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Cris Pannullo game 21.


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Ben Hebert, a shipping manager from Chicago, Illinois

Steph Martin, an editor, writer, and proofreader from Lakewood, Colorado

Cris Pannullo, a customer success operations manager from Ocean City, New Jersey (whose 20-day cash winnings total $710,865)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 16
"The Big Pineapple"
    $200 26
In the last line of the book, Dorothy says, "and here is" this pup, "too. And oh, Aunt Em! I'm so glad to be at home again!"
    $200 29
In 1938 the AMA signed off on a legal limit for blood alcohol concentration of a rather startling .15; today it's this
    $200 19
Bang! Add a few letters to get this other word for a shot of booze like a Kamikaze or a Flaming Dr. Pepper
    $200 25
He was the recipient of the special 1939 award seen here
    $200 27
"Pulling" this material "over someone's eyes" doesn't require sheep, but does require deception
    $400 6
For its growing number of high-tech companies, "The Silicon Peach"
    $400 22
A hyena, zebra, orangutan & tiger do not walk into a bar, but are instead on a lifeboat with a teenaged boy in this novel
    $400 28
Start counting zeroes: it's how you say one ten-thousandth, decimal-style
    $400 18
Merriam-Webster defines it as "intoxicating liquor" & "especially: illegally distilled corn whiskey"
    $400 23
Angela Lansbury gave the opening speech at this acting union's inaugural awards in 1995
    $400 21
The Secret Service's USDollars website is for law enforcement & banks to report suspected cases of this
    $600 5
"The Renaissance City" & "PVD"
    $600 8
"The Tale of" him is subtitled "Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, & a Spool of Thread"
    $600 30
Ted Williams is the last Major Leaguer to hit more than this fabled average, going .006 above it in 1941
    $600 17
The 1980s had these fizzy drinks, mixing something like Chardonnay & 7UP; today there are hard seltzers
    $600 24
June Foray, voice of Rocky the Squirrel, helped create an award for animation; it was her husband who named them this
    $600 20
A softball is generally delivered to a batter this way, also a term meaning not entirely honest
    $800 4
"The Live Music Capital of the World"
    $800 7
Mole says this "Wind in the Willows" guy has been in the hospital 3 times after car crashes; maybe amphibians shouldn't drive
    $800 11
It's easy as pie to take pi to 2 decimal places (there's even a day for it) but take it to 3.these 5 digits
    $800 2
This premium vodka brand is made from French winter wheat & spring water
    $800 10
Jon Stewart was the recipient of the 2022 Kennedy Center Prize named for this other smart & funny man
    DD: $4,800 12
Columnist Jimmy Breslin popularized this truth-obscuring idiom that mentions 2 things employed by magicians
    $1000 3
At the junction of 4 major interstates in the Midwest, "The Crossroads of America"
    $1000 9
Hazel, Fiver & Blackberry are exceptional rabbits in this 1972 Richard Adams tale
    $1000 13
At Princeton, if you get straight C+es, this is your semester GPA & you might want to do a bit more studying
    $1000 1
This brand of British gin says every batch is made with "labour and patience"
    $1000 15
These music awards are named for a chairman of Canada's Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission & spelled like a Roman goddess
    $1000 14
One Direction sang of these title 3-word fibs, "you like playing games"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Cris Steph Ben
$9,600 $1,600 $0

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Cris Steph Ben
$11,000 $1,400 $3,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 28
Just months after their 1862 battle ended in a draw, these 2 ironclad ships were underwater
    $400 22
His wish that everything he touched turned to gold turned into a royal fiasco
    $400 24
The flowers of the African sausage tree bloom at night for visits by these flying mammals, their principal pollinators
    $400 30
"The Big One" was a name under consideration for this creation by 1970s fast food franchisee Al Bernardin
    $400 26
Roxie Hart &
Velma Kelly
    $400 20
A facility or process to recover from drug addiction
    $800 17
Henri Bertrand stuck by Napoleon all through his 1814-1821 exiles on these 2 islands
    DD: $7,000 18
7 boys & 7 girls who did not volunteer as tributes were sacrificed to this monster annually until Theseus killed it
    $800 27
Screwbean is one type of this tree with wood that makes grill food tasty
    $800 29
The height of an American quarter horse can reach 16 of these, which is a little over 5 feet
    $800 25
Mean-spirited orphanage mistress Miss Hannigan
    $800 21
Rodrigo Santoro played this ancient monarch in the film "300"
    $1200 7
In the 1990s these 2 territories were returned to Chinese control
    $1200 5
19th century Norwegian artist Peter Nicolai Arbo tried to forge a national identity with works like "The Wild Hunt" of this top god
    $1200 15
Native Americans created an herbal sore throat remedy from the bark of the slippery species of this
    $1200 11
Catch some tunes at Preservation Hall & explore the mysterious at Voodoo Authentica in this neighborhood on the Mississippi
    $1200 14
Sally Bowles &
Fraulein Schneider
    $1200 2
There's a big bovine at the end of this 6-letter word for a big clumsy man
    $1600 6
These 2 men who explored the Arctic in 1909 are buried next to each other at Arlington
    $1600 4
In Egyptian mythology, Seth, the evil god of disorder, killed this brother, the god of the underworld
    $1600 8
Couroupita guianensis is known as this tree, after the type of old-time artillery projectile its fruits resemble
    $1600 10
In 1283 England decided this crime of trying to overthrow the king got you drawn & quartered (& maybe beheaded too)
    $1600 9
Lorrell Robinson,
Deena Jones,
Effie White
    $1600 1
8-letter word meaning to paralyze someone with horror or amazement
    DD: $2,000 19
Prophetically, around 30 B.C., these 2 lovers founded a club called Those Who Will Die Together
    $2000 16
A chief Aztec deity, this feathered serpent helped create the human race by mingling his blood with the bones of the ancient dead
    $2000 23
The endangered Torrey species of this evergreen family is found only in Southern California
    $2000 13
A quarter minted in this city in 1796, the first year that coin was produced, sold at auction for $1.5 million in 2013
    $2000 3
Mimi Marquez &
Joanne Jefferson
    $2000 12
Much in the news in recent years, this largest administrative unit of China is the homeland of the Uyghur people

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Cris Steph Ben
$33,200 $600 $12,400
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In 2009, during a 20th anniversary celebration, it was called "an edifice of fear. On November 9, it became a place of joy"

Final scores:

Cris Steph Ben
$37,421 $700 $650
21-day champion: $748,286 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Cris Steph Ben
$23,000 $600 $12,400
26 R
(including 3 DDs),
1 W
4 R,
2 W
21 R,
3 W

Combined Coryat: $36,000

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Game tape date: 2022-10-12
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