his death, Nat King Cole duetted with daughter Natalie on this Grammy-winning hit, remember?
    $1000 10
Type of vessel seen here with a distinctive feature for extra stability

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Adriana Aaron Josh
$3,800 $2,000 $2,800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Adriana Aaron Josh
$3,000 $1,600 $1,600

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Tony: I'm Tony Hale; I'm the voice of Fear in Disney and Pixar's new film Inside Out 2 and I'll test your knowledge of some other emotions in a category today.)
    $400 29
The only one of these to have been chosen by the Senate under the 12th Amendment was Richard M. Johnson, in 1837
    $400 30
Named for an Aztec god, the axolotl is found in the wild only in this world capital
    $400 16
Known simply as the Monument, a 200-foot London landmark was built in the 1670s, the decade after this event it commemorates
    $400 26
From Canada to your supermarket, the Yukon Gold is a variety of this with smooth skin & yellow flesh
    $400 1
In "Maestro"
    $400 6
(Tony Hale presents the clue.) You know something good is coming from that "E-U" prefix as in the sweet sound of the euphonium or this blissed-out feeling
    $800 28
In 1935 Charles Watkins became the first official one of these experts who advise the Senate on its rules & procedures
    $800 27
The name of the wallaroo sounds like it's a mash-up of these two marsupials, but it's not
    $800 12
Begun in 1885 & inaugurated in 1911, the Victor Emmanuel II monument commemorates the unification of this country
    $800 20
On January 7, 2024 Emma Stone won one of these awards for her performance in "Poor Things"
    $800 4
In "Yentl"
    $800 7
(Tony Hale presents the clue.) Some of the meanings of this word are a hit song by New Order, the horse that won the Kentucky Derby in 1915 & the agonizing misery of bad decisions in your past
    $1200 25
In 1834 the Senate censured President Jackson for pulling all federal money out of this
    $1200 11
The Santa Cruz Mountains are home to this yellow mollusk, the mascot for UC Santa Cruz
    DD: $1,500 13
The Washington, D.C. area memorial to this service branch depicts a flag-raising on Mount Suribachi
    $1200 19
The 2024 Gold Wing motorcycle from this Japanese manufacturer features an 1833cc liquid-cooled engine
    $1200 3
In "Fences", for which he received a Best Actor Oscar nomination
    $1200 8
(Tony Hale presents the clue.) It's not exactly fear; it's kind of pre-fear--it covers a group of psychological disorders & in the '40s, W.H. Auden wrote his longest poem called "The Age of" it
    $1600 21
On Nov.15, 1919, after 2 months debating the Treaty of Versailles, a fed-up Senate applied this rule for the first time
    DD: $1,500 22
Rats must gnaw constantly because these teeth whose name means "cutter" grow their whole lives, around 4-5 inches per year
    $1600 15
A field of 168 empty chairs represents each of the victims in the bombing of a federal building in this city, April 19, 1995
    $1600 17
A poem by Carol Ann Duffy about "the woman who married the fool who wished for gold" is titled "Mrs." this mythic king
    $1600 2
In "Tropic Thunder"
    $1600 9
(Tony Hale presents the clue.) The personified ancient Greek spirits of fear & dread share their names with these two moons of Mars
    $2000 24
On October 25, 2001 the Senate approved this act by a vote of 98-1, with Wisconsin's Russ Feingold as the lone dissenter
    $2000 23
The black-tailed deer is the type of deer named for this other 4-legged animal--no relation, just that it has long ears
    $2000 14
A memorial to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire was dedicated in 2023 on Washington Place in the heart of this New York City area
    $2000 18
Today in a temple of this capital city on the Chao Praya River, the Golden Buddha contains 5 1/2 tons of pure gold
    $2000 5
In "The Monuments Men"
    $2000 10
(Tony Hale presents the clue.) At the start of Act III, Ophelia despairs over Hamlet acting crazy & uses this 3-word phrase that starts with a 3-letter emotion to describe her pain

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Adriana Aaron Josh
$12,100 $1,600 $10,700

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In 1958 a review of this book now considered a classic called it repulsive, disgusting & "highbrow pornography"

Final scores:

Adriana Aaron Josh
$21,600 $0 $9,299
9-day champion: $204,700 3rd place: $2,000 2nd place: $3,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Adriana Aaron Josh
$11,800 $1,600 $13,600
17 R
(including 1 DD),
6 W
12 R,
7 W
20 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $27,000

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Game tape date: 2024-05-07
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