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2022 Tournament of Champions final game 4.


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Sam Buttrey, an associate professor of operations research at the Naval Postgraduate School from Pacific Grove, California

Andrew He, a software developer from San Francisco, California

Amy Schneider, a writer from Oakland, California

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Jeopardy! Round

(Ken: Ain't it the truth.)
    $200 30
Tradition says the pilgrims set foot on this historic artifact on December 26, 1620
    $200 28
"Out of the mouth of" these "and sucklings hast thou ordained strength"
    $200 29
In legend, the Lia Fáil, or "Stone of Destiny", atop the Hill of Tara in this nation would roar at the touch of a rightful king
    $200 27
It's something that portends a future event, as in the title of a 1976 horror film
    $200 1
"Billie Jean" &
"The Girl Is Mine"
    $200 23
Traditional "white" beer is always brewed with this grain in addition to barley
    $400 24
San Franciscans heard a noise "like the roar of 10,000 lions" on April 18 of this year
    $400 6
He "exceeded all the kings of the earth for riches and for wisdom"
    $400 25
The 2022 revival of this musical on Broadway stars Hugh Jackman as con artist Harold Hill
    $400 26
On road signs this 5-letter word is inside a white inverted triangle inside a red inverted triangle
    $400 2
"I Would Die 4 U" & "When Doves Cry"
    $400 22
Vodka, rum, tequila, gin & triple sec go in this cocktail, & you must be from a certain part of New York if you think that's a good idea
    $600 18
On Sept. 20, 1932 Gandhi began one of these in a jail cell; his British captors gave in a few days later
    $600 4
From Deuteronomy: "Of all that are in the waters: all that have fins and" these "shall ye eat"
    $600 17
History remembers Bunker Hill as the big battle site, but it was actually this hill that saw most of the action on June 17, 1775
    $600 9
A yellow card in soccer & a yellow flag in auto racing indicate this warning to be careful
    $600 10
"Rolling In The Deep" & "Set Fire To The Rain"
    $600 21
February 22 is national this day, but you don't have to wait--salt on the rim?
    $800 19
May 5, 1864 saw the start of this godawful battle near Fredericksburg fought partly in a burning forest
    $800 3
"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way," the this "and the life"
    $800 16
"The Beggar's Opera" of 1728 contains the ballad that rhymes, "If with me you'd fondly stray over the hills &..." here
    $800 7
In a famous poem, Paul Revere was "ready to ride and spread" this "through every Middlesex village and farm"
    $800 14
"2 Become 1" & "Wannabe" (part of the group name)
    $800 12
The name of this Spanish version of champagne literally means a wine cellar
    DD: $1,600 20
In a historic first, this 75-year-old was sworn in as president of his country May 10, 1994
    $1000 5
From 2 Corinthians: "For we walk by" this, "not by sight"
    $1000 13
Of the 7 hills of Rome, it's the most central & once the site of lavish dwellings built by emperors
    $1000 8
This 6-syllable word is a reason for a drug or treatment not to be used, like aspirin for patients with bleeding disorders
    $1000 15
"Rehab" &
"You Know I'm No Good"
    $1000 11
An Italian count is likely the namesake of this gin, vermouth & Campari cocktail

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Amy Andrew Sam
$6,200 $800 $2,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Amy Andrew Sam
$10,200 $4,000 $2,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Jacqueline: I'm Jacqueline Stewart, host of Sunday Silent Nights on Turner Classic Movies, with clues about the films that produced some of the greatest artistry of the 20th century.)
    $400 30
This island seen here is about 30 miles south of Cape Cod
    $400 29
He wrote about his older brothers, his illness & Chappaquiddick in his 2009 memoir "True Compass"
    $400 28
Catalogued by Ptolemy, the constellation Equuleus is next to this winged brother
    $400 27
Once upon a time (actually, 1956), this Oscar winner became a real-life princess (of Monaco)
    $400 26
It's the fleshy lobe on a turkey's neck
    $400 25
(Jacqueline Stewart of Turner Classic Movies presents the clue.) Seen without makeup & mostly in closeups, French actress Maria Falconetti's performance in "The Passion of" this peasant girl turned martyr is considered one of the greatest of all time
    DD: $4,000 20
It's the capital of a state & the seat of Laramie County
    $800 8
In "Persepolis", a graphic memoir, Marjane Satrapi wrote about growing up in this country during the Islamic Revolution
    $800 16
New stars "grow up" in what are called "stellar" these, like the place for kids or plants
    $800 17
Cuban-born Delia Fiallo was known as "The Mother of" these Latin American soap operas, having written more than 40 of them
    $800 5
Let's horse around with this sport of very controlled equine movements
    $800 6
(Jacqueline Stewart of Turner Classic Movies presents the clue.) Shot in Rome & Los Angeles at a cost of nearly $4 million, the 1925 version of this biblical epic with a great sea battle & chariot race was the most expensive silent movie ever made
    $1200 19
This city, B'gosh, is located where the Upper Fox River enters Lake Winnebago
    $1200 7
Paralyzed & speech-less from a stroke, Jean-Dominique Bauby used his left eyelid to dictate "The Diving Bell and the" this
    $1200 15
The red dot represents the Milky Way on a cosmic map that depicts Laniakea, a group of galaxies known as a super this
    $1200 22
The leaves of this plant native to South America are the source of the same-named sugar substitute
    $1200 2
A low seat for an easily freaked-out Mother Goose girl
    $1200 21
(Jacqueline Stewart of Turner Classic Movies presents the clue.) Lon Chaney's face was so frightening in this Paris-set film that some moviegoers reportedly fainted when his mask was removed
    $1600 3
For a romantic getaway, some couples head to Hawley or Lakeville in these mountains within northeastern Pennsylvania
    $1600 9
One of Time magazine's Most Influential People of 2019, she wrote the memoir "Educated"
    DD: $6,000 13
Once matter enters a black hole, it falls to the center & concentrates at an infinitely dense point called this
    $1600 11
A speedometer shows how fast your car is going while this displays the engine's speed in revolutions per minute
    $1600 1
French title for the leader of a monastery
    $1600 23
(Jacqueline Stewart of Turner Classic Movies presents the clue.) Pioneering Black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux dealt with racism in films like "Within Our Gates"; & in 1925's "Body and Soul", he introduced this actor & bass baritone later famous for his rendition of "Ol' Man River"
    $2000 18
Located near the Oregon border, this Washington city with a double-talk name is famous for its wines & vineyards
    $2000 10
Susannah Cahalan chronicled her descent into madness while struggling with an autoimmune disease in this 2012 bestseller
    $2000 14
The Wilkinson Probe monitored fluctuations in the residue of the Big Bang known as the CMB, short for this
    $2000 12
Though some are kept as exotic pets, this wildcat seen here is better left in the wild
    $2000 4
It's a 2-seated pleasure carriage, perhaps "with the fringe on top"
    $2000 24
(Jacqueline Stewart of Turner Classic Movies presents the clue.) Her slate of films for 1927 included "Wings", the first film to win Best Picture & "It", giving her the nickname "The It Girl"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Amy Andrew Sam
$25,000 $6,800 $20,000

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Ridley Scott's first feature film, "The Duellists", was based on a story by this author to whom Scott's film "Alien" also pays tribute

Final scores:

Amy Andrew Sam
$19,000 $801 $0
Winner: 2 match points 2nd place: 2 match points 3rd place

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Amy Andrew Sam
$21,800 $6,200 $15,600
28 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
11 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
18 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W

Combined Coryat: $43,600

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Game tape date: 2022-09-22
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