Primetime Celebrity Jeopardy! game #25 - Tuesday, January 16, 2024

2023-2024 Primetime Celebrity Jeopardy! semifinal game 3.


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Heather McMahan, an actor and comedienne originally from Atlanta, Georgia

Mo Rocca, a journalist and podcast host originally from Bethesda, Maryland

Rachel Dratch, an actor, writer, and podcast host originally from Lexington, Massachusetts

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Jeopardy! Round

(Ken: We'll give you three historical figures and then you have to tell us which one was born first.)
(Ken: In each clue, you'll see a partial spelling of the correct response that might help you out.)
(Ken: Those three letters will appear in each correct response.)
    $100 26
John Quincy Adams,
John F. Kennedy,
Jon Bon Jovi
    $100 1
"Huevos Verdes con Jamón"
    $100 6
This beverage brand debuted in 1876; you can't spell it without spelling...

B _ _ _ E _ _ E R
    $100 25
Kurt & this funny lady were already a couple when they starred in the 1987 amnesia comedy "Overboard"
    $100 11
This South American rainforest is said to be home to roughly 390 billion trees
    $100 24
An oldie but goodie, this 1958 Chordettes hit features the line, "sweeter than candy on a stick"
    $200 16
Sally Ride,
Coretta Scott King,
Florence Nightingale
    $200 2
"¡Cómo el Grinch Robó la Navidad!"
    $200 7
This gasoline brand merged with Exxon in 1999; you can't spell it without spelling...

_ O _ I L
    $200 27
A sudden reintroduction of oxygen to an enclosed fire can cause this, also the title of a Kurt Russell film
    $200 12
In the 1984 film "The Karate Kid", Daniel asks Mr. Miyagi "How'd they get so small?" when he sees Mr. Miyagi trimming these trees
    $200 18
Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell got the name for this Chicago music festival from the Three Stooges
    $300 15
Ferdinand Magellan,
Marco Polo,
Christopher Columbus
    $300 3
"El Gato Ensombrerado"
    $300 8
Toyota debuted this model in the US in 1983; you can't spell it without spelling...

C A _ R _
    $300 28
Rumor has it that Russell was secretly directing the 1993 western "Tombstone" while portraying this legendary lawman
    $300 13
This Bay Area city has a tree on its official flag (it's the type of tree featured in the city's name)
    DD: $400 19
This word meaning "dawdle" is almost as much fun to say as "dillydally" & "shilly-shally", two of its other synonyms
    $400 14
Coco Chanel,
Frida Kahlo,
Jane Austen
    $400 4
"¡Horton Escucha a Quién!"
    $400 9
Bronies know this plaything debuted in 1983; you can't spell it without spelling...

_ _
_ _ T _ _ _
_ O _ Y
    $400 29
Kurt Russell's Santa is the gift that keeps on giving! He even speaks a fake language called "Elvish" in this holiday romp
    $400 17
Balsa, magnolia or sequoia: it's the tree that becomes the name of another tree when you add an "M" to its end
    $400 20
In 1955, a U.K. Sunday Express editor declared this novel by Vladimir Nabokov "the filthiest book I have ever read"
    $500 21
Alexander the Great,
Attila the Hun,
Genghis Khan
    $500 5
"Un Pez, Dos Peces, Pez Rojo, Pez Azul"
    $500 10
In 1972, this brand debuted Red Zinger and Sleepy Time; you can't spell it without spelling...

_ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _
_ E A _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    $500 30
Kurt has said that his most iconic character is "Snake" Plissken, the antihero of this film set in a dystopian Big Apple
    $500 23
Meaning "to fall off" in Latin, it's the word used to describe non-evergreen trees & baby teeth
    $500 22
This 1998 German crowd-pleaser is 80 minutes long; for most of that time, Franka Potente is out of breath

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Rachel Mo Heather
$3,200 $1,000 -$200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Rachel Mo Heather
$4,700 $2,500 $800

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 5
A French horn's name is technically just "horn"-- & the modern version was born not in France, but in this land of Oktoberfest
    $200 26
The beloved March sisters--Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy--are the heroines of this classic novel
    $200 1
It goes hand in hand with "trick" on All Hallows' Eve
    $200 13
Will Ferrell films: "Old School", "Anchorman", "Step Brothers" & this comedy set in the Big Apple & the North Pole
    $200 16
You're snapping a selfie at this museum's main entrance, a glass pyramid designed by architect I.M. Pei
    $200 10
A family-owned port-a-potty business since 2003, its name is "yes yes" in French
    $400 29
A French horn & choir comprise the iconic intro of this Rolling Stones song, in which Mick assures us, "you get what you need"
    $400 25
Grammy-winning sisters Ruth, Anita, Bonnie & June kept fans so excited performing as this foursome
    $400 2
A large, lavish party with dancing; once upon a time Cinderella attended one
    $400 3
U.S. gymnasts: Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Kerri Strug & this gold medalist who became America's Sweetheart in 1984
    $400 18
You're taking a dip in one of the world's most photographed swimming pools, Bondi Icebergs, in this city Down Under
    $400 11
A port-a-potty business for over 30 years, it's also a poker hand consisting of the five highest cards of one suit
    DD: $2,000 27
In one of the least alluring rituals of horn maintenance, players must invert their instruments routinely to drain them of this
    $600 23
Carmen, Lena, Tibby, Bridget, & a pair of secondhand Levi's in a 2005 film
    $600 6
It's the "P" in the automotive acronym PRNDL
    $600 4
Celebrity chefs: Wolfgang Puck, Julia Child, Anthony Bourdain & this N'awlins legend known for his catchphrase "Bam!"
    DD: $3,000 17
You're hiking up the Yoshida Trail, the most popular route to the summit of this sacred peak in Japan
    $600 12
Finally, I've been holding it in forever; it's what the WC stands for on this port-a-potty
    $800 28
After the 2014 finale, the iconic blue French horn from the set of this TV comedy went home with actor Josh Radnor
    $800 22
Not everyone on "Keeping up with the Kardashians" was a Kardashian; these three were the only sisters to boast TV's splashiest name
    $800 7
In the "Ice Age" films, the acorn-obsessed Scrat is a fictional saber-toothed species of this rodent
    $800 8
Masterpieces: "Mona Lisa", "The Last Supper", "the starry night" & this Botticelli work of a goddess standing in a scallop shell
    $800 19
You're geeking out on a "Game of Thrones" tour of Dubrovnik, an ancient port city in this country
    $800 14
A break at the Indy 500, it's also the name of public toilets used in San Francisco since 2014
    $1000 30
This part of the horn where a player inserts their hand can be detached on some instruments to make carrying easier
    $1000 24
Fans of this 1996 bestseller have formed dozens of female bonding clubs worldwide; not all require campfire initiation rituals
    $1000 21
In "Mean Girls", Gretchen Wieners tries to make this word happen to no avail
    $1000 9
Rock drummers: Neil Peart, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon & this legendary Led Zeppelin beat keeper
    $1000 20
You're paddling through the heart of Budapest on a kayaking trip down this river
    $1000 15
Based in Eau Claire, WI, this port-a-potty company shares its name with the target where a skydiver lands

Scores at the Double Jeopardy! Round commercial break (after clue 15):

Rachel Mo Heather
$9,300 $4,100 $1,000

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Rachel Mo Heather
$11,700 $9,300 $4,600

Triple Jeopardy! Round

50% "OFF"
    $300 3
U.S. President born in Hawaii
    $300 26
Alanis Morissette: "It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife"
    $300 24
February 18, 1930: self-taught astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovers this distant heavenly body
    $300 9
Simba defeats Scar
    $300 1
Besides chocolate (of course), a key ingredient in the candy bar invented in 1928 by Bayard & Everett Heath
    $300 25
The signs of the zodiac grace the iconic ceiling
of this New York City landmark, one of the world's first all-electric buildings
    $600 22
Oscar winner named Oscar: this lyricist of "Oklahoma!" & "South Pacific"
    $600 27
Coolio: "I'm the kinda G the little homies wanna be like, on my knees in the night, sayin' prayers in the streetlight"
    $600 2
July 11, 1804: Aaron Burr mortally wounds this Founding Father during a pistol duel in Weehawken, New Jersey
    $600 14
Wicked smart janitor
    $600 17
In the 1995 comedy "Dracula: Dead and Loving It", Leslie Nielsen sleeps in one of these
    $600 7
No Muggles allowed on Platform 9 3/4, the fictional boarding site for this train at London's King's Cross Station
    $900 15
Element on the periodic table whose name is 3 letters long: this silvery metal
    $900 28
Beck: "Baby's in Reno with the vitamin D, got a couple of couches, sleep on the love seat"
    $900 4
May 21, 1927: Charles Lindbergh & this airplane complete the first nonstop, solo flight across the Atlantic ocean
    DD: $3,000 11
Two Lindsay Lohans
    $900 18
It's defined as "an instance of putting the ball in play in basketball by a jump ball"
    $900 8
Prominently featured in the film Slumdog Millionaire, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is one of this country's busiest stations
    $1200 16
Chess piece that can jump over other pieces
    $1200 29
Red Hot Chili Peppers: "I don't ever wanna feel like I did that day, but take me to the place I love, take me all the way"
    $1200 5
August 30, 1967: this civil rights lawyer is confirmed as the first African-American Supreme Court justice
    $1200 12
Emilio in detention
    $1200 19
The EPA says it's "from rain and snowmelt that flows over land or impervious surfaces"
    DD: $2,000 10
LA's Union Station would be the likely point of departure for this train, the title of a 1973 hit for Gladys Knight & The Pips
    DD: $2,000 23
UN member state whose name starts with "Y", this country on the Arabian Peninsula
    $1500 30
Biggie Smalls: "It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up! Magazine, Salt-n-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine"
    $1500 6
November 11, 1620: before going ashore, Pilgrim leaders sign this agreement outlining self-rule in the New World
    $1500 13
John Nash hallucinates
    $1500 20
On Twitter (thanks, Kamala!), the last name of the man who uses the account @secondgentleman
    $1500 21
Nicknamed the railway cathedral, this country's Antwerpen-Centraal is often called the world's most beautiful station

Scores at the end of the Triple Jeopardy! Round:

Rachel Mo Heather
$18,900 $24,100 $2,800

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Once married to a publishing heir who owned citrus groves, her brightly printed dresses were originally designed to hide juice stains

Final scores:

Rachel Mo Heather
$18,900 $38,100 $0
2nd place: $50,000 to City Harvest Winner: finalist 3rd place: $50,000 to City of Refuge

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Rachel Mo Heather
$18,900 $18,300 $1,300
38 R,
0 W
33 R
(including 4 DDs),
3 W
9 R
(including 2 DDs),
4 W

Combined Coryat: $38,500

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Game tape date: 2023-10-11
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