Show #1211 - Monday, December 4, 1989

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Larry Lebowitz, from Dallas, Texas

Lisa Kearns, from

Candy Martinez, a systems consultant from Fremont, California (whose 1-day cash winnings total $15,101)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 23
Each August on Hawaii a harvest festival is held to honor this nut
    $100 1
If you don't finish your dinner you won't get any "afters", which is this
    $100 18
This star of "Charlie's Angels" was once married to Alan Ladd's son David
    $100 7
About 1 in 5 patents issued in the U.S. in 1988 went to inventors from this Asian country
    $100 14
John the Baptist used this river to baptize believers
    $100 5
This Allen Ludden series that premiered in 1962 featured a "Lightning Round"
    $200 24
A holomuu is a fitted version of this
    $200 2
A Cantabrigian is someone who is a graduate of this English university
    $200 19
Her daughters Ginna & Mary Dixie have played her nieces on "Designing Women"
    $200 9
A new type of this helps concrete cure much faster than the old standard Portland variety
    $200 15
The apostle Paul called this writer of the 3rd gospel "the beloved physician"
    $200 6
14 years before her "Valley of the Dolls" became a best seller, she co-hosted "Your Surprise Store"
    $300 26
This beach on Mamala Bay was once a favorite resort spot for the island's monarchs
    $300 3
Americans wear braces on their teeth, & the British wear braces to hold these up
    $300 20
Of Mary Crosby, Denise Crosby or Cathy Lee Crosby, the one who isn't related to Bing Crosby
    $300 11
An architectural technique called base isolation uses rubber & steel pads to absorb waves from these
    $300 16
The New Testament refers to this town in Judea as the "city of David"
    $300 8
Summer reruns of this prime time NBC game show were entitled "The Best of Groucho"
    $400 27
A monument at Kealakekua Bay honors this man killed there in 1779
    $400 4
The British wear pajamas just like we do, but spell "pajamas" this way
    $400 21
Steve Allen's famous sister-in-law who was born in China but "honeymoon"ed in Brooklyn
    $400 12
Gillette's Boston plant cut water usage 90% by fixing drips, installing sink regulators & doing this with the water
    $400 17
During the Hebrews' exodus from Egypt, God provided this white food resembling coriander seed
    $400 29
This newsman hosted "What's My Line?" for 17 1/2 years & was the show's last prime time mystery guest
    $500 28
Of the volcanoes that formed the Big Island of Hawaii, only these 2 are still active
    $500 10
This relatively new Britishism meaning "crummy" or "shabby" stems from "grotesque"
    $500 25
Sam Robards, who starred in "TV 101", is the son of Jason Robards Jr. & this actress
    $500 13
This emission control device on cars is a cylinder filled with metal-coated pellets
    DD: $500 22
1 of 2 books in the King James version of the Bible to bear the name of a woman
    $500 30
During much of its original run on NBC, "Jeopardy!" followed this Peter Marshall game show

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Candy Lisa Larry
$2,800 $100 $200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Candy Lisa Larry
$5,300 $1,400 $1,500

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 6
The only African queen who appears in the title of a Shakespearean play
    $200 11
It's Monaco's largest town, I'll bet
    $200 16
The name of this bed sounds like it's made to hold corn, not children
    $200 21
It's the title phrase following "When somebody loves you, it's no good unless he loves you..."
    $200 1
Name for a generating station, or a person with lots of energy
    $400 7
In "Romeo & Juliet", Escalus is the prince of this city
    $400 12
This Lebanese capital has an Arab University, a French University & an American University
    $400 17
Also called a horse-dressing glass, a cheval glass is a full-length one of these that can tilt
    $400 22
In this 1967 winner Rex Harrison asked up to "imagine it, chatting to a chimp in Chimpanzee"
    $400 29
The ring-necked species of this game bird is South Dakota's official state bird
    $400 2
A maneuver to gain control used by politicians & football players
    DD: $1,300 8
Hamlet says this is "the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king"
    $600 13
The Palace of Nations in this city served as the headquarters for the League of Nations from 1920-46
    $600 18
The "Boston" variety of these chairs usually has a curved seat that dips down in front
    DD: $1,000 23
Movie which gave us the following "Best Song" of 1964:

"Chim chiminey / Chim chiminey / Chim chim cher-ee! / A sweep is as lucky / As lucky can be..."
    $600 28
This "crazy" water fowl, also known as the great northern diver, is Minnesota's state bird
    $600 3
It is a document giving someone else the authority to act in your behalf
    $800 9
This tragic title character is the son-in-law of a senator named Brabantio
    $800 14
This largest city of the French Alps hosted the 1968 Winter Olympics
    $800 19
A duchesse bed is a canopy bed without these
    $800 24
Andy Williams used this song from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" as his TV theme but never had a hit single with it
    $800 27
If Louisiana gave you their official state bird, you've gotten one of these
    $800 4
It's the title of Norman Vincent Peale's 1952 best seller
    $1000 10
This play features lords, pirates, a prince of Tyre & a 1-man chorus named Gower
    $1000 15
New Hampshire's only seaport city is named for this city, Britain's' chief naval center
    $1000 20
The famous 18th century cabinetmaker whose name sounds like a hotel
    $1000 25
In 1989 Carly Simon won an Oscar for writing this song from "Working Girl"
    $1000 26
This state bird of California lives in coveys in foothill areas
    $1000 5
Slang for those in authority, according to Romans 13:1 they "are ordained of God"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Candy Lisa Larry
$10,500 $2,000 $5,600

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Final Jeopardy! Round

He was captured near Irwinville, Georgia on May 10, 1865

Final scores:

Candy Lisa Larry
$14,000 $200 $1,300
2-day champion: $29,101 3rd place: Queen Anne chair from Action Recliners by Lane & Nintendo Entertainment System with Family & Junior editions of Jeopardy! + Wheel of Fortune 2nd place: Gibson refrigerator-freezer & Bernardaud Limoges Rhapsody place setting

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Candy Lisa Larry
$10,100 $2,000 $4,900
26 R
(including 2 DDs),
3 W
13 R,
3 W
15 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W

Combined Coryat: $17,000

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Game tape date: 1989-08-28
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