Show #948 - Wednesday, October 19, 1988


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Tim Moore, a student from Wichita, Kansas

Jamie Watson, an employment counselor from Redondo Beach, California

Mark Milett, a hearings and appeals analyst originally from Culver City, California (whose 1-day cash winnings total $10,201)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 2
Ranges within this mountain system include the Bighorn, Teton & Wasatch
    $100 20
Type of electricity you create by stroking a cat's fur or dragging your feet across a rug
    $100 16
Wines should be judged by appearance, taste & this
    $100 11
Some say 2 thieves who died beside him were named Dismas & Gestas
    $100 17
At the beginning of a game, the choice of goal & kickoff is decided by this
    $100 10
A place to develop photographs
    $200 5
The Netherlands Antilles, an equal partner in the kingdom of the Netherlands, lie in this body of water
    $200 21
The particle of matter which is the basic negative charge of electricity is called this
    $200 25
This color wine is considered "all-purpose" since you can serve it with both meat & fish
    $200 12
House of worship where you'd find an imam leading the people in prayer
    $200 18
Tackling is taking the ball away from an opponent by using these
    $200 9
The period 476-800 A.D.
    $300 6
Its counties include Clwyd, Gwynedd & Dyfed
    $300 22
Like charges do this to one another
    $300 28
California is the leading U.S. wine-producing state while this state is 2nd
    $300 13
Most of the people in Burma, Sri Lanka & Laos are followers of this religion
    $300 19
Number of players fielded by a soccer team
    $300 1
A Peter Sellers film in the Pink Panther series
    $400 7
The island of Cyprus is considered part of this continent
    $400 26
The original one made by Volta alternated silver & zinc plates separated by cloth soaked in salt solution
    $400 29
Originally a "clear" wine which was exported, it's the common name given to red wines of Bordeaux
    $400 14
1st published in Palmyra, N.Y. in 1830, this book was reportedly translated from golden plates
    $400 23
As in football, this infraction is indicated by grasping the wrist with the opposite hand
    DD: $500 3
In March 1974 this song topped the pop charts:

"She dealt two cards, a queen and a three / And mumbled some words that were so strange to me / And then she turned up a two-eyed jack / My eyes saw red but the card..."
    $500 8
Traditional name southwestern France; Eleanor, mother of Richard the Lionhearted, was from there
    $500 27
Most European countries use 200-250 volts A.C. whereas our standard current uses this many volts
    $500 30
Blanc de blancs is a type of this made from the white Chardonnay grape
    $500 15
This religion was founded by Guru Nanak, a Hindu teacher
    $500 24
Country in which the 1994 World Cup tournament will be held
    $500 4
In a commercial for this beer, Martin Mull advised, "Don't be afraid of the dark"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 13):

Mark Jamie Tim
$2,200 $0 $1,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Mark Jamie Tim
$3,600 $900 $1,300

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 25
The Starlighterhalle Theater was built in 1988 in Bochum, W. Ger. to house this musical
    $200 14
Of 20 million, 35 million or 50 million, estimated number of dogs in America
    $200 5
Bennett Cerf at Random House imported this man's "Ulysses", causing the famous obscenity trial
    $200 2
This Russian dynasty began with the crowning of Michael in 1613
    $200 20
You can call them glowworms or fireflies, but if you want to fit the category, you'll call them this
    $400 24
While Flo Ziegfeld had his follies, George White had these
    $400 29
When completed in 1884, it was the tallest masonry structure in the world
    $400 18
The term for neutering a female dog or cat
    $400 6
He was writing "This Side of Paradise" when serving under Capt. Eisenhower in 1917 at Ft. Leavenworth
    $400 3
In 1642 a civil war broke out in this country that pitted Cavaliers against Roundheads
    $400 19
Debby Boone's only No.1 Hit; it was on Billboard's Top 40 for 21 weeks in 1977-8
    DD: $1,200 21
1964 was a big year for musicals about women, with debuts of these shows about Mmes. Levi & Brice
    $600 26
The first pope to visit the White House
    $600 17
While the tramp in "Lady & the Tramp" was a mongrel, Lady was this breed
    $600 7
Author of "The Armies of the Night" who ran for mayor of NYC in 1969 & finished fourth in the primary
    $600 1
Clergyman who, in 1639, founded the 1st Baptist church in the U.S. in Providence, R.I.
    $600 10
    $800 22
He's the "Me" in "The World According to Me!"
    $800 27
It's where you'd go to see the original of the Declaration of Independence
    $800 16
A female cat that can be used for breeding is referred to as this
    $800 8
"Franny & Zooey" author who got an injunction in 1986 against the unauthorized use of his letters in a biography
    $800 4
Elaborate style of art & architecture that was dominant in 17th century Europe
    $800 11
A minimum weight, open-sided, single seater aircraft powered by a small engine
    $1000 23
1 of the 2 plays on Broadway in June 1988 with "Woods" in their titles
    DD: $600 28
The only official Washington memorial to JFK
    $1000 15
Hair on the back ridge of this dog, bred to hunt lions in Africa, grows the opposite way to its coat
    $1000 9
As Sen. chaplain, this "Man Without a Country" author quipped, "I look at the senators & pray for the people"
    $1000 13
In 1609 Johannes Kepler announced his 1st 2 laws on the motions of these
    $1000 12
A parsec, a unit of astronomical measurement, equals about 3.262 of these

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Mark Jamie Tim
$6,000 $2,700 $2,500
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

By June 30, 1988 every U.S. residence should have received a gov't booklet w/this man's photo on the cover

Final scores:

Mark Jamie Tim
$6,000 $200 $5,000
2-day champion: $16,201 3rd place: Revere Ware cookware 2nd place: Pinseeker golf club + Hatteras hammocks

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Mark Jamie Tim
$6,500 $2,100 $2,500
19 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
(including 1 DD)
9 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
19 R,
7 W

Combined Coryat: $11,100

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Game tape date: 1988-08-02
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