Show #928 - Wednesday, September 21, 1988

Chris Shea game 1.
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Chris Shea, a radio operator from Los Angeles, California

Marcie Kudoda, a teacher from WKBW search in Buffalo

Gary Smith, a lawyer from Toronto, Ontario (whose 1-day cash winnings total $3,600)

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Jeopardy! Round

THE 1950s
    $100 1
From Latin for "hunting", it's the flesh of a deer
    $100 16
A reproduction of this famous ship sailed from Plymouth, England to Mass. in 1957
    $100 7
On the Vienna memorial to this composer, the figures represent his 9 symphonies
    $100 24
Eliza Doolittle "could have" done this "all night! & still have begged for more"
    $100 11
When Doris Day played "Calamity Jane", Howard Keel played him
    $100 21
A type of Buddhism, or the Shiseido perfume you might wear while meditating
    $200 2
Broadcasting's VOA stands for this
    $200 17
Testifying before a Senate committee in 1957, Teamster pres. Dave Beck invoked this some 80 times
    $200 6
You have to lie down atop a castle & hang your head over the wall if you want to kiss this
    $200 25
Song from "Annie" that ends with "you're always a day away"
    $200 12
He wrote his only novel & all of his plays in the last decade of his life
    DD: $300 22
Afro-Brazilian dance in title of the following; it's also the name of a new perfume:

"So I come back to my first note as I must come back to you / I will pour into that one note all the love I feel for you / Any one who wants the whole show..."
    $300 3
2 of 4 independent countries that begin with "V"
    $300 18
In April 1955, for the 1st time in 33 years of publication, Reader's Digest carried these
    $300 8
In the 1830s part of this palace became a museum dedicated "to all the glories of France"
    $300 26
One of these "on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl's best friend"
    $300 13
Elizabeth Taylor's 2nd husband
    $300 23
The name of Evyan's ever-popular perfume, or what the woman on the bottle is exposing
    $400 4
From Old French "to come", it's the location of a gathering such as an Olympic event
    $400 19
Occupation of William Howard Mays that put him in the news
    $400 9
The coronation throne of England is in the chapel of Edward the Confessor here
    $400 14
He won his 1st 2 Oscars for writing & directing "The Lost Weekend"
    $400 27
He designs clothes for Chanel, but puts his initials on his own perfume, KL
    $500 5
The foremost position in an army or fleet
    $500 20
This industrialist sold RKO Pictures to General Tire in July 1955
    $500 10
This museum by the Hudson houses the Metropolitan Museum's collection of medieval art
    $500 15
He was Linda Darnell's lover in the racy 1947 film "Forever Amber"
    $500 28
Paris-based jeweler whose Panthere perfume was inspired by panther-shaped jewelry

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Gary Marcie Chris
$1,300 $600 $1,900

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Gary Marcie Chris
$2,100 $1,000 $4,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 7
After the Civil War, cow towns like Abilene & Dodge City began popping up in this state
    $200 1
Great-niece of Henry VIII who was queen consort of France & later queen of Scotland
    $200 11
In the novel, the strange "portrait" of this man was painted by Basil Hallward
    $200 15
This college fund was set up because "a mind is a terrible thing to waste"
    $200 20
A person who illegally transports liquor across a border, or the boat he uses
    $200 25
Though not known as particularly self-loving, daffodils belong to this genus
    $400 8
Its motto is "The Crossroads of America", & its song, "On The Banks Of The Wabash"
    $400 2
King who died on the Place de la Révolution January 21, 1793
    $400 12
The 1st appearance in print of this hard-boiled detective was in 1939 in "The Big Sleep"
    $400 17
H.S. juniors can prepare for the college entrance SATs by taking the PSAT, which stands for this
    $400 21
Deposed leader who allegedly tried to borrow $25 million to finance Corazon Aquino's overthrow
    DD: $1,500 9
This U.S. state, the farthest from England, is the only one whose flag has a Union Jack
    $600 3
Princess Henrietta Maria of France married this king of England who was beheaded in 1649
    $600 6
Lucie Manette is the heroine of this novel
    DD: $1,500 16
2 of 4 U.S. schools whose initials are U.S.C.
    $600 22
To get back their king, Atahualpa, the Incas paid the biggest ransom on record to this conqueror
    $800 10
The "Big Bonanza", richest silver strike in America, was part of Comstock Lode in this state
    $800 4
The Chateau de Bagatelle was built in 1777 as a result of a bet made by this Austrian-born queen
    $800 13
In John Webster's play, a steward named Antonio is secretly married to "The Duchess of" this
    $800 18
The only private Catholic university in the Communist bloc is in Lublin in this country
    $800 23
Its name is from "Morte Alla Francia Italia Anela", meaning "Death to the French is Italy's cry"
    $800 27
Late-afternoon bloomer whose name is a specific time of day
    $1000 26
Only Alaska & Wyoming have fewer people than this New England state
    $1000 5
Marie-Louise, daughter of a Holy Roman Emperor, married this man who abolished Holy Roman Empire
    $1000 14
Last name of Sinclair Lewis' title character Samuel, whose life is changed by a trip to Europe
    $1000 19
While the U. of Washington is in Seattle, Washington University is in this Midwestern city
    $1000 24
In 1979, when Colonel Simons tried to rescue 2 Americans from Gasre Prison in this city, 11,000 inmates escaped
    $1000 28
Obconica, fairy & English are 3 varieties of this "proper" blossom

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Gary Marcie Chris
$3,100 $3,500 $11,900
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Charles Laughton, Trevor Howard & Anthony Hopkins all played this historic figure

Final scores:

Gary Marcie Chris
$2,600 $3,100 $13,800
3rd place: Kosta Boda crystal stemware 2nd place: trip on Eastern to Las Vegas & stay at the Hilton New champion: $13,800

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Gary Marcie Chris
$3,100 $5,000 $10,900
12 R,
1 W
11 R,
1 W
(including 1 DD)
25 R
(including 2 DDs),
1 W

Combined Coryat: $19,000

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Game tape date: 1988-07-20
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