Show #2154 - Thursday, January 6, 1994

Kurt Bray game 4.


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Kathleen Barbieri, a bookkeeper originally from Trumbull, Connecticut

Rich Matthews, an attorney from San Francisco, California

Kurt Bray, a scientist from Oceanside, California (whose 3-day cash winnings total $27,200)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 1
This hard, malleable metal makes up only 25% of the U.S. coin that's named for it
    $100 3
"Ain't got nothin' but love, babe" this many "Days a Week"
    $100 26
A chopper can be a motorcycle or this vehicle
    $100 21
This Colorado capital was named for a governor of the Kansas territory
    $100 10
The Old Guard are conservative members of this Grand Old Party
    $100 15
The tool for this grain's harvest evolved from the sickle to the scythe to the cradle to the reaper
    $200 2
In January 1980 this metal hit a high of $50.35 an ounce; in January 1993 it was less than $4.00
    $200 4
"I need a job so I want to be" this type of "writer"
    $200 27
In 1987 this Egyptian capital began operating Africa's first subway
    $200 22
In 1816 this city succeeded Chillicothe as the capital of Ohio
    $200 11
Types of these include knee-jerk & bleeding heart
    $200 16
Term for a wind direction indicator
    $300 8
Through the 1980s, Malaysia was the world's leading producer of this coating metal
    $300 5
"Lend me your ears & I'll sing you a song & I'll try not to sing out of key. Oh I get by with" this
    $300 28
In 1992 the Ford Taurus dethroned this foreign auto as the top-selling passenger car in the U.S.
    $300 23
This capital's 11-building Empire State Plaza took over 12 years to complete
    $300 12
The place in a legislative chamber where voting takes place, it's "yielded" to debaters
    $300 17
In 1851 this artist entered West Point; his mother must have been proud
    $400 9
The name of this metal is slang for bullets, since they're often made of it
    $400 6
"Let me take you down cause I'm going" here
    $400 29
This "royal" liner made its first voyage in 1969, replacing one sold to inventors
    $400 24
The dome of the Pennsylvania State Capitol in this city was patterned after St. Peter's in Rome
    $400 13
This sextet acts as an advisory board to the Secretary of Defense
    $400 18
The French call it Mercredi
    $500 20
In brass, less copper & more of this metal will make it appear gold
    $500 7
It begins, "Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner"
    $500 30
This Spanish airline was founded in 1927 with 1 route, from Madrid to Barcelona
    DD: $1,000 25
State capital in which you'd find Charter Oak Avenue
    $500 14
Infliction of these kinds of "punishments" was forbidden in the 1689 English Bill of Rights
    $500 19
It was "shelled out" by Indians

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Kurt Rich Kathleen
$1,000 $800 $1,100

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Kurt Rich Kathleen
$2,600 $1,200 $2,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 5
This country's Kangaroo Island is popular with tourists
    $200 10
The pug is the largest of this group of small dogs
    $200 16
"Alibi", the first play based on an Agatha Christie novel, featured Charles Laughton as this detective
    $200 22
This Arlington, Virginia-based daily calls itself "The Nation's Newspaper"
    $200 7
She won an Oscar & separated from Roberto Rossellini
    $200 1
Elting Morison wrote that this electronic device "is no better than its program"
    $400 9
The Tay River, which flows 120 miles before entering the Firth of Tay, is this country's longest
    $400 17
One of the heaviest of breeds, it originally served as a watchdog for an Alpine hospice
    $400 27
The Barbican Centre is the London base of this theatre company also known as the RSC
    $400 23
This capital city's Wiener Zeitung is over 290 years old
    $400 8
On July 17 Mary Gage was crowned Miss U.S.A.; the crown was taken away July 19 when this was discovered
    $400 2
This dictator's son-in- law Count Ciano said, "Victory finds a hundred fathers, but defeat is an orphan"
    $600 11
An offshoot of the Alps, the Jura Mountains form a border between France & this country
    $600 18
The Germans call this "great" dog developed to hunt wild boar "Deutsche dogge"
    $600 28
Derek Jacobi portrayed this Romantic poet & Lord in "Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know"
    $600 24
This Miami newspaper publishes a Spanish- language daily edition
    $600 14
He was named to succeed Dimitri Mitropoulos as music director of the N.Y. Philharmonic
    $600 3
Screenwriter Casey Robinson wrote the line "Where's the rest of me", which this actor delivered in "King's Row"
    $800 12
Kalimantan, part of this country, is the Southern 3/4 of Borneo
    $800 19
Name following Cardigan Welsh & Pembroke Welsh
    $800 29
Paul Scofield & Vanessa Redgrave starred in a 1992 revival of his 1920 play "Heartbreak House"
    $800 25
1 of 2 Detroit newspapers in America's Top 20 in circulation
    DD: $1,500 15
Elizabeth II & Prince Philip dropped in on this colony's 350th anniversary celebration
    $800 4
Accepting the Democratic nomination in 1952, he said, "Let's talk sense to the American people"
    DD: $1,000 13
Famous for its scenery, the Gaspe Peninsula is part of this Canadian province
    $1000 20
The borzoi's name means "swift" in this language
    $1000 30
Peter O'Toole was to star in John Osborne's 1992 sequel to this 1956 play, but left the cast
    $1000 26
The Cherokee Phoenix of New Echota, Ga. was printed in English & this Indian's newly- developed writing system
    $1000 21
This German engineer introduced his rotary engine, which has few moving parts
    $1000 6
In "The Little Prince", he wrote, "Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Kurt Rich Kathleen
$7,200 $3,200 $900
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Chapter 32 of this novel is titled "Cetology"

Final scores:

Kurt Rich Kathleen
$7,500 $6,200 $1,790
4-day champion: $34,700 2nd place: a trip to Nassau, Bahamas 3rd place: Oneida gift certificate

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Kurt Rich Kathleen
$7,200 $5,200 $2,400
20 R,
3 W
20 R,
5 W
(including 2 DDs)
10 R,
3 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $14,800

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Game tape date: 1993-09-21
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