Show #2004 - Thursday, April 29, 1993


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Darrel Manson, a minister from Lakewood, California

Jonathan Gregg, an actor from Phoenix, Arizona

Steve Ricker, an exporter from Laguna Beach, California (whose 2-day cash winnings total $23,302)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 20
Trees that developed during the period include the beech & this, "acorn"erstone of hardwoods
    $100 6
In July 1992 this former Mousketeer revealed that she has multiple sclerosis
    $100 5
They could have been called Jawaharlal jackets, but that might have been hard to pronounce
    $100 14
A bowl of this dairy product is the perfect reward for a helpful brownie; most other gifts will offend him
    $100 1
This country has 2 official languages: English & Swazi
    $100 8
Vasari wrote, "For Francesco del Giocondo, Leonardo undertook to paint the portrait of" this woman
    $200 21
The valuable deposits of this in Texas, Venezuela, the Middle East & Mexico were formed
    $200 13
In 1965 he received an offer he couldn't refuse: a $5,000 advance to write "The Godfather"
    $200 10
After this model appeared on the scene in 1966, thin was in
    $200 25
Since leprechauns are shoemakers, they often wear aprons made of this
    $200 2
The words samovar & Samoyed come from this language
    $200 9
His dying words to his brother Theo were "The misery will never end"
    $300 22
This North American mountain chain began its growth spurt during the Laramide Orogeny
    $300 16
In honor of her mother, this 1984 vice-presidential candidate still uses her maiden name
    $300 17
Teenage girls made love chains by folding up & interconnecting these wrappers
    $300 26
To a folklorist, it's a scary goblin; to a golfer, it's 1 stroke over par on a hole
    $300 3
The people of this English county used to speak Cornish, but it's now an extinct language
    $300 11
Bernard Berenson called this Spaniard "a Catalan wizard" who fools with shapes
    $400 28
Mammals were just developing & these were the dominant land vertebrates
    $400 23
The son of an Italian- born bandmaster, he was the 1st NYC mayor this century to serve 3 consecutive terms
    $400 18
6-letter hyphenated trademark for the fluorescent paint used to decorate just about everything
    $400 27
The name of these gnomelike creatures comes from Old Norse for "demon"
    $400 4
Ilocano is an Austronesian language spoken in northern Luzon in this country
    $400 12
Goya claimed 3 masters: "Nature, Velazquez and" this Dutch master
    $500 29
This major sea is a remnant of the Tethys Sea, which began to disappear during the period
    $500 24
For 17 years he led the NBC Symphony, which was created especially for him
    $500 19
In this invention of Craven Walker, the blobs that floated were made of wax
    $500 30
In a French romance, he's Morgan Le Fay's son; in "A Midsummer Night's Dream", Titania's husband
    $500 7
The Macedonian language is most similar to this language spoken in Sofia
    DD: $600 15
This American seascape painter said, "Never put more than two waves in a picture; it's fussy"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Steve Jonathan Darrel
$800 $1,800 $1,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Steve Jonathan Darrel
$2,900 $2,600 $2,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 7
We assume this second president was called "Atlas of Independence" for the Titan, not the book
    $200 2
In the last line of "Do-Re-Mi", these 5 musical syllables follow do-re-mi
    $200 1
The flags bearing the "Don't Tread On Me" slogan usually featured this animal
    $200 6
Thomas Meehan won a 1977 Tony for the book of this musical about a "Little Orphan"
    $200 14
In 1989 Daniel R. Coats took over the Senate seat of this Indianan
    $200 26
The stems of this giant woody grass may be 1 foot in diameter
    $400 8
In 1929 he began to forcibly collectivize Russian farms
    $400 3
"Are the stars out tonight? I don't know if it's cloudy or bright 'cause I only have" these "for you"
    $400 4
Turkey's flag displays a 5-pointed star & this symbol on a red background
    $400 15
The ancient playwright Aeschylus wrote "The Persians", his oldest extant tragedy, in this language
    $400 17
John Seymour was appointed to fill Pete Wilson's Senate seat when Wilson became this state's governor
    $400 27
Lexington is the center of this region of Kentucky
    $600 9
She was Israel's first ambassador to the Soviet Union
    $600 5
"Her beauty was sold for an old man's gold, she's a bird in" one of these
    $600 20
Of fibrillation, flagellation or fimbriation, the one that's a narrow line separating 2 colors on a flag
    $600 16
This Frenchman's play "No Exit" was first performed in 1944, just before the liberation of Paris
    DD: $1,500 23
This was Senator Nancy Kassebaum's maiden name
    $600 28
About 25% of the U.S. oat crop winds up at the grocery; most of the rest is used as this
    $800 10
Douglas MacArthur personally planned the daring amphibious landing at this Korean port in September 1950
    $800 12
Frank Sinatra sang, "Picture a tomboy in lace, that's" this girl "with the laughing face"
    DD: $1,500 21
A 1953 public law states that at one location within U.S. borders, this flag can fly above Old Glory
    $800 18
The Abbey Theatre rejected 3 of his plays before producing "Shadow of a Gunman" in 1923
    $800 24
Before becoming Bush's chief of staff John Sununu served as gov. of this New England state
    $800 29
They're the grasslands associated with Gauchos
    $1000 11
After his defeat for president by Rutherford B. Hayes, he bought Greystone, an estate in Yonkers, N.Y.
    $1000 13
Title adverb that follows "The evening breeze caressed the trees"
    $1000 22
At the Battle of Lake Erie, Oliver Hazard Perry's flag bore this James Lawrence quote
    $1000 19
His play "The Dumb Waiter" ends with a long silence & 2 characters staring at each other
    $1000 25
Though a conservative, this Illinois senator of the '50s & '60s supported LBJ on civil rights
    $1000 30
Most Italian-type pasta is made from the semolina of this type of wheat

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Steve Jonathan Darrel
$6,500 $10,900 $7,300

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Final Jeopardy! Round

This was a separate city within the district until joined with Washington in 1878

Final scores:

Steve Jonathan Darrel
$8,102 $14,601 $14,300
3rd place: Sacred Circle lithograph by Beve Doolittle courtesy of Greenwich Workshop + Jeopardy! home game or computerized version New champion: $14,601 2nd place: Lloyd-Flander wicker furniture + New Braunfels smoker + Jeopardy! home game or computerized version

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Steve Jonathan Darrel
$6,500 $9,900 $6,600
19 R,
3 W
21 R
(including 2 DDs),
1 W
16 R
(including 1 DD),
0 W

Combined Coryat: $23,000

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Game tape date: 1992-12-15
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