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Cathy Shambaugh, a sixth grade teacher from Berea, Ohio

Eric Swanson, a data coordinator from Washington, D.C.

Bill Unterborn, a visual merchandiser from Palmyra, New York (whose 1-day cash winnings total $13,199)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Notice the spelling.)
    $100 7
Among bears, this is the best swimmer
    $100 1
The Roman Catholic church translates all of its principal documents into this dead language
    $100 8
Steven Spielberg produced a 1985 film about this Conan Doyle detective's first case
    $100 26
Unlike what we witnessed in Spain's arenas, we'll see these beasts wrestled into submission, but left alive
    $100 13
The lox that you put on a bagel is a smoked variety of this fish
    $100 16
"Sow" these & you may be sinning or just planting
    $200 6
The jackrabbit isn't really a rabbit but one of these relatives
    $200 2
This official language of Liechtenstein is spoken by about 120 million people worldwide
    $200 9
Henry Fonda played him "Young" & Raymond Massey played him young & "In Illinois"
    $200 27
We'll visit the Chiado, an area famous for this activity, but our budget may restrict us to the window type
    $200 14
The name of these Asian dumplings sounds like you'll never get them out of the pan
    $200 17
A bad habit that can have a grip on you, the police have a squad to fight it
    $300 10
Like this similarly named mammal, the aardwolf eats mainly termites
    $300 3
About 3/4 of the people of Singapore speak this Asian language
    $300 18
In a 1972 film Simon Ward played this prime minister from ages 19 to 26
    $300 15
It's the Irish-sounding name for a diced potato dish fried with onions & peppers
    $300 21
From a word meaning "uneven", you may find "a den of" one
    $400 11
The viceroy type of this insect is protected by its resemblance to the bad-tasting monarch
    $400 4
In Belgium the Flemings speak Dutch & the Walloons speak this language
    $400 19
In a 1991 TNT miniseries Julia Ormond played this woman before her empress years
    $400 22
Fresh broccoli & zucchini are often featured in this pasta dish served in "spring" or any time
    $400 24
If you're doing this you're sinning; if you "Ain't", you're a musical
    $500 12
There are 3 species of bluebird but over 20 of these birds, including grackles
    $500 5
The language of this small Balkan country has 2 main dialects: Gheg & Tosk
    DD: $600 20
1993 film seen here about a group of young kids that banded together:
    $500 23
We salute you if you know port-salut is a type of this
    $500 25
It can mean to sin or to sneak onto another's land, & you may be shot for doing it

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Bill Eric Cathy
-$100 $600 $1,300

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Bill Eric Cathy
$500 $1,700 $1,600

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Sounds like a fun category!)
    $200 1
Among well-beloved faire fare be the leg of this fowl, also much favored in giving thanks
    $200 26
Emily Bronte said this title word is a "Provincial adjective, descriptive of....atmospheric tumult"
    $200 11
Ariana Richards & Joseph Mazzello were the youngsters in this 1993 dinosaur spectacular
    $200 2
Around 2600 B.C. Pharaoh Djoser was entombed in a step one, the first large stone structure
    $200 21
The "anchor" for this type of event is no dead weight; he's usually the team's fastest runner
    $200 16
"Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to" this place; "Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about"
    $400 7
There be dancing about this beribboned shaft every faire day, not merely once in the year
    $400 12
Jason James Richter played Jesse, the 12-year-old who helped "free" this title movie character
    $400 3
Tien, a version of this divine abode, became part of Chinese religion around 1000 B.C.
    $400 22
This track star's authorized hats & T-shirts sold in Europe & Asia proclaim him to be "King Carl"
    $400 17
    $600 8
Honest knights do battle both in the joust & upon a giant board for this olde game
    $600 13
He plays the title boy in ABC's "Boy Meets World"
    $600 4
About 20,000 years ago, hunters crossed what's now this strait to become North American Indians
    $600 23
This 3,000-meter event consists of 28 3-foot-high hurdles & 7 12-foot-long water jumps
    $600 18
Military title shared by Horatio Kitchener, Erwin Rommel & Bernard Montgomery
    DD: $1,000 9
Thinking themselves the elect, these fellows you see go about denouncing the faire's pleasures:
    $800 14
She got "Greedy" playing "Jumanji" during an "Interview With The Vampire"
    $800 5
From 500 to 300 B.C. these Roman common citizens won political rights from the Patricians
    DD: $1,000 24
On August 16, 1995 this country's Haile Gebrselassie set the world record in the 5,000-meter run at 12:44:39
    $800 19
1963 film in which Sidney Poitier played a handyman who builds a chapel for 5 German-speaking nuns
    $1000 10
The folk who love & work at faires may well belong to the SCA, being the Society for Creative this
    $1000 27
Epitasis, a word found in "Tristram Shandy", is the part of a play in which this "thickens"
    $1000 15
On Nickelodeon Irene Ng stars in "The Mystery Files Of" this teen detective
    $1000 6
In the Bible Uriah was a member of these people who conquered Babylon around 1595 B.C.
    $1000 25
On June 1, 1997 Donovan Bailey defeated this sprinter in a special 150-meter match race to win $1.5 million
    $1000 20
With the infamous 30 pieces of silver, the chief priests bought this "To bury strangers in"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Bill Eric Cathy
$4,100 $8,100 $2,200

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Final Jeopardy! Round

50 years after a famous incident, this city got a new flag, seen here, featuring a mysterious dot in the sky:

Final scores:

Bill Eric Cathy
$8,200 $7,700 $4,395
2-day champion: $21,399 2nd place: Trip to Embassy Suites Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona 3rd place: DuPont/Coleman Camping Equipment

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Bill Eric Cathy
$4,900 $8,100 $2,800
15 R
(including 1 DD),
5 W
(including 1 DD)
19 R,
1 W
10 R,
2 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $15,800

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