Show #152 - Tuesday, April 9, 1985

Mike Day game 1.


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Suzan Hier, a criminal attorney from Buena Park, California

Mike Day, a finance and marketing MBA student from Columbus, Ohio

Louis Goldstein, a casting director originally from The Bronx, New York

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 7
So. California city that's home to the Queen Mary, the Spruce Goose & a lengthy swath of surf
    $100 13
Number of seconds in 1½ minutes
    $100 18
Fungus which makes bread rise to the occasion
    $100 26
Tiny bloodsucking insects of family Cimicidae that hide in mattresses and attack at night
    $100 2
Winner of more major golf tournaments than anyone else, he's known as "Slammin' Sam"
    $100 1
Goodman, Hill, or Jack
    $200 8
Neil Simon has fond "Memoirs" of it
    $200 14
The highest number on a roulette wheel
    $200 22
What you should shop for if a recipe calls for venison
    $200 27
Sometimes called "white ants", these social insects are really after cellulose, not your house
    $200 3
Oldest marathon race run in America
    $200 9
An Indian tiger
    $300 19
"Where the boys" were in '60 & again in '84
    $300 15
Highest number that appears on most standard AM radio bands
    $300 23
Large metal pan with a round bottom that makes short work of stir-frying foods
    $300 28
Brilliant green blister beetle once thought to be an aphrodisiac
    $300 4
Having coached "The 4 Horsemen", he wrote novel, "The 4 Winners"
    $300 10
Each year this cigarette company's contest offers 100 unusual prizes
    $400 20
Largest city in Virginia, this beach is also state's #1 resort
    $400 16
It's .083 feet
    $400 24
What happens to gravy when you add a little arrowroot
    $400 5
At age 71, he was hired to manage the Mets
    $400 11
You bet your life this person will profit from your insurance policy
    $500 21
Rockefeller resort at Caneel Bay is among famous beaches of these U.S. possessions
    $500 17
The number of acres in a square mile
    $500 25
For this French chowder you'll need around a half dozen kinds of fish
    $500 6
The 2 Maxes who faced each other in a celebrated 1933 heavyweight bout
    $500 12
Gentle & kind or, in medicine, non-malignant

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 12):

Louis Mike Suzan
$0 $2,100 $1,200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Louis Mike Suzan
$100 $1,700 $1,900

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 18
She originally named her heroine Pansy O'Hara & her novel "Tomorrow Is Another Day"
    $200 9
53% of all college students who drop out do so due to a lack of this
    $200 20
Word which completes the titles "What Price..." & "Paths of..."
    $200 25
Besides producing 7 million cars a year, this country is world's leading shipbuilder
    $200 10
From Spanish for "let's go", used when a cowboy hits the trail in a hurry
    $200 3
In 1903, she split a physics prize with her husband Pierre, but in 1911 got her own for chemistry
    $400 21
First name shared by T.S. Eliot & Tennessee Williams
    $400 14
Though it's a university, 1984 Heisman winner Doug Flutie attended this "College"
    $400 7
In Burma, men's names such as Thant are often preceded by this letter, meaning "Mister"
    $400 11
In "The Honeymooners", what Ed Norton said when he saw a racy "Esquire" magazine
    $400 4
He picked up his Nobel Prize in 1904 in medicine, & if they rang a bell he would have done it again
    $600 22
Named Francis Scott Key for his ancestor who wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner", he was better known as this
    $600 15
In 1980, NJ passed stiff penalties for engaging in this fraternity activity
    $600 1
Common name of the first cousin to Java Man, he is credited with first using fire
    $600 12
A female fox or a Russ Meyer film about a "fox"
    $600 5
The last category to be added; its current winner, Richard Stone, created a system to compute GNP
    $800 23
Amherst, Mass. poetess who wrote, "I heard a fly buzz when I died"
    $800 16
For some lost reason, kissing these joints was popular at Brown Univ. in the 1920s
    $800 2
There's a government loudspeaker in every home in this land whose capital is Pyongyang
    $800 13
More than a baron, but less than an earl
    $800 6
Winners receive a cash award, a medal & this to mark their graduation into the Nobel Prize ranks
    $1000 24
He usually describes the plight of the Jews, but in 1952 his 1st novel, "The Natural", was about baseball
    $1000 17
This Pac-10 school has won more NCAA championships than any other college
    $1000 19
Tradition says after she wiped the face of Jesus, he left his imprint on her veil
    DD: $500 8
2 of 15 U.S. individuals to win or share a Nobel Peace Prize

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Louis Mike Suzan
$900 $8,800 $2,900
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In the Websters 3rd International Dictionary, it's the letter with the most entries

Final scores:

Louis Mike Suzan
$1,799 $11,700 $5,750
3rd place: Frigidaire refrigerator/freezer New champion: $11,700 2nd place: vacation to Palm Springs + luggage set

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Louis Mike Suzan
$900 $9,300 $2,900
6 R,
5 W
30 R
(including 1 DD),
9 W
13 R,
3 W

Combined Coryat: $13,100

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Game tape date: 1984-12-18
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