Show #1134 - Thursday, July 6, 1989


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Jack Turner, a college professor from Arcata, California

Paul Samuels, an attorney originally from Chicago, Illinois

Carol Davidson, a commercial insurance writer from Simi Valley, California (whose 1-day cash winnings total $300)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: For the first time this year, and I believe in any of our five years on the air...)
    $100 9
A NYC trial, referred to in the press as the "Bess mess", ended in Dec. '88 with her acquittal
    $100 3
Called the "winter baseball capital of the U.S.", this city lies across the bay from Tampa, Fla.
    $100 1
Alicia Starbuck is better known by this nickname
    $100 13
Melon is an anagram of this other fruit
    $100 17
The East Frisian breed isn't raised for its wool but for this
    $200 10
Russians Musa Manarov & Vladimir Titov spent a record one year here
    $200 4
More than 60% of the world's general aviation aircraft are built in this city, Kansas' largest
    $200 2
To keep ankles from wobbling, this part of the skate should be slightly off center, not in the exact middle
    $200 14
Carole is one of these, but she doesn't work at Delphi
    $200 18
Wild sheep named after this Venetian explorer live at very high elevations in Central Asia
    $300 20
In a 1988 speech for Dukakis at Rutgers U., this blond actor began "Hello everybody, I'm Dan Quayle"
    $300 23
Ads for this credit card boast that it's "everywhere you want to be"
    $300 5
From 1950-64 the population of this Alabama city "skyrocketed" from 16,000 to more than 123,000
    $300 6
Tai's partner, he was forced to withdraw from the 1980 Winter Olympics because of a groin injury
    $300 15
A knight should keep his clean
    $300 21
In this 1936 classic Chaplin film, a bunch of sheep seem to turn into a bunch of people heading to work
    $400 24
Mark Hebbard may make it into Guinness for hitting 90 decibels while doing this when asleep
    $400 7
A statue of Samuel Clemens stands in Riverview Park in this city on the Mississippi River
    $400 11
The Russian split isn't a dessert, it's one of the most dramatic of these
    $400 16
I'd walk a mile for the juice of this of this when I feel like having a gimlet
    DD: $800 22
Name of the popular TV star seen here:
    $500 25
On leaving Paris, Lech Walesa said he was sorry he didn't get to meet this former actress, "his 1st love"
    $500 8
An Air Force base named for the Wright Bros. & test pilot Frank Patterson is in this Ohio city
    $500 12
It's the "academic" term for compulsory figures
    $500 19
When we see a good production of one of his tragedies, "we all make his praise"
    $500 26
Take the wool off a sheep, or pull the wool over someone's eyes & steal him blind

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Carol Paul Jack
$1,500 $500 $1,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Carol Paul Jack
$2,400 $300 $1,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
For her service in this war, Pennsylvania awarded Molly Pitcher a $40-a-year pension
    $200 4
As reflected in her style, American artist Mary Cassatt studied with Impressionists in this city
    $200 13
After he wrote "Omoo" & "The Whale", he published a book of Civil War poems called "Battle-Pieces"
    $200 24
Until 1949 Confucianism was this country's state religion
    $200 8
Bette Midler made her film debut as a ship passenger in this 1965 Michener island saga
    $200 7
As a Navy pilot during WWII, he named 4 of his planes this, in honor of his future wife
    $400 2
Legend says Xilingshi, the wife of the Chinese emperor Huang-Ti, discovered this fiber
    $400 22
Around 1535 Michelangelo began "The Last Judgment", a fresco on the wall of this room
    $400 14
"Mitla Pass" by this author of "Exodus" is a story of the 1956 Sinai war
    DD: $2,000 25
He's pastor of the Thomas Road Baptist church in Lynchburg, Virginia
    $400 9
This Oscar-winning 1959 film is partially set in the Valley of the Lepers
    $400 15
In 1966 Bush was elected to this, his 1st elected office
    $600 3
In 1972 she founded "Stop ERA"
    $600 23
American folk artist whose 1st paintings were copies of Currier & Ives prints
    $600 16
He wrote 4 volumes of short stories including "Tales of the Jazz Age" & "All the Sad Young Men"
    $600 26
This religion had a marriage contract called a ketubah long before today's prenuptial pacts
    $600 10
He played the seductive Vicomte de Valmont, whose life was full of "Dangerous Liaisons"
    $600 17
In 1975 President Ford asked him to head this U.S. agency
    $800 5
You've heard of a nine day wonder, well, she was nicknamed the "Nine Days' Queen"
    $800 27
It's the art of carving whalebone
    $800 20
"The education of" this man is an autobiography of a grandson & greatgrandson of presidents
    $800 29
Arabic for "struggle", it's an Islamic "holy war" whose primary purpose is to spread the faith
    $800 11
Elizabeth Taylor sang "Send In The Clowns" in this movie musical, & we're not clowning around
    $800 18
It took him only 3 years to earn a B.A. degree in economics at this university
    DD: $1,000 6
Visiting her birthplace at 10 E. Oglethorpe in Savannah, Ga. won't get you a merit badge
    $1000 28
Noted surrealist Rene Magritte was from this Low Country
    $1000 21
Author of "The Ambassadors", he's also known for his literary criticism such as "The Art of Fiction"
    $1000 30
Founded 7 years after the Franciscans, the Catholic order of preachers is better known by this name
    $1000 12
This German silent film about a vampire was remade with Klaus Kinski in 1979
    $1000 19
In 1942 Mr. Bush graduated from Phillips Academy in this, his native state

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Carol Paul Jack
$5,800 $6,300 $4,600

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Final Jeopardy! Round

The name of this instrument played with the mouth goes back to a Greek word for "agreement"

Final scores:

Carol Paul Jack
$10,000 $999 $0
2-day champion: $10,300 2nd place: a Caribbean cruise from St. Martin to the Bahamas 3rd place: Bob Mitchell Designs wall coverings

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Carol Paul Jack
$4,200 $8,100 $4,600
14 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
21 R,
5 W
(including 2 DDs)
14 R,
2 W

Combined Coryat: $16,900

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Game tape date: 1989-02-21
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