Show #2196 - Monday, March 7, 1994

Fred Frank game 3.


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Marie Morris, an assistant sports editor from Boston, Massachusetts

John Alvey, a manager originally from Leeds, England

Fred Frank, a painter from San Francisco, California (whose 2-day cash winnings total $22,999)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 26
The spiny type of this large crustacean is also called a sea crayfish
    $100 20
His characters on "SNL" include the samurai warrior & a killer bee
    $100 3
This adjective frequently precedes muffin, walnut & breakfast tea
    $100 2
This explosive mixture of saltpeter, sulfur & charcoal was known in Europe by the 13th c.
    $100 21
This company, DJ on the New York Stock Exchange, knows everybody else's stock symbols
    $100 12
Something described as periodontal surrounds one of these
    $200 27
This Andean beast of burden is the largest member of the camel family in the New World
    $200 22
For almost 14 years, this pair co-anchored NBC's nightly newscasts
    $200 4
You don't have to live in the Mile High City to know this other name for a Western omelet
    $200 5
The origins of this city on islands in the N. Adriatic go back to refugees who fled Attila the Hun
    $200 19
This company, C, once came out with a K, a K car
    $200 13
These in the '40s, '50s & '60s included the Hucklebuck, the Hully Gully & the Madison
    $300 28
The eastern species of this squirrel-like rodent has creamier flank stripes than the western species
    $300 23
Job shared by Florence Johnston, Alice Nelson & Hazel Burke
    $300 6
When you "sea" conchiglie in an Italian restaurant, you're looking at pasta shaped like these
    $300 7
Term for a boy who lived with a master guildsman for 5-7 years while learning a trade
    $300 1
Whether you agree with it or not, this Hallmark competitor's symbol is AGREA
    $300 17
It can be a slender twig or a device to turn a train from one track to another
    $400 29
This largest wild cat of the Western Hemisphere was considered a god by the Maya Indians
    $400 24
This family on "Father Knows Best" lived at 607 South Maple Street
    $400 8
The "leaf" type of this rendered & clarified pork fat is considered the best for cooking
    $400 9
Once the student & wife of Peter Abelard, she became a nun at the Abbey of Argenteuil
    $400 18
This company's symbol, AVP, should ring a bell with you
    $400 14
A tutee is a person under one of these
    $500 30
The wallaby is one of the chief foods of this Australian wild dog
    $500 25
On this sitcom Richard Crenna played student Walter Denton & Gale Gordon was principal Osgood Conklin
    $500 10
Elvers, the young of these fish, are often served "au vert", with assorted herbs
    DD: $800 11
He spent only about 6 months of his 10-year reign, 1189-1199, in England
    $500 16
You can find this laid- back company listed as LZB
    $500 15
A soda jerk makes ice cream treats & this type of jerk is an automatic kick response

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Fred John Marie
$1,300 $2,200 $700

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Fred John Marie
$2,300 $3,700 $1,100

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 2
This regiment founded by Teddy & Leonard Wood was not on horseback at the Battle of San Juan Hill
    $200 16
This electrical discharge in the atmosphere can be between clouds or between a cloud & the earth
    $200 8
This "William Tell" composer's first wife, Isabella, had been the mistress of the King of Naples
    $200 26
The Don is in Russia & the Dordogne is in this country
    $200 1
James Clavell's "Tai-Pan" is a fictional account of the founding of this British crown colony
    $200 20
Title shared by Josephine, Maria Theresa & Catherine the Great
    $400 3
The 1st time he ran for president, Roosevelt was a candidate for this party; the 2nd time he was a Bull Moose
    $400 17
These waves used in cooking are produced by several devices, including the magnetron
    $400 9
Court composer Florian Leopold Gassmann brought Antonio Salieri to this city in 1766
    $400 27
The Equator crosses this largest lake in Africa
    $400 12
In a novel by this author, George Webber finds out that "You Can't Go Home Again"
    $400 21
Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, also sports this royal title
    $600 4
McKinley didn't want Teddy to have the nomination for this office in 1900, but he got it anyway
    $600 18
The 2 regions of a magnetic field where the forces appear strongest are called these, north & south
    $600 10
Born in 1892, he was given the first name Ferdinand but you probably remember him as Ferde
    $600 28
Oh, it's the largest city on India's Hooghly River
    $600 14
The title of Evelyn Waugh's novel "A Handful of Dust" comes from a line in "The Waste Land" by this poet
    $600 23
This German title derived from the Latin Caesar was last used in 1918
    $800 5
Teddy annoyed some white Southerners by inviting this Black educator to dine at the White House in 1901
    $800 19
Every element has at least 1 of these nucleons; in fact, ordinary hydrogen has only 1
    $800 11
He called one of his autobiographies "Sometimes I Wonder", which is a line from "Star Dust"
    $800 29
The Erie Canal was dug along this river, but we don't have to "drum" that fact into you
    $800 13
Christopher Isherwood wrote a famous 1939 novel called "Goodbye to" this city
    $800 24
Qabus Bin Said, ruler of Oman, has this traditional Muslim title
    DD: $3,000 6
Roosevelt made Phi Beta Kappa at this university from which he graduated in 1880
    $1000 22
This "fourth state of matter" occurs in thermonuclear reactions in the sun
    $1000 7
This German wrote many of his most famous lieder in 1840, the year he married pianist Clara Wieck
    $1000 30
The Ijsselmeer is the lake left after this Dutch inlet was cut off from the North Sea
    DD: $2,000 15
His childhood friend Harper Lee inspired a character in his first novel, "Other Voices, Other Rooms"
    $1000 25
The oldest title of English nobility, it's traditionally bestowed on retired prime ministers

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Fred John Marie
$11,500 $7,700 $2,900

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Europe's highest recorded temperature, over 120ยบ F., was in this country in 1881

Final scores:

Fred John Marie
$15,500 $9,500 $50
3-day champion: $38,499 2nd place: Broyhill living room set + Quoizel chandelier, pendant lamp & table lamp 3rd place: Samsung LaserDisc player + Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy! games for the Super Nintendo & Sega Genesis

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Fred John Marie
$8,500 $7,400 $2,900
25 R
(including 2 DDs),
5 W
20 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
11 R,
2 W

Combined Coryat: $18,800

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Game tape date: 1993-12-06
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