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Joyce Yang, a data analyst from Germantown, Maryland

Michael Richter, an elections officer from Portland, Oregon

Will Stewart, a political organizer originally from Nashville, Tennessee (whose 1-day cash winnings total $25,601)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Ken: You'll give us that trio of letters.)
    $200 30
The last dramas of "the Golden Age of" this, "Suspense" & "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar", ended their runs in 1962
    $200 28
This rapper's "From Crook to Cook" cookbook has staples like fried bologna sandwiches with chips &, of course, gin & juice
    $200 13
A level of special, affectionate attention & a cable TV network now featuring shows like "90 Day Fiancé "
    $200 15
This pilgrimage site in Jerusalem is the only remaining section left from what surrounded the Temple Mount
    $200 23
Visiting this place? Remember, it's an 850-mile trek from McMurdo Station
    $200 24
An academy for the chub or tilapia
    $400 22
Servicemen bought homes with zero down thanks to this U.S. bill signed in June 1944, helping start the "Golden Age of Capitalism"
    $400 27
John Legend helped her clarify that her Norwegian last name should be said with a long I in the first syllable, not a long E
    $400 14
A stat for a pitcher to keep low & a change to the Constitution first proposed in 1923
    $400 25
Home Depot says, "Dig a trench and if you get heavy rains, install a drainage pipe behind this type of wall seen here
    $400 7
At nearly 600,000 square miles, it's Canada's largest province, & note I said province
    $400 19
A series of links for Dominica & St. Lucia
    $600 29
In the golden age of the Tang Dynasty the capital, Chang'an, passed this pop. milestone 1,000 years before London did around 1800
    $600 21
In 2024 he ended his long partnership with Nike & launched his own clothing line called Sun Day Red
    $600 10
A college of Gamecocks & a college of Trojans
    $600 5
Through name & deed, Nikolai Khabibulin earned the nickname "The Bulin Wall" playing this position professionally
    $600 6
This Alaskan peak rises 18,000' from a base just 2,000' above sea level, leading some to say it's the world's tallest mountain
    $600 18
A swift adjective for the Caine or the Bounty
    $800 4
The pretty items being offered in a painting from Spain's Golden Age, tell you the goddess is this Roman one
    $800 20
Mark Hamill met her at the Golden Globes in 2024 & tweeted a picture of them, saying, "Now I have finally met my 'mother"'
    $800 11
A food additive common in Chinese cuisine & an indoor venue atop Penn Station
    $800 9
Found in the wall of the pharynx, these can partially grow back from tissue that remains after their removal
    $800 1
It's a 7,900-foot plunge down this giant gorge into the Snake River below
    $800 16
A circle of an Old-Fashioned & a Mojito
    $1000 3
This police rank must look over clues carefully; it was common in British golden age detective novels: Grant, French, Cockrill...
    $1000 26
On Broadway in 2023 Josh Groban sang the title role in this musical set on Fleet Street
    $1000 12
Texting shorthand for disbelief or disappointment & a major newspaper Down Under
    $1000 17
A protective shield, or a hastily constructed obstruction or wall, like those made in "Les Mis"
    DD: $1,000 2
At just shy of 500,000 square miles of mountains, jungle & arid coastline, it's the third largest country in South America
    $1000 8
A church area with singers for Zachariel & Selaphiel

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Will Michael Joyce
$1,000 -$200 $2,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Will Michael Joyce
$2,400 -$400 $5,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

____ FROM THE ____
    $400 15
Emily Chambers is one of these spiritual intermediaries in a C.J. Archer novel, hunting a demon & talking to a ghost
    $400 1
A woman who has given birth has gotten this, an avian idiom
    $400 30
If you needed some upholstery work done in this city, you could go to the shop Betsy & John Ross ran on Arch Street
    $400 27
Senators can "ask for the yeas & nays", also known as this 2-word vote that's also the name of a D.C.-based newspaper
    $400 28
In 1915, these two physician brothers gave $1.5 million to the University of Minnesota to establish a research foundation
    $400 25
Mystic Falls is the locale for blood-sucking brothers Damon & Stefan on this long-running CW show
    $800 14
In a special edition J.K. Rowling did her own illustrations for the story collection titled "The Tales of Beedle the" this
    $800 18
This rhyming phrase is evoked when someone or something from long ago evokes a feeling of nostalgia
    $800 13
New York's colonial village of Bedford is today joined in a neighborhood name with this last Dutch governor of New Amsterdam
    $800 21
Although it sounds like Congress goes to play on swings & seesaws, it actually means a brief pause in proceedings
    $800 29
In the 1960s Lars Leksell invented the gamma knife for surgery on this, where precision is really, really important
    $800 24
This castle was the ancestral home of Ned Stark & family on "Game of Thrones"
    $1200 16
In "The Magician's Nephew", animals talk like humans & Jadis, an evil witch, flees from Charn & reaches this fantasy land
    $1200 17
This colorful phrase meaning "unexpected" invokes visions of lightning
    $1200 5
This political pamphleteer's works like "Common Sense" did much to rally the cause of American independence
    $1200 26
The word for this position comes from a fox-hunting term for the person keeping the dogs in line
    $1200 23
In 1963 France's Dr. Georges Mathé announced that he had cured a leukemia patient by transplanting this spongy tissue
    $1200 6
This undersea abode of cartoon fame is based on an actual atoll used for atomic testing between 1946 & 1958
    $1600 2
In a James Patterson novel, an attorney is incarcerated & becomes literally this type of title behind-bars advocate
    $1600 9
Meaning to speak frankly, this saying alludes to Old West gunslinger days
    $1600 4
The first governor of the separate colony of North Carolina, he doesn't have a loathsome face like the same-named Stevenson character
    $1600 19
Since 1975 the CBO, this nonpartisan agency, has told lawmakers how much their programs & pork will cost or save
    DD: $1,000 7
In 1853 this British anatomist wrote "On the Structure and Use of the Spleen"; his more famous work came 5 years later
    $1600 11
"Veronica Mars" was set in this town that also has a planetary name
    $2000 8
Holocaust survivor Sol runs a shop whose customers are often desperate in this novel made into a Rod Steiger movie
    $2000 10
To recover from devastating defeat is to "rise like" this bird of myth
    $2000 3
In 1630 John Winthrop sailed west from England to become the governor of this colony & a key leader of the Puritans
    DD: $4,000 22
Jason Smith currently holds this title that includes the name of the legislature of the United Kingdom
    $2000 20
His name is a homophone of a childhood bone disease, but it was epidemic typhus for which he identified the micro cause
    $2000 12
First seen in 1969, this planet on "Doctor Who" was caught up in a time war with the Daleks

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Will Michael Joyce
$18,600 -$400 $9,200
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Films made outside the U.S. in the '50s like "3 Coins in the Fountain" & "Quo Vadis" led to an era dubbed "Hollywood on" this river

Final scores:

Will Michael Joyce
$18,700 -$400 $10,000
2-day champion: $44,301 3rd place: $2,000 2nd place: $3,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Will Michael Joyce
$18,200 -$400 $9,200
21 R
(including 2 DDs),
4 W
(including 1 DD)
10 R,
7 W
14 R,
0 W

Combined Coryat: $27,000

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Game tape date: 2024-04-03
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